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Bible Names


That begin with the letter D,
in the King James Version of the Bible.





    D,1       Dabareh

    D,2       Dabbasheth

    D,3       Daberath

    D,5       Dagon

    D,6       Dagon’s

  D,10       Dalaiah

  D,12       Daleth

  D,13       Dalmanutha

  D,14       Dalmatia

  D,15       Dalphon

  D,18       Damaris

  D,19       Damascenes

  D,20       Damascus

  D,27       Dan

  D,35       Daniel

  D,36       Danites

  D,37       Danjaan

  D,38       Dannah

  D,39       Dara

  D,40       Darda

  D,42       Darius

  D,50       Darkon

  D,57       Dathan

  D,64       David

  D,65       David’s

  D,98       Debir

  D,99       Deborah

D,104       Decapolis

D,144       Dedan

D,145       Dedanim

D,182       Dehavites

D,183       Dekar

D,184       Delaiah

D,201       Delilah

D,216       Demas

D,217       Demetrius

D,238       Derbe

D,300       Deuel

D,303       devil

D,305       devils

D,323       Diana

D,324       Diblaim

D,325       Diblath

D,326       Dibon

D,327       Dibongad

D,328       Dibri

D,332       Didymus

D,349       Diklah

D,350       Dilean

D,358       Dimnah

D,360       Dimon

D,361       Dimonah

D,362       Dinah

D,363       Dinah’s

D,364       Dinaites

D,367       Dinhabah

D,369       Dionysius

D,370       Diotrephes

D,425       Dishan

D,427       Dishon

D,510       Dizahab

D,516       Dodai

D,517       Dodanim

D,518       Dodavah

D,519       Dodo

D,520       Doeg

D,538       Dophkah

D,539       Dor

D,540       Dorcas

D,545       Dothan

D,629       Drusilla

D,638       Dumah

D,644       Dura





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