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There are 225 words that begin with the letter O,
in the the
Old Testament of the
King James Version of the Bible.



O,o.       225 Words


    O,1       O                             

    O,2       oak                         

    O,3       oaks                        

    O,4       oar                          

    O,5       oars                        

    O,6       oath                        

    O,8       oaths                      

    O,9       Obadiah                  

  O,10       Obal                        

  O,11       Obed                       

  O,12       Obededom              

  O,14       obedient                  

  O,15       obeisance                

  O,16       obey                        

  O,17       obeyed                    

  O,18       obeyedst                 

  O,19       obeyeth                   

  O,20       obeying                   

  O,21       Obil                         

  O,23       oblation                  

  O,24       oblations                 

  O,25       Oboth                     

  O,26       obscure                   

  O,27       obscurity                 

  O,29       observe                   

  O,30       observed                 

  O,31       observer                  

  O,32       observers                

  O,33       observest                

  O,34       observeth                

  O,35       obstinate                 

  O,36       obtain                     

  O,37       obtained                 

  O,38       obtaineth                

  O,40       occasion                 

  O,41       occasioned              

  O,42       occasions                

  O,43       occupation              

  O,44       occupied                 

  O,45       occupiers                

  O,47       occupy                    

  O,48       occurrent                

  O,49       Ocran                      

  O,50       odd                         

  O,51       Oded                       

  O,52       odious                     

  O,54       odours                    

  O,55       of                            

  O,56       off                           

  O,57       offence                    

  O,58       offences                  

  O,59       offend                     

  O,60       offended                  

  O,61       offender                  

  O,62       offenders                 

  O,63       offer                        

  O,64       offered                     

  O,65       offereth                   

  O,66       offering                   

  O,67       offerings                  

  O,68       office                       

  O,69       officer                      

  O,70       officers                    

  O,71       offices                     

  O,72       offscouring              

  O,73       offspring                 

  O,74       oft                           

  O,75       often                       

  O,77       oftentimes               

  O,79       Og                           

  O,80       oh                           

  O,81       Ohad                       

  O,82       Ohel                        

  O,83       oil                           

  O,84       oiled                        

  O,85       ointment                 

  O,86       ointments               

  O,87       old                          

  O,89       olive                        

  O,90       olives                      


  O,91       Olivet                      

  O,92       oliveyard                 

  O,93       oliveyards               

  O,95       Omar                      

  O,97       omer                       

  O,98       omers                      

O,101       Omri                       

O,102       on                           


O,103       Onam                      

O,104       Onan                      

O,105       once                        

O,106       one                         

O,107       one’s                       

O,108       ones                        

O,111       onions                    

O,112       only                        

O,113       Ono                         

O,114       onward                   

O,115       onycha                    

O,116       onyx                        

O,117       open                       

O,118       opened                    

O,119       openest                   

O,120       openeth                  

O,121       opening                   

O,122       openings                 

O,123       openly                     

O,124       operation                

O,126       Ophel                      

O,127       Ophir                      

O,128       Ophni                     

O,129       Ophrah                   

O,130       opinion                   

O,131       opinions                 

O,135       opposest                 

O,138       oppress                   

O,139       oppressed               

O,140       oppresseth              

O,141       oppressing              

O,142       oppression              

O,143       oppressions            

O,144       oppressor                

O,145       oppressors              

O,146       or                            

O,147       oracle                      

O,150       orator                      

O,151       orchard                   

O,152       orchards                 

O,153       ordain                     

O,154       ordained                 

O,155       ordaineth                

O,156       order                       

O,157       ordered                   

O,158       ordereth                  

O,159       orderings                

O,161       ordinance               

O,162       ordinances              

O,163       ordinary                  

O,164       Oreb                        

O,165       Oren                       

O,166       organ                      

O,167       organs                     

O,168       Orion                      

O,169       ornament                

O,170       ornaments              

O,171       Ornan                     

O,172       Orpah                     

O,173       orphans                  

O,175       Oshea                     

O,176       ospray                     

O,177       ossifrage                 

O,178       ostrich                    

O,179       ostriches                 

O,180       other                       

O,181       others                     

O,182       otherwise                

O,183       Othni                      

O,184       Othniel                   

O,185       ouches                    

O,186       ought                      

O,187       oughtest                  

O,188       our                          

O,189       ours                        

O,190       ourselves                

O,191       out                          

O,192       outcast                    

O,193       outcasts                  

O,194       outer                       

O,195       outgoings                

O,196       outlandish              

O,197       outlived                  

O,198       outmost                  

O,199       outrageous              

O,201       outside                    

O,202       outstretched           

O,203       outward                  

O,206       oven                        

O,207       ovens                      

O,208       over                        

O,212       overcome                

O,214       overdrive                 

O,215       overflow                  

O,216       overflowed              

O,217       overfloweth             

O,218       overflowing             

O,219       overflown                

O,220       overlaid                   

O,221       overlay                    

O,222       overlaying               

O,223       overlived                 

O,225       overpass                 

O,226       overpast                  

O,227       overplus                  

O,228       overran                   

O,229       overrunning            

O,230       oversee                   

O,231       overseer                  

O,232       overseers                

O,235       oversight                 

O,236       overspread              

O,237       overspreading         

O,238       overtake                  

O,239       overtaken                

O,240       overtaketh              

O,241       overthrew                

O,242       overthrow               

O,243       overthroweth          

O,244       overthrown             

O,245       overtook                  

O,246       overturn                  

O,247       overturned              

O,248       overturneth             

O,249       overwhelm              

O,250       overwhelmed          

O,255       owl                          

O,256       owls                        

O,257       own                         

O,258       owner                      

O,259       owners                    

O,260       owneth                    

O,261       ox                           

O,262       oxen                        

O,263       Ozem                      

O,265       Ozni                        

O,266       Oznites                   





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