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There are 111 words that begin with the letter N,
in the
New Testament of the
King James Version of the Bible.



N,n.       110 Words


    N,3       Naaman                  

  N,12       Naasson                  

  N,17       Nachor                    

  N,19       Nagge                      

  N,36       nailing                    

  N,37       nails                       

  N,38       Nain                        

  N,40       naked                     

  N,41       nakedness              

  N,42       name                      

  N,43       name’s                    

  N,44       named                    

  N,45       namely                    

  N,46       names                     

  N,47       nameth                   

  N,53       napkin                    

  N,54       Narcissus                

  N,55       narrow                    

  N,59       Nathan                    

  N,60       Nathanael               

  N,62       nation                     

  N,63       nations                   

  N,66       natural                    

  N,67       naturally                 

  N,68       nature                     

  N,70       naughtiness            

  N,72       Naum                      

  N,76       nay                         

  N,77       Nazarene                 

  N,78       Nazarenes               

  N,79       Nazareth                 

  N,83       Neapolis                  

  N,84       near                        

  N,85       nearer                     

  N,97       necessary                

  N,98       necessities              

  N,99       necessity                 

N,101       neck                        

N,102       necks                      

N,105       need                        

N,106       needed                    

N,107       needest                   

N,108       needeth                   

N,109       needful                   

N,110       needle                     

N,111       needle’s                   

N,113       needs                      

N,118       neglect                    

N,119       neglected                

N,120       neglecting               

N,121       negligent                 

N,129       neighbour               

N,131       neighbours             

N,136       neither                    

N,143       nephews                 

N,146       Nephthalim             

N,150       Nereus                    

N,153       Neri                         

N,156       nests                       

N,157       net                          

N,167       nets                        

N,171       never                      

N,172       nevertheless           

N,173       new                         

N,174       newborn                 

N,176       newness                  

N,178       next                        

N,183       Nicanor                   

N,184       Nicodemus              

N,185       Nicolaitanes            

N,186       Nicolas                    

N,187       Nicopolis                 

N,188       Niger                       

N,189       nigh                        

N,190       night                       

N,191       nights                     

N,196       nine                        

N,199       ninety                     

N,200       Nineve                    

N,201       Nineveh                  

N,202       Ninevites                 

N,203       ninth                      

N,207       no                           

N,209       Noah                       

N,213       noble                      

N,214       nobleman               

N,218       Noe                         

N,221       noise                       

N,222       noised                     

N,223       noisome                  

N,225       none                       

N,226       noon                       

N,231       nor                          

N,232       north                      

N,238       not                          

N,239       notable                   

N,240       note                        

N,242       nothing                   

N,243       notice                      

N,244       notwithstanding     

N,245       nought                    

N,247       nourished               

N,249       nourisheth              

N,251       nourishment           

N,252       novice                     

N,253       now                         

N,254       number                   

N,255       numbered               

N,260       nurse                      

N,263       nurture                   

N,265       Nymphas                





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