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There are 683 words that begin with the letter P,
in the
Old Testament of the
King James Version of the Bible.



P,p.       683 Words


    P,1       Paarai                     

    P,2       paces                      

    P,3       pacified                   

    P,4       pacifieth                  

    P,5       pacify                      

    P,6       Padan                     

    P,7       Padanaram             

    P,8       paddle                     

    P,9       Padon                     

  P,10       Pagiel                      

  P,11       Pahathmoab           

  P,12       Pai                          

  P,13       paid                        

  P,14       pain                        

  P,15       pained                    

  P,16       painful                    

  P,18       pains                      

  P,19       painted                   

  P,20       paintedst                

  P,21       painting                  

  P,22       pair                         

  P,23       palace                     

  P,24       palaces                   

  P,25       Palal                       

  P,26       pale                         

  P,27       paleness                 

  P,28       Palestina                 

  P,29       Palestine                 

  P,30       Pallu                       

  P,31       Palluites                  

  P,32       palm                       

  P,33       palmerworm            

  P,34       palms                      

  P,37       Palti                        

  P,38       Paltiel                     

  P,39       Paltite                     

  P,41       pan                         

  P,42       pangs                      

  P,43       Pannag                   

  P,44       pans                       

  P,45       pant                        

  P,46       panted                    

  P,47       panteth                   

  P,48       paper                      

  P,50       paps                        

  P,51       parable                   

  P,52       parables                  

  P,54       Parah                      

  P,55       paramours              

  P,56       Paran                      

  P,57       Parbar                     

  P,58       parcel                      

  P,59       parched                  

  P,61       pardon                    

  P,62       pardoned                

  P,63       pardoneth               

  P,64       pare                        

  P,66       parlour                    

  P,67       parlours                  

  P,68       Parmashta              

  P,70       Parnach                  

  P,71       Parosh                    

  P,72       Parshandatha         

  P,73       part                         

  P,74       partaker                  

  P,77       parted                     

  P,78       parteth                    

  P,80       partial                     

  P,84       parties                    

  P,85       parting                    

  P,86       partition                  

  P,87       partly                      

  P,88       partner                    

  P,90       partridge                 

  P,91       parts                       

  P,92       Paruah                    

  P,93       Parvaim                  

  P,94       Pasach                    

  P,95       Pasdammim            

  P,96       Paseah                    

  P,97       Pashur                    

  P,98       pass                        

  P,99       passage                   

P,100       passages                 

P,101       passed                    

P,102       passedst                 

P,103       passengers              

P,104       passest                   

P,105       passeth                   

P,106       passing                   

P,109       passover                 

P,110       passovers                

P,111       past                        

P,112       pastor                     

P,113       pastors                    

P,114       pasture                   

P,115       pastures                  

P,117       pate                        

P,118       path                        

P,119       Pathros                   

P,120       Pathrusim               

P,121       paths                      

P,122       pathway                  

P,124       patient                    

P,125       patiently                 

P,129       patrimony               

P,131       pattern                    

P,133       Pau                         

P,137       paved                      

P,138       pavement                

P,139       pavilion                  

P,140       pavilions                 

P,141       paw                         

P,142       paweth                    

P,143       paws                       

P,144       pay                          

P,145       payed                      

P,146       payeth                     

P,148       Pe                           

P,149       peace                      

P,150       peaceable                

P,151       peaceably                

P,153       peacocks                 

P,155       pearls                      

P,156       peculiar                  

P,157       Pedahel                   

P,158       Pedahzur                

P,159       Pedaiah                   

P,160       pedigrees                

P,161       peeled                     

P,162       peep                        

P,163       peeped                    

P,164       Pekah                     

P,165       Pekahiah                

P,166       Pekod                      

P,167       Pelaiah                    

P,168       Pelaliah                   

P,169       Pelatiah                  

P,170       Peleg                       

P,171       Pelet                        

P,172       Peleth                     

P,173       Pelethites                

P,174       pelican                    

P,175       Pelonite                   

P,176       pen                         

P,178       Peniel                      

P,179       Peninnah                

P,180       penknife                 

P,184       Penuel                    

P,185       penury                    

P,186       people                     

P,187       people’s                   

P,189       Peor                        

P,190       Peor’s                      

P,191       peradventure          

P,192       Perazim                   

P,193       perceive                  

P,194       perceived                

P,195       perceivest               

P,196       perceiveth               

P,199       Peres                       

P,200       Peresh                     

P,201       Perez                       

P,202       Perezuzza                

P,203       Perezuzzah              

P,204       perfect                     

P,205       perfected                 

P,207       perfection                

P,208       perfectly                  

P,210       perform                   

P,212       performed               

P,213       performeth              

P,214       performing              

P,215       perfume                  

P,216       perfumed                

P,217       perfumes                 

P,221       Perida                     

P,222       peril                        

P,225       perish                     

P,226       perished                  

P,227       perisheth                

P,228       perishing                

P,229       Perizzite                  

P,230       Perizzites                 

P,236       perpetual                

P,237       perpetually              

P,238       perplexed                

P,239       perplexity                

P,240       persecute                

P,241       persecuted              

P,244       persecution             

P,247       persecutors             

P,249       Persia                      

P,250       Persian                   

P,251       Persians                  

P,253       person                    

P,254       persons                   

P,255       persuade                 

P,256       persuaded               

P,258       persuadeth             

P,261       pertain                    

P,262       pertained                

P,263       pertaineth               

P,264       pertaining               

P,265       Peruda                    

P,266       perverse                  

P,267       perversely               

P,268       perverseness           

P,269       pervert                    

P,270       perverted                

P,271       perverteth               

P,272       perverting               

P,273       pestilence               

P,276       pestle                      

P,279       Pethahiah               

P,280       Pethor                     

P,281       Pethuel                   

P,282       petition                   

P,283       petitions                 

P,284       Peulthai                  

P,286       Phallu                     

P,287       Phalti                      

P,288       Phaltiel                   

P,290       Pharaoh                  

P,291       Pharaoh’s                

P,292       Pharaohhophra       

P,293       Pharaohnecho        

P,294       Pharaohnechoh      

P,296       Pharez                     

P,301       Pharosh                  

P,302       Pharpar                   

P,303       Pharzites                 

P,304       Phaseah                  

P,308       Phichol                   

P,316       Philistia                  

P,317       Philistim                 

P,318       Philistine                

P,319       Philistines               

P,320       Philistines’              

P,324       Phinehas                

P,325       Phinehas’                

P,328       Phurah                   

P,329       Phut                        

P,330       Phuvah                   

P,333       physician                

P,334       physicians              

P,335       Pibeseth                  

P,336       pick                        

P,337       pictures                  

P,338       piece                       

P,339       pieces                     

P,340       pierce                      

P,341       pierced                    

P,342       pierceth                  

P,343       piercing                   

P,344       piercings                 

P,346       pigeon                     

P,347       pigeons                   

P,348       Pihahiroth              

P,350       Pildash                   

P,351       pile                         

P,352       Pileha                     

P,353       pilgrimage               

P,355       pillar                       

P,356       pillars                     

P,357       pilled                      

P,358       pillow                      

P,359       pillows                    

P,360       pilots                      

P,361       Piltai                       

P,362       pin                          

P,363       pine                        

P,365       pining                     

P,367       Pinon                      

P,368       pins                        

P,369       pipe                        

P,370       piped                      

P,372       pipes                       

P,373       Piram                      

P,374       Pirathon                  

P,375       Pirathonite              

P,376       Pisgah                     

P,378       Pison                      

P,379       Pispah                    

P,380       piss                         

P,381       pisseth                    

P,382       pit                           

P,383       pitch                       

P,384       pitched                   

P,385       pitcher                    

P,386       pitchers                  

P,387       Pithom                    

P,388       Pithon                     

P,389       pitied                      

P,390       pitieth                     

P,391       pitiful                      

P,392       pits                         

P,393       pity                         

P,394       place                       

P,395       placed                     

P,396       places                     

P,397       plague                     

P,398       plagued                   

P,399       plagues                   

P,400       plain                       

P,401       plainly                    

P,403       plains                     

P,404       plaister                   

P,405       plaistered                

P,407       planes                     

P,408       planets                    

P,409       planks                    

P,410       plant                       

P,411       plantation               

P,412       planted                   

P,413       plantedst                

P,414       planters                  

P,415       planteth                  

P,416       planting                  

P,417       plantings                

P,418       plants                     

P,419       plat                         

P,420       plate                       

P,421       plates                      

P,424       play                         

P,425       played                     

P,426       playedst                  

P,427       player                      

P,428       players                    

P,429       playeth                    

P,430       playing                    

P,431       plea                         

P,432       plead                       

P,433       pleaded                   

P,434       pleadeth                  

P,435       pleadings                

P,436       pleasant                  

P,437       pleasantness           

P,438       please                     

P,439       pleased                   

P,440       pleaseth                  

P,441       pleasing                  

P,442       pleasure                  

P,443       pleasures                

P,444       pledge                     

P,445       pledges                   

P,446       Pleiades                  

P,447       plenteous                

P,448       plenteousness         

P,449       plentiful                  

P,450       plentifully               

P,451       plenty                     

P,452       plotteth                   

P,454       plow                        

P,455       plowed                    

P,456       plowers                   

P,458       plowing                   

P,459       plowman                 

P,460       plowmen                 

P,461       plowshares             

P,462       pluck                      

P,463       plucked                   

P,464       plucketh                 

P,465       pluckt                     

P,466       plumbline               

P,467       plummet                 

P,468       plunge                    

P,469       Pochereth               

P,471       point                       

P,472       pointed                   

P,473       points                     

P,474       poison                     

P,475       pole                         

P,476       policy                      

P,477       polished                  

P,478       polishing                 

P,479       poll                         

P,480       polled                      

P,481       polls                        

P,482       pollute                    

P,483       polluted                  

P,484       polluting                 

P,485       pollution                 

P,488       pomegranate           

P,489       pomegranates         

P,490       pommels                 

P,491       pomp                      

P,492       ponder                    

P,494       pondereth               

P,495       ponds                     

P,498       pool                        

P,499       pools                       

P,500       poor                        

P,501       poorer                     

P,502       poorest                    

P,503       poplar                     

P,504       poplars                   

P,505       populous                

P,506       Poratha                   

P,507       porch                      

P,508       porches                   

P,510       port                         

P,511       porter                      

P,512       porters                    

P,513       portion                    

P,514       portions                  

P,515       possess                   

P,516       possessed               

P,517       possessest              

P,518       possesseth              

P,520       possession              

P,521       possessions            

P,522       possessor                

P,523       possessors              

P,525       post                        

P,526       posterity                  

P,527       posts                       

P,528       pot                          

P,530       Potiphar                  

P,531       Potipherah              

P,532       pots                        

P,533       potsherd                 

P,534       potsherds                

P,535       pottage                    

P,536       potter                      

P,537       potter’s                    

P,538       potters                    

P,539       potters’                    

P,540       pound                     

P,542       pour                        

P,543       poured                    

P,544       pouredst                 

P,545       poureth                   

P,546       pouring                   

P,547       pourtray                  

P,548       pourtrayed              

P,549       poverty                    

P,550       powder                    

P,551       powders                  

P,552       power                      

P,553       powerful                  

P,556       practise                   

P,557       practised                 

P,559       praise                      

P,560       praised                    

P,561       praises                    

P,562       praiseth                  

P,563       praising                  

P,564       pransing                 

P,565       pransings                

P,566       prating                    

P,567       pray                        

P,568       prayed                     

P,569       prayer                     

P,570       prayers                    

P,572       prayeth                   

P,573       praying                   

P,574       preach                    

P,575       preached                 

P,576       preacher                 

P,579       preaching                

P,580       precept                    

P,581       precepts                  

P,582       precious                  

P,585       preeminence           

P,586       prefer                      

P,587       preferred                 

P,590       preparation             

P,591       preparations           

P,592       prepare                   

P,593       prepared                 

P,594       preparedst              

P,595       preparest                

P,596       prepareth                

P,597       preparing                

P,599       prescribed               

P,600       prescribing              

P,601       presence                 

P,602       present                   

P,603       presented                

P,604       presenting               

P,605       presently                 

P,606       presents                  

P,607       preserve                  

P,608       preserved                

P,609       preserver                 

P,610       preservest               

P,611       preserveth               

P,612       presidents               

P,613       press                       

P,614       pressed                   

P,615       presses                   

P,616       presseth                  

P,617       pressfat                   

P,618       presume                  

P,619       presumed                

P,620       presumptuous        

P,621       presumptuously      

P,623       prevail                    

P,624       prevailed                 

P,625       prevailest                

P,626       prevaileth               

P,627       prevent                   

P,628       prevented                

P,629       preventest               

P,630       prey                        

P,631       price                       

P,633       pricked                   

P,634       pricking                  

P,635       pricks                     

P,636       pride                       

P,637       priest                      

P,638       priest’s                    

P,639       priesthood              

P,640       priests                     

P,641       priests’                    

P,642       prince                     

P,643       prince’s                   

P,644       princes                    

P,645       princess                  

P,646       princesses               

P,647       principal                 

P,648       principalities           

P,651       print                       

P,652       printed                    

P,655       prised                     

P,656       prison                     

P,657       prisoner                  

P,658       prisoners                

P,662       privily                     

P,665       proceed                   

P,666       proceeded               

P,667       proceedeth              

P,669       process                   

P,671       proclaim                 

P,672       proclaimed              

P,673       proclaimeth            

P,674       proclaiming             

P,675       proclamation          

P,676       procure                   

P,677       procured                 

P,678       procureth                

P,679       produce                  

P,680       profane                   

P,681       profaned                 

P,682       profaneness            

P,683       profaneth                

P,684       profaning                

P,685       profess                    

P,689       profit                       

P,690       profitable                

P,691       profited                   

P,692       profiteth                  

P,694       profound                 

P,695       progenitors             

P,696       prognosticators       

P,697       prolong                   

P,698       prolonged                

P,699       prolongeth              

P,700       promise                   

P,701       promised                 

P,702       promisedst              

P,704       promising               

P,705       promote                  

P,706       promoted                

P,707       promotion               

P,708       pronounce              

P,709       pronounced            

P,710       pronouncing           

P,713       proper                     

P,715       prophecy                 

P,716       prophesied              

P,717       prophesieth            

P,718       prophesy                 

P,719       prophesying            

P,721       prophet                   

P,722       prophet’s                 

P,723       prophetess              

P,724       prophets                 

P,726       proportion               

P,729       prospect                  

P,730       prosper                   

P,731       prospered                

P,732       prospereth              

P,733       prosperity               

P,734       prosperous              

P,735       prosperously           

P,736       prostitute                

P,737       protection               

P,738       protest                    

P,739       protested                 

P,740       protesting               

P,741       proud                      

P,742       proudly                   

P,743       prove                      

P,744       proved                    

P,745       provender               

P,746       proverb                   

P,747       proverbs                 

P,748       proveth                   

P,749       provide                   

P,750       provided                 

P,752       provideth                

P,754       province                  

P,755       provinces                

P,757       provision                

P,758       provocation             

P,759       provocations           

P,760       provoke                   

P,761       provoked                 

P,762       provokedst              

P,763       provoketh               

P,764       provoking               

P,765       prudence                

P,766       prudent                   

P,767       prudently                

P,768       prune                      

P,769       pruned                    

P,770       pruning                   

P,771       pruninghooks         

P,772       psalm                      

P,773       psalmist                  

P,774       psalms                    

P,775       psalteries                

P,776       psaltery                   

P,778       Pua                         

P,779       Puah                       

P,784       publish                   

P,785       published               

P,786       publisheth              

P,790       puffeth                    

P,791       Puhites                   

P,792       Pul                          

P,793       pull                         

P,794       pulled                     

P,796       pulpit                      

P,797       pulse                       

P,798       punish                    

P,799       punished                

P,800       punishment            

P,801       punishments          

P,802       Punites                   

P,803       Punon                     

P,804       Pur                          

P,805       purchase                 

P,806       purchased               

P,807       pure                        

P,808       purely                     

P,809       pureness                 

P,810       purer                       

P,811       purge                      

P,812       purged                    

P,815       purification             

P,816       purifications           

P,817       purified                   

P,818       purifier                    

P,819       purifieth                  

P,820       purify                      

P,821       purifying                 

P,822       Purim                      

P,825       purple                     

P,826       purpose                  

P,827       purposed                

P,828       purposes                 

P,830       purposing               

P,831       purse                      

P,833       pursue                    

P,834       pursued                  

P,835       pursuer                   

P,836       pursuers                 

P,837       pursueth                 

P,838       pursuing                 

P,839       purtenance             

P,840       push                       

P,841       pushed                   

P,842       pushing                  

P,843       put                          


P,845       Putiel                      

P,846       putrifying                

P,847       puttest                    

P,848       putteth                    

P,849       putting                    

P,850       pygarg                     





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