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There are 295 words that begin with the letter R,
in the
New Testament of the
King James Version of the Bible.



R,r.       295 Words


    R,6       Rabbi                      

    R,8       Rabboni                  

  R,12       Raca                       

  R,13       race                         

  R,14       Rachab                   

  R,16       Rachel                    

  R,20       Ragau                     

  R,21       rage                         

  R,25       raging                     

  R,28       Rahab                     

  R,32       railed                      

  R,33       railer                       

  R,34       railing                     

  R,35       railings                   

  R,36       raiment                   

  R,37       rain                         

  R,38       rainbow                  

  R,39       rained                     

  R,41       raise                        

  R,42       raised                      

  R,44       raiseth                    

  R,45       raising                    

  R,52       Rama                      

  R,66       ran                          

  R,72       ranks                      

  R,73       ransom                   

  R,80       rashly                     

  R,82       rather                      

  R,86       ravening                 

  R,88       ravens                     

  R,93       reach                      

  R,94       reached                   

  R,96       reaching                  

  R,97       read                        

  R,98       readest                    

  R,99       readeth                   

R,100       readiness                

R,101       reading                   

R,102       ready                       

R,106       reap                        

R,107       reaped                     

R,109       reapers                    

R,110       reapest                    

R,111       reapeth                   

R,112       reaping                   

R,113       rear                         

R,115       reason                     

R,116       reasonable              

R,117       reasoned                 

R,118       reasoning                

R,121       Rebecca                  

R,130       rebuke                    

R,131       rebuked                  

R,135       rebuking                 

R,137       receipt                     

R,138       receive                    

R,139       received                  

R,140       receivedst               

R,142       receiveth                 

R,143       receiving                 

R,147       reckon                    

R,148       reckoned                 

R,149       reckoneth               

R,151       recommended         

R,152       recompence            

R,154       recompense            

R,155       recompensed          

R,158       reconcile                 

R,159       reconciled               

R,160       reconciliation          

R,161       reconciling              

R,162       record                     

R,167       recover                    

R,169       recovering               

R,170       red                          

                Red sea                   

R,172       redeem                    

R,173       redeemed                

R,177       redeeming               

R,178       redemption             

R,180       redound                  

R,181       reed                        

R,189       reformation             

R,191       refrain                     

R,194       refresh                    

R,195       refreshed                 

R,197       refreshing               

R,198       refuge                      

R,199       refuse                      

R,200       refused                    

R,203       regard                     

R,204       regarded                  

R,205       regardest                 

R,206       regardeth                

R,207       regarding                

R,210       regeneration            

R,211       region                     

R,212       regions                    

R,216       rehearsed                

R,222       reign                       

R,223       reigned                    

R,225       reigneth                  

R,227       reins                       

R,228       reject                       

R,229       rejected                   

R,230       rejecteth                  

R,231       rejoice                     

R,232       rejoiced                   

R,233       rejoicest                  

R,234       rejoiceth                  

R,235       rejoicing                  

R,237       release                    

R,238       released                  

R,240       relief                       

R,241       relieve                     

R,242       relieved                   

R,244       religion                   

R,245       religious                  

R,247       remain                    

R,249       remained                

R,250       remainest                

R,251       remaineth               

R,252       remaining               

R,256       remember               

R,257       remembered            

R,258       rememberest           

R,259       remembereth          

R,260       remembering           

R,261       remembrance          

R,264       remission                

R,265       remit                       

R,266       remitted                  

R,269       remnant                  

R,270       remove                    

R,271       removed                  

R,273       removing                 

R,274       Remphan                

R,275       rend                        

R,276       render                     

R,280       rendering                

R,282       renew                      

R,283       renewed                  

R,285       renewing                 

R,286       renounced              

R,289       rent                         

R,295       repay                       

R,299       repent                     

R,300       repentance              

R,301       repented                 

R,303       repenteth                

R,306       repetitions              

R,315       repliest                    

R,316       report                      

R,317       reported                  

R,318       reproach                 

R,319       reproached              

R,320       reproaches              

R,321       reproachest             

R,323       reproachfully          

R,324       reprobate                

R,325       reprobates               

R,326       reproof                    

R,328       reprove                   

R,329       reproved                 

R,332       reputation               

R,334       request                    

R,336       requests                  

R,337       require                    

R,338       required                  

R,341       requiring                 

R,342       requite                    

R,347       rescued                   

R,350       resemble                 

R,353       reserve                    

R,354       reserved                  

R,358       residue                    

R,359       resist                       

R,360       resisted                   

R,361       resisteth                  

R,362       resolved                  

R,363       resort                      

R,364       resorted                  

R,365       respect                    

R,367       respecter                 

R,370       rest                         

R,371       rested                      

R,372       restest                     

R,373       resteth                    

R,376       restitution               

R,377       restore                    

R,378       restored                  

R,380       restoreth                 

R,382       restrained               

R,386       resurrection            

R,387       retain                      

R,388       retained                  

R,392       return                     

R,393       returned                  

R,395       returning                

R,397       Reuben                   

R,402       reveal                      

R,403       revealed                  

R,406       revelation                

R,407       revelations              

R,408       revellings                

R,409       revenge                   

R,411       revenger                  

R,418       reverence                

R,422       revile                       

R,423       reviled                     

R,424       revilers                    

R,425       revilest                    

R,428       revived                    

R,434       reward                    

R,435       rewarded                 

R,436       rewarder                 

R,443       Rhegium                 

R,444       Rhesa                     

R,445       Rhoda                     

R,446       Rhodes                   

R,452       rich                         

R,454       riches                      

R,455       richly                      

R,468       right                        

R,469       righteous                

R,470       righteously              

R,471       righteousness         

R,472       righteousness’         

R,474       rightly                     

R,478       ring                         

R,479       ringleader               

R,484       riot                          

R,485       rioting                     

R,486       riotous                    

R,488       ripe                         

R,491       ripped                     

R,492       rise                         

R,493       risen                       

R,495       riseth                      

R,496       rising                      

R,500       river                        

R,502       rivers                      

R,507       roareth                    

R,508       roaring                    

R,514       robbed                    

R,515       robber                     

R,516       robbers                   

R,517       robbery                   

R,519       robe                        

R,520       robes                       

R,521       Roboam                  

R,522       rock                        

R,523       rocks                       

R,524       rod                          

R,526       rods                        

R,533       roll                          

R,534       rolled                      

R,540       Roman                    

R,541       Romans                  

R,542       Rome                      

R,543       roof                         

R,545       room                       

R,546       rooms                     

R,547       root                         

R,548       rooted                     

R,549       roots                       

R,551       ropes                       

R,552       rose                         

R,557       rough                      

R,559       round                      

R,563       rowed                      

R,565       rowing                     

R,567       royal                       

R,568       rubbing                   

R,571       rudder                     

R,573       rude                        

R,574       rudiments               

R,575       rue                          

R,576       Rufus                      

R,578       ruin                        

R,581       ruins                       

R,582       rule                         

R,584       ruler                        

R,585       ruler’s                     

R,586       rulers                      

R,588       ruleth                      

R,589       ruling                      

R,592       rumour                   

R,593       rumours                  

R,595       run                         

R,597       runneth                  

R,598       running                  

R,600       rushed                    

R,603       rushing                   

R,604       rust                         

R,605       Ruth                       





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