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22-Song of Solomon


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A,a.       34 Words


    A,1       a

  A,89       about

A,104       abundantly

A,291       after

A,406       all

A,428       aloes

A,437       also

A,445       altogether

A,451       am

A,458       Amana

A,490       Amminadib

A,501       among

A,515       an

A,538       and

A,552       angry

A,565       another

A,567       answer

A,618       appear

A,633       apple

A,634       apples

A,688       are

A,705       arise

A,712       arm

A,717       armies

A,721       armoury

A,723       army

A,741       art

A,754       as

A,801       aside

A,809       asleep

A,859       at

A,918       awake

A,923       aware

A,924       away



B,b.       53 Words


B,9           Baalhamon

B,98         banner

B,99         banners

B,101       banqueting

B,122       bare

B,139       barren

B,165       Bathrabbim

B,181       be

B,186       beams

B,188       bear

B,193       beareth

B,205       beautiful

B,211       because

B,218       bed

B,224       beds

B,248       before

B,278       behind

B,279       behold

B,284       being

B,305       belly

B,311       beloved

B,312       beloved’s

B,367       beryl

B,372       beside

B,380       best

B,406       Bether

B,453       better

B,456       betwixt

B,498       birds

B,523       black

B,553       blessed

B,577       blow

B,588       boards

B,640       borders

B,657       bottom

B,661       boughs

B,671       bowels

B,708       break

B,717       breasts

B,747       bright

B,751       bring

B,757       broad

B,770       brother

B,775       brought

B,789       bucklers

B,790       bud

B,791       budded

B,795       build

B,796       builded

B,819       bundle

B,844       bushy

B,850       but

B,863       by



C,c.       49 Words


C,17         calamus

C,28         called

C,41         came

C,50         camphire

C,52         can

C,69         cannot

C,101       Carmel

C,147       cause

C,154       causing

C,162       cedar

C,163       cedars

C,183       chain

C,184       chains

C,196       chamber

C,200       chambers

C,228       charge

C,237       chariot

C,238       chariots

C,266       cheeks

C,311       chief

C,312       chiefest

C,320       children

C,338       choice

C,373       cinnamon

C,390       city

C,409       clear

C,418       clefts

C,453       cluster

C,454       clusters

C,457       coals

C,460       coat

C,485       come

C,487       comely

C,490       cometh

C,491       comfort

C,543       companions

C,545       company

C,548       compared

C,580       conceived

C,593       concubines

C,692       contemned

C,794       could

C,807       countenance

C,840       covering

C,904       crown

C,905       crowned

C,913       cruel

C,933       cunning

C,955       curtains



D,d.       30 Words


D,20         Damascus

D,61         daughter

D,63         daughters

D,64         David

D,68         day

D,93         death

D,172       defile

D,195       delight

D,199       delights

D,223       dens

D,258       desire

D,274       despised

D,319       dew

D,511       do

D,534       door

D,541       dost

D,544       doth

D,558       dove

D,560       doves

D,561       doves’

D,562       down

D,574       draw

D,599       drink

D,611       drop

D,612       dropped

D,614       dropping

D,615       drops

D,621       drown

D,624       drunk

D,655       dwellest



E,e.       13 Words


E,9           early

E,16         Earth

E,30         eat

E,31         eaten

E,185       embrace

E,250       Engedi

E,398       espousals

E,442       even

E,448       ever

E,451       every

E,490       excellent

E,532       expert

E,556       eyes



F,f.        43 Words


F,8           failed

F,18         fair

F,20         fairest

F,90         favour

F,95         fear

F,115       feed

F,116       feedest

F,117       feedeth

F,122       feet

F,174       field

F,186       fig

F,191       figs

F,196       filled

F,208       find

F,212       fine

F,216       fingers

F,222       fir

F,223       fire

F,247       fishpools

F,252       fitly

F,259       flagons

F,262       flame

F,279       flee

F,295       flock

F,296       flocks

F,298       floods

F,302       flourish

F,303       flourished

F,306       flow

F,309       flowers

F,347       footsteps

F,349       for

F,434       forth

F,452       found

F,458       fountain

F,463       fourscore

F,473       foxes

F,479       frankincense

F,499       friend

F,501       friends

F,507       from

F,516       fruit

F,518       fruits



G,g.       26 Words


G,34         galleries

G,46         garden

G,48         gardens

G,53         garments

G,64         gate

G,65         gates

G,67         gather

G,68         gathered

G,76         gave

G,135       get

G,168       Gilead

G,201       give

G,208       glad

G,210       gladness

G,241       go

G,246       goats

G,250       goblet

G,260       goeth

G,265       gold

G,275       gone

G,276       good

G,313       grape

G,317       grapes

G,322       grave

G,336       great

G,350       green



H,h.       36 Words


H,16         had

H,47         hair

H,96         hand

H,104       handles

H,111       hands

H,116       hang

H,180       hart

H,203       hast

H,204       haste

H,224       hath

H,238       have

H,267       he

H,268       head

H,281       heap

H,285       hear

H,286       heard

H,293       hearken

H,298       heart

H,348       held

H,391       her

H,417       Hermon

H,429       Heshbon

H,470       hill

H,473       hills

H,474       him

H,475       himself

H,483       hinds

H,496       his

H,524       hold

H,530       hole

H,550       honey

H,551       honeycomb

H,594       horses

H,617       house

H,624       how

H,645       hundred



I,i.         11 Words


I,1            I

I,27          if

I,87          in

I,94          inclose

I,95          inclosed

I,170        instruct

I,200        into

I,231        is

I,266        Israel

I,278        it

I,299        ivory



J,j.        5 Words


J,105       jealousy

J,200       Jerusalem

J,235       jewels

J,292       joints

J,370       juice



K,k.       11 Words


K,15         Kedar

K,20         keep

K,21         keeper

K,22         keepers

K,38         kept

K,57         kids

K,76         king

K,111       kiss

K,113       kisses

K,133       knocketh

K,137       know



L,l.        31 Words


L,35         laid

L,57         land

L,92         lattice

L,118       lead

L,131       leaning

L,136       leaping

L,154       Lebanon

L,164       left

L,170       legs

L,185       leopards

L,194       let

L,229       lie

L,261       like

L,271       lilies

L,272       lily

L,292       lions’

L,294       lips

L,295       liquor

L,301       little

L,309       living

L,311       lo

L,323       lock

L,325       locks

L,330       lodge

L,351       look

L,352       looked

L,354       looketh

L,381       love

L,385       lovely

L,388       loves

L,390       loveth



M,m.     31 Words


  M,27      made

  M,85      make

  M,88      makest

M,117      man

M,126      mandrakes

M,136      manner

M,147      many

M,156      marble

M,233      may

M,236      me

M,316      men

M,341      merchant

M,421      midst

M,433      mighty

M,446      milk

M,460      mine

M,563      moon

M,568      more

M,573      morning

M,588      most

M,592      mother

M,593      mother’s

M,598      mount

M,599      mountain

M,600      mountains

M,612      mouth

M,616      moved

M,626      much

M,661      must

M,670      my

M,672      myrrh



N,n.       16 Words


  N,42       name

  N,73       navel

N,101       neck

N,136       neither

N,173       new

N,190       night

N,207       no

N,225       none

N,226       noon

N,231       nor

N,232       north

N,235       nose

N,238       not

N,253       now

N,254       number

N,264       nuts



O,o.       19 Words


    O,1       O

  O,55       of

  O,56       off

  O,85       ointment

  O,86       ointments

  O,87       old

O,102       on

O,106       one

O,112       only

O,117       open

O,118       opened

O,146       or

O,151       orchard

O,188       our

O,191       out

O,208       over

O,212       overcome

O,220       overlaid

O,257       own



P,p.       23 Words


  P,23       palace

  P,32       palm

P,101       passed

P,111       past

P,137       paved

P,216       perfumed

P,291       Pharaoh’s

P,338       piece

P,339       pieces

P,356       pillars

P,396       places

P,418       plants

P,436       pleasant

P,438       please

P,488       pomegranate

P,489       pomegranates

P,543       poured

P,551       powders

P,560       praised

P,643       prince’s

P,825       purple

P,843       put

P,848       putteth



Q,q.       2 Words


Q,13         queens

Q,14         quench



R,r.       22 Words


  R,19       rafters

  R,37       rain

  R,42       raised

  R,85       raven

  R,90       ravished

R,231       rejoice

R,256       remember

R,370       rest

R,392       return

R,468       right

R,480       rings

R,492       rise

R,502       rivers

R,522       rock

R,527       roe

R,530       roes

R,543       roof

R,552       rose

R,559       round

R,566       rows

R,572       ruddy

R,595       run



S,s.        79 Words


    S,36     saffron

    S,37     said

  S,104     sapphires

  S,122     sat

  S,145     savour

  S,149     saw

  S,156     saying

  S,172     scarlet

  S,223     seal

  S,224     sealed

  S,251     secret

  S,266     see

  S,272     seek

  S,317     sendeth

  S,366     set

  S,402     shadow

  S,404     shadows

  S,420     shall

  S,461     Sharon

  S,480     she

  S,510     sheep

  S,549     Shenir

  S,556     shepherds’

  S,581     shewing

  S,586     shields

  S,661     shoes

  S,673     shorn

  S,681     should

  S,707     Shulamite

  S,721     shut

  S,735     sick

  S,778     silver

  S,805     singing

  S,828     sister

  S,835     sitteth

  S,858     skipping

  S,882     sleep

  S,919     smell

  S,922     smelling

  S,931     smoke

  S,936     smote

  S,953     so

  S,962     sockets

  S,996     Solomon

  S,997     Solomon’s

S,1006     song

S,1007     songs

S,1008     sons

S,1042     sought

S,1043     soul

S,1053     south

S,1065     spake

S,1080     speak

S,1095     speech

S,1106     spice

S,1107     spiced

S,1109     spices

S,1114     spikenard

S,1129     spoil

S,1137     spoken

S,1144     spot

S,1147     spouse

S,1156     spring

S,1187     stairs

S,1205     standeth

S,1215     stature

S,1219     stay

S,1263     stir

S,1328     streams

S,1330     streets

S,1366     strong

S,1379     studs

S,1404     substance

S,1424     sucked

S,1449     sun

S,1513     sweet

S,1515     sweetly

S,1535     sword

S,1536     swords



T,t.        50 Words


  T,12       table

  T,34       take

  T,87       taste

T,115       teeth

T,131       tell

T,149       temples

T,158       ten

T,161       tender

T,171       tents

T,178       terrible

T,203       than

T,215       that

T,216       the

T,219       thee

T,226       them

T,228       then

T,232       there

T,236       therefore

T,240       thereof

T,251       they

T,259       thigh

T,260       thighs

T,263       thine

T,282       this

T,290       thorns

T,292       those

T,293       thou

T,298       thousand

T,300       thread

T,307       threescore

T,326       through

T,344       thy

T,362       till

T,373       time

T,398       Tirzah

T,408       to

T,435       tongue

T,438       took

T,443       top

T,468       toward

T,470       tower

T,471       towers

T,539       tree

T,540       trees

T,612       turn

T,613       turned

T,615       turneth

T,617       turtle

T,633       twins

T,634       two



U,u.       9 Words


  U,34       undefiled

  U,35       under

U,106       until

U,108       unto

U,117       up

U,129       upon

U,132       upright

U,151       us

U,169       utterly



V,v.       12 Words


  V,10       valiant

  V,13       valley

  V,14       valleys

  V,34       vehement

  V,36       veil

  V,72       villages

  V,74       vine

  V,77       vines

  V,78       vineyard

  V,79       vineyards

  V,93       virgins

V,108       voice



W,w.     49 Words


  W,19      waketh

  W,27      wall

  W,32      walls

  W,42      wanteth

  W,47      war

  W,68      was

  W,70      washed

  W,72      washing

  W,94      watchmen

W,106      waters

W,119      way

W,122      ways

W,124      we

W,171      well

W,173      wellbeloved

W,180      went

W,183      were

W,184      wert

W,192      what

W,194      wheat

W,200      when

W,203      where

W,211      whereof

W,212      whereon

W,217      wherewith

W,220      whether

W,221      which

W,222      while

W,236      white

W,239      whither

W,241      who

W,245      whom

W,259      why

W,273      wilderness

W,277      will

W,286      wind

W,289      windows

W,292      wine

W,308      winter

W,329      with

W,334      withdrawn

W,344      within

W,345      without

W,370      women

W,384      wood

W,392      work

W,399      workman

W,426      would

W,429      wounded



Y,y.       4 Words


  Y,2         ye

  Y,3         yea

Y,27         you

Y,28         young



Z,z.        1 Word


Z,123       Zion





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