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Bible Names


That begin with the letter U,
in the King James Version of the Bible.





    U,1       Ucal

    U,2       Uel

    U,3       Ulai

    U,4       Ulam

    U,5       Ulla

    U,6       Ummah

  U,77       Unni

U,121       Upharsin

U,122       Uphaz

U,139       Ur

U,140       Urbane

U,144       Uri

U,145       Uriah

U,146       Uriah’s

U,147       Urias

U,148       Uriel

U,149       Urijah

U,150       Urim

U,162       Uthai

U,171       Uz

U,172       Uzai

U,173       Uzal

U,174       Uzza

U,175       Uzzah

U,176       Uzzensherah

U,177       Uzzi

U,178       Uzzia

U,179       Uzziah

U,180       Uzziel

U,181       Uzzielites





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