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Bible Names


That begin with the letter G,
in the King James Version of the Bible.





    G,1       Gaal

    G,2       Gaash

    G,3       Gaba

    G,4       Gabbai

    G,5       Gabbatha

    G,6       Gabriel

    G,7       Gad

    G,8       Gadarenes

  G,10       Gaddi

  G,11       Gaddiel

  G,12       Gadi

  G,13       Gadite

  G,14       Gadites

  G,15       Gaham

  G,16       Gahar

  G,23       Gaius

  G,24       Galal

  G,25       Galatia

  G,26       Galatians

  G,28       Galeed

  G,29       Galilaean

  G,30       Galilaeans

  G,31       Galilee

  G,37       Gallim

  G,38       Gallio

  G,40       Gamaliel

  G,41       Gammadims

  G,42       Gamul

  G,49       Gareb

  G,54       Garmite

  G,61       Gashmu

  G,63       Gatam

  G,66       Gath

  G,74       Gathhepher

  G,75       Gathrimmon

  G,79       Gaza

  G,80       Gazathites

  G,82       Gazer

  G,83       Gazez

  G,86       Gazites

  G,87       Gazzam

  G,88       Geba

  G,89       Gebal

  G,90       Geber

  G,91       Gebim

  G,92       Gedaliah

  G,93       Gedeon

  G,94       Geder

  G,95       Gederah

  G,96       Gederathite

  G,97       Gederite

  G,98       Gederoth

  G,99       Gederothaim

G,100       Gedor

G,101       Gehazi

G,102       Geliloth

G,103       Gemalli

G,104       Gemariah

G,114       Gennesaret

G,115       Gentile

G,116       Gentiles

G,120       Genubath

G,121       Gera

G,123       Gerar

G,124       Gergesenes

G,125       Gerizim

G,126       Gershom

G,127       Gershon

G,128       Gershonite

G,129       Gershonites

G,130       Gesham

G,131       Geshem

G,132       Geshur

G,133       Geshuri

G,134       Geshurites

G,136       Gether

G,137       Gethsemane

G,140       Geuel

G,141       Gezer

G,142       Gezrites

G,143       Ghost


                Holy Ghost

G,144       Giah

G,147       Gibbar

G,148       Gibbethon

G,149       Gibea

G,150       Gibeah

G,151       Gibeath

G,152       Gibeathite

G,153       Gibeon

G,154       Gibeonite

G,155       Gibeonites

G,156       Giblites

G,157       Giddalti

G,158       Giddel

G,159       Gideon

G,160       Gideoni

G,161       Gidom

G,165       Gihon

G,166       Gilalai

G,167       Gilboa

G,168       Gilead

G,169       Gilead’s

G,170       Gileadite

G,171       Gileadites

G,172       Gilgal

G,173       Giloh

G,174       Gilonite

G,175       Gimel

G,176       Gimzo

G,178       Ginath

G,179       Ginnetho

G,180       Ginnethon

G,189       Girgashite

G,190       Girgashites

G,191       Girgasite

G,195       Gispa

G,196       Gittahhepher

G,197       Gittaim

G,198       Gittite

G,199       Gittites

G,200       Gittith

G,207       Gizonite

G,245       Goath

G,249       Gob

G,251       God


                Lord God

                Son of God

G,252       God’s

G,261       Gog

G,264       Golan

G,270       Golgotha

G,271       Goliath

G,272       Gomer

G,273       Gomorrah

G,274       Gomorrha

G,290       Goshen

G,303       Gozan

G,342       Grecia

G,343       Grecians

G,344       Greece

G,348       Greek

G,349       Greeks

G,396       Gudgodah

G,410       Guni

G,411       Gunites

G,412       Gur

G,413       Gurbaal





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