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There are 95 words that begin with the letter J,
in the
New Testament of the
King James Version of the Bible.



J,j.        95 Words


  J,26       jacinth                    

  J,27       Jacob                      

  J,28       Jacob’s                    

  J,53       jailor                       

  J,56       Jairus                     

  J,61       Jambres                  

  J,62       James                     

  J,66       jangling                   

  J,67       Janna                     

  J,68       Jannes                    

  J,79       Jared                      

  J,92       Jason                      

  J,93       jasper                      

J,103       jealous                    

J,105       jealousy                  

J,115       Jechonias               

J,173       jeopardy                  

J,174       Jephthae                 

J,184       Jeremias                 

J,186       Jeremy                    

J,189       Jericho                    

J,200       Jerusalem               

J,218       Jesse                       

J,219       jesting                     

J,223       Jesus                      

                Jesus Christ           

                Christ Jesus           

                Lord Jesus              

J,224       Jesus’                     

J,233       Jew                         

J,236       Jewess                    

J,237       Jewish                    

J,238       Jewry                      

J,239       Jews                       

J,240       Jews’                       

J,242       Jezebel                    

J,265       Joanna                   

J,267       Joatham                 

J,268       Job                         

J,274       Joel                         

J,281       John                       

J,282       John’s                     

J,286       join                         

J,287       joined                     

J,290       joint                        

J,291       joint-heirs               

J,292       joints                      

J,300       Jona                       

J,303       Jonan                     

J,304       Jonas                      

J,308       Joppa                      

J,311       Joram                     

J,312       Jordan                    

J,313       Jorim                      

J,316       Josaphat                 

J,317       Jose                        

J,319       Joseph                    

J,320       Joseph’s                  

J,321       Joses                      

J,328       Josias                     

J,331       jot                           

J,336       journey                   

J,337       journeyed                

J,338       journeying              

J,339       journeyings             

J,341       joy                           

J,342       joyed                       

J,343       joyful                      

J,344       joyfully                    

J,345       joyfulness               

J,346       joying                      

J,347       joyous                     

J,354       Juda                       

J,355       Judaea                    

J,356       Judah                     

J,358       Judas                      

J,359       Jude                       

J,361       judge                       

J,362       judged                     

J,363       judges                     

J,364       judgest                    

J,365       judgeth                   

J,366       judging                   

J,367       judgment                

J,368       judgments               

J,371       Julia                       

J,372       Julius                     

J,374       Junia                      

J,376       Jupiter                    

J,377       jurisdiction             

J,379       just                         

J,381       justification            

J,382       justified                  

J,383       justifier                   

J,384       justifieth                 

J,385       justify                     

J,388       justly                      

J,389       Justus                    





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