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Bible Names


That begin with the letter N,
in the King James Version of the Bible.





    N,1       Naam

    N,2       Naamah

    N,3       Naaman

    N,4       Naaman’s

    N,5       Naamathite

    N,6       Naamites

    N,7       Naarah

    N,8       Naarai

    N,9       Naaran

  N,10       Naarath

  N,11       Naashon

  N,12       Naasson

  N,13       Nabal

  N,14       Nabal’s

  N,15       Naboth

  N,16       Nachon’s

  N,17       Nachor

  N,18       Nadab

  N,19       Nagge

  N,20       Nahalal

  N,21       Nahaliel

  N,22       Nahallal

  N,23       Nahalol

  N,24       Naham

  N,25       Nahamani

  N,26       Naharai

  N,27       Nahari

  N,28       Nahash

  N,29       Nahath

  N,30       Nahbi

  N,31       Nahor

  N,32       Nahor’s

  N,33       Nahshon

  N,34       Nahum

  N,38       Nain

  N,39       Naioth

  N,48       Naomi

  N,49       Naomi’s

  N,50       Naphish

  N,51       Naphtali

  N,52       Naphtuhim

  N,54       Narcissus

  N,59       Nathan

  N,60       Nathanael

  N,61       Nathanmelech

  N,72       Naum

  N,77       Nazarene

  N,78       Nazarenes

  N,79       Nazareth

  N,80       Nazarite

  N,81       Nazarites

  N,82       Neah

  N,83       Neapolis

  N,86       Neariah

  N,87       Nebai

  N,88       Nebaioth

  N,89       Nebajoth

  N,90       Neballat

  N,91       Nebat

  N,92       Nebo

  N,93       Nebuchadnezzar

  N,94       Nebuchadrezzar

  N,95       Nebushasban

  N,96       Nebuzaradan

N,100       Necho

N,104       Nedabiah

N,116       Neginah

N,117       Neginoth

N,122       Nehelamite

N,123       Nehemiah

N,124       Nehiloth

N,125       Nehum

N,126       Nehushta

N,127       Nehushtan

N,128       Neiel

N,137       Nekeb

N,138       Nekoda

N,139       Nemuel

N,140       Nemuelites

N,141       Nepheg

N,144       Nephish

N,145       Nephishesim

N,146       Nephthalim

N,147       Nephtoah

N,148       Nephusim

N,149       Ner

N,150       Nereus

N,151       Nergal

N,152       Nergalsharezer

N,153       Neri

N,154       Neriah

N,158       Nethaneel

N,159       Nethaniah

N,162       Nethinims

N,163       Netophah

N,164       Netophathi

N,165       Netophathite

N,166       Netophathites

N,179       Neziah

N,180       Nezib

N,181       Nibhaz

N,182       Nibshan

N,183       Nicanor

N,184       Nicodemus

N,185       Nicolaitanes

N,186       Nicolas

N,187       Nicopolis

N,188       Niger

N,192       Nimrah

N,193       Nimrim

N,194       Nimrod

N,195       Nimshi

N,200       Nineve

N,201       Nineveh

N,202       Ninevites

N,204       Nisan

N,205       Nisroch

N,207       No

N,208       Noadiah

N,209       Noah

N,210       Noah’s

N,211       Nob

N,212       Nobah

N,216       Nod

N,217       Nodab

N,218       Noe

N,219       Nogah

N,220       Nohah

N,224       Non

N,229       Noph

N,230       Nophah

N,259       Nun

N,265       Nymphas





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