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There are 242 words that begin with the letter L,
in the
New Testament of the
King James Version of the Bible.



L,l.        242 Words


    L,5       labour                     

    L,6       laboured                 

    L,7       labourer                  

    L,8       labourers                

    L,9       laboureth                

  L,10       labouring                

  L,11       labours                   

  L,14       lack                         

  L,15       lacked                     

  L,16       lackest                    

  L,17       lacketh                    

  L,18       lacking                    

  L,19       lad                          

  L,22       lade                         

  L,23       laded                       

  L,24       laden                      

  L,27       lading                     

  L,29       lady                         

  L,35       laid                         

  L,37       lain                         

  L,39       lake                         

  L,41       lama                       

  L,42       lamb                       

  L,43       lamb’s                     

  L,44       lambs                      

  L,45       lame                        

  L,46       Lamech                   

  L,48       lament                    

  L,50       lamentation            

  L,52       lamented                 

  L,53       lamp                       

  L,54       lamps                      

  L,57       land                        

  L,58       landed                    

  L,59       landing                   

  L,62       lands                      

  L,63       lanes                       

  L,64       language                 

  L,70       lanterns                  

  L,71       Laodicea                 

  L,72       Laodiceans              

  L,78       large                        

  L,80       lasciviousness        

  L,81       Lasea                      

  L,84       last                         

  L,87       latchet                    

  L,88       late                         

  L,89       lately                       

  L,90       Latin                       

  L,91       latter                       

  L,93       laud                        

  L,94       laugh                      

  L,95       laughed                   

  L,98       laughter                  

  L,99       launch                    

L,100       launched                

L,104       law                          

L,105       lawful                      

L,106       lawfully                   

L,107       lawgiver                  

L,108       lawless                    

L,109       laws                        

L,110       lawyer                     

L,111       lawyers                   

L,112       lay                           

L,113       layedst                    

L,115       layeth                      

L,116       laying                      

L,117       Lazarus                   

L,118       lead                         

L,120       leaders                    

L,122       leadeth                    

L,128       leaned                     

L,131       leaning                    

L,134       leap                         

L,135       leaped                     

L,136       leaping                    

L,137       learn                       

L,138       learned                   

L,139       learning                  

L,141       least                        

L,143       leathern                  

L,144       leave                       

L,146       leaven                     

L,147       leavened                 

L,148       leaveneth                

L,149       leaves                     

L,150       leaveth                    

L,151       leaving                    

L,156       Lebbaeus                

L,159       led                          

L,160       leddest                    

L,164       left                          

L,168       legion                      

L,169       legions                    

L,170       legs                         

L,173       leisure                     

L,175       lend                        

L,178       length                     

L,184       leopard                   

L,186       leper                       

L,187       lepers                      

L,188       leprosy                    

L,191       less                         

L,193       lest                          

L,194       let                           

L,195       letter                       

L,196       letters                     

L,197       lettest                      

L,198       letteth                     

L,202       Levi                         

L,204       Levite                      

L,205       Levites                    

L,206       Levitical                  

L,208       lewd                        

L,210       lewdness                 

L,211       liar                          

L,212       liars                        

L,213       liberal                     

L,214       liberality                 

L,215       liberally                   

L,216       Libertines                

L,217       liberty                     

L,221       Libya                       

L,222       Libyans                   

L,224       licence                    

L,226       licked                      

L,230       lied                         

L,233       lies                          

L,235       lieth                        

L,237       life                          

L,238       lifetime                    

L,239       lift                           

L,240       lifted                       

L,244       lifting                      

L,245       light                        

L,246       lighted                    

L,247       lighten                    

L,248       lightened                 

L,249       lighteneth               

L,252       lighteth                   

L,253       lighting                   

L,254       lightly                     

L,255       lightness                 

L,256       lightning                 

L,257       lightnings               

L,258       lights                      

L,261       like                         

L,263       likeminded              

L,264       liken                       

L,265       likened                    

L,266       likeness                  

L,268       likewise                   

L,271       lilies                        

L,276       limiteth                   

L,277       line                         

L,278       lineage                    

L,279       linen                       

L,282       lingereth                 

L,285       Linus                      

L,286       lion                         

L,291       lions                       

L,294       lips                         

L,297       listed                       

L,299       listeth                     

L,301       little                        

L,302       live                          

L,303       lived                        

L,304       lively                       

L,306       lives                        

L,307       livest                       

L,308       liveth                      

L,309       living                      

L,311       lo                            

L,314       loaf                         

L,322       loaves                     

L,327       locusts                    

L,330       lodge                       

L,331       lodged                     

L,333       lodgeth                    

L,334       lodging                    

L,336       loft                          

L,341       loins                       

L,342       Lois                         

L,343       long                        

L,344       longed                     

L,346       longer                     

L,349       longsuffering           

L,351       look                        

L,352       looked                     

L,354       looketh                   

L,355       looking                    

L,359       loose                       

L,360       loosed                     

L,362       loosing                    

L,364       Lord                        

L,365       lord’s                       

L,367       lords                       

L,368       lordship                  

L,370       lose                         

L,371       loseth                      

L,372       loss                         

L,373       lost                         

L,374       lot                           


L,375       Lot’s                        

L,378       lots                         

L,379       loud                        

L,381       love                         

L,382       love’s                      

L,383       loved                       

L,384       lovedst                    

L,385       lovely                      

L,386       lover                       

L,387       lovers                      

L,389       lovest                      

L,390       loveth                     

L,394       low                          

L,395       lower                       

L,396       lowest                     

L,399       lowliness                 

L,400       lowly                       

L,401       lowring                    

L,404       Lucas                      

L,406       Lucius                     

L,407       lucre                       

L,408       lucre’s                     

L,412       Luke                       

L,413       lukewarm                

L,414       lump                       

L,415       lunatick                  

L,418       lust                         

L,419       lusted                     

L,420       lusteth                    

L,422       lusts                       

L,425       Lycaonia                 

L,426       Lycia                       

L,427       Lydda                      

L,428       Lydia                       

L,430       lying                        

L,431       Lysanias                 

L,432       Lysias                     

L,433       Lystra                      





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