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47-2 Corinthians


A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, Y, Z.



A,a.†††††† 69 Words


††† A,1†††††† a

A,11†††††† abasing

A,73†††††† able

A,80†††††† abolished

A,85†††††† abound

A,86†††††† abounded

A,87†††††† aboundeth

A,89†††††† about

A,90†††††† above

A,91†††††† Abraham

A,95†††††† abroad

A,99†††††† absent

A,102†††††† abundance

A,103†††††† abundant

A,104†††††† abundantly

A,115†††††† accepted

A,128†††††† accord

A,129†††††† according

A,145†††††† Achaia

A,159†††††† acknowledge

A,160†††††† acknowledged

A,209†††††† administered

A,210†††††† administration

A,248†††††† advantage

A,258†††††† advice

A,270†††††† affection

A,278†††††† afflicted

A,280†††††† affliction

A,281†††††† afflictions

A,291†††††† after

A,298†††††† again

A,299†††††† against

A,307†††††† ago

A,312†††††† agreement

A,406†††††† all

A,418†††††† Almighty

A,436†††††† already

A,437†††††† also

A,449†††††† alway

A,450†††††† always

A,451†††††† am

A,468†††††† ambassadors

A,475†††††† Amen

A,501†††††† among

A,515†††††† an

A,538†††††† and

A,545†††††† angel

A,553†††††† anguish

A,560†††††† anointed

A,565†††††† another

A,567†††††† answer

A,587†††††† any

A,605†††††† apostle

A,606†††††† apostles

A,618†††††† appear

A,619†††††† appearance

A,641†††††† apprehened

A,648†††††† approved

A,651†††††† approving

A,688†††††† are

A,693†††††† Aretas

A,719†††††† armour

A,754†††††† as

A,774†††††† ashamed

A,800†††††† Asia

A,859†††††† at

A,899†††††† authority

A,915†††††† avoiding

A,924†††††† away



B,b.†††††† 64 Words


B,44†††††† backbitings

B,52†††††† bad

B,147†††††† base

B,154†††††† basket

B,181†††††† be

B,188†††††† bear

B,194†††††† bearing

B,200†††††† beaten

B,209†††††† became

B,211†††††† because

B,216†††††† become

B,229†††††† been

B,248†††††† before

B,261†††††† begin

B,267†††††† beguiled

B,269†††††† begun

B,270†††††† behalf

B,278†††††† behind

B,279†††††† behold

B,282†††††† beholding

B,284†††††† being

B,291†††††† Belial

B,294†††††† believe

B,295†††††† believed

B,298†††††† believeth

B,311†††††† beloved

B,328†††††† benefit

B,369†††††† beseech

B,372†††††† beside

B,379†††††† besought

B,384†††††† bestowed

B,458†††††† bewail

B,465†††††† beyond

B,529†††††† blame

B,530†††††† blamed

B,553†††††† blessed

B,561†††††† blinded

B,589†††††† boast

B,590†††††† boasted

B,594†††††† boasting

B,602†††††† bodily

B,603†††††† body

B,611†††††† bold

B,613†††††† boldness

B,619†††††† bondage

B,654†††††† both

B,666†††††† bountifully

B,667†††††† bountifulness

B,668†††††† bounty

B,671†††††† bowels

B,706†††††† bread

B,727†††††† brethren

B,751†††††† bring

B,755†††††† bringing

B,770†††††† brother

B,775†††††† brought

B,793†††††† buffet

B,802†††††† building

B,822†††††† burden

B,823†††††† burdened

B,825†††††† burdensome

B,829†††††† burn

B,850†††††† but

B,863†††††† by



C,c.†††††† 78 Words


C,27†††††† call

C,41†††††† came

C,52†††††† can

C,69†††††† cannot

C,82†††††† captivity

C,89†††††† care

C,94†††††† carefulness

C,106†††††† carnal

C,130†††††† cast

C,135†††††† casting

C,144†††††† caught

C,147†††††† cause

C,148†††††† caused

C,152†††††† causeth

C,211†††††† changed

C,229†††††† chargeable

C,250†††††† chaste

C,252†††††† chastened

C,269†††††† cheerful

C,312†††††† chiefest

C,320†††††† children

C,351†††††† chosen

C,353†††††† Christ

C,354†††††† Christís

C,363†††††† church

C,364†††††† churches

C,390†††††† city

C,405†††††† cleanse

C,409†††††† clear

C,411†††††† clearing

C,441†††††† clothed

C,471†††††† cold

C,485†††††† come

C,490†††††† cometh

C,491†††††† comfort

C,494†††††† comforted

C,498†††††† comforteth

C,501†††††† coming

C,504†††††† commanded

C,510†††††† commandment

C,512†††††† commend

C,513†††††† commendation

C,514†††††† commended

C,515†††††† commendeth

C,516†††††† commending

C,520†††††† committed

C,537†††††† communion

C,547†††††† compare

C,549†††††† comparing

C,559†††††† compelled

C,583†††††† concern

C,585†††††† concerning

C,590†††††† concord

C,595†††††† condemn

C,596†††††† condemnation

C,619†††††† confidence

C,621†††††† confident

C,623†††††† confirm

C,646†††††† conscience

C,647†††††† consciences

C,663†††††† consolation

C,674†††††† constraineth

C,695†††††† contemptible

C,716†††††† contrariwise

C,725†††††† conversation

C,757†††††† Corinth

C,758†††††† Corinthians

C,773†††††† corrupt

C,774†††††† corrupted

C,794†††††† could

C,807†††††† countenance

C,814†††††† countrymen

C,848†††††† covetousness

C,856†††††† craftiness

C,859†††††† crafty

C,870†††††† creature

C,911†††††† crucified

C,962†††††† cut



D,d.†††††† 60 Words


††† D,7†††††† daily

D,17†††††† damage

D,19†††††† Damascenes

D,20†††††† Damascus

D,41†††††† dare

D,49†††††† darkness

D,63†††††† daughters

D,68†††††† day

D,77†††††† dead

D,91†††††† dearly

D,93†††††† death

D,94†††††† deaths

D,97†††††† debates

D,111†††††† deceitful

D,112†††††† deceitfully

D,119†††††† deceivers

D,131†††††† declaration

D,133†††††† declared

D,150†††††† deed

D,151†††††† deeds

D,153†††††† deep

D,177†††††† defrauded

D,202†††††† deliver

D,205†††††† delivered

D,226†††††† depart

D,258†††††† desire

D,259†††††† desired

D,264†††††† desiring

D,265†††††† desirous

D,269†††††† despair

D,270†††††† despaired

D,284†††††† destroyed

D,290†††††† destruction

D,297†††††† determined

D,302†††††† devices

D,312†††††† devour

D,329†††††† did

D,333†††††† die

D,334†††††† died

D,351†††††† diligence

D,352†††††† diligent

D,429†††††† dishonesty

D,430†††††† dishonour

D,437†††††† disobedience

D,444†††††† dispersed

D,471†††††† dissolved

D,482†††††† distressed

D,483†††††† distresses

D,485†††††† distributed

D,488†††††† distribution

D,511†††††† do

D,528†††††† doing

D,531†††††† dominion

D,533†††††† done

D,534†††††† door

D,544†††††† doth

D,555†††††† doubtless

D,562†††††† down

D,652†††††† dwell

D,663†††††† dying



E,e.†††††† 44 Words


E,10†††††† earnest

E,11†††††† earnestly

E,17†††††† earthen

E,18†††††† earthly

E,23†††††† eased

E,51†††††† edification

E,55†††††† edifying

E,62†††††† effectual

E,222†††††† end

E,241†††††† enduring

E,254†††††† engraven

E,265†††††† enlarged

E,278†††††† enquire

E,279†††††† enquired

E,283†††††† enriched

E,325†††††† envyings

E,350†††††† epistle

E,351†††††† epistles

E,353†††††† equality

E,377†††††† escaped

E,399†††††† espoused

E,403†††††† established

E,419†††††† eternal

E,441†††††† Eve

E,442†††††† even

E,448†††††† ever

E,450†††††† evermore

E,451†††††† every

E,457†††††† evil

E,471†††††† exalt

E,472†††††† exalted

E,474†††††† exalteth

E,476†††††† examine

E,481†††††† exceed

E,485†††††† exceeding

E,486†††††† exceedingly

E,489†††††† excellency

E,492†††††† excelleth

E,493†††††† except

E,500†††††† excuse

E,516†††††† exhort

E,517†††††† exhortation

E,526†††††† expedient

E,531†††††† experiment



F,f.††††††† 48 Words


††† F,2†††††† face

F,12†††††† faint

F,22†††††† faith

F,34†††††† false

F,50†††††† far

F,53†††††† farewell

F,70†††††† fastings

F,73†††††† Father

F,95†††††† fear

F,103†††††† fears

F,140†††††† fellowhelper

F,149†††††† fellowship

F,159†††††† fervent

F,190†††††† fightings

F,196†††††† filled

F,205†††††† filthiness

F,207†††††† finally

F,208†††††† find

F,218†††††† finish

F,231†††††† first

F,255†††††† five

F,283†††††† flesh

F,286†††††† fleshly

F,287†††††† fleshy

F,337†††††† folly

F,338†††††† food

F,339†††††† fool

F,342†††††† foolishly

F,344†††††† fools

F,349†††††† for

F,350†††††† forasmuch

F,353†††††† forbear

F,391†††††† foretell

F,397†††††† forgave

F,407†††††† forgive

F,421†††††† fornication

F,426†††††† forsaken

F,443†††††† forty

F,446†††††† forward

F,447†††††† forwardness

F,452†††††† found

F,465†††††† fourteen

F,487†††††† freely

F,491†††††† frequent

F,507†††††† from

F,518†††††† fruits

F,526†††††† fulfilled

F,549†††††† furthermore



G,g.†††††† 36 Words


G,17†††††† gain

G,59†††††† garrison

G,68†††††† gathered

G,76†††††† gave

G,118†††††† gentleness

G,135†††††† get

G,143†††††† Ghost

G,163†††††† gift

G,201†††††† give

G,202†††††† given

G,203†††††† giver

G,205†††††† giveth

G,206†††††† giving

G,208†††††† glad

G,209†††††† gladly

G,211†††††† glass

G,223†††††† glorieth

G,226†††††† glorify

G,228†††††† glorious

G,230†††††† glory

G,231†††††† glorying

G,241†††††† go

G,251†††††† God

G,256†††††† godly

G,258†††††† God-ward

G,276†††††† good

G,291†††††† gospel

G,300†††††† governor

G,304†††††† grace

G,336†††††† great

G,353†††††† greet

G,361†††††† grief

G,365†††††† grieved

G,375†††††† groan

G,393†††††† grudgingly

G,404†††††† guile



H,h.†††††† 43 Words


H,16†††††† had

H,96†††††† hand

H,106†††††† handling

H,111†††††† hands

H,130†††††† haply

H,224†††††† hath

H,238†††††† have

H,242†††††† having

H,267†††††† he

H,286†††††† heard

H,291†††††† heareth

H,298†††††† heart

H,303†††††† hearts

H,309†††††† heathen

H,312†††††† Heaven

H,315†††††† heavens

H,318†††††† heaviness

H,325†††††† Hebrews

H,369†††††† helpers

H,371†††††† helping

H,385†††††† henceforth

H,402†††††† herein

H,409†††††† heretofore

H,448†††††† hid

H,451†††††† hidden

H,459†††††† high

H,474†††††† him

H,475†††††† himself

H,496†††††† his

H,529†††††† holds

H,536†††††† holiness

H,540†††††† Holy

H,543†††††† home

H,547†††††† honest

H,552†††††† honour

H,563†††††† hope

H,565†††††† hoped

H,617†††††† house

H,624†††††† how

H,625†††††† howbeit

H,636†††††† humble

H,649†††††† hunger

H,675†††††† husband



I,i.†††††††† 27 Words


††† I,1††††††† I

I,24††††††† idols

I,27††††††† if

I,33††††††† ignorant

I,43††††††† image

I,48††††††† imaginations

I,79††††††† imprisonments

I,84††††††† imputing

I,87††††††† in

I,101††††††† increase

I,102††††††† increased

I,109††††††† indeed

I,111††††††† indignation

I,120††††††† inferior

I,121††††††† infidel

I,123††††††† infirmities

I,127††††††† inflicted

I,152††††††† ink

I,165††††††† insomuch

I,200††††††† into

I,204††††††† intreaty

I,215††††††† inward

I,231††††††† is

I,266††††††† Israel

I,269††††††† Israelites

I,278††††††† it

I,294††††††† itself



J,j.††††††† 12 Words


J,103†††††† jealous

J,105†††††† jealousy

J,223†††††† Jesus

J,224†††††† Jesusí

J,239†††††† Jews

J,339†††††† journeyings

J,341†††††† joy

J,342†††††† joyed

J,343†††††† joyful

J,355†††††† Judaea

J,361†††††† judge

J,367†††††† judgment



K,k.†††††† 13 Words


K,20†††††† keep

K,38†††††† kept

K,59†††††† killed

K,62†††††† killeth

K,71†††††† kindness

K,76†††††† king

K,111†††††† kiss

K,126†††††† knew

K,137†††††† know

K,139†††††† knoweth

K,140†††††† knowing

K,141†††††† knowledge

K,142†††††† known



L,l.††††††† 34 Words


††† L,5†††††† labour

L,11†††††† labours

L,14†††††† lack

L,18†††††† lacking

L,80†††††† lasciviousness

L,105†††††† lawful

L,112†††††† lay

L,144†††††† leave

L,164†††††† left

L,191†††††† less

L,193†††††† lest

L,194†††††† let

L,195†††††† letter

L,196†††††† letters

L,213†††††† liberal

L,214†††††† liberality

L,217†††††† liberty

L,229†††††† lie

L,237†††††† life

L,245†††††† light

L,255†††††† lightness

L,277†††††† line

L,301†††††† little

L,302†††††† live

L,308†††††† liveth

L,309†††††† living

L,343†††††† long

L,349†††††† longsuffering

L,351†††††† look

L,364†††††† Lord

L,373†††††† lost

L,381†††††† love

L,383†††††† loved

L,390†††††† loveth



M,m.†††† 54 Words


M,16††††† Macedonia

M,27††††† made

M,85††††† make

M,89††††† maketh

M,91††††† making

M,117††††† man

M,118††††† manís

M,129††††† manifest

M,130††††† manifestation

M,132††††† manifestly

M,136††††† manner

M,147††††† many

M,188††††† marvel

M,222††††† matter

M,233††††† may

M,236††††† me

M,242††††† mean

M,246††††† means

M,249††††† measure

M,252††††† measuring

M,274††††† meekness

M,316††††† men

M,317††††† menís

M,345††††† mercies

M,349††††† mercy

M,380††††† messenger

M,381††††† messengers

M,427††††† might

M,433††††† mighty

M,455††††† mind

M,456††††† minded

M,459††††† minds

M,460††††† mine

M,466††††† minister

M,467††††† ministered

M,468††††† ministereth

M,469††††† ministering

M,470††††† ministers

M,471††††† ministration

M,472††††† ministry

M,555††††† moment

M,568††††† more

M,570††††† moreover

M,577††††† mortal

M,578††††† mortality

M,586††††† Moses

M,588††††† most

M,610††††† mourning

M,612††††† mouth

M,626††††† much

M,635††††† multiply

M,661††††† must

M,670††††† my

M,674††††† myself



N,n.†††††† 19 Words


N,40†††††† naked

N,41†††††† nakedness

N,76†††††† nay

N,97†††††† necessary

N,98†††††† necessities

N,99†††††† necessity

N,105†††††† need

N,113†††††† needs

N,172†††††† nevertheless

N,173†††††† new

N,190†††††† night

N,207†††††† no

N,225†††††† none

N,231†††††† nor

N,238†††††† not

N,242†††††† nothing

N,243†††††† notice

N,253†††††† now

N,254†††††† number



O,o.†††††† 32 Words


††† O,1†††††† O

O,13†††††† obedience

O,14†††††† obedient

O,40†††††† occasion

O,55†††††† of

O,56†††††† off

O,57†††††† offence

O,60†††††† offended

O,74†††††† oft

O,75†††††† often

O,77†††††† oftentimes

O,87†††††† old

O,102†††††† on

O,105†††††† once

O,106†††††† one

O,112†††††† only

O,117†††††† open

O,118†††††† opened

O,146†††††† or

O,180†††††† other

O,181†††††† others

O,182†††††† otherwise

O,186†††††† ought

O,188†††††† our

O,189†††††† ours

O,190†††††† ourselves

O,191†††††† out

O,203†††††† outward

O,208†††††† over

O,210†††††† overcharge

O,224†††††† overmuch

O,257†††††† own



P,p.†††††† 60 Words


P,17†††††† painfulness

P,53†††††† paradise

P,65†††††† parents

P,73†††††† part

P,75†††††† partakers

P,88†††††† partner

P,98†††††† pass

P,101†††††† passed

P,123†††††† patience

P,134†††††† Paul

P,149†††††† peace

P,186†††††† people

P,193†††††† perceive

P,204†††††† perfect

P,206†††††† perfecting

P,207†††††† perfection

P,210†††††† perform

P,211†††††† performance

P,220†††††† perhaps

P,224†††††† perils

P,225†††††† perish

P,238†††††† perplexed

P,241†††††† persecuted

P,245†††††† persecutions

P,253†††††† person

P,254†††††† persons

P,255†††††† persuade

P,394†††††† place

P,402†††††† plainness

P,442†††††† pleasure

P,500†††††† poor

P,519†††††† possessing

P,549†††††† poverty

P,552†††††† power

P,553†††††† powerful

P,559†††††† praise

P,567†††††† pray

P,569†††††† prayer

P,573†††††† praying

P,574†††††† preach

P,575†††††† preached

P,578†††††† preacheth

P,579†††††† preaching

P,601†††††† presence

P,602†††††† present

P,614†††††† pressed

P,659†††††† prisons

P,686†††††† professed

P,703†††††† promises

P,711†††††† proof

P,743†††††† prove

P,744†††††† proved

P,753†††††† providing

P,761†††††† provoked

P,795†††††† pulling

P,800†††††† punishment

P,809†††††† pureness

P,826†††††† purpose

P,829†††††† purposeth

P,843†††††† put



R,r.†††††† 50 Words


R,41†††††† raise

R,42†††††† raised

R,44†††††† raiseth

R,82†††††† rather

R,93†††††† reach

R,94†††††† reached

R,97†††††† read

R,100†††††† readiness

R,101†††††† reading

R,102†††††† ready

R,106†††††† reap

R,115†††††† reason

R,138†††††† receive

R,139†††††† received

R,152†††††† recompence

R,159†††††† reconciled

R,160†††††† reconciliation

R,161†††††† reconciling

R,162†††††† record

R,180†††††† redound

R,195†††††† refreshed

R,212†††††† regions

R,231†††††† rejoice

R,232†††††† rejoiced

R,235†††††† rejoicing

R,251†††††† remaineth

R,259†††††† remembereth

R,283†††††† renewed

R,286†††††† renounced

R,299†††††† repent

R,300†††††† repentance

R,301†††††† repented

R,316†††††† report

R,318†††††† reproach

R,320†††††† reproaches

R,325†††††† reprobates

R,365†††††† respect

R,370†††††† rest

R,407†††††† revelations

R,409†††††† revenge

R,452†††††† rich

R,454†††††† riches

R,468†††††† right

R,471†††††† righteousness

R,514†††††† robbed

R,516†††††† robbers

R,526†††††† rods

R,552†††††† rose

R,573†††††† rude

R,582†††††† rule



S,s.††††††† 109 Words


††† S,37†††† said

††† S,44†††† saints

††† S,46†††† saith

††† S,47†††† sake

††† S,48†††† sakes

††† S,71†††† salute

††† S,74†††† salvation

††† S,78†††† same

S,123†††† Satan

S,138†††† save

S,139†††† saved

S,145†††† savour

S,154†††† say

S,221†††† sea

S,224†††† sealed

S,238†††† season

S,241†††† seat

S,249†††† second

S,266†††† see

S,267†††† seed

S,271†††† seeing

S,272†††† seek

S,276†††† seem

S,280†††† seen

S,285†††† seeth

S,299†††† selfsame

S,308†††† selves

S,325†††† sent

S,326†††† sentence

S,331†††† separate

S,348†††† serpent

S,354†††† servants

S,361†††† service

S,420†††† shall

S,469†††† sharpness

S,575†††† shew

S,624†††† shine

S,625†††† shined

S,637†††† shipwreck

S,681†††† should

S,741†††† side

S,755†††† sight

S,766†††† signs

S,777†††† Silvanus

S,788†††† simplicity

S,790†††† sin

S,793†††† since

S,796†††† sincerity

S,812†††† sinned

S,923†††† smite

S,953†††† so

S,955†††† sober

S,998†††† some

S,1003†††† somewhat

S,1004†††† son

S,1008†††† sons

S,1029†††† sorrow

S,1030†††† sorrowed

S,1032†††† sorrowful

S,1035†††† sorry

S,1036†††† sort

S,1043†††† soul

S,1058†††† sower

S,1059†††† sowest

S,1060†††† soweth

S,1062†††† sown

S,1065†††† spake

S,1069†††† spare

S,1073†††† sparingly

S,1080†††† speak

S,1084†††† speaking

S,1095†††† speech

S,1101†††† spend

S,1104†††† spent

S,1119†††† Spirit

S,1137†††† spoken

S,1178†††† stablisheth

S,1200†††† stand

S,1223†††† stead

S,1230†††† stedfast

S,1231†††† stedfastly

S,1241†††† steps

S,1274†††† stone

S,1276†††† stoned

S,1277†††† stones

S,1290†††† stop

S,1309†††† straitened

S,1331†††† strength

S,1337†††† stretch

S,1345†††† strifes

S,1354†††† stripes

S,1366†††† strong

S,1397†††† subjection

S,1406†††† subtilly

S,1419†††† succoured

S,1421†††† such

S,1431†††† suffer

S,1432†††† suffered

S,1436†††† sufferings

S,1440†††† sufficiency

S,1441†††† sufficient

S,1458†††† superfluous

S,1470†††† supplied

S,1471†††† supplieth

S,1472†††† supply

S,1474†††† suppose

S,1499†††† swallowed

S,1513†††† sweet

S,1521†††† swellings



T,t.††††††† 75 Words


††† T,9†††††† tabernacle

T,13†††††† tables

T,34†††††† take

T,35†††††† taken

T,39†††††† taking

T,109†††††† tears

T,131†††††† tell

T,148†††††† temple

T,150†††††† temporal

T,183†††††† terrify

T,184†††††† terror

T,188†††††† testament

T,196†††††† testimony

T,203†††††† than

T,209†††††† thanks

T,210†††††† thanksgiving

T,211†††††† thanksgivings

T,215†††††† that

T,216†††††† the

T,219†††††† thee

T,223†††††† their

T,226†††††† them

T,227†††††† themselves

T,228†††††† then

T,229†††††† thence

T,232†††††† there

T,236†††††† therefore

T,247†††††† these

T,251†††††† they

T,264†††††† thing

T,265†††††† things

T,267†††††† think

T,271†††††† third

T,273†††††† thirst

T,282†††††† this

T,289†††††† thorn

T,292†††††† those

T,294†††††† though

T,295†††††† thought

T,305†††††† three

T,319†††††† thrice

T,326†††††† through

T,327†††††† throughly

T,328†††††† throughout

T,343†††††† thus

T,373†††††† time

T,374†††††† times

T,382†††††† Timotheus

T,383†††††† Timothy

T,406†††††† Titus

T,408†††††† to

T,418†††††† together

T,429†††††† told

T,463†††††† touch

T,466†††††† touching

T,468†††††† toward

T,492†††††† transformed

T,493†††††† transforming

T,514†††††† travel

T,530†††††† treasure

T,544†††††† trembling

T,548†††††† trespasses

T,550†††††† trial

T,553†††††† tribulation

T,564†††††† triumph

T,567†††††† Troas

T,574†††††† trouble

T,575†††††† troubled

T,587†††††† true

T,588†††††† truly

T,593†††††† trust

T,600†††††† truth

T,610†††††† tumults

T,612†††††† turn

T,634†††††† two



U,u.†††††† 20 Words


U,11†††††† unbelievers

U,22†††††† unclean

U,23†††††† uncleanness

U,25†††††† unclothed

U,35†††††† under

U,50†††††† unequally

U,53†††††† unfeigned

U,66†††††† unknown

U,80†††††† unprepared

U,90†††††† unrighteousness

U,99†††††† unspeakable

U,103†††††† untaken

U,106†††††† until

U,108†††††† unto

U,117†††††† up

U,129†††††† upon

U,151†††††† us

U,152†††††† use

U,164†††††† utter

U,165†††††† utterance



V,v.†††††† 7 Words


††† V,3†††††† vail

††† V,5†††††† vain

V,34†††††† vehement

V,48†††††† very

V,50†††††† vessels

V,90†††††† virgin

V,100†††††† visions



W,w.†††† 69 Words


††† W,4††††† wages

W,21††††† walk

W,22††††† walked

W,26††††† walking

W,27††††† wall

W,40††††† want

W,41††††† wanted

W,47††††† war

W,53††††† warfare

W,68††††† was

W,91††††† watchings

W,106††††† waters

W,119††††† way

W,124††††† we

W,125††††† weak

W,130††††† weakness

W,135††††† weapons

W,140††††† weariness

W,166††††† weight

W,169††††† weighty

W,171††††† well

W,180††††† went

W,183††††† were

W,192††††† what

W,200††††† when

W,203††††† where

W,207††††† wherefore

W,208††††† wherein

W,209††††† whereinsoever

W,211††††† whereof

W,217††††† wherewith

W,220††††† whether

W,221††††† which

W,222††††† while

W,223††††† whiles

W,224††††† whilst

W,234††††† whisperings

W,235††††† whit

W,241††††† who

W,245††††† whom

W,256††††† whose

W,273††††† wilderness

W,277††††† will

W,279††††† willing

W,288††††† window

W,316††††† wisdom

W,317††††† wise

W,320††††† wish

W,324††††† wit

W,329††††† with

W,344††††† within

W,345††††† without

W,351††††† witnesses

W,380††††† wonders

W,389††††† word

W,391††††† words

W,392††††† work

W,395††††† workers

W,396††††† worketh

W,403††††† works

W,405††††† world

W,426††††† would

W,440††††† wraths

W,456††††† write

W,463††††† written

W,464††††† wrong

W,465††††† wronged

W,468††††† wrote

W,470††††† wrought



Y,y.†††††† 11 Words


††† Y,2†††††† ye

††† Y,3†††††† yea

††† Y,4†††††† year

††† Y,9†††††† years

Y,17†††††† yet

Y,23†††††† yoked

Y,27†††††† you

Y,31†††††† your

Y,32†††††† yours

Y,33†††††† yourselves

Y,37†††††† you-ward



Z,z.††††††† 1 Word


Z,47†††††† zeal





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