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There are 135 words that begin with the letter I,
in the
New Testament of the
King James Version of the Bible.



I,i.         135 Words


    I,1        I                              

  I,11        Iconium                  

  I,15        idle                         

  I,17        idol                         

  I,18        idol’s                       

  I,19        idolater                   

  I,20        idolaters                  

  I,21        idolatries                 

  I,23        idolatry                   

  I,24        idols                        

  I,25        Idumaea                 

  I,27        if                             

  I,32        ignorance                

  I,33        ignorant                  

  I,34        ignorantly               

  I,40        ill                            

  I,41        illuminated             

  I,42        Illyricum                 

  I,43        image                      

  I,47        imagination            

  I,48        imaginations           

  I,49        imagine                   

  I,55        immediately            

  I,57        immortal                 

  I,58        immortality             

  I,59        immutability           

  I,60        immutable              

  I,63        impart                     

  I,64        imparted                 

  I,65        impediment            

  I,66        impenitent              

  I,68        implacable              

  I,69        implead                   

  I,70        importunity             

  I,72        imposed                  

  I,73        impossible              

  I,74        impotent                 

  I,77        imprisoned             

  I,78        imprisonment         

  I,79        imprisonments       

  I,81        impute                    

  I,82        imputed                  

  I,83        imputeth                 

  I,84        imputing                 

  I,87        in                            

  I,88        inasmuch               

  I,89        incense                   

  I,95        inclosed                  

  I,97        incontinency           

  I,98        incontinent             

  I,99        incorruptible           

I,100        incorruption           

I,101        increase                  

I,102        increased                

I,104        increaseth               

I,105        increasing               

I,106        incredible                

I,108        indebted                 

I,109        indeed                     

I,111        indignation             

I,114        inexcusable            

I,115        infallible                 

I,119        infants                    

I,120        inferior                    

I,121        infidel                     

I,123        infirmities               

I,124        infirmity                  

I,127        inflicted                  

I,131        informed                 

I,135        inhabitants             

I,137        inhabiters               

I,141        inherit                     

I,142        inheritance             

I,144        inherited                 

I,147        iniquities                

I,148        iniquity                   

I,149        injured                    

I,150        injurious                 

I,152        ink                          

I,154        inn                          

I,155        inner                       

I,158        innocent                 

I,160        innumerable           

I,161        inordinate               

I,163        inscription              

I,165        insomuch               

I,166        inspiration              

I,167        instant                    

I,168        instantly                 

I,170        instruct                   

I,171        instructed               

I,173        instructing              

I,174        instruction              

I,175        instructor                

I,176        instructors              

I,178        instruments            

I,179        insurrection            

I,182        intend                     

I,185        intending                

I,186        intent                      

I,187        intents                    

I,188        intercession            

I,189        intercessions          

I,194        interpret                  

I,195        interpretation          

I,197        interpreted              

I,198        interpreter               

I,200        into                         

I,201        intreat                     

I,202        intreated                 

I,204        intreaty                   

I,205        intruding                

I,212        inventors                

I,213        invisible                  

I,215        inward                    

I,216        inwardly                  

I,226        iron                         

I,231        is                            

I,232        Isaac                       

I,236        Iscariot                   

I,259        island                     

I,261        isle                          

I,266        Israel                      

I,268        Israelite                   

I,269        Israelites                 

I,271        Issachar                  

I,273        issue                       

I,274        issued                     

I,278        it                             

I,279        Italian                     

I,280        Italy                        

I,282        itching                    

I,294        itself                        

I,297        Ituraea                    

I,299        ivory                       





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