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Bible Names


That begin with the letter M,
in the King James Version of the Bible.





    M,1      Maacah

    M,2      Maachah

    M,3      Maachathi

    M,4      Maachathite

    M,5      Maachathites

    M,6      Maadai

    M,7      Maadiah

    M,8      Maai

    M,9      Maalehacrabbim

  M,10      Maarath

  M,11      Maaseiah

  M,12      Maasiai

  M,13      Maath

  M,14      Maaz

  M,15      Maaziah

  M,16      Macedonia

  M,17      Macedonian

  M,18      Machbanai

  M,19      Machbenah

  M,20      Machi

  M,21      Machir

  M,22      Machirites

  M,23      Machnadebai

  M,24      Machpelah

  M,26      Madai

  M,29      Madian

  M,30      Madmannah

  M,31      Madmen

  M,32      Madmenah

  M,34      Madon

  M,35      Magbish

  M,36      Magdala

  M,37      Magdalene

  M,38      Magdiel

  M,47      Magog

  M,48      Magormissabib

  M,49      Magpiash

  M,50      Mahalah

  M,51      Mahalaleel

  M,52      Mahalath

  M,53      Mahali

  M,54      Mahanaim

  M,55      Mahanehdan

  M,56      Maharai

  M,57      Mahath

  M,58      Mahavite

  M,59      Mahazioth

  M,60      Mahershalalhashbaz

  M,61      Mahlah

  M,62      Mahli

  M,63      Mahlites

  M,64      Mahlon

  M,65      Mahlon’s

  M,66      Mahol

  M,84      Makaz

  M,90      Makheloth

  M,92      Makkedah

  M,93      Maktesh

  M,94      Malachi

  M,95      Malcham

  M,96      Malchiah

  M,97      Malchiel

  M,98      Malchielites

  M,99      Malchijah

M,100      Malchiram

M,101      Malchishua

M,102      Malchus

M,106      Maleleel

M,112      Mallothi

M,114      Malluch

M,116      Mamre

M,119      Manaen

M,120      Manahath

M,121      Manahethites

M,122      Manasseh

M,123      Manasseh’s

M,124      Manasses

M,125      Manassites

M,138      Manoah

M,148      Maoch

M,149      Maon

M,150      Maonites

M,152      Mara

M,153      Marah

M,154      Maralah

M,155      Maranatha

M,160      Marcus

M,161      Mareshah

M,164      Mark

M,173      Maroth

M,182      Mars’

M,183      Marsena

M,185      Martha

M,193      Mary

M,194      Maschil

M,195      Mash

M,196      Mashal

M,198      Masrekah

M,199      Massa

M,200      Massah

M,211      Mathusala

M,212      Matred

M,213      Matri

M,215      Mattan

M,216      Mattanah

M,217      Mattaniah

M,218      Mattatha

M,219      Mattathah

M,220      Mattathias

M,221      Mattenai

M,224      Matthan

M,225      Matthat

M,226      Matthew

M,227      Matthias

M,228      Mattithiah

M,235      Mazzaroth

M,239      Meah

M,248      Mearah

M,255      Mebunnai

M,256      Mecherathite

M,257      Medad

M,258      Medan

M,263      Mede

M,264      Medeba

M,265      Medes

M,266      Media

M,267      Median

M,279      Megiddo

M,280      Megiddon

M,281      Mehetabeel

M,282      Mehetabel

M,283      Mehida

M,284      Mehir

M,285      Meholathite

M,286      Mehujael

M,287      Mehuman

M,288      Mehunim

M,289      Mehunims

M,290      Mejarkon

M,291      Mekonah

M,292      Melatiah

M,293      Melchi

M,294      Melchiah

M,295      Melchisedec

M,296      Melchishua

M,297      Melchizedek

M,298      Melea

M,299      Melech

M,300      Melicu

M,301      Melita

M,308      Melzar

M,309      Mem

M,314      Memphis

M,315      Memucan

M,318      Menahem

M,319      Menan

M,323      Mene

M,330      Meonenim

M,331      Meonothai

M,332      Mephaath

M,333      Mephibosheth

M,334      Merab

M,335      Meraiah

M,336      Meraioth

M,337      Merari

M,338      Merarites

M,339      Merathaim

M,348      Mercurius

M,351      Mered

M,352      Meremoth

M,353      Meres

M,354      Meribah

M,355      Meribah-Kadesh

M,356      Meribbaal

M,357      Merodach

M,358      Merodachbaladan

M,359      Merom

M,360      Meronothite

M,361      Meroz

M,365      Mesech

M,366      Mesha

M,367      Meshach

M,368      Meshech

M,369      Meshelemiah

M,370      Meshezabeel

M,371      Meshillemith

M,372      Meshillemoth

M,373      Meshobab

M,374      Meshullam

M,375      Meshullemeth

M,376      Mesobaite

M,377      Mesopotamia

M,383      Messiah

M,384      Messias

M,389      Methegammah

M,390      Methusael

M,391      Methuselah

M,392      Meunim

M,393      Mezahab

M,394      Miamin

M,395      Mibhar

M,396      Mibsam

M,397      Mibzar

M,398      Micah

M,399      Micah’s

M,400      Micaiah

M,402      Micha

M,403      Michael

M,404      Michah

M,405      Michaiah

M,406      Michal

M,407      Michmas

M,408      Michmash

M,409      Michmethah

M,410      Michri

M,411      Michtam

M,413      Middin

M,416      Midian

M,417      Midianite

M,418      Midianites

M,419      Midianitish

M,424      Migdalel

M,425      Migdalgad

M,426      Migdol

M,434      Migron

M,435      Mijamin

M,436      Mikloth

M,437      Mikneiah

M,438      Milalai

M,439      Milcah

M,441      Milcom

M,444      Miletum

M,445      Miletus

M,450      Millo

M,463      Miniamin

M,473      Minni

M,474      Minnith

M,478      Miphkad

M,482      Miriam

M,483      Mirma

M,494      Misgab

M,495      Mishael

M,496      Mishal

M,497      Misham

M,498      Misheal

M,499      Mishma

M,500      Mishmannah

M,501      Mishraites

M,502      Mispereth

M,503      Misrephothmaim

M,512      Mithcah

M,513      Mithnite

M,514      Mithredath

M,516      Mitylene

M,520      Mizar

M,521      Mizpah

M,522      Mizpar

M,523      Mizpeh

M,524      Mizraim

M,525      Mizzah

M,526      Mnason

M,527      Moab

M,528      Moabite

M,529      Moabites

M,530      Moabitess

M,531      Moabitish

M,532      Moadiah

M,547      Moladah

M,549      Molech

M,551      Molid

M,553      Moloch

M,565      Morasthite

M,566      Mordecai

M,567      Mordecai’s

M,569      Moreh

M,571      Moreshethgath

M,572      Moriah

M,584      Mosera

M,585      Moseroth

M,586      Moses

M,587      Moses’

M,624      Moza

M,625      Mozah

M,641      Muppim

M,654      Mushi

M,655      Mushites

M,665      Muthlabben

M,671      Myra

M,675      Mysia





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