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There are 137 words that begin with the letter O,
in the
New Testament of the
King James Version of the Bible.



O,o.       137 Words


    O,1       O                             

    O,6       oath                        

    O,7       oath’s                      

    O,8       oaths                      

  O,11       Obed                       

  O,13       obedience               

  O,14       obedient                  

  O,16       obey                        

  O,17       obeyed                    

  O,20       obeying                   

  O,22       object                      

  O,28       observation             

  O,29       observe                   

  O,30       observed                 

  O,36       obtain                     

  O,37       obtained                 

  O,39       obtaining                

  O,40       occasion                 

  O,43       occupation              

  O,44       occupied                 

  O,46       occupieth                

  O,47       occupy                    

  O,53       odour                      

  O,54       odours                    

  O,55       of                            

  O,56       off                           

  O,57       offence                    

  O,58       offences                  

  O,59       offend                     

  O,60       offended                  

  O,61       offender                  

  O,63       offer                        

  O,64       offered                     

  O,66       offering                   

  O,67       offerings                  

  O,68       office                       

  O,69       officer                      

  O,70       officers                    

  O,72       offscouring              

  O,73       offspring                 

  O,74       oft                           

  O,75       often                       

  O,76       oftener                    

  O,77       oftentimes               

  O,78       ofttimes                   

  O,83       oil                           

  O,85       ointment                 

  O,86       ointments               

  O,87       old                          

  O,88       oldness                   

  O,89       olive                        

  O,90       olives                      


  O,91       Olivet                      

  O,94       Olympas                 

  O,96       Omega                    

  O,99       omitted                   

O,100       omnipotent             

O,102       on                           

O,105       once                        

O,106       one                         

O,107       one’s                       

O,108       ones                        

O,109       Onesimus               

O,110       Onesiphorus           

O,112       only                        

O,117       open                       

O,118       opened                    

O,120       openeth                  

O,121       opening                   

O,123       openly                     

O,124       operation                

O,125       operations               

O,132       opportunity             

O,133       oppose                    

O,134       opposed                  

O,136       opposeth                 

O,137       oppositions             

O,138       oppress                   

O,139       oppressed               

O,146       or                            

O,148       oracles                    

O,149       oration                    

O,150       orator                      

O,153       ordain                     

O,154       ordained                 

O,155       ordaineth                

O,156       order                       

O,160       orderly                    

O,161       ordinance               

O,162       ordinances              

O,169       ornament                

O,174       Osee                        

O,180       other                       

O,181       others                     

O,182       otherwise                

O,186       ought                      

O,187       oughtest                  

O,188       our                          

O,189       ours                        

O,190       ourselves                

O,191       out                          

O,194       outer                       

O,200       outrun                    

O,201       outside                    

O,203       outward                  

O,204       outwardly                

O,205       outwent                  

O,206       oven                        

O,208       over                        

O,209       overcame                

O,210       overcharge              

O,211       overcharged            

O,212       overcome                

O,213       overcometh             

O,216       overflowed              

O,220       overlaid                   

O,224       overmuch               

O,232       overseers                

O,233       overshadow            

O,234       overshadowed         

O,235       oversight                 

O,238       overtake                  

O,239       overtaken                

O,241       overthrew                

O,242       overthrow               

O,244       overthrown             

O,251       owe                         

O,252       owed                       

O,253       owest                      

O,254       oweth                      

O,257       own                         

O,258       owner                      

O,259       owners                    

O,260       owneth                    

O,261       ox                           

O,262       oxen                        

O,264       Ozias                       





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