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There are 732 words that begin with the letter S,
in the
New Testament of the
King James Version of the Bible.



S,s.        734 Words


      S,1     sabachthani            

      S,2     sabaoth                   

      S,3     sabbath                  

    S,14     sackcloth                

    S,18     sacrifice                  

    S,19     sacrificed                

    S,21     sacrifices                 

    S,24     sacrilege                  

    S,25     sad                          

    S,28     Sadducees              

    S,31     Sadoc                      

    S,32     safe                         

    S,34     safely                      

    S,35     safety                      

    S,37     said                         

    S,38     saidst                      

    S,39     sail                          

    S,40     sailed                      

    S,41     sailing                     

    S,42     sailors                     

    S,43     saint                       

    S,44     saints                      

    S,45     saints’                     

    S,46     saith                       

    S,47     sake                        

    S,48     sakes                      

    S,49     Sala                        

    S,51     Salamis                   

    S,52     Salathiel                 

    S,56     Salem                     

    S,57     Salim                      

    S,61     Salmon                   

    S,62     Salmone                 

    S,63     Salome                    

    S,64     salt                         

    S,65     salted                      

    S,66     saltness                  

    S,69     salutation               

    S,70     salutations              

    S,71     salute                      

    S,72     saluted                    

    S,73     saluteth                  

    S,74     salvation                 

    S,75     Samaria                  

    S,76     Samaritan               

    S,77     Samaritans             

    S,78     same                       

    S,82     Samos                     

    S,83     Samothracia           

    S,84     Samson                  

    S,86     Samuel                   

    S,88     sanctification          

    S,89     sanctified                

    S,90     sanctifieth               

    S,91     sanctify                   

    S,93     sanctuary                

    S,94     sand                       

    S,95     sandals                   

    S,96     sang                        

  S,102     Sapphira                 

  S,103     sapphire                 

  S,105     Sara                        

  S,106     Sarah                      

  S,107     Sarah’s                   

  S,111     sardine                   

  S,112     Sardis                     

  S,114     sardius                   

  S,115     sardonyx                 

  S,116     Sarepta                   

  S,119     Saron                      

  S,121     Saruch                    

  S,122     sat                          

  S,123     Satan                      

  S,124     Satan’s                    

  S,132     satisfy                     

  S,133     satisfying                

  S,136     Saul                        

  S,138     save                        

  S,139     saved                      

  S,142     saving                     

  S,143     saviour                   

  S,145     savour                    

  S,146     savourest                

  S,149     saw                         

  S,151     sawest                     

  S,152     sawn                       

  S,154     say                          

  S,155     sayest                     

  S,156     saying                     

  S,157     sayings                   

  S,162     scales                      

  S,169     scarcely                   

  S,172     scarlet                     

  S,174     scattered                 

  S,175     scattereth                

  S,178     sceptre                    

  S,180     Sceva                      

  S,182     schism                    

  S,184     school                     

  S,185     schoolmaster          

  S,186     science                    

  S,188     scoffers                   

  S,189     scorch                     

  S,190     scorched                 

  S,191     scorn                      

  S,198     scorpion                  

  S,199     scorpions                

  S,201     scourge                   

  S,202     scourged                 

  S,204     scourgeth                

  S,205     scourging                

  S,206     scourgings              

  S,211     scribe                      

  S,213     scribes                    

  S,214     scrip                       

  S,215     scripture                 

  S,216     scriptures               

  S,217     scroll                       

  S,221     sea                          

                Red sea                   

  S,223     seal                         

  S,224     sealed                     

  S,227     sealing                    

  S,228     seals                       

  S,229     seam                       

  S,230     search                     

  S,231     searched                 

  S,233     searcheth                

  S,234     searching                

  S,236     seared                     

  S,237     seas                        

  S,238     season                    

  S,239     seasoned                 

  S,240     seasons                   

  S,241     seat                         

  S,243     seats                       

  S,249     second                    

  S,250     secondarily             

  S,251     secret                      

  S,252     secretly                   

  S,253     secrets                    

  S,254     sect                         

  S,255     Secundus               

  S,256     secure                     

  S,258     security                   

  S,259     sedition                   

  S,260     seditions                 

  S,261     seduce                    

  S,263     seducers                 

  S,265     seducing                 

  S,266     see                          

  S,267     seed                        

  S,268     seed’s                      

  S,269     seeds                      

  S,271     seeing                     

  S,272     seek                        

  S,273     seekest                    

  S,274     seeketh                   

  S,275     seeking                   

  S,276     seem                       

  S,277     seemed                   

  S,278     seemeth                  

  S,280     seen                        

  S,284     seest                       

  S,285     seeth                       

  S,291     seize                        

  S,297     Seleucia                  

  S,298     self                          

  S,299     selfsame                  

  S,301     selfwilled                 

  S,302     sell                          

  S,303     seller                       

  S,306     selleth                     

  S,308     selves                      

  S,309     Sem                        

  S,311     Semei                      

  S,313     senate                     

  S,315     send                        

  S,317     sendeth                   

  S,318     sending                   

  S,323     senses                     

  S,324     sensual                   

  S,325     sent                        

  S,326     sentence                 

  S,331     separate                  

  S,332     separated                

  S,340     sepulchre                

  S,341     sepulchres              

  S,346     Sergius                   

  S,347     serjeants                 

  S,348     serpent                   

  S,350     serpents                  

  S,352     servant                   

  S,353     servant’s                 

  S,354     servants                  

  S,356     serve                       

  S,357     served                     

  S,360     serveth                    

  S,361     service                    

  S,363     serving                    

  S,366     set                           

  S,367     Seth                        

  S,369     setter                      

  S,371     setteth                    

  S,372     setting                     

  S,374     settle                       

  S,375     settled                     

  S,377     seven                      

  S,382     seventh                   

  S,383     seventy                   

  S,384     sever                       

  S,385     several                    

  S,386     severally                 

  S,388     severity                   

  S,392     seweth                    

  S,402     shadow                   

  S,403     shadowing              

  S,412     shake                      

  S,414     shaken                    

  S,420     shall                       

  S,427     shalt                       

  S,430     shambles                

  S,431     shame                     

  S,433     shamefacedness     

  S,435     shamefully              

  S,449     shape                      

  S,451     shapes                    

  S,463     sharp                      

  S,467     sharper                   

  S,468     sharply                   

  S,469     sharpness               

  S,475     shave                      

  S,478     shaven                    

  S,480     she                          

  S,485     shearer                   

  S,490     sheath                    

  S,505     shed                        

  S,510     sheep                      

  S,511     sheep’s                    

  S,514     sheepfold                

  S,518     sheepskins             

  S,519     sheet                       

  S,553     shepherd                

  S,555     shepherds               

  S,575     shew                       

  S,576     shewbread              

  S,577     shewed                   

  S,579     shewest                   

  S,580     sheweth                  

  S,581     shewing                  

  S,585     shield                      

  S,624     shine                      

  S,626     shineth                   

  S,627     shining                   

  S,628     ship                        

  S,633     shipmaster              

  S,634     shipmen                 

  S,635     shipping                 

  S,636     ships                       

  S,637     shipwreck               

  S,643     shivers                    

  S,657     shod                       

  S,659     shoe’s                     

  S,661     shoes                      

  S,664     shone                      

  S,665     shook                      

  S,666     shoot                      

  S,668     shooteth                 

  S,672     shore                      

  S,673     shorn                      

  S,674     short                       

  S,675     shortened               

  S,677     shortly                    

  S,684     shoulders                

  S,685     shouldest                

  S,686     shout                      

  S,693     shower                    

  S,697     shrines                   

  S,709     shun                       

  S,714     shunned                 

  S,721     shut                        

  S,724     shutteth                  

  S,735     sick                         

  S,736     sickle                      

  S,737     sickly                      

  S,738     sickness                  

  S,739     sicknesses              

  S,741     side                         

  S,743     Sidon                      

  S,747     sift                          

  S,750     sighed                     

  S,755     sight                       

  S,756     sights                      

  S,757     sign                         

  S,761     signification            

  S,762     signified                  

  S,763     signifieth                 

  S,764     signify                     

  S,765     signifying                

  S,766     signs                       

  S,769     Silas                       

  S,770     silence                    

  S,772     silk                         

  S,774     silly                         

  S,776     Siloam                    

  S,777     Silvanus                 

  S,778     silver                       

  S,780     silversmith              

  S,781     Simeon                   

  S,783     similitude               

  S,785     Simon                     

  S,786     Simon’s                   

  S,787     simple                     

  S,788     simplicity                

  S,790     sin                          

  S,791     Sina                        

  S,792     Sinai                       

  S,793     since                       

  S,794     sincere                    

  S,795     sincerely                 

  S,796     sincerity                  

  S,799     sinful                      

  S,800     sing                         

  S,805     singing                    

  S,806     single                      

  S,807     singleness               

  S,811     sink                        

  S,812     sinned                    

  S,813     sinner                     

  S,814     sinners                   

  S,816     sinneth                   

  S,818     sins                         

  S,819     Sion                        

  S,822     sir                           

  S,825     sirs                         

  S,828     sister                       

  S,829     sister’s                    

  S,830     sisters                     

  S,831     sit                           

  S,834     sittest                      

  S,835     sitteth                     

  S,836     sitting                     

  S,840     six                           

  S,842     sixteen                    

  S,844     sixth                       

  S,845     sixty                        

  S,846     sixtyfold                  

  S,853     skin                        

  S,861     skull                       

  S,862     sky                          

  S,863     slack                       

  S,865     slackness                

  S,866     slain                       

  S,869     slanderers               

  S,872     slanderously           

  S,875     slaughter                

  S,877     slaves                     

  S,878     slay                         

  S,880     slayeth                    

  S,881     slaying                    

  S,882     sleep                       

  S,884     sleepest                   

  S,885     sleepeth                  

  S,886     sleeping                  

  S,887     sleight                     

  S,888     slept                        

  S,889     slew                        

  S,901     slip                         

  S,906     slothful                   

  S,908     slow                        

  S,909     slowly                     

  S,912     slumber                  

  S,913     slumbered               

  S,914     slumbereth             

  S,916     small                       

  S,917     smallest                  

  S,919     smell                       

  S,922     smelling                  

  S,923     smite                       

  S,925     smitest                    

  S,926     smiteth                   

  S,930     smitten                   

  S,931     smoke                     

  S,932     smoking                  

  S,933     smooth                   

  S,936     smote                      

  S,938     Smyrna                   

  S,940     snare                      

  S,947     snow                       

  S,953     so                            

  S,955     sober                       

  S,956     soberly                    

  S,957     soberness               

  S,958     sobriety                   

  S,968     Sodom                    

  S,969     Sodoma                  

  S,972     soever                     

  S,973     soft                         

  S,975     softly                       

  S,977     sojourn                   

  S,978     sojourned               

  S,982     sojourning              

  S,984     sold                         

  S,985     soldier                     

  S,986     soldiers                   

  S,987     soldiers’                  

  S,995     solitary                    

  S,996     Solomon                 

  S,997     Solomon’s               

  S,998     some                       

  S,999     somebody               

S,1000     something               

S,1001     sometime                

S,1002     sometimes              

S,1003     somewhat               

S,1004     son                         

                Son of God              

S,1006     song                        

S,1007     songs                      

S,1008     sons                        

                Sons of God            

S,1010     soon                        

S,1011     sooner                     

S,1014     soothsaying            

S,1015     sop                          

S,1016     Sopater                   

S,1019     sorcerer                   

S,1020     sorcerers                 

S,1022     sorceries                 

S,1023     sorcery                    

S,1024     sore                         

S,1027     sorer                       

S,1028     sores                       

S,1029     sorrow                     

S,1030     sorrowed                 

S,1032     sorrowful                

S,1033     sorrowing                

S,1034     sorrows                   

S,1035     sorry                       

S,1036     sort                         

S,1038     Sosipater                

S,1039     Sosthenes               

S,1042     sought                    

S,1043     soul                        

S,1045     souls                       

S,1046     sound                     

S,1047     sounded                  

S,1049     sounding                

S,1050     soundness              

S,1051     sounds                    

S,1053     south                      

S,1055     sow                         

S,1056     sowed                     

S,1058     sower                      

S,1059     sowest                     

S,1060     soweth                    

S,1062     sown                       

S,1063     space                      

S,1064     Spain                      

S,1065     spake                      

S,1069     spare                       

S,1070     spared                     

S,1072     sparing                   

S,1073     sparingly                 

S,1078     sparrows                 

S,1079     spat                        

S,1080     speak                      

S,1081     speaker                   

S,1082     speakest                 

S,1083     speaketh                 

S,1084     speaking                 

S,1085     speakings               

S,1086     spear                       

S,1088     spearmen                

S,1090     special                    

S,1091     specially                  

S,1093     spectacle                 

S,1095     speech                    

S,1096     speeches                 

S,1097     speechless              

S,1098     speed                      

S,1099     speedily                  

S,1101     spend                      

S,1102     spendest                 

S,1104     spent                      

S,1109     spices                     

S,1113     spies                       

S,1114     spikenard               

S,1115     spilled                     

S,1117     spin                        

S,1119     spirit                       


                Holy Spirit              

S,1120     spirits                     

S,1121     spiritual                  

S,1122     spiritually               

S,1123     spit                         

S,1125     spitefully                 

S,1126     spitted                    

S,1128     spittle                     

S,1129     spoil                        

S,1130     spoiled                    

S,1135     spoiling                   

S,1136     spoils                      

S,1137     spoken                    

S,1143     sporting                  

S,1144     spot                        

S,1145     spots                       

S,1146     spotted                    

S,1149     sprang                    

S,1150     spread                     

S,1156     spring                     

S,1158     springing                

S,1161     sprinkled                

S,1163     sprinkling               

S,1165     sprung                    

S,1166     spue                        

S,1169     spunge                    

S,1170     spy                          

S,1176     stablish                   

S,1177     stablished               

S,1178     stablisheth              

S,1179     Stachys                   

S,1182     staff                        

S,1184     staggered                

S,1187     stairs                      

S,1191     stall                        

S,1199     stanched                 

S,1200     stand                      

S,1204     standest                  

S,1205     standeth                 

S,1206     standing                 

S,1208     star                         

S,1211     stars                       

S,1212     state                        

S,1215     stature                    

S,1218     staves                     

S,1220     stayed                     

S,1223     stead                       

S,1226     steal                        

S,1230     stedfast                   

S,1231     stedfastly                

S,1232     stedfastness            

S,1234     steep                       

S,1237     Stephanas              

S,1238     Stephen                  

S,1239     stepped                   

S,1240     steppeth                  

S,1241     steps                       

S,1242     stern                       

S,1243     steward                   

S,1244     stewards                 

S,1245     stewardship            

S,1248     sticks                      

S,1252     stiffnecked              

S,1253     still                         

S,1257     sting                       

S,1259     stings                      

S,1261     stinketh                  

S,1263     stir                          

S,1264     stirred                     

S,1265     stirreth                    

S,1267     stock                       

S,1268     stocks                     

S,1269     Stoicks                    

S,1270     stole                        

S,1272     stomach’s               

S,1274     stone                       

S,1275     stone’s                    

S,1276     stoned                     

S,1277     stones                     

S,1279     stonest                    

S,1281     stony                       

S,1282     stood                       

S,1286     stoop                       

S,1287     stooped                   

S,1289     stooping                  

S,1290     stop                        

S,1291     stopped                   

S,1293     store                       

S,1294     storehouse              

S,1298     storm                      

S,1304     straight                   

S,1305     straightway             

S,1306     strain                      

S,1307     strait                       

S,1309     straitened               

S,1311     straitest                  

S,1312     straitly                    

S,1315     strake                     

S,1317     strange                    

S,1319     stranger                  

S,1321     strangers                 

S,1323     strangled                 

S,1326     strawed                   

S,1327     stream                    

S,1329     street                      

S,1330     streets                     

S,1331     strength                  

S,1332     strengthen              

S,1333     strengthened           

S,1334     strengthenedst        

S,1335     strengtheneth         

S,1336     strengthening         

S,1337     stretch                    

S,1338     stretched                 

S,1342     stretching               

S,1343     stricken                  

S,1344     strife                       

S,1345     strifes                      

S,1346     strike                      

S,1347     striker                     

S,1348     striketh                   

S,1349     string                      

S,1354     stripes                     

S,1356     stripped                  

S,1358     strive                      

S,1359     strived                    

S,1361     striveth                   

S,1362     striving                   

S,1363     strivings                  

S,1366     strong                     

S,1367     stronger                  

S,1370     strove                      

S,1372     struck                     

S,1374     stubble                   

S,1377     stuck                      

S,1380     study                      

S,1381     stuff                        

S,1382     stumble                  

S,1383     stumbled                

S,1384     stumbleth               

S,1385     stumbling               

S,1386     stumblingblock       

S,1388     stumblingstone       

S,1391     subdue                   

S,1392     subdued                 

S,1395     subject                    

S,1396     subjected                

S,1397     subjection               

S,1398     submit                    

S,1399     submitted               

S,1400     submitting              

S,1401     suborned                

S,1404     substance               

S,1406     subtilly                   

S,1407     subtilty                   

S,1409     subvert                   

S,1410     subverted                

S,1411     subverting              

S,1418     succour                   

S,1419     succoured               

S,1420     succourer                

S,1421     such                       

S,1423     suck                        

S,1424     sucked                    

S,1427     sucklings                

S,1428     sudden                   

S,1429     suddenly                 

S,1430     sue                          

S,1431     suffer                      

S,1432     suffered                   

S,1433     sufferest                  

S,1434     suffereth                 

S,1435     suffering                 

S,1436     sufferings                

S,1437     suffice                     

S,1439     sufficeth                  

S,1440     sufficiency              

S,1441     sufficient                 

S,1446     sum                        

S,1447     summer                  

S,1448     sumptuously           

S,1449     sun                         

S,1450     sunder                    

S,1452     sundry                    

S,1453     sung                       

S,1454     sunk                       

S,1456     sup                         

S,1457     superfluity              

S,1458     superfluous            

S,1459     superscription        

S,1460     superstition            

S,1461     superstitious           

S,1462     supped                    

S,1463     supper                    

S,1468     supplication            

S,1469     supplications          

S,1470     supplied                  

S,1471     supplieth                

S,1472     supply                     

S,1473     support                   

S,1474     suppose                  

S,1475     supposed                

S,1476     supposing               

S,1477     supreme                  

S,1479     sure                        

S,1480     surely                      

S,1483     surety                     

S,1484     surfeiting                

S,1485     surmisings              

S,1486     surname                 

S,1487     surnamed               

S,1490     Susanna                 

S,1494     sustenance             

S,1496     swaddling               

S,1498     swallow                   

S,1499     swallowed               

S,1502     sware                      

S,1506     swear                      

S,1508     sweareth                 

S,1510     sweat                      

S,1513     sweet                      

S,1517     sweetsmelling         

S,1520     swelling                  

S,1521     swellings                 

S,1522     swept                      

S,1523     swerved                  

S,1524     swift                        

S,1527     swim                       

S,1530     swine                      

S,1532     swollen                   

S,1535     sword                      

S,1536     swords                    

S,1537     sworn                      

S,1538     sycamine                

S,1539     Sychar                    

S,1540     Sychem                   

S,1541     sycomore                

S,1544     synagogue               

S,1545     synagogue’s            

S,1546     synagogues             

S,1547     Syntyche                 

S,1548     Syracuse                 

S,1549     Syria                       

S,1553     Syrian                     

S,1555     Syrophenician        





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