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There are 260 words that begin with the letter H,
in the
New Testament of the
King James Version of the Bible.



H,h.       260 Words


    H,9       habitation               

  H,10       habitations             

  H,16       had                         

  H,29       hadst                      

  H,45       hail                         

  H,47       hair                         

  H,48       hairs                       

  H,55       hale                        

  H,56       half                         

  H,59       haling                     

  H,60       hall                         

  H,63       hallowed                 

  H,65       halt                         

  H,96       hand                       

H,101       handkerchiefs         

H,102       handle                    

H,103       handled                  

H,106       handling                 

H,107       handmaid               

H,108       handmaiden           

H,109       handmaidens          

H,111       hands                     

H,113       handwriting            

H,116       hang                       

H,117       hanged                    

H,118       hangeth                  

H,130       haply                      

H,131       happen                   

H,132       happened                

H,134       happier                   

H,135       happy                     

H,142       hard                        

H,143       harden                    

H,144       hardened                

H,145       hardeneth               

H,148       hardly                     

H,149       hardness                 

H,158       harlot                      

H,160       harlots                    

H,162       harm                       

H,163       harmless                 

H,172       harp                        

H,173       harped                    

H,174       harpers                   

H,175       harping                   

H,176       harps                      

H,186       harvest                   

H,203       hast                        

H,204       haste                       

H,205       hasted                     

H,210       hastily                     

H,211       hasting                   

H,217       hate                        

H,218       hated                      

H,219       hateful                    

H,221       haters                     

H,222       hatest                     

H,223       hateth                     

H,224       hath                        

H,226       hating                     

H,229       hatred                     

H,238       have                        

H,239       haven                     

H,240       havens                    

H,242       having                    

H,243       havock                    

H,246       hay                         

H,250       hazarded                 

H,267       he                           

H,268       head                       

H,270       headlong                 

H,271       heads                      

H,273       heady                      

H,274       heal                        

H,275       healed                     

H,278       healing                    

H,279       healings                  

H,280       health                     

H,281       heap                       

H,282       heaped                    

H,285       hear                        

H,286       heard                      

H,288       hearer                     

H,289       hearers                   

H,290       hearest                    

H,291       heareth                   

H,292       hearing                   

H,293       hearken                  

H,294       hearkened               

H,298       heart                       

H,299       heart’s                     

H,302       heartily                   

H,303       hearts                     

H,306       heat                        

H,309       heathen                  

H,312       Heaven                   

H,313       heaven’s                 

H,314       heavenly                 

H,315       heavens                  

H,318       heaviness               

H,319       heavy                      

H,320       Heber                      

H,323       Hebrew                   

H,325       Hebrews                  

H,329       hedge                      

H,330       hedged                    

H,331       hedges                    

H,332       heed                        

H,333       heel                         

H,336       Hege                        

H,337       heifer                      

H,339       height                     

H,342       heir                         

H,343       heirs                       

H,348       held                        

H,357       Heli                         

H,361       Hell                         

H,362       helm                       

H,363       helmet                    

H,366       help                        

H,367       helped                     

H,368       helper                     

H,369       helpers                    

H,370       helpeth                   

H,371       helping                   

H,372       helps                       

H,374       hem                        

H,381       hen                         

H,384       hence                      

H,385       henceforth              

H,386       henceforward          

H,391       her                          

H,394       herbs                      

H,395       herd                        

H,399       here                        

H,400       hereafter                 

H,401       hereby                     

H,402       herein                     

H,403       hereof                     

H,406       heresies                  

H,407       heresy                     

H,408       heretick                  

H,409       heretofore               

H,410       hereunto                 

H,412       heritage                   

H,414       Hermas                   

H,415       Hermes                   

H,416       Hermogenes            

H,419       Herod                      

H,420       Herod’s                   

H,421       Herodians               

H,422       Herodias                 

H,423       Herodias’                 

H,424       Herodion                 

H,427       herself                     

H,438       hewn                       

H,447       Hezronites               

H,448       hid                          

H,451       hidden                    

H,452       hide                        

H,454       hideth                     

H,457       Hierapolis               

H,459       high                        

H,460       higher                     

H,461       highest                    

H,462       highly                     

H,463       highminded            

H,465       highway                  

H,466       highways                

H,470       hill                          

H,473       hills                        

H,474       him                         

H,475       himself                    

H,478       hinder                     

H,479       hindered                 

H,491       hire                         

H,492       hired                       

H,493       hireling                   

H,496       his                          

H,500       hither                      

H,501       hitherto                   

H,523       hoisted                    

H,524       hold                        

H,525       holden                    

H,526       holdest                    

H,527       holdeth                   

H,528       holding                   

H,529       holds                      

H,532       holes                       

H,534       holiest                     

H,535       holily                      

H,536       holiness                  

H,539       holpen                    

H,540       Holy                        

                Holy Ghost              

                Holy Spirit              

H,541       holyday                   

H,543       home                      

H,547       honest                    

H,548       honestly                  

H,549       honesty                   

H,550       honey                      

H,551       honeycomb             

H,552       honour                    

H,553       honourable             

H,554       honoured                

H,556       honoureth               

H,557       honours                  

H,561       hook                       

H,563       hope                       

H,564       hope’s                     

H,565       hoped                     

H,566       hopeth                    

H,568       hoping                    

H,579       horn                        

H,582       horns                      

H,588       horse                      

H,593       horsemen                

H,594       horses                     

H,595       horses’                    

H,597       Hosanna                 

H,603       hospitality               

H,604       host                        

H,607       hot                          

H,615       hour                        

H,616       hours                      

H,617       house                      

H,618       household               

H,619       householder            

H,621       houses                    

H,622       housetop                 

H,623       housetops               

H,624       how                         

H,625       howbeit                   

H,626       howl                        

H,636       humble                   

H,637       humbled                 

H,639       humbleness            

H,640       humbleth                

H,642       humiliation             

H,643       humility                  

H,645       hundred                  

H,646       hundredfold            

H,647       hundreds                

H,649       hunger                    

H,651       hungered                

H,652       hungred                  

H,653       hungry                    

H,672       hurt                        

H,673       hurtful                    

H,675       husband                 

H,677       husbandman          

H,678       husbandmen          

H,679       husbandry              

H,680       husbands               

H,687       husks                     

H,690       Hymenaeus             

H,691       hymn                      

H,692       hymns                    

H,693       hypocrisies             

H,694       hypocrisy                

H,695       hypocrite                 

H,697       hypocrites               

H,699       hyssop                    





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