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Bible Names


That begin with the letter P,
in the King James Version of the Bible.





    P,1       Paarai

    P,6       Padan

    P,7       Padanaram

    P,9       Padon

  P,10       Pagiel

  P,11       Pahathmoab

  P,12       Pai

  P,25       Palal

  P,28       Palestina

  P,29       Palestine

  P,30       Pallu

  P,31       Palluites

  P,37       Palti

  P,38       Paltiel

  P,39       Paltite

  P,40       Pamphylia

  P,43       Pannag

  P,49       Paphos

  P,53       paradise

  P,54       Parah

  P,56       Paran

  P,57       Parbar

  P,68       Parmashta

  P,69       Parmenas

  P,70       Parnach

  P,71       Parosh

  P,72       Parshandatha

  P,79       Parthians

  P,92       Paruah

  P,93       Parvaim

  P,94       Pasach

  P,95       Pasdammim

  P,96       Paseah

  P,97       Pashur

P,116       Patara

P,119       Pathros

P,120       Pathrusim

P,126       Patmos

P,130       Patrobas

P,133       Pau

P,134       Paul

P,135       Paul’s

P,136       Paulus

P,138       Pavement

P,148       Pe

P,157       Pedahel

P,158       Pedahzur

P,159       Pedaiah

P,164       Pekah

P,165       Pekahiah

P,166       Pekod

P,167       Pelaiah

P,168       Pelaliah

P,169       Pelatiah

P,170       Peleg

P,171       Pelet

P,172       Peleth

P,173       Pelethites

P,175       Pelonite

P,178       Peniel

P,179       Peninnah

P,183       Pentecost

P,184       Penuel

P,189       Peor

P,190       Peor’s

P,192       Perazim

P,199       Peres

P,200       Peresh

P,201       Perez

P,202       Perezuzza

P,203       Perezuzzah

P,218       Perga

P,219       Pergamos

P,221       Perida

P,229       Perizzite

P,230       Perizzites

P,249       Persia

P,250       Persian

P,251       Persians

P,252       Persis

P,265       Peruda

P,277       Peter

P,278       Peter’s

P,279       Pethahiah

P,280       Pethor

P,281       Pethuel

P,284       Peulthai

P,285       Phalec

P,286       Phallu

P,287       Phalti

P,288       Phaltiel

P,289       Phanuel

P,290       Pharaoh

P,291       Pharaoh’s

P,292       Pharaohhophra

P,293       Pharaohnecho

P,294       Pharaohnechoh

P,295       Phares

P,296       Pharez

P,297       Pharisee

P,298       Pharisee’s

P,299       Pharisees

P,300       Pharisees’

P,301       Pharosh

P,302       Pharpar

P,303       Pharzites

P,304       Phaseah

P,305       Phebe

P,306       Phenice

P,307       Phenicia

P,308       Phichol

P,309       Philadelphia

P,310       Philemon

P,311       Philetus

P,312       Philip

P,313       Philip’s

P,314       Philippi

P,315       Philippians

P,316       Philistia

P,317       Philistim

P,318       Philistine

P,319       Philistines

P,320       Philistines’

P,321       Philologus

P,322       philosophers

P,323       philosophy

P,324       Phinehas

P,325       Phinehas’

P,326       Phlegon

P,327       Phrygia

P,328       Phurah

P,329       Phut

P,330       Phuvah

P,331       Phygellus

P,335       Pibeseth

P,348       Pihahiroth

P,349       Pilate

P,350       Pildash

P,352       Pileha

P,361       Piltai

P,367       Pinon

P,373       Piram

P,374       Pirathon

P,375       Pirathonite

P,376       Pisgah

P,377       Pisidia

P,378       Pison

P,379       Pispah

P,387       Pithom

P,388       Pithon

P,446       Pleiades

P,469       Pochereth

P,487       Pollux

P,496       Pontius

P,497       Pontus

P,506       Poratha

P,509       Porcius

P,530       Potiphar

P,531       Potipherah

P,558       Praetorium

P,653       Prisca

P,654       Priscilla

P,670       Prochorus

P,777       Ptolemais

P,778       Pua

P,779       Puah

P,787       Publius

P,788       Pudens

P,791       Puhites

P,792       Pul

P,802       Punites

P,803       Punon

P,804       Pur

P,822       Purim

P,843       Put

P,844       Puteoli

P,845       Putiel





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