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There are 780 words that begin with the letter C,
in the
Old Testament of the
King James Version of the Bible.



C,c.       780 Words


    C,1       cab                          

    C,2       Cabbon                   

    C,3       cabins                     

    C,4       Cabul                      

    C,8       cage                        

  C,10       Cain                        

  C,11       Cainan                    

  C,12       cake                        

  C,13       cakes                      

  C,14       Calah                      

  C,15       calamities               

  C,16       calamity                  

  C,17       calamus                  

  C,18       Calcol                     

  C,19       caldron                   

  C,20       caldrons                  

  C,21       Caleb                      

  C,22       Caleb’s                    

  C,23       Calebephratah        

  C,24       calf                          

  C,25       calf’s                       

  C,26       calkers                    

  C,27       call                          

  C,28       called                      

  C,29       calledst                   

  C,31       calleth                     

  C,32       calling                     

  C,33       calm                        

  C,34       Calneh                    

  C,35       Calno                      

  C,37       calve                       

  C,38       calved                     

  C,39       calves                     

  C,40       calveth                    

  C,41       came                       

  C,42       camel                      

  C,43       camel’s                    

  C,44       camels                    

  C,45       camels’                    

  C,46       camest                    

  C,47       Camon                    

  C,48       camp                       

  C,49       camped                   

  C,50       camphire                

  C,51       camps                     

  C,52       can                         

  C,54       Canaan                   

  C,55       Canaanite               

  C,56       Canaanites             

  C,57       Canaanitess            

  C,58       Canaanitish            

  C,60       candle                     

  C,61       candles                   

  C,62       candlestick             

  C,63       candlesticks            

  C,64       cane                        

  C,67       cankerworm            

  C,68       Canneh                   

  C,69       cannot                    

  C,70       canst                       

  C,72       Caph                       

  C,73       Caphthorim            

  C,74       Caphtor                  

  C,75       Caphtorim              

  C,76       Caphtorims             

  C,78       captain                   

  C,79       captains                  

  C,80       captive                    

  C,81       captives                  

  C,82       captivity                  

  C,83       carbuncle                

  C,84       carbuncles              

  C,85       Carcas                    

  C,86       carcase                   

  C,87       carcases                  

  C,88       Carchemish            

  C,89       care                         

  C,90       Careah                    

  C,91       cared                       

  C,92       careful                    

  C,93       carefully                  

  C,94       carefulness             

  C,95       careless                   

  C,96       carelessly                

  C,99       careth                     

C,100       caring                     

C,101       Carmel                    

C,102       Carmelite                

C,103       Carmelitess             

C,104       Carmi                      

C,105       Carmites                 

C,107       carnally                   

C,108       carpenter                

C,110       carpenters               

C,112       carriage                   

C,113       carriages                 

C,114       carried                    

C,115       carriest                   

C,116       carrieth                   

C,117       carry                       

C,118       carrying                  

C,119       Carshena                

C,120       cart                         

C,121       carved                     

C,122       carving                    

C,123       carvings                  

C,124       case                        

C,125       casement                

C,127       Casiphia                 

C,128       Casluhim                

C,129       cassia                     

C,130       cast                         

C,132       castedst                  

C,133       castest                    

C,134       casteth                    

C,135       casting                    

C,136       castle                      

C,137       castles                    

C,139       catch                       

C,140       catcheth                  

C,141       caterpiller               

C,142       caterpillers              

C,143       cattle                       

C,144       caught                    

C,145       caul                        

C,146       cauls                       

C,147       cause                      

C,148       caused                    

C,149       causeless                

C,150       causes                    

C,151       causest                   

C,152       causeth                   

C,153       causeway                

C,154       causing                   

C,155       cave                        

C,156       cave’s                      

C,157       caves                      

C,158       cease                       

C,159       ceased                     

C,160       ceaseth                   

C,161       ceasing                   

C,162       cedar                       

C,163       cedars                     

C,164       Cedron                    

C,165       celebrate                 

C,167       cellars                     

C,169       censer                     

C,170       censers                   

C,175       ceremonies             

C,176       certain                    

C,177       certainly                  

C,178       certainty                 

C,179       certified                   

C,180       certify                      

C,181       chafed                     

C,182       chaff                       

C,183       chain                      

C,184       chains                     

C,186       Chalcol                   

C,188       Chaldea                  

C,189       Chaldean                

C,190       Chaldeans              

C,191       Chaldeans’              

C,192       Chaldees                 

C,193       Chaldees’                

C,194       chalkstones            

C,195       challengeth             

C,196       chamber                 

C,198       chamberlain           

C,199       chamberlains          

C,200       chambers                

C,201       chameleon              

C,202       chamois                  

C,203       champaign              

C,204       champion               

C,206       chance                    

C,207       chancellor               

C,208       chanceth                 

C,209       change                    

C,210       changeable             

C,211       changed                  

C,214       changes                  

C,215       changest                 

C,216       changeth                 

C,217       changing                 

C,218       channel                  

C,219       channels                 

C,220       chant                      

C,221       chapel                     

C,222       chapiter                  

C,223       chapiters                 

C,224       chapmen                 

C,225       chapt                      

C,226       Charashim              

C,227       Charchemish          

C,228       charge                     

C,229       chargeable              

C,230       charged                   

C,231       chargedst                

C,232       charger                   

C,233       chargers                  

C,234       charges                   

C,235       chargest                  

C,237       chariot                    

C,238       chariots                  

C,241       charmed                 

C,242       charmer                  

C,243       charmers                

C,244       charming                

C,246       chase                      

C,247       chased                    

C,248       chaseth                   

C,249       chasing                   

C,251       chasten                   

C,252       chastened               

C,253       chastenest              

C,254       chasteneth              

C,255       chastening              

C,256       chastise                  

C,257       chastised                

C,258       chastisement          

C,259       chastiseth               

C,260       chatter                    

C,261       Chebar                    

C,262       check                      

C,263       checker                   

C,264       Chedorlaomer         

C,265       cheek                      

C,266       cheeks                    

C,267       cheer                       

C,268       cheereth                  

C,269       cheerful                  

C,272       cheese                     

C,273       cheeses                   

C,274       Chelal                     

C,275       Chelluh                   

C,276       Chelub                    

C,277       Chelubai                 

C,278       Chemarims             

C,279       Chemosh                

C,280       Chenaanah             

C,281       Chenani                  

C,282       Chenaniah              

C,283       Chepharhaammonai               

C,284       Chephirah              

C,285       Cheran                    

C,286       Cherethims             

C,287       Cherethites             

C,288       cherish                   

C,289       cherished                

C,291       Cherith                   

C,292       cherub                    


C,293       cherubims              

C,294       cherubims’              

C,295       Chesalon                

C,296       Chesed                    

C,297       Chesil                     

C,298       chesnut                  

C,299       chest                       

C,300       chests                     

C,301       Chesulloth              

C,302       Cheth                      

C,303       chew                       

C,304       chewed                   

C,305       cheweth                  

C,306       Chezib                    

C,308       chide                       

C,309       chiding                   

C,310       Chidon                    

C,311       chief                        

C,312       chiefest                   

C,314       child                       

C,315       child’s                     

C,317       childhood               

C,319       childless                 

C,320       children                  

C,321       children’s                

C,322       Chileab                   

C,323       Chilion                    

C,324       Chilion’s                 

C,325       Chilmad                  

C,326       Chimham                

C,327       chimmey                 

C,328       Chinnereth             

C,329       Chinneroth             

C,331       Chisleu                   

C,332       Chislon                   

C,333       Chislothtabor          

C,334       Chittim                   

C,335       Chiun                     

C,337       chode                      

C,338       choice                     

C,339       choicest                  

C,342       choler                     

C,343       choose                    

C,344       choosest                 

C,345       chooseth                 

C,347       chop                       

C,348       Chorashan              

C,350       chose                      

C,351       chosen                    

C,352       Chozeba                  

C,358       chronicles               

C,361       Chub                      

C,362       Chun                      

C,365       churl                       

C,366       churlish                  

C,367       churning                 

C,368       Chushanrishathaim               

C,370       cieled                      

C,371       cieling                     

C,373       cinnamon               

C,374       Cinneroth               

C,375       circle                       

C,376       circuit                     

C,377       circuits                   

C,378       circumcise              

C,379       circumcised            

C,380       circumcising           

C,381       circumcision           

C,382       circumspect            

C,385       cistern                    

C,386       cisterns                   

C,387       cities                       

C,390       city                          

C,391       clad                         

C,392       clamorous               

C,394       clap                         

C,395       clapped                   

C,396       clappeth                  

C,400       clave                       

C,401       claws                      

C,402       clay                         

C,403       clean                       

C,404       cleanness                

C,405       cleanse                   

C,406       cleansed                 

C,407       cleanseth                

C,408       cleansing                

C,409       clear                        

C,410       clearer                     

C,411       clearing                   

C,412       clearly                     

C,413       clearness                

C,414       cleave                     

C,415       cleaved                   

C,416       cleaveth                  

C,417       cleft                         

C,418       clefts                       

C,423       cliff                         

C,424       cliffs                        

C,425       clift                         

C,426       clifts                        

C,427       climb                      

C,428       climbed                   

C,430       clipped                    

C,431       clods                       

C,432       cloke                       

C,433       close                       

C,434       closed                     

C,435       closer                      

C,436       closest                    

C,437       closet                      

C,439       cloth                       

C,440       clothe                      

C,441       clothed                    

C,442       clothes                    

C,443       clothest                   

C,444       clothing                  

C,445       cloths                      

C,446       cloud                      

C,447       clouds                     

C,448       cloudy                     

C,449       clouted                    

C,450       clouts                      

C,451       cloven                     

C,452       clovenfooted           

C,453       cluster                    

C,454       clusters                   

C,456       coal                         

C,457       coals                       

C,458       coast                       

C,459       coasts                     

C,460       coat                         

C,461       coats                       

C,463       cockatrice               

C,464       cockatrice’               

C,465       cockatrices              

C,467       cockle                     

C,468       coffer                       

C,469       coffin                      

C,470       cogitations              

C,471       cold                         

C,472       Colhozeh                 

C,473       collar                      

C,474       collars                     

C,475       collection                

C,476       college                     

C,477       collops                    

C,480       colour                     

C,482       colours                    

C,483       colt                         

C,484       colts                        

C,485       come                       

C,486       comeliness              

C,487       comely                    

C,489       comest                    

C,490       cometh                    

C,491       comfort                   

C,492       comfortable             

C,493       comfortably             

C,494       comforted                

C,495       comfortedst             

C,496       comforter                

C,497       comforters               

C,498       comforteth              

C,500       comforts                  

C,501       coming                    

C,502       comings                  

C,503       command                

C,504       commanded            

C,505       commandedst         

C,506       commander             

C,507       commandest           

C,508       commandeth           

C,509       commanding           

C,510       commandment        

C,511       commandments      

C,514       commended            

C,518       commissions           

C,519       commit                   

C,520       committed               

C,521       committest              

C,522       committeth             

C,523       committing             

C,525       common                  

C,528       commotion              

C,530       commune                

C,531       communed              

C,534       communication       

C,536       communing            

C,538       compact                  

C,541       companies              

C,542       companion              

C,543       companions            

C,544       companions’           

C,545       company                 

C,546       comparable             

C,547       compare                  

C,548       compared                

C,550       comparison             

C,551       compass                 

C,552       compassed              

C,553       compassest             

C,554       compasseth            

C,555       compassing             

C,556       compassion            

C,557       compassions           

C,558       compel                    

C,559       compelled               

C,561       complain                 

C,562       complained             

C,564       complaining            

C,565       complaint               

C,567       complete                 

C,568       composition            

C,569       compound              

C,570       compoundeth         

C,571       comprehend            

C,572       comprehended        

C,573       Conaniah                

C,574       conceal                   

C,575       concealed                

C,576       concealeth              

C,577       conceit                    

C,579       conceive                  

C,580       conceived                

C,581       conceiving              

C,582       conception              

C,584       concerneth              

C,585       concerning              

C,589       conclusion              

C,591       concourse               

C,592       concubine               

C,593       concubines             

C,595       condemn                 

C,597       condemned             

C,599       condemneth            

C,600       condemning            

C,602       condition                

C,604       conduct                  

C,605       conducted               

C,606       conduit                   

C,607       coney                      

C,608       confection               

C,609       confectionaries       

C,610       confederacy             

C,611       confederate             

C,613       conferred                

C,614       confess                   

C,615       confessed                

C,616       confesseth              

C,617       confessing               

C,618       confession              

C,619       confidence              

C,620       confidences             

C,621       confident                

C,623       confirm                   

C,625       confirmed               

C,626       confirmeth              

C,628       confiscation            

C,632       confound                

C,633       confounded             

C,634       confused                 

C,635       confusion                

C,636       congealed                

C,637       congratulate            

C,638       congregation           

C,639       congregations         

C,640       Coniah                    

C,641       conies                     

C,642       Cononiah                

C,648       consecrate              

C,649       consecrated            

C,650       consecration           

C,651       consecrations         

C,652       consent                   

C,653       consented               

C,654       consentedst            

C,656       consider                  

C,657       considered              

C,658       considerest             

C,659       considereth             

C,660       considering             

C,663       consolation             

C,664       consolations           

C,666       conspiracy              

C,667       conspirators            

C,668       conspired                

C,669       constant                 

C,670       constantly               

C,671       constellations         

C,673       constrained             

C,674       constraineth           

C,676       consult                   

C,678       consulted                

C,679       consulter                

C,681       consume                 

C,682       consumed               

C,683       consumeth              

C,684       consuming              

C,685       consummation        

C,686       consumption          

C,687       contain                   

C,688       contained                

C,689       containeth              

C,691       contemn                 

C,692       contemned              

C,693       contemneth            

C,694       contempt                

C,695       contemptible           

C,696       contemptuously      

C,697       contend                  

C,698       contended               

C,699       contendest              

C,700       contendeth             

C,702       content                   

C,703       contention              

C,704       contentions             

C,705       contentious             

C,707       continual                

C,708       continually             

C,709       continuance            

C,710       continue                 

C,711       continued               

C,712       continueth              

C,713       continuing              

C,717       contrary                  

C,719       contrite                   

C,720       controversies          

C,721       controversy             

C,722       convenient              

C,724       conversant              

C,725       conversation           

C,727       convert                   

C,728       converted                

C,730       converting               

C,731       converts                  

C,732       convey                    

C,736       convinced               

C,738       convocation            

C,739       convocations          

C,740       cook                        

C,741       cooks                      

C,742       cool                         

C,744       copied                     

C,745       coping                     

C,746       copper                     

C,748       copulation              

C,749       copy                        

C,750       cor                          

C,751       coral                       

C,753       cord                        

C,754       cords                       

C,756       coriander                

C,759       cormorant               

C,760       corn                        

C,762       corner                     

C,763       corners                   

C,764       cornet                     

C,765       cornets                    

C,766       cornfloor                 

C,768       corpses                   

C,769       correct                    

C,770       corrected                 

C,771       correcteth               

C,772       correction               

C,773       corrupt                    

C,774       corrupted                

C,775       corrupters               

C,778       corrupting               

C,779       corruption               

C,780       corruptly                 

C,782       cost                         

C,784       costly                      

C,785       cotes                       

C,786       cottage                    

C,787       cottages                  

C,788       couch                      

C,789       couched                  

C,790       couches                  

C,791       coucheth                 

C,792       couching                 

C,793       couchingplace         

C,794       could                      

C,795       couldest                  

C,796       coulter                    

C,797       coulters                   

C,798       council                    

C,800       counsel                   

C,801       counselled              

C,802       counsellor               

C,803       counsellors             

C,804       counsels                 

C,805       count                      

C,806       counted                  

C,807       countenance           

C,808       countenances         

C,809       countervail             

C,810       counteth                 

C,811       counting                 

C,812       countries                

C,813       country                   

C,815       couple                     

C,816       coupled                   

C,817       coupleth                 

C,818       coupling                  

C,819       couplings                

C,820       courage                   

C,821       courageous             

C,822       courageously           

C,823       course                     

C,824       courses                   

C,825       court                       

C,828       courts                     

C,831       covenant                 

C,833       covenanted             

C,835       cover                       

C,836       covered                   

C,837       coveredst                

C,838       coverest                  

C,839       covereth                  

C,840       covering                  

C,841       coverings                

C,842       covers                     

C,843       covert                      

C,844       covet                       

C,845       coveted                   

C,846       coveteth                  

C,847       covetous                 

C,848       covetousness          

C,849       cow                         

C,850       cow’s                       

C,851       Coz                         

C,852       Cozbi                      

C,853       crackling                 

C,854       cracknels                

C,855       craft                        

C,856       craftiness                

C,857       craftsman               

C,858       craftsmen                

C,859       crafty                      

C,860       crag                         

C,861       crane                      

C,862       crashing                  

C,864       craveth                   

C,865       create                      

C,866       created                    

C,867       createth                  

C,869       creator                    

C,870       creature                  

C,871       creatures                 

C,872       creditor                   

C,873       creditors                 

C,875       creep                       

C,876       creepeth                  

C,877       creeping                  

C,884       crib                         

C,885       cried                       

C,887       criest                       

C,888       crieth                      

C,889       crime                      

C,890       crimes                     

C,891       crimson                  

C,893       crisping                   

C,895       crookbackt              

C,896       crooked                   

C,897       crop                        

C,898       cropped                   

C,900       crossway                 

C,901       crouch                    

C,902       croucheth               

C,904       crown                      

C,905       crowned                  

C,907       crownest                 

C,908       crowneth                 

C,909       crowning                 

C,910       crowns                    

C,913       cruel                       

C,914       cruelly                     

C,915       cruelty                    

C,917       cruse                       

C,918       crush                      

C,919       crushed                  

C,920       cry                          

C,921       crying                      

C,922       crystal                     

C,923       cubit                       

C,924       cubits                     

C,925       cuckow                   

C,926       cucumbers              

C,927       cud                         

C,930       cumbrance              

C,932       cummin                  

C,933       cunning                  

C,935       cup                         

C,936       cupbearer               

C,937       cupbearers              

C,938       cups                        

C,939       curdled                   

C,940       cure                        

C,941       cured                      

C,943       curious                   

C,944       curiously                 

C,945       current                    

C,946       curse                       

C,947       cursed                     

C,948       cursedst                  

C,949       curses                     

C,950       cursest                    

C,951       curseth                   

C,952       cursing                   

C,953       cursings                  

C,954       curtain                    

C,955       curtains                  

C,956       Cush                       

C,957       Cushan                   

C,958       Cushi                      

C,959       custody                   

C,960       custom                    

C,961       customs                  

C,962       cut                          

C,963       Cuth                       

C,964       Cuthah                   

C,965       cuttest                    

C,966       cutteth                    

C,967       cutting                    

C,968       cuttings                  

C,970       cymbals                  

C,971       cypress                   

C,977       Cyrus                      





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