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A,a.†††††† 138 Words


††† A,1†††††† a

††† A,2†††††† Aaron

A,10†††††† abased

A,20†††††† Abel

A,33†††††† Abia

A,43†††††† abide

A,45†††††† abiding

A,56†††††† Abilene

A,73†††††† able

A,77†††††† abode

A,83†††††† abomination

A,89†††††† about

A,90†††††† above

A,91†††††† Abraham

A,92†††††† Abrahamís

A,95†††††† abroad

A,98†††††† absence

A,102†††††† abundance

A,111†††††† acceptable

A,115†††††† accepted

A,116†††††† acceptest

A,124†††††† accomplish

A,125†††††† accomplished

A,129†††††† according

A,131†††††† account

A,132†††††† accounted

A,136†††††† accusation

A,137†††††† accuse

A,138†††††† accused

A,165†††††† acquaintance

A,179†††††† Adam

A,186†††††† add

A,189†††††† added

A,193†††††† Addi

A,230†††††† adorned

A,240†††††† adulterers

A,245†††††† adultery

A,249†††††† advantaged

A,253†††††† adversaries

A,254†††††† adversary

A,265†††††† afar

A,276†††††† affirmed

A,284†††††† affrighted

A,289†††††† afraid

A,291†††††† after

A,293†††††† afterward

A,298†††††† again

A,299†††††† against

A,303†††††† age

A,307†††††† ago

A,309†††††† agony

A,313†††††† agreeth

A,379†††††† air

A,385†††††† alabaster

A,405†††††† alive

A,406†††††† all

A,413†††††† allow

A,425†††††† alms

A,429†††††† alone

A,435†††††† Alphaeus

A,436†††††† already

A,437†††††† also

A,438†††††† altar

A,442†††††† altered

A,450†††††† always

A,451†††††† am

A,464†††††† amazed

A,469†††††† ambassage

A,475†††††† Amen

A,482†††††† Aminadab

A,483†††††† amiss

A,501†††††† among

A,505†††††† Amos

A,515†††††† an

A,538†††††† and

A,539†††††† Andrew

A,545†††††† angel

A,547†††††† angels

A,552†††††† angry

A,557†††††† Anna

A,558†††††† Annas

A,559†††††† anoint

A,560†††††† anointed

A,565†††††† another

A,567†††††† answer

A,569†††††† answered

A,572†††††† answereth

A,573†††††† answering

A,574†††††† answers

A,587†††††† any

A,601†††††† apiece

A,606†††††† apostles

A,614†††††† apparelled

A,618†††††† appear

A,621†††††† appeared

A,637†††††† appoint

A,638†††††† appointed

A,645†††††† approacheth

A,664†††††† Aram

A,688†††††† are

A,702†††††† Arimathaea

A,705†††††† arise

A,710†††††† ark

A,712†††††† arm

A,714†††††† armed

A,717†††††† armies

A,719†††††† armour

A,722†††††† arms

A,731†††††† arose

A,734†††††† Arphaxad

A,736†††††† arrayed

A,737†††††† arrived

A,741†††††† art

A,754†††††† as

A,767†††††† ascending

A,772†††††† Aser

A,774†††††† ashamed

A,786†††††† ashes

A,801†††††† aside

A,803†††††† ask

A,804†††††† asked

A,807†††††† asketh

A,808†††††† asking

A,809†††††† asleep

A,817†††††† ass

A,851†††††† astonished

A,859†††††† at

A,886†††††† attentive

A,890†††††† audience

A,892†††††† Augustus

A,896†††††† austere

A,899†††††† authority

A,903†††††† avenge

A,918†††††† awake

A,923†††††† aware

A,924†††††† away

A,926†††††† awoke

A,927†††††† ax



B,b.†††††† 149 Words


B,31†††††† babe

B,33†††††† babes

B,40†††††† back

B,53†††††† bade

B,58†††††† bags

B,92†††††† bands

B,96†††††† bank

B,103†††††† baptism

B,105†††††† baptist

B,107†††††† baptize

B,108†††††† baptized

B,113†††††† Barabbas

B,122†††††† bare

B,133†††††† barn

B,136†††††† barns

B,139†††††† barren

B,143†††††† Bartholomew

B,155†††††† baskets

B,181†††††† be

B,185†††††† beam

B,188†††††† bear

B,194†††††† bearing

B,196†††††† beast

B,199†††††† beat

B,200†††††† beaten

B,211†††††† because

B,214†††††† beckoned

B,216†††††† become

B,218†††††† bed

B,228†††††† Beelzebub

B,229†††††† been

B,248†††††† before

B,251†††††† beg

B,252†††††† began

B,257†††††† beggar

B,259†††††† begged

B,260†††††† begging

B,261†††††† begin

B,263†††††† beginning

B,275†††††† beheaded

B,276†††††† beheld

B,278†††††† behind

B,279†††††† behold

B,280†††††† beholdest

B,282†††††† beholding

B,283†††††† behoved

B,284†††††† being

B,294†††††† believe

B,295†††††† believed

B,297†††††† believest

B,305†††††† belly

B,306†††††† belong

B,307†††††† belonged

B,310†††††† belonging

B,311†††††† beloved

B,327†††††† benefactors

B,369†††††† beseech

B,370†††††† beseeching

B,372†††††† beside

B,379†††††† besought

B,380†††††† best

B,383†††††† bestow

B,391†††††† Bethany

B,420†††††† Bethlehem

B,430†††††† Bethphage

B,434†††††† Bethsaida

B,446†††††† betray

B,447†††††† betrayed

B,449†††††† betrayest

B,450†††††† betrayeth

B,453†††††† better

B,455†††††† between

B,459†††††† bewailed

B,461†††††† beware

B,471†††††† bid

B,472†††††† bidden

B,476†††††† bier

B,487†††††† bill

B,498†††††† birds

B,501†††††† birth

B,518†††††† bitterly

B,531†††††† blameless

B,537†††††† blasphemeth

B,538†††††† blasphemies

B,541†††††† blasphemously

B,552†††††† bless

B,553†††††† blessed

B,557†††††† blessing

B,560†††††† blind

B,563†††††† blindfolded

B,565†††††† blood

B,577†††††† blow

B,602†††††† bodily

B,603†††††† body

B,618†††††† bond

B,630†††††† bones

B,632†††††† book

B,638†††††† Booz

B,639†††††† border

B,643†††††† born

B,644†††††† borne

B,650†††††† bosom

B,654†††††† both

B,656†††††† bottles

B,662†††††† bought

B,663†††††† bound

B,670†††††† bowed

B,679†††††† box

B,687†††††† brake

B,689†††††† bramble

B,692†††††† branches

B,706†††††† bread

B,712†††††† breaking

B,714†††††† breast

B,717†††††† breasts

B,727†††††† brethren

B,736†††††† bridechamber

B,737†††††† bridegroom

B,747†††††† bright

B,750†††††† brimstone

B,751†††††† bring

B,754†††††† bringeth

B,755†††††† bringing

B,761†††††† broiled

B,762†††††† broken

B,765†††††† brokenhearted

B,766†††††† brood

B,770†††††† brother

B,771†††††† brotherís

B,775†††††† brought

B,777†††††† brow

B,780†††††† bruised

B,782†††††† bruising

B,795†††††† build

B,796†††††† builded

B,799†††††† builders

B,804†††††† built

B,824†††††† burdens

B,827†††††† buried

B,829†††††† burn

B,832†††††† burning

B,836†††††† burst

B,838†††††† bury

B,841†††††† bush

B,842†††††† bushel

B,846†††††† business

B,850†††††† but

B,856†††††† buy

B,863†††††† by



C,c.†††††† 182 Words


††† C,5†††††† Caesar

††† C,6†††††† Caesarís

††† C,9†††††† Caiaphas

C,11†††††† Cainan

C,24†††††† calf

C,27†††††† call

C,28†††††† called

C,30†††††† callest

C,31†††††† calleth

C,32†††††† calling

C,33†††††† calm

C,36†††††† Calvary

C,41†††††† came

C,42†††††† camel

C,52†††††† can

C,60†††††† candle

C,62†††††† candlestick

C,69†††††† cannot

C,70†††††† canst

C,71†††††† Capernaum

C,79†††††† captains

C,80†††††† captive

C,81†††††† captives

C,89†††††† care

C,92†††††† careful

C,97†††††† cares

C,114†††††† carried

C,117†††††† carry

C,130†††††† cast

C,134†††††† casteth

C,135†††††† casting

C,139†††††† catch

C,143†††††† cattle

C,144†††††† caught

C,147†††††† cause

C,159†††††† ceased

C,171†††††† centurion

C,172†††††† centurionís

C,176†††††† certain

C,177†††††† certainly

C,178†††††† certainty

C,182†††††† chaff

C,184†††††† chains

C,206†††††† chance

C,228†††††† charge

C,230†††††† charged

C,256†††††† chastise

C,265†††††† cheek

C,311†††††† chief

C,314†††††† child

C,319†††††† childless

C,320†††††† children

C,341†††††† choked

C,349†††††† Chorazin

C,350†††††† chose

C,351†††††† chosen

C,353†††††† Christ

C,369†††††† Chuza

C,378†††††† circumcise

C,380†††††† circumcising

C,387†††††† cities

C,388†††††† citizen

C,389†††††† citizens

C,390†††††† city

C,403†††††† clean

C,406†††††† cleansed

C,408†††††† cleansing

C,412†††††† clearly

C,416†††††† cleaveth

C,421†††††† Cleopas

C,428†††††† climbed

C,432†††††† cloke

C,433†††††† close

C,434†††††† closed

C,438†††††† closets

C,440†††††† clothe

C,441†††††† clothed

C,442†††††† clothes

C,446†††††† cloud

C,458†††††† coast

C,460†††††† coat

C,461†††††† coats

C,462†††††† cock

C,483†††††† colt

C,485†††††† come

C,489†††††† comest

C,490†††††† cometh

C,491†††††† comfort

C,494†††††† comforted

C,501†††††† coming

C,503†††††† command

C,504†††††† commanded

C,508†††††† commandeth

C,510†††††† commandment

C,511†††††† commandments

C,512†††††† commend

C,514†††††† commended

C,519†††††† commit

C,520†††††† committed

C,522†††††† committeth

C,529†††††† commotions

C,531†††††† communed

C,535†††††† communications

C,545†††††† company

C,551†††††† compass

C,552†††††† compassed

C,556†††††† compassion

C,558†††††† compel

C,579†††††† conceive

C,580†††††† conceived

C,585†††††† concerning

C,595†††††† condemn

C,596†††††† condemnation

C,597†††††† condemned

C,603†††††† conditions

C,614†††††† confess

C,622†††††† confidently

C,652†††††† consent

C,653†††††† consented

C,656†††††† consider

C,662†††††† consisteth

C,663†††††† consolation

C,673†††††† constrained

C,680†††††† consulteth

C,681†††††† consume

C,702†††††† content

C,707†††††† continual

C,708†††††† continually

C,711†††††† continued

C,728†††††† converted

C,742†††††† cool

C,760†††††† corn

C,762†††††† corner

C,773†††††† corrupt

C,776†††††† corrupteth

C,781†††††† Cosam

C,782†††††† cost

C,788†††††† couch

C,794†††††† could

C,798†††††† council

C,800†††††† counsel

C,802†††††† counsellor

C,807†††††† countenance

C,810†††††† counteth

C,812†††††† countries

C,813†††††† country

C,823†††††† course

C,828†††††† courts

C,829†††††† cousin

C,830†††††† cousins

C,831†††††† covenant

C,833†††††† covenanted

C,835†††††† cover

C,836†††††† covered

C,839†††††† covereth

C,847†††††† covetous

C,848†††††† covetousness

C,856†††††† craftiness

C,872†††††† creditor

C,883†††††† crew

C,885†††††† cried

C,888†††††† crieth

C,896†††††† crooked

C,899†††††† cross

C,903†††††† crow

C,911†††††† crucified

C,912†††††† crucify

C,916†††††† crumbs

C,920†††††† cry

C,921†††††† crying

C,923†††††† cubit

C,928†††††† cumbered

C,929†††††† cumbereth

C,935†††††† cup

C,940†††††† cure

C,941†††††† cured

C,942†††††† cures

C,946†††††† curse

C,960†††††† custom

C,962†††††† cut

C,974†††††† Cyrenian

C,976†††††† Cyrenius



D,d.†††††† 133 Words


††† D,7†††††† daily

D,22†††††† damnation

D,29†††††† danced

D,31†††††† dancing

D,43†††††† dark

D,45†††††† darkened

D,49†††††† darkness

D,54†††††† dash

D,61†††††† daughter

D,63†††††† daughters

D,64†††††† David

D,65†††††† Davidís

D,68†††††† day

D,69†††††† dayís

D,70†††††† days

D,73†††††† dayspring

D,77†††††† dead

D,80†††††† deaf

D,89†††††† dealt

D,90†††††† dear

D,93†††††† death

D,102†††††† debtors

D,108†††††† decease

D,117†††††† deceived

D,131†††††† declaration

D,133†††††† declared

D,141†††††† decree

D,150†††††† deed

D,151†††††† deeds

D,153†††††† deep

D,180†††††† degree

D,187†††††† delayeth

D,191†††††† delicately

D,202†††††† deliver

D,203†††††† deliverance

D,205†††††† delivered

D,210†††††† delivering

D,215†††††† demanded

D,219†††††† den

D,220†††††† denied

D,221†††††† denieth

D,224†††††† deny

D,226†††††† depart

D,227†††††† departed

D,228†††††† departeth

D,240†††††† derided

D,243†††††† descended

D,246†††††† descent

D,252†††††† desert

D,253†††††† deserts

D,258†††††† desire

D,259†††††† desired

D,263†††††† desireth

D,264†††††† desiring

D,265†††††† desirous

D,266†††††† desolate

D,267†††††† desolation

D,273†††††† despise

D,274†††††† despised

D,277†††††† despiseth

D,281†††††† despitefully

D,283†††††† destroy

D,284†††††† destroyed

D,297†††††† determined

D,303†††††† devil

D,305†††††† devils

D,312†††††† devour

D,313†††††† devoured

D,318†††††† devout

D,329†††††† did

D,331†††††† didst

D,333†††††† die

D,334†††††† died

D,343†††††† dig

D,344†††††† digged

D,351†††††† diligence

D,353†††††† diligently

D,365†††††† dine

D,368†††††† dinner

D,371†††††† dip

D,389†††††† discern

D,396†††††† disciple

D,397†††††† disciples

D,418†††††† diseases

D,438†††††† disobedient

D,481†††††† distress

D,484†††††† distribute

D,489†††††† ditch

D,491†††††† divers

D,494†††††† divide

D,495†††††† divided

D,496†††††† divider

D,497†††††† divideth

D,505†††††† division

D,511†††††† do

D,513†††††† doctors

D,514†††††† doctrine

D,523†††††† doest

D,524†††††† doeth

D,527†††††† dogs

D,528†††††† doing

D,533†††††† done

D,534†††††† door

D,541†††††† dost

D,544†††††† doth

D,550†††††† doubt

D,553†††††† doubtful

D,558†††††† dove

D,562†††††† down

D,571†††††† drank

D,572†††††† draught

D,577†††††† draweth

D,591†††††† dresser

D,594†††††† drew

D,599†††††† drink

D,602†††††† drinking

D,605†††††† driven

D,615†††††† drops

D,616†††††† dropsy

D,624†††††† drunk

D,627†††††† drunken

D,628†††††† drunkenness

D,630†††††† dry

D,632†††††† due

D,639†††††† dumb

D,640†††††† dung

D,642†††††† dunghill

D,647†††††† durst

D,648†††††† dust

D,650†††††† duty

D,652†††††† dwell

D,661†††††† dwelt

D,663†††††† dying



E,e.†††††† 85 Words


††† E,1†††††† each

††† E,4†††††† eagles

††† E,6†††††† ear

††† E,9†††††† early

E,11†††††† earnestly

E,15†††††† ears

E,16†††††† Earth

E,20†††††† earthquakes

E,22†††††† ease

E,24†††††† easier

E,26†††††† east

E,30†††††† eat

E,31†††††† eaten

E,35†††††† eateth

E,36†††††† eating

E,49†††††† edge

E,65†††††† egg

E,76†††††† eight

E,77†††††† eighteen

E,79†††††† eighth

E,82†††††† either

E,95†††††† elder

E,96†††††† elders

E,102†††††† elect

E,109†††††† eleven

E,120†††††† Eliakim

E,122†††††† Elias

E,129†††††† Eliezer

E,144†††††† Elisabeth

E,145†††††† Elisabethís

E,146†††††† Eliseus

E,159†††††† Elmodam

E,172†††††† else

E,196†††††† Emmaus

E,205†††††† empty

E,222†††††† end

E,230†††††† ended

E,237†††††† ended

E,243†††††† enemies

E,245†††††† enemy

E,273†††††† enmity

E,274†††††† Enoch

E,275†††††† Enos

E,277†††††† enough

E,278†††††† enquire

E,298†††††† enter

E,299†††††† entered

E,300†††††† entereth

E,301†††††† entering

E,313†††††† entreated

E,352†††††† equal

E,357†††††† Er

E,372†††††† Esaias

E,376†††††† escape

E,395†††††† Esli

E,399†††††† espoused

E,401†††††† Esrom

E,406†††††† estate

E,409†††††† esteemed

E,419†††††† eternal

E,442†††††† even

E,443†††††† evening

E,448†††††† ever

E,449†††††† everlasting

E,451†††††† every

E,457†††††† evil

E,462†††††† evils

E,465†††††† exact

E,472†††††† exalted

E,474†††††† exalteth

E,477†††††† examined

E,485†††††† exceeding

E,490†††††† excellent

E,493†††††† except

E,500†††††† excuse

E,501†††††† excused

E,505†††††† executed

E,513†††††† exercise

E,517†††††† exhortation

E,523†††††† expectation

E,536†††††† expounded

E,548†††††† extortioners

E,551†††††† eye

E,556†††††† eyes

E,560†††††† eyewitnesses



F,f.††††††† 129 Words


††† F,2†††††† face

††† F,3†††††† faces

††† F,7†††††† fail

††† F,9†††††† faileth

F,10†††††† failing

F,11†††††† fain

F,12†††††† faint

F,22†††††† faith

F,23†††††† faithful

F,26†††††† faithless

F,27†††††† fall

F,28†††††† fallen

F,30†††††† falleth

F,31†††††† falling

F,34†††††† false

F,36†††††† falsely

F,38†††††† fame

F,43†††††† famine

F,44†††††† famines

F,48†††††† fan

F,50†††††† far

F,52†††††† fared

F,53†††††† farewell

F,57†††††† farthings

F,58†††††† fashion

F,63†††††† fast

F,66†††††† fastened

F,70†††††† fastings

F,73†††††† Father

F,74†††††† fatherís

F,76†††††† fathers

F,83†††††† fatted

F,86†††††† fault

F,90†††††† favour

F,92†††††† favoured

F,95†††††† fear

F,96†††††† feared

F,99†††††† fearful

F,104†††††† feast

F,107†††††† feasts

F,110†††††† fed

F,115†††††† feed

F,117†††††† feedeth

F,118†††††† feeding

F,122†††††† feet

F,123†††††† feign

F,129†††††† fell

F,135†††††† fellow

F,167†††††† fetters

F,168†††††† fever

F,169†††††† few

F,174†††††† field

F,175†††††† fields

F,176†††††† fierce

F,181†††††† fifteenth

F,183†††††† fifties

F,185†††††† fifty

F,186†††††† fig

F,191†††††† figs

F,196†††††† filled

F,208†††††† find

F,210†††††† findeth

F,211†††††† finding

F,212†††††† fine

F,215†††††† finger

F,216†††††† fingers

F,218†††††† finish

F,223†††††† fire

F,231†††††† first

F,233†††††† firstborn

F,239†††††† fish

F,241†††††† fishermen

F,244†††††† fishes

F,250†††††† fit

F,255†††††† five

F,256†††††† fixed

F,262†††††† flame

F,277†††††† fled

F,279†††††† flee

F,283†††††† flesh

F,295†††††† flock

F,297†††††† flood

F,299†††††† floor

F,320†††††† foameth

F,331†††††† follow

F,332†††††† followed

F,335†††††† followeth

F,336†††††† following

F,339†††††† fool

F,344†††††† fools

F,345†††††† foot

F,348†††††† footstool

F,349†††††† for

F,350†††††† forasmuch

F,351†††††† forbad

F,357†††††† forbid

F,360†††††† forbidding

F,393†††††† forewarn

F,397†††††† forgave

F,407†††††† forgive

F,408†††††† forgiven

F,411†††††† forgiveth

F,414†††††† forgotten

F,427†††††† forsaketh

F,429†††††† forsomuch

F,430†††††† forsook

F,434†††††† forth

F,443†††††† forty

F,452†††††† found

F,453†††††† foundation

F,455†††††† founded

F,460†††††† four

F,461†††††† fourfold

F,463†††††† fourscore

F,471†††††† fowls

F,472†††††† fox

F,473†††††† foxes

F,474†††††† fragments

F,480†††††† frankly

F,499†††††† friend

F,501†††††† friends

F,507†††††† from

F,516†††††† fruit

F,518†††††† fruits

F,526†††††† fulfilled

F,528†††††† full

F,538†††††† furlongs

F,542†††††† furnished

F,546†††††† further



G,g.†††††† 79 Words


††† G,6†††††† Gabriel

††† G,8†††††† Gadarenes

G,17†††††† gain

G,18†††††† gained

G,20†††††† gainsay

G,29†††††† Galilaean

G,30†††††† Galilaeans

G,31†††††† Galilee

G,46†††††† garden

G,52†††††† garment

G,53†††††† garments

G,55†††††† garner

G,58†††††† garnished

G,64†††††† gate

G,67†††††† gather

G,68†††††† gathered

G,71†††††† gathereth

G,76†††††† gave

G,77†††††† gavest

G,112†††††† generation

G,113†††††† generations

G,114†††††† Gennesaret

G,116†††††† Gentiles

G,135†††††† get

G,143†††††† Ghost

G,164†††††† gifts

G,182†††††† gird

G,183†††††† girded

G,201†††††† give

G,202†††††† given

G,206†††††† giving

G,208†††††† glad

G,209†††††† gladly

G,210†††††† gladness

G,218†††††† glistering

G,224†††††† glorified

G,227†††††† glorifying

G,228†††††† glorious

G,230†††††† glory

G,233†††††† gluttonous

G,237†††††† gnashing

G,241†††††† go

G,251†††††† God

G,252†††††† Godís

G,259†††††† goest

G,260†††††† goeth

G,262†††††† going

G,275†††††† gone

G,276†††††† good

G,280†††††† goodly

G,281†††††† goodman

G,284†††††† goods

G,288†††††† gorgeous

G,289†††††† gorgeously

G,291†††††† gospel

G,300†††††† governor

G,304†††††† grace

G,305†††††† gracious

G,309†††††† grain

G,311†††††† grant

G,317†††††† grapes

G,318†††††† grass

G,328†††††† graves

G,336†††††† great

G,337†††††† greater

G,338†††††† greatest

G,348†††††† Greek

G,350†††††† green

G,356†††††† greetings

G,357†††††† grew

G,368†††††† grievous

G,371†††††† grind

G,373†††††† grinding

G,383†††††† ground

G,387†††††† grow

G,397†††††† guest

G,398†††††† guestchamber

G,400†††††† guide

G,409†††††† gulf



H,h.†††††† 120 Words


H,10†††††† habitations

H,16†††††† had

H,29†††††† hadst

H,45†††††† hail

H,47†††††† hair

H,48†††††† hairs

H,55†††††† hale

H,56†††††† half

H,60†††††† hall

H,63†††††† hallowed

H,65†††††† halt

H,96†††††† hand

H,102†††††† handle

H,107†††††† handmaid

H,108†††††† handmaiden

H,111†††††† hands

H,117†††††† hanged

H,130†††††† haply

H,132†††††† happened

H,148†††††† hardly

H,160†††††† harlots

H,186†††††† harvest

H,203†††††† hast

H,204†††††† haste

H,217†††††† hate

H,218†††††† hated

H,224†††††† hath

H,238†††††† have

H,242†††††† having

H,267†††††† he

H,268†††††† head

H,270†††††† headlong

H,271†††††† heads

H,274†††††† heal

H,275†††††† healed

H,278†††††† healing

H,285†††††† hear

H,286†††††† heard

H,291†††††† heareth

H,292†††††† hearing

H,298†††††† heart

H,303†††††† hearts

H,306†††††† heat

H,312†††††† Heaven

H,314†††††† heavenly

H,315†††††† heavens

H,319†††††† heavy

H,320†††††† Heber

H,323†††††† Hebrew

H,331†††††† hedges

H,332†††††† heed

H,342†††††† heir

H,348†††††† held

H,357†††††† Heli

H,361†††††† Hell

H,366†††††† help

H,381†††††† hen

H,384†††††† hence

H,385†††††† henceforth

H,391†††††† her

H,394†††††† herbs

H,395†††††† herd

H,399†††††† here

H,400†††††† hereafter

H,419†††††† Herod

H,420†††††† Herodís

H,422†††††† Herodias

H,427†††††† herself

H,438†††††† hewn

H,448†††††† hid

H,459†††††† high

H,460†††††† higher

H,461†††††† highest

H,462†††††† highly

H,466†††††† highways

H,470†††††† hill

H,473†††††† hills

H,474†††††† him

H,475†††††† himself

H,479†††††† hindered

H,491†††††† hire

H,492†††††† hired

H,496†††††† his

H,500†††††† hither

H,524†††††† hold

H,525†††††† holden

H,532†††††† holes

H,536†††††† holiness

H,539†††††† holpen

H,540†††††† Holy

H,543†††††† home

H,547†††††† honest

H,551†††††† honeycomb

H,552†††††† honour

H,553†††††† honourable

H,563†††††† hope

H,565†††††† hoped

H,568†††††† hoping

H,579†††††† horn

H,604†††††† host

H,615†††††† hour

H,617†††††† house

H,618†††††† household

H,621†††††† houses

H,622†††††† housetop

H,623†††††† housetops

H,624†††††† how

H,640†††††† humbleth

H,645†††††† hundred

H,646†††††† hundredfold

H,649†††††† hunger

H,651†††††† hungered

H,653†††††† hungry

H,672†††††† hurt

H,675†††††† husband

H,678†††††† husbandmen

H,687†††††† husks

H,694†††††† hypocrisy

H,695†††††† hypocrite

H,697†††††† hypocrites



I,i.†††††††† 41 Words


††† I,1††††††† I

I,15††††††† idle

I,27††††††† if

I,43††††††† image

I,47††††††† imagination

I,55††††††† immediately

I,63††††††† impart

I,70††††††† importunity

I,73††††††† impossible

I,87††††††† in

I,89††††††† incense

I,95††††††† inclosed

I,101††††††† increase

I,102††††††† increased

I,108††††††† indebted

I,109††††††† indeed

I,111††††††† indignation

I,119††††††† infants

I,123††††††† infirmities

I,124††††††† infirmity

I,141††††††† inherit

I,142††††††† inheritance

I,148††††††† iniquity

I,154††††††† inn

I,160††††††† innumerable

I,165††††††† insomuch

I,167††††††† instant

I,168††††††† instantly

I,171††††††† instructed

I,185††††††† intending

I,200††††††† into

I,202††††††† intreated

I,215††††††† inward

I,231††††††† is

I,232††††††† Isaac

I,236††††††† Iscariot

I,266††††††† Israel

I,273††††††† issue

I,278††††††† it

I,294††††††† itself

I,297††††††† Ituraea



J,j.††††††† 41 Words


J,27†††††† Jacob

J,56†††††† Jairus

J,62†††††† James

J,67†††††† Janna

J,79†††††† Jared

J,173†††††† jeopardy

J,189†††††† Jericho

J,200†††††† Jerusalem

J,218†††††† Jesse

J,223†††††† Jesus

J,224†††††† Jesusí

J,238†††††† Jewry

J,239†††††† Jews

J,265†††††† Joanna

J,281†††††† John

J,287†††††† joined

J,303†††††† Jonan

J,304†††††† Jonas

J,312†††††† Jordan

J,313†††††† Jorim

J,317†††††† Jose

J,319†††††† Joseph

J,320†††††† Josephís

J,336†††††† journey

J,337†††††† journeyed

J,338†††††† journeying

J,341†††††† joy

J,344†††††† joyfully

J,354†††††† Juda

J,355†††††† Judaea

J,358†††††† Judas

J,361†††††† judge

J,362†††††† judged

J,363†††††† judges

J,366†††††† judging

J,367†††††† judgment

J,377†††††† jurisdiction

J,379†††††† just

J,382†††††† justified

J,385†††††† justify

J,388†††††† justly



K,k.†††††† 34 Words


K,20†††††† keep

K,24†††††† keepeth

K,25†††††† keeping

K,38†††††† kept

K,46†††††† key

K,54†††††† kid

K,58†††††† kill

K,59†††††† killed

K,61†††††† killest

K,66†††††† kind

K,68†††††† kindled

K,72†††††† kindred

K,76†††††† king

K,78†††††† kingdom

K,79†††††† kingdoms

K,81†††††† kings

K,82†††††† kingsí

K,83†††††† kinsfolk

K,84†††††† kinsfolks

K,87†††††† kinsmen

K,111†††††† kiss

K,112†††††† kissed

K,123†††††† kneeled

K,125†††††† knees

K,126†††††† knew

K,127†††††† knewest

K,131†††††† knock

K,133†††††† knocketh

K,137†††††† know

K,138†††††† knowest

K,139†††††† knoweth

K,140†††††† knowing

K,141†††††† knowledge

K,142†††††† known



L,l.††††††† 103 Words


††† L,7†††††† labourer

††† L,8†††††† labourers

L,15†††††† lacked

L,16†††††† lackest

L,22†††††† lade

L,35†††††† laid

L,39†††††† lake

L,44†††††† lambs

L,45†††††† lame

L,46†††††† Lamech

L,52†††††† lamented

L,57†††††† land

L,63†††††† lanes

L,78†††††† large

L,84†††††† last

L,87†††††† latchet

L,90†††††† Latin

L,94†††††† laugh

L,95†††††† laughed

L,99†††††† launch

L,100†††††† launched

L,104†††††† law

L,105†††††† lawful

L,110†††††† lawyer

L,111†††††† lawyers

L,112†††††† lay

L,113†††††† layedst

L,115†††††† layeth

L,116†††††† laying

L,117†††††† Lazarus

L,118†††††† lead

L,134†††††† leap

L,135†††††† leaped

L,141†††††† least

L,144†††††† leave

L,146†††††† leaven

L,147†††††† leavened

L,151†††††† leaving

L,159†††††† led

L,164†††††† left

L,168†††††† legion

L,175†††††† lend

L,187†††††† lepers

L,188†††††† leprosy

L,193†††††† lest

L,194†††††† let

L,196†††††† letters

L,197†††††† lettest

L,202†††††† Levi

L,204†††††† Levite

L,217†††††† liberty

L,226†††††† licked

L,237†††††† life

L,238†††††† lifetime

L,239†††††† lift

L,240†††††† lifted

L,245†††††† light

L,246†††††† lighted

L,247†††††† lighten

L,249†††††† lighteneth

L,256†††††† lightning

L,258†††††† lights

L,261†††††† like

L,264†††††† liken

L,268†††††† likewise

L,271†††††† lilies

L,278†††††† lineage

L,279†††††† linen

L,301†††††† little

L,302†††††† live

L,303†††††† lived

L,306†††††† lives

L,309†††††† living

L,311†††††† lo

L,322†††††† loaves

L,330†††††† lodge

L,331†††††† lodged

L,341†††††† loins

L,343†††††† long

L,346†††††† longer

L,351†††††† look

L,352†††††† looked

L,354†††††† looketh

L,355†††††† looking

L,359†††††† loose

L,360†††††† loosed

L,362†††††† loosing

L,364†††††† Lord

L,365†††††† lordís

L,368†††††† lordship

L,370†††††† lose

L,373†††††† lost

L,374†††††† lot

L,375†††††† Lotís

L,378†††††† lots

L,379†††††† loud

L,381†††††† love

L,383†††††† loved

L,390†††††† loveth

L,394†††††† low

L,396†††††† lowest

L,430†††††† lying

L,431†††††† Lysanias



M,m.†††† 123 Words


M,13††††† Maath

M,27††††† made

M,33††††† madness

M,37††††† Magdalene

M,41††††† magistrate

M,42††††† magistrates

M,46††††† magnify

M,67††††† maid

M,69††††† maiden

M,70††††† maidens

M,77††††† maimed

M,85††††† make

M,88††††† makest

M,89††††† maketh

M,103††††† male

M,105††††† malefactors

M,106††††† Maleleel

M,115††††† mammon

M,117††††† man

M,118††††† manís

M,128††††† manger

M,129††††† manifest

M,133††††† manifold

M,136††††† manner

M,147††††† many

M,165††††† marked

M,169††††† marketplace

M,171††††† markets

M,175††††† marriage

M,177††††† married

M,178††††† marrieth

M,180††††† marry

M,185††††† Martha

M,189††††† marvelled

M,193††††† Mary

M,202††††† master

M,206††††† masters

M,211††††† Mathusala

M,218††††† Mattatha

M,220††††† Mattathias

M,225††††† Matthat

M,226††††† Matthew

M,233††††† may

M,234††††† mayest

M,236††††† me

M,240††††† meal

M,242††††† mean

M,246††††† means

M,247††††† meant

M,249††††† measure

M,250††††† measured

M,251††††† measures

M,253††††† meat

M,271††††† meditate

M,275††††† meet

M,293††††† Melchi

M,298††††† Melea

M,316††††† men

M,317††††† menís

M,319††††† Menan

M,325††††† menservants

M,347††††† merciful

M,349††††† mercy

M,363††††† merry

M,379††††† message

M,380††††† messenger

M,381††††† messengers

M,385††††† met