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There are 191 words that begin with the letter G,
in the
New Testament of the
King James Version of the Bible.



G,g.       191 Words


    G,5       Gabbatha                

    G,6       Gabriel                    

    G,7       Gad                         

    G,8       Gadarenes              

  G,17       gain                        

  G,18       gained                     

  G,19       gains                       

  G,20       gainsay                   

  G,21       gainsayers               

  G,22       gainsaying              

  G,23       Gaius                      

  G,25       Galatia                    

  G,26       Galatians                

  G,29       Galilaean                

  G,30       Galilaeans               

  G,31       Galilee                    

  G,32       gall                          

  G,38       Gallio                      

  G,40       Gamaliel                 

  G,46       garden                    

  G,47       gardener                 

  G,50       garlands                  

  G,52       garment                  

  G,53       garments                 

  G,55       garner                     

  G,57       garnish                   

  G,58       garnished                

  G,59       garrison                  

  G,64       gate                         

  G,65       gates                       

  G,67       gather                     

  G,68       gathered                  

  G,71       gathereth                

  G,72       gathering                

  G,73       gatherings               

  G,76       gave                        

  G,77       gavest                     

  G,78       gay                          

  G,79       Gaza                       

  G,84       gazing                     

  G,85       gazingstock             

  G,93       Gedeon                   

G,105       gender                     

G,107       gendereth                

G,108       genealogies             

G,110       general                    

G,112       generation               

G,113       generations             

G,114       Gennesaret             

G,115       Gentile                    

G,116       Gentiles                  

G,117       gentle                      

G,118       gentleness               

G,124       Gergesenes             

G,135       get                           

G,136       Gether                     

G,137       Gethsemane            

G,143       Ghost                      


                Holy Ghost              

G,163       gift                          

G,164       gifts                         

G,182       gird                         

G,183       girded                     

G,184       girdedst                   

G,187       girdle                      

G,188       girdles                     

G,194       girt                          

G,201       give                         

G,202       given                       

G,203       giver                        

G,204       givest                      

G,205       giveth                      

G,206       giving                      

G,208       glad                         

G,209       gladly                      

G,210       gladness                 

G,211       glass                       

G,218       glistering                 

G,223       glorieth                   

G,224       glorified                   

G,226       glorify                      

G,227       glorifying                 

G,228       glorious                   

G,230       glory                        

G,231       glorying                   

G,233       gluttonous              

G,235       gnashed                  

G,236       gnasheth                 

G,237       gnashing                 

G,238       gnat                        

G,240       gnawed                   

G,241       go                            

G,246       goats                       

G,248       goatskins                

G,251       God                         


                Lord God                 

                Son of God              

                Sons of God            

G,252       God’s                      

G,253       goddess                   

G,254       Godhead                 

G,255       godliness                

G,256       godly                       

G,257       gods                        

G,258       God-ward                

G,259       goest                       

G,260       goeth                       

G,261       Gog                         

G,262       going                       

G,265       gold                         

G,266       golden                     

G,270       Golgotha                 

G,274       Gomorrha               

G,275       gone                        

G,276       good                        

G,277       goodlier                   

G,280       goodly                     

G,281       goodman                 

G,282       goodness                 

G,284       goods                      

G,288       gorgeous                 

G,289       gorgeously               

G,291       gospel                     

G,292       gospel’s                   

G,294       gotten                     

G,298       government             

G,299       governments           

G,300       governor                 

G,301       governor’s               

G,302       governors                

G,304       grace                       

G,305       gracious                  

G,307       graft                        

G,308       grafted                    

G,309       grain                       

G,310       grandmother           

G,311       grant                       

G,312       granted                   

G,317       grapes                     

G,318       grass                       

G,322       grave                       

G,324       graveclothes            

G,327       graven                     

G,328       graves                     

G,332       gravity                     

G,336       great                       

G,337       greater                    

G,338       greatest                   

G,339       greatly                     

G,340       greatness                

G,343       Grecians                 

G,344       Greece                     

G,345       greedily                   

G,346       greediness               

G,347       greedy                     

G,348       Greek                      

G,349       Greeks                    

G,350       green                       

G,353       greet                        

G,354       greeteth                   

G,355       greeting                   

G,356       greetings                 

G,357       grew                        

G,361       grief                        

G,364       grieve                      

G,365       grieved                    

G,368       grievous                  

G,369       grievously               

G,371       grind                       

G,373       grinding                  

G,375       groan                      

G,376       groaned                   

G,377       groaneth                 

G,378       groaning                 

G,379       groanings                

G,382       gross                       

G,383       ground                    

G,384       grounded                

G,387       grow                        

G,388       groweth                   

G,389       grown                      

G,391       grudge                     

G,392       grudging                 

G,393       grudgingly               

G,394       guard                      

G,397       guest                       

G,398       guestchamber         

G,399       guests                     

G,400       guide                       

G,402       guides                     

G,404       guile                        

G,407       guiltless                  

G,408       guilty                      

G,409       gulf                         

G,415       gushed                    




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