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There are 321 words that begin with the letter F,
in the
New Testament of the
King James Version of the Bible.



F,f.        321 Words


    F,1       fables                      

    F,2       face                         

    F,3       faces                       

    F,5       fadeth                     

    F,7       fail                          

    F,9       faileth                     

  F,10       failing                     

  F,11       fain                         

  F,12       faint                        

  F,13       fainted                    

  F,18       fair                          

  F,22       faith                        

  F,23       faithful                    

  F,24       faithfully                 

  F,26       faithless                  

  F,27       fall                          

  F,28       fallen                      

  F,30       falleth                     

  F,31       falling                     

  F,34       false                        

  F,36       falsely                     

  F,38       fame                        

  F,42       family                      

  F,43       famine                    

  F,44       famines                   

  F,48       fan                          

  F,50       far                           

  F,51       fare                         

  F,52       fared                       

  F,53       farewell                   

  F,54       farm                        

  F,55       farther                     

  F,56       farthing                   

  F,57       farthings                 

  F,58       fashion                   

  F,59       fashioned                

  F,61       fashioning               

  F,63       fast                                       

19-Psalms          19-38:2.    For thine arrows stick fast in me, and thy hand presseth me sore.


42-Luke                42-18:12.    .   I fast twice in the week, I give tithes of all that I possess.

  F,64       fasted                      

  F,66       fastened                  

  F,67       fastening                 

  F,68       fastest                     

  F,69       fasting                     

  F,70       fastings                   

  F,73       father                      


  F,74       father’s                    


  F,75       fatherless                

  F,76       fathers                    

  F,77       fathers’                    

  F,78       fathoms                  

  F,80       fatlings                    

  F,81       fatness                    

  F,83       fatted                      

  F,86       fault                        

  F,87       faultless                  

  F,88       faults                      

  F,90       favour                     

  F,92       favoured                 

  F,95       fear                         

  F,96       feared                      

  F,98       feareth                    

  F,99       fearful                     

F,102       fearing                    

F,103       fears                        

F,104       feast                        

F,107       feasts                      

F,110       fed                          

F,111       feeble                      

F,112       feebleminded          

F,115       feed                         

F,117       feedeth                    

F,118       feeding                    

F,120       feel                          

F,121       feeling                     

F,122       feet                          

F,123       feign                        

F,124       feigned                    

F,127       Felix                        

F,128       Felix’                       

F,129       fell                          

F,135       fellow                      

F,137       fellowcitizens          

F,138       fellowdisciples        

F,139       fellowheirs              

F,140       fellowhelper            

F,141       fellowhelpers           

F,142       fellowlabourer         

F,143       fellowlabourers       

F,144       fellowprisoner         

F,145       fellowprisoners       

F,146       fellows                    

F,147       fellowservant          

F,148       fellowservants         

F,149       fellowship               

F,150       fellowsoldier            

F,151       fellowworkers          

F,152       felt                          

F,153       female                     

F,159       fervent                    

F,160       fervently                  

F,161       Festus                     

F,162       Festus’                    

F,163       fetch                       

F,164       fetched                    

F,167       fetters                     

F,168       fever                        

F,169       few                          

F,173       fidelity                     

F,174       field                        

F,175       fields                       

F,176       fierce                       

F,177       fierceness                

F,179       fiery                        

F,180       fifteen                     

F,181       fifteenth                  

F,182       fifth                         

F,183       fifties                       

F,185       fifty                         

F,186       fig                           

F,187       fight                        

F,190       fightings                  

F,191       figs                          

F,192       figure                      

F,193       figures                     

F,195       fill                           

F,196       filled                       

F,201       filleth                      

F,203       filling                      

F,204       filth                         

F,205       filthiness                 

F,206       filthy                       

F,207       finally                     

F,208       find                         

F,210       findeth                    

F,211       finding                    

F,212       fine                         

F,215       finger                      

F,216       fingers                     

F,218       finish                      

F,219       finished                  

F,220       finisher                   

F,223       fire                          

F,228       firkins                     

F,229       firm                         

F,231       first                         

F,232       firstbegotten            

F,233       firstborn                  

F,234       firstfruit                  

F,235       firstfruits                 

F,238       firstripe                   

F,239       fish                         

F,241       fishermen               

F,242       fisher’s                    

F,243       fishers                     

F,244       fishes                      

F,245       fishhooks                

F,246       fishing                    

F,250       fit                            

F,252       fitly                         

F,253       fitted                       

F,255       five                          

F,256       fixed                        

F,262       flame                       

F,264       flaming                   

F,271       flattering                 

F,273       flax                         

F,277       fled                         

F,279       flee                          

F,282       fleeth                      

F,283       flesh                        

F,286       fleshly                     

F,287       fleshy                      

F,291       flight                       

F,295       flock                        

F,297       flood                       

F,298       floods                      

F,299       floor                        

F,301       flour                        

F,303       flourished               

F,306       flow                         

F,308       flower                      

F,314       flux                         

F,315       fly                           

F,316       flying                       

F,317       foal                         

F,320       foameth                  

F,321       foaming                   

F,323       foes                         

F,324       fold                         

F,329       folk                         

F,330       folks                        

F,331       follow                      

F,332       followed                  

F,334       followers                 

F,335       followeth                 

F,336       following                 

F,337       folly                         

F,338       food                        

F,339       fool                         

F,341       foolish                     

F,342       foolishly                  

F,343       foolishness             

F,344       fools                        

F,345       foot                         

F,348       footstool                  

F,349       for                           

F,350       forasmuch              

F,351       forbad                     

F,353       forbear                    

F,354       forbearance             

F,356       forbearing               

F,357       forbid                      

F,358       forbidden                

F,359       forbiddeth               

F,360       forbidding               

F,362       force                        

F,370       forefathers              

F,372       forehead                  

F,373       foreheads                

F,375       foreigners                

F,376       foreknew                 

F,377       foreknow                 

F,378       foreknowledge         

F,380       foreordained           

F,381       forepart                   

F,382       forerunner              

F,383       foresaw                   

F,384       foreseeing               

F,386       foreship                  

F,391       foretell                    

F,392       foretold                   

F,393       forewarn                 

F,394       forewarned              

F,397       forgave                    

F,401       forget                      

F,402       forgetful                  

F,405       forgetteth                

F,406       forgetting                

F,407       forgive                     

F,408       forgiven                   

F,409       forgiveness              

F,411       forgiveth                 

F,412       forgiving                  

F,414       forgotten                 

F,416       form                        

F,417       formed                    

F,418       former                     

F,421       fornication              

F,422       fornications            

F,423       fornicator                

F,424       fornicators              

F,425       forsake                    

F,426       forsaken                  

F,427       forsaketh                

F,428       forsaking                 

F,429       forsomuch              

F,430       forsook                    

F,432       forswear                  

F,434       forth                        

F,435       forthwith                 

F,442       Fortunatus              

F,443       forty                        

F,445       forum                      

F,446       forward                   

F,447       forwardness            

F,448       fought                     

F,449       foul                         

F,452       found                      

F,453       foundation              

F,454       foundations            

F,455       founded                  

F,458       fountain                  

F,459       fountains                

F,460       four                         

F,461       fourfold                   

F,462       fourfooted               

F,463       fourscore                 

F,464       foursquare              

F,465       fourteen                  

F,466       fourteenth               

F,467       fourth                     

F,471       fowls                       

F,472       fox                          

F,473       foxes                       

F,474       fragments                

F,477       framed                    

F,479       frankincense           

F,480       frankly                    

F,481       fraud                       

F,484       free                         

F,485       freed                       

F,486       freedom                   

F,487       freely                       

F,488       freeman                  

F,490       freewoman              

F,491       frequent                  

F,492       fresh                       

F,499       friend                      

F,501       friends                    

F,502       friendship               

F,505       fro                           

F,506       frogs                        

F,507       from                        

F,512       froward                   

F,516       fruit                        

F,517       fruitful                    

F,518       fruits                       

F,519       frustrate                  

F,525       fulfil                        

F,526       fulfilled                   

F,527       fulfilling                  

F,528       full                          

F,529       fuller                       

F,532       fully                        

F,533       fulness                    

F,538       furlongs                  

F,539       furnace                   

F,542       furnished                

F,546       further                    

F,547       furtherance             

F,549       furthermore            





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