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There are 371 words that begin with the letter B,
in the
New Testament of the
King James Version of the Bible.



B,b.       371 Words


    B,1       Baal                        

  B,28       babbler                   

  B,30       babblings                

  B,31       babe                        

  B,33       babes                      

  B,34       Babylon                  

  B,40       back                        

  B,41       backbiters               

  B,44       backbitings             

  B,47       backside                 

  B,51       backward                

  B,52       bad                         

  B,53       bade                        

  B,57       bag                          

  B,58       bags                        

  B,73       Balaam                   

  B,75       Balac                      

  B,81       balances                 

  B,90       band                       

  B,91       banded                   

  B,92       bands                     

  B,96       bank                       

B,102       banquetings            

B,103       baptism                  

B,104       baptisms                 

B,105       Baptist                    

B,106       Baptist’s                  

B,107       baptize                    

B,108       baptized                  

B,109       baptizest                 

B,110       baptizeth                 

B,111       baptizing                 

B,113       Barabbas                

B,115       Barachias               

B,116       Barak                      

B,117       barbarian                

B,118       barbarians              

B,119       barbarous               

B,122       bare                        

B,124       barest                     

B,127       Barjesus                 

B,128       Barjona                   

B,132       barley                      

B,133       barn                        

B,134       Barnabas                

B,136       barns                      

B,139       barren                     

B,142       Barsabas                 

B,143       Bartholomew          

B,144       Bartimaeus             

B,147       base                        

B,148       baser                       

B,154       basket                     

B,155       baskets                   

B,160       bastards                  

B,172       battle                      

B,181       be                           

B,185       beam                       

B,188       bear                        

                bear         He was unto me as a bear lying in wait, and as a lion in secret places.

B,192       bearest                    

B,193       beareth                   

B,194       bearing                   

B,196       beast                       

B,198       beasts                     

B,199       beat                        

B,200       beaten                     

B,202       beateth                   

B,203       beating                    

B,205       beautiful                 

B,209       became                   

B,211       because                  

B,214       beckoned                

B,215       beckoning               

B,216       become                   

B,217       becometh                

B,218       bed                         

B,224       beds                        

B,228       Beelzebub               

B,229       been                        

B,244       befall                       

B,245       befallen                   

B,247       befell                       

B,248       before                      

B,249       beforehand             

B,250       beforetime               

B,251       beg                          

B,252       began                      

B,253       begat                       

B,257       beggar                     

B,258       beggarly                  

B,259       begged                    

B,260       begging                   

B,261       begin                       

B,263       beginning                

B,264       beginnings              

B,265       begotten                  

B,266       beguile                    

B,267       beguiled                  

B,268       beguiling                 

B,269       begun                     

B,270       behalf                     

B,271       behave                    

B,272       behaved                  

B,273       behaveth                 

B,274       behaviour               

B,275       beheaded                

B,276       beheld                     

B,278       behind                    

B,279       behold                    

B,280       beholdest                

B,281       beholdeth               

B,282       beholding                

B,283       behoved                  

B,284       being                       

B,291       Belial                      

B,293       belief                       

B,294       believe                    

B,295       believed                  

B,296       believers                 

B,297       believest                 

B,298       believeth                 

B,299       believing                 

B,301       bellies                     

B,305       belly                        

B,306       belong                     

B,307       belonged                 

B,309       belongeth                

B,310       belonging                

B,311       beloved                   

B,325       beneath                  

B,327       benefactors             

B,328       benefit                    

B,331       benvolence             

B,336       Benjamin                

B,350       Berea                      

B,361       Bernice                   

B,366       berries                    

B,367       beryl                       

B,369       beseech                   

B,370       beseeching              

B,371       beset                       

B,372       beside                     

B,373       besides                   

B,379       besought                 

B,380       best                         

B,383       bestow                    

B,384       bestowed                 

B,388       Bethabara               

B,391       Bethany                  

B,407       Bethesda                 

B,420       Bethlehem              

B,430       Bethphage              

B,434       Bethsaida                

B,446       betray                     

B,447       betrayed                  

B,448       betrayers                 

B,449       betrayest                 

B,450       betrayeth                

B,453       better                      

B,454       bettered                  

B,455       between                  

B,456       betwixt                    

B,458       bewail                     

B,459       bewailed                 

BB,461    beware                    

B,462       bewitched               

B,464       bewrayeth               

B,465       beyond                    

B,471       bid                          

B,472       bidden                    

B,473       biddeth                   

B,476       bier                         

B,487       bill                          

B,491       bind                        

B,493       binding                   

B,496       bird                         

B,498       birds                       

B,501       birth                       

B,502       birthday                  

B,503       birthright                

B,506       bishop                    

B,507       bishoprick              

B,508       bishops                   

B,510       bite                         

B,514       Bithynia                  

B,515       bits                         

B,517       bitter                       

B,518       bitterly                    

B,520       bitterness                

B,523       black                       

B,526       blackness               

B,527       blade                       

B,529       blame                      

B,530       blamed                    

B,531       blameless                

B,532       blaspheme              

B,533       blasphemed            

B,534       blasphemer             

B,535       blasphemers           

B,536       blasphemest           

B,537       blasphemeth           

B,538       blasphemies           

B,539       blaspheming           

B,540       blasphemous          

B,541       blasphemously       

B,542       blasphemy              

B,546       Blastus                   

B,547       blaze                       

B,550       blemish                   

B,551       blemishes               

B,552       bless                       

B,553       blessed                   

B,554       blessedness            

B,557       blessing                  

B,558       blessings                 

B,559       blew                        

B,560       blind                       

B,561       blinded                   

B,563       blindfolded             

B,564       blindness                

B,565       blood                      

B,568       bloody                     

B,573       blot                         

B,574       blotted                    

B,576       blotting                   

B,577       blow                        

B,578       bloweth                   

B,585       Boanerges               

B,588       boards                    

B,589       boast                       

B,590       boasted                   

B,591       boasters                  

B,593       boasteth                  

B,594       boasting                  

B,595       boastings                

B,596       boat                        

B,597       boats                       

B,601       bodies                     

B,602       bodily                      

B,603       body                        

B,604       body’s                     

B,610       boisterous               

B,611       bold                        

B,612       boldly                      

B,613       boldness                 

B,618       bond                       

B,619       bondage                  

B,620       bondmaid               

B,622       bondman                

B,624       bonds                     

B,627       bondwoman            

B,629       bone                       

B,630       bones                      

B,632       book                       

B,633       books                      

B,638       Booz                        

B,639       border                     

B,640       borders                   

B,643       born                        

B,644       borne                      

B,645       borrow                    

B,650       bosom                     

B,651       Bosor                      

B,654       both                        

B,656       bottles                     

B,657       bottom                    

B,658       bottomless              

B,662       bought                    

B,663       bound                     

B,664       bounds                   

B,666       bountifully              

B,667       bountifulness         

B,668       bounty                    

B,669       bow                         

B,670       bowed                     

B,671       bowels                    

B,673       bowing                    

B,679       box                         

B,687       brake                      

B,689       bramble                  

B,691       branch                    

B,692       branches                 

B,696       brasen                    

B,697       brass                       

B,699       brawler                   

B,700       brawlers                  

B,706       bread                      

B,707       breadth                   

B,708       break                      

B,709       breaker                   

B,712       breaking                 

B,714       breast                     

B,715       breastplate              

B,716       breastplates            

B,717       breasts                    

B,718       breath                     

B,720       breathed                 

B,722       breathing                

B,727       brethren                  

B,735       bride                       

B,736       bridechamber         

B,737       bridegroom             

B,738       bridegroom’s           

B,739       bridle                      

B,740       bridles                    

B,741       bridleth                   

B,742       briefly                     

B,744       briers                      

B,747       bright                      

B,748       brightness               

B,749       brim                        

B,750       brimstone               

B,751       bring                       

B,753       bringest                  

B,754       bringeth                  

B,755       bringing                  

B,757       broad                      

B,759       broided                   

B,761       broiled                    

B,762       broken                    

B,765       brokenhearted        

B,766       brood                      

B,767       brook                      

B,770       brother                    

B,771       brother’s                 

B,772       brotherhood            

B,773       brotherly                 

B,775       brought                   

B,777       brow                       

B,779       bruise                     

B,780       bruised                   

B,782       bruising                  

B,784       brute                       

B,791       budded                   

B,793       buffet                      

B,794       buffeted                  

B,795       build                       

B,796       builded                   

B,798       builder                    

B,799       builders                  

B,800       buildest                  

B,801       buildeth                  

B,802       building                  

B,803       buildings                

B,804       built                        

B,812       bulls                       

B,819       bundle                    

B,820       bundles                  

B,822       burden                    

B,823       burdened                

B,824       burdens                  

B,825       burdensome            

B,826       burial                      

B,827       buried                     

B,829       burn                       

B,830       burned                    

B,831       burneth                  

B,832       burning                   

B,835       burnt                      

B,836       burst                       

B,838       bury                        

B,839       burying                   

B,841       bush                       

B,842       bushel                    

B,846       business                 

B,848       busybodies             

B,849       busybody                

B,850       but                          

B,856       buy                         

B,859       buyeth                    

B,863       by                           





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