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Bible Names


That begin with the letter B,
in the King James Version of the Bible.





    B,1       Baal

    B,2       Baal’s

    B,3       Baalah

    B,4       Baalath

    B,5       Baalathbeer

    B,6       Baalberith

    B,7       Baale

    B,8       Baalgad

    B,9       Baalhamon

  B,10       Baalhanan

  B,11       Baalhazor

  B,12       Baalhermon

  B,13       Baali

  B,14       Baalim

  B,15       Baalis

  B,16       Baalmeon

  B,17       Baalpeor

  B,18       Baalperazim

  B,19       Baalshalisha

  B,20       Baaltamar

  B,21       Baalzebub

  B,22       Baalzephon

  B,23       Baana

  B,24       Baanah

  B,25       Baara

  B,26       Baaseiah

  B,27       Baasha

  B,32       Babel

  B,34       Babylon

  B,35       Babylon’s

  B,36       Babylonians

  B,37       Babylonish

  B,38       Baca

  B,39       Bachrites

  B,59       Baharumite

  B,60       Bahurim

  B,61       Bajith

  B,62       Bakbakkar

  B,63       Bakbuk

  B,64       Bakbukiah

  B,73       Balaam

  B,74       Balaam’s

  B,75       Balac

  B,76       Baladan

  B,77       Balah

  B,78       Balak

  B,79       Balak’s

  B,87       Bamah

  B,88       Bamoth

  B,89       Bamothbaal

  B,93       Bani

B,113       Barabbas

B,114       Barachel

B,115       Barachias

B,116       Barak

B,125       Barhumite

B,126       Bariah

B,127       Barjesus

B,128       Barjona

B,131       Barkos

B,134       Barnabas

B,142       Barsabas

B,143       Bartholomew

B,144       Bartimaeus

B,145       Baruch

B,146       Barzillai

B,151       Bashan

B,152       Bashanhavothjair

B,153       Bashemath

B,156       Basmath

B,165       Bathrabbim

B,167       Bathsheba

B,168       Bathshua

B,176       Bavai

B,178       Bazlith

B,179       Bazluth

B,183       Bealiah

B,184       Bealoth

B,208       Bebai

B,212       Becher

B,213       Bechorath

B,220       Bedad

B,221       Bedan

B,223       Bedeiah

B,227       Beeliada

B,228       Beelzebub

B,230       Beer

B,231       Beera

B,232       Beerah

B,233       Beerelim

B,234       Beeri

B,235       Beerlahairoi

B,236       Beeroth

B,237       Beerothite

B,238       Beerothites

B,239       Beersheba

B,241       Beeshterah

B,277       Behemoth

B,286       Bel

B,287       Bela

B,288       Belah

B,289       Belaites

B,291       Belial

B,313       Belshazzar

B,314       Belteshazzar

B,318       Ben

B,319       Benaiah

B,320       Benammi

B,326       Beneberak

B,330       Benejaakan

B,332       Benhadad

B,333       Benhail

B,334       Benhanan

B,335       Beninu

B,336       Benjamin

B,337       Benjamin’s

B,338       Benjamite

B,339       Benjamites

B,340       Beno

B,341       Benoni

B,343       Benzoheth

B,344       Beon

B,345       Beor

B,346       Bera

B,347       Berachah

B,348       Berachiah

B,349       Beraiah

B,350       Berea

B,354       Berechiah

B,355       Bered

B,356       Beri

B,357       Beriah

B,358       Beriites

B,359       Berites

B,360       Berith

B,361       Bernice

B,362       Berodachbaladan

B,363       Berothah

B,364       Berothai

B,365       Berothite

B,368       Besai

B,376       Besodeiah

B,378       Besor

B,385       Betah

B,386       Beten

B,387       Beth

B,388       Bethabara

B,389       Bethanath

B,390       Bethanoth

B,391       Bethany

B,392       Betharabah

B,393       Betharam

B,394       Betharbel

B,395       Bethaven

B,396       Bethazmaveth

B,397       Bethbaalmeon

B,398       Bethbarah

B,399       Bethbirei

B,400       Bethcar

B,401       Bethdagon

B,402       Bethdiblathaim

B,403       Bethel

B,404       Bethelite

B,405       Bethemek

B,406       Bether

B,407       Bethesda

B,408       Bethezel

B,409       Bethgader

B,410       Bethgamul

B,411       Bethhaccerem

B,412       Bethharan

B,413       Bethhogla

B,414       Bethhoglah

B,415       Bethhoron

B,417       Bethjeshimoth

B,418       Bethjesimoth

B,419       Bethlebaoth

B,420       Bethlehem

B,421       Bethlehemite

B,422       Bethlehemjudah

B,423       Bethmaachah

B,424       Bethmarcaboth

B,425       Bethmeon

B,426       Bethnimrah

B,427       Bethpalet

B,428       Bethpazzez

B,429       Bethpeor

B,430       Bethphage

B,431       Bethphelet

B,432       Bethrapha

B,433       Bethrehob

B,434       Bethsaida

B,435       Bethshan

B,436       Bethshean

B,437       Bethshemesh

B,438       Bethshemite

B,439       Bethshittah

B,440       Bethtappuah

B,441       Bethuel

B,442       Bethul

B,443       Bethzur

B,445       Betonim

B,457       Beulah

B,466       Bezai

B,467       Bezaleel

B,468       Bezek

B,469       Bezer

B,470       Bichri

B,475       Bidkar

B,477       Bigtha

B,478       Bigthan

B,479       Bigthana

B,480       Bigvai

B,481       Bildad

B,482       Bileam

B,483       Bilgah

B,484       Bilgai

B,485       Bilhah

B,486       Bilhan

B,489       Bilshan

B,490       Bimhal

B,494       Binea

B,495       Binnui

B,500       Birsha

B,504       Birzavith

B,505       Bishlam

B,512       Bithiah

B,513       Bithron

B,514       Bithynia

B,521       Bizjothjah

B,522       Biztha

B,546       Blastus

B,585       Boanerges

B,598       Boaz

B,599       Bocheru

B,600       Bochim

B,605       Bohan

B,638       Booz

B,649       Boscath

B,651       Bosor

B,682       Bozez

B,683       Bozkath

B,684       Bozrah

B,805       Bukki

B,806       Bukkiah

B,807       Bul

B,816       Bunah

B,821       Bunni

B,860       Buz

B,861       Buzi

B,862       Buzite





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