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Bible Names


That begin with the letter C,
in the King James Version of the Bible.





    C,2       Cabbon

    C,4       Cabul

    C,5       Caesar

    C,6       Caesar’s

    C,7       Caesarea

    C,9       Caiaphas

  C,10       Cain

  C,11       Cainan

  C,14       Calah

  C,18       Calcol

  C,21       Caleb

  C,22       Caleb’s

  C,23       Calebephratah

  C,34       Calneh

  C,35       Calno

  C,36       Calvary

  C,47       Camon

  C,53       Cana

  C,54       Canaan

  C,55       Canaanite

  C,56       Canaanites

  C,57       Canaanitess

  C,58       Canaanitish

  C,59       Candace

  C,68       Canneh

  C,71       Capernaum

  C,72       Caph

  C,73       Caphthorim

  C,74       Caphtor

  C,75       Caphtorim

  C,76       Caphtorims

  C,77       Cappadocia

  C,85       Carcas

  C,88       Carchemish

  C,90       Careah

C,101       Carmel

C,102       Carmelite

C,103       Carmelitess

C,104       Carmi

C,105       Carmites

C,111       Carpus

C,119       Carshena

C,127       Casiphia

C,128       Casluhim

C,138       Castor

C,164       Cedron

C,168       Cenchrea

C,174       Cephas

C,186       Chalcol

C,187       Chaldaeans

C,188       Chaldea

C,189       Chaldean

C,190       Chaldeans

C,191       Chaldeans’

C,192       Chaldees

C,193       Chaldees’

C,205       Chanaan

C,226       Charashim

C,227       Charchemish

C,245       Charran

C,261       Chebar

C,264       Chedorlaomer

C,274       Chelal

C,275       Chelluh

C,276       Chelub

C,277       Chelubai

C,278       Chemarims

C,279       Chemosh

C,280       Chenaanah

C,281       Chenani

C,282       Chenaniah

C,283       Chepharhaammonai

C,284       Chephirah

C,285       Cheran

C,286       Cherethims

C,287       Cherethites

C,291       Cherith

C,292       Cherub

C,293       cherubims

C,294       cherubims’

C,295       Chesalon

C,296       Chesed

C,297       Chesil

C,301       Chesulloth

C,302       Cheth

C,306       Chezib

C,310       Chidon

C,322       Chileab

C,323       Chilion

C,324       Chilion’s

C,325       Chilmad

C,326       Chimham

C,328       Chinnereth

C,329       Chinneroth

C,330       Chios

C,331       Chisleu

C,332       Chislon

C,333       Chislothtabor

C,334       Chittim

C,335       Chiun

C,336       Chloe

C,348       Chorashan

C,349       Chorazin

C,352       Chozeba

C,353       Christ

                Christ Jesus

                Jesus Christ

C,354       Christ’s

C,355       Christian

C,356       Christians

C,357       Christs

C,361       Chub

C,362       Chun

C,368       Chushanrishathaim

C,369       Chuza

C,372       Cilicia

C,374       Cinneroth

C,384       Cis

C,397       Clauda

C,398       Claudia

C,399       Claudius

C,420       Clement

C,421       Cleopas

C,422       Cleophas

C,455       Cnidus

C,472       Colhozeh

C,479       Colosse

C,573       Conaniah

C,640       Coniah

C,642       Cononiah

C,743       Coos

C,752       Corban

C,755       Core

C,757       Corinth

C,758       Corinthians

C,761       Cornelius

C,781       Cosam

C,851       Coz

C,852       Cozbi

C,879       Crescens

C,880       Crete

C,881       Cretes

C,882       Cretians

C,894       Crispus

C,956       Cush

C,957       Cushan

C,958       Cushi

C,963       Cuth

C,964       Cuthah

C,972       Cyprus

C,973       Cyrene

C,974       Cyrenian

C,975       Cyrenians

C,976       Cyrenius

C,977       Cyrus





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