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Bible Names


That begin with the letter S,
in the King James Version of the Bible.





††††† S,5†††† Sabeans

††††† S,6†††† Sabta

††††† S,7†††† Sabtah

††††† S,8†††† Sabtecha

††††† S,9†††† Sabtechah

††† S,10†††† Sacar

††† S,28†††† Sadducees

††† S,31†††† Sadoc

††† S,49†††† Sala

††† S,50†††† Salah

††† S,51†††† Salamis

††† S,52†††† Salathiel

††† S,53†††† Salcah

††† S,54†††† Salchah

††† S,56†††† Salem

††† S,57†††† Salim

††† S,58†††† Sallai

††† S,59†††† Sallu

††† S,60†††† Salma

††† S,61†††† Salmon

††† S,62†††† Salmone

††† S,63†††† Salome

††† S,64†††† Salt

††† S,68†††† Salu

††† S,75†††† Samaria

††† S,76†††† Samaritan

††† S,77†††† Samaritans

††† S,79†††† Samech

††† S,80†††† Samgarnebo

††† S,81†††† Samlah

††† S,82†††† Samos

††† S,83†††† Samothracia

††† S,84†††† Samson

††† S,85†††† Samsonís

††† S,86†††† Samuel

††† S,87†††† Sanballat

††† S,98†††† Sansannah

S,100†††† Saph

S,101†††† Saphir

S,102†††† Sapphira

S,105†††† Sara

S,106†††† Sarah

S,107†††† Sarahís

S,108†††† Sarai

S,109†††† Saraiís

S,110†††† Saraph

S,112†††† Sardis

S,113†††† Sardites

S,116†††† Sarepta

S,117†††† Sargon

S,118†††† Sarid

S,119†††† Saron

S,120†††† Sarsechim

S,121†††† Saruch

S,123†††† Satan

S,124†††† Satanís

S,136†††† Saul

S,137†††† Saulís

S,180†††† Sceva

S,181†††† Schin

S,220†††† Scythian

S,221†††† Red sea

S,245†††† Seba

S,246†††† Sebat

S,247†††† Secacah

S,248†††† Sechu

S,255†††† Secundus

S,288†††† Segub

S,289†††† Seir

S,290†††† Seirath

S,293†††† Sela

S,294†††† Selah

S,295†††† Selahammahlekoth

S,296†††† Seled

S,297†††† Seleucia

S,309†††† Sem

S,310†††† Semachiah

S,311†††† Semei

S,312†††† Senaah

S,319†††† Seneh

S,320†††† Senir

S,321†††† Sennacherib

S,329†††† Senuah

S,330†††† Seorim

S,336†††† Sephar

S,337†††† Sepharad

S,338†††† Sepharvaim

S,339†††† Sepharvites

S,342†††† Serah

S,343†††† Seraiah

S,345†††† Sered

S,346†††† Sergius

S,351†††† Serug

S,367†††† Seth

S,368†††† Sethur

S,393†††† Shaalabbin

S,394†††† Shaalbim

S,395†††† Shaalbonite

S,396†††† Shaaph

S,397†††† Shaaraim

S,398†††† Shaashgaz

S,399†††† Shabbethai

S,400†††† Shachia

S,405†††† Shadrach

S,408†††† Shage

S,409†††† Shahar

S,410†††† Shaharaim

S,411†††† Shahazimah

S,417†††† Shalem

S,418†††† Shalim

S,419†††† Shalisha

S,421†††† Shallecheth

S,422†††† Shallum

S,423†††† Shallun

S,424†††† Shalmai

S,425†††† Shalman

S,426†††† Shalmaneser

S,428†††† Shama

S,429†††† Shamariah

S,432†††† Shamed

S,437†††† Shamer

S,439†††† Shamgar

S,440†††† Shamhuth

S,441†††† Shamir

S,442†††† Shamma

S,443†††† Shammah

S,444†††† Shammai

S,445†††† Shammoth

S,446†††† Shammua

S,447†††† Shammuah

S,448†††† Shamsherai

S,452†††† Shapham

S,453†††† Shaphan

S,454†††† Shaphat

S,455†††† Shapher

S,456†††† Sharai

S,457†††† Sharaim

S,458†††† Sharar

S,460†††† Sharezer

S,461†††† Sharon

S,462†††† Sharonite

S,470†††† Sharuhen

S,471†††† Shashai

S,472†††† Shashak

S,473†††† Shaul

S,474†††† Shaulites

S,477†††† Shaveh

S,479†††† Shavsha

S,482†††† Sheal

S,483†††† Shealtiel

S,487†††† Sheariah

S,489†††† Shearjashub

S,492†††† Sheba

S,493†††† Shebah

S,494†††† Shebam

S,495†††† Shebaniah

S,496†††† Shebarim

S,497†††† Sheber

S,498†††† Shebna

S,499†††† Shebuel

S,500†††† Shecaniah

S,501†††† Shechaniah

S,502†††† Shechem

S,503†††† Shechemís

S,504†††† Shechemites

S,509†††† Shedeur

S,521†††† Shehariah

S,524†††† Shelah

S,525†††† Shelanites

S,526†††† Shelemiah

S,527†††† Sheleph

S,528†††† Shelesh

S,529†††† Shelomi

S,530†††† Shelomith

S,531†††† Shelomoth

S,533†††† Shelumiel

S,534†††† Shem

S,535†††† Shema

S,536†††† Shemaah

S,537†††† Shemaiah

S,538†††† Shemariah

S,539†††† Shemeber

S,540†††† Shemer

S,541†††† Shemida

S,542†††† Shemidah

S,543†††† Shemidaites

S,544†††† Sheminith

S,545†††† Shemiramoth

S,546†††† Shemuel

S,547†††† Shen

S,548†††† Shenazar

S,549†††† Shenir

S,550†††† Shepham

S,551†††† Shephathiah

S,552†††† Shephatiah

S,557†††† Shephi

S,558†††† Shepho

S,559†††† Shephuphan

S,560†††† Sherah

S,563†††† Sherebiah

S,564†††† Sheresh

S,565†††† Sherezer

S,567†††† Sheshach

S,568†††† Sheshai

S,569†††† Sheshan

S,570†††† Sheshbazzar

S,571†††† Sheth

S,572†††† Shethar

S,573†††† Shetharboznai

S,574†††† Sheva

S,582†††† Shibboleth

S,583†††† Shibmah

S,584†††† Shicron

S,587†††† Shiggaion

S,588†††† Shigionoth

S,589†††† Shihon

S,590†††† Shihor

S,591†††† Shihorlibnath

S,592†††† Shilhi

S,593†††† Shilhim

S,594†††† Shillem

S,595†††† Shillemites

S,596†††† Shiloah

S,597†††† Shiloh

S,598†††† Shiloni

S,599†††† Shilonite

S,600†††† Shilonites

S,601†††† Shilshah

S,602†††† Shimea

S,603†††† Shimeah

S,604†††† Shimeam

S,605†††† Shimeath

S,606†††† Shimeathites

S,607†††† Shimei

S,608†††† Shimeon

S,609†††† Shimhi

S,610†††† Shimi

S,611†††† Shimites

S,612†††† Shimma

S,613†††† Shimon

S,614†††† Shimrath

S,615†††† Shimri

S,616†††† Shimrith

S,617†††† Shimrom

S,618†††† Shimron

S,619†††† Shimronites

S,620†††† Shimronmeron

S,621†††† Shimshai

S,622†††† Shinab

S,623†††† Shinar

S,629†††† Shiphi

S,630†††† Shiphmite

S,631†††† Shiphrah

S,632†††† Shiphtan

S,638†††† Shisha

S,639†††† Shishak

S,640†††† Shitrai

S,642†††† Shittim

S,644†††† Shiza

S,645†††† Shoa

S,646†††† Shobab

S,647†††† Shobach

S,648†††† Shobai

S,649†††† Shobal

S,650†††† Shobek

S,651†††† Shobi

S,652†††† Shocho

S,653†††† Shochoh

S,656†††† Shoco

S,662†††† Shoham

S,663†††† Shomer

S,670†††† Shophach

S,671†††† Shophan

S,678†††† Shoshannim

S,679†††† Shoshannimeduth

S,700†††† Shua

S,701†††† Shuah

S,702†††† Shual

S,703†††† Shubael

S,704†††† Shuham

S,705†††† Shuhamites

S,706†††† Shuhite

S,707†††† Shulamite

S,708†††† Shumathites

S,710†††† Shunammite

S,711†††† Shunem

S,712†††† Shuni

S,713†††† Shunites

S,715†††† Shupham

S,716†††† Shuphamites

S,717†††† Shuppim

S,718†††† Shur

S,719†††† Shushan

S,720†††† Shushaneduth

S,722†††† Shuthalhites

S,723†††† Shuthelah

S,727†††† Sia

S,728†††† Siaha

S,729†††† Sibbecai

S,730†††† Sibbechai

S,731†††† Sibboleth

S,732†††† Sibmah

S,733†††† Sibraim

S,734†††† Sichem

S,740†††† Siddim

S,743†††† Sidon

S,744†††† Sidonians

S,767†††† Sihon

S,768†††† Sihor

S,769†††† Silas

S,773†††† Silla

S,775†††† Siloah

S,776†††† Siloam

S,777†††† Silvanus

S,781†††† Simeon

S,782†††† Simeonites

S,785†††† Simon

S,786†††† Simonís

S,789†††† Simri

S,790†††† Sin

S,791†††† Sina

S,792†††† Sinai

S,809†††† Sinim

S,810†††† Sinite

S,819†††† Sion

S,820†††† Siphmoth

S,821†††† Sippai

S,823†††† Sirah

S,824†††† Sirion

S,826†††† Sisamai

S,827†††† Sisera

S,833†††† Sitnah

S,839†††† Sivan

S,938†††† Smyrna

S,953†††† So

S,959†††† Socho

S,960†††† Sochoh

S,963†††† Socoh

S,967†††† Sodi

S,968†††† Sodom

S,969†††† Sodoma

S,970†††† Sodomite

S,971†††† Sodomites

S,996†††† Solomon

S,997†††† Solomonís

S,1004†††† Son

††††††††††††††† Son of God

S,1005†††† Sonís

S,1016†††† Sopater

S,1018†††† Sophereth

S,1025†††† Sorek

S,1038†††† Sosipater

S,1039†††† Sosthenes

S,1040†††† Sotai

S,1064†††† Spain

S,1119†††† spirit

††††††††††††††† Spirit

††††††††††††††† Holy Spirit

S,1179†††† Stachys

S,1237†††† Stephanas

S,1238†††† Stephen

S,1269†††† Stoicks

S,1390†††† Suah

S,1416†††† Succoth

S,1417†††† Succothbenoth

S,1422†††† Suchathites

S,1445†††† Sukkiims

S,1478†††† Sur

S,1489†††† Susanchites

S,1490†††† Susanna

S,1491†††† Susi

S,1539†††† Sychar

S,1540†††† Sychem

S,1543†††† Syene

S,1547†††† Syntyche

S,1548†††† Syracuse

S,1549†††† Syria

S,1550†††† Syriack

S,1551†††† Syriadamascus

S,1552†††† Syriamaachah

S,1553†††† Syrian

S,1554†††† Syrians

S,1555†††† Syrophenician





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