Old Testament.††††††††††††††††††††† New Testament.



Bible Names

In The

Old Testament


A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z.





††† A,2†††††† Aaron

††† A,3†††††† Aaronís

††† A,4†††††† Aaronites

††† A,6†††††† Abagtha

††† A,7†††††† Abana

††† A,8†††††† Abarim

A,14†††††† Abda

A,15†††††† Abdeel

A,16†††††† Abdi

A,17†††††† Abdiel

A,18†††††† Abdon

A,19†††††† Abednego

A,20†††††† Abel

A,21†††††† Abelbethmaachah

A,22†††††† Abelmaim

A,23†††††† Abelmeholah

A,24†††††† Abelmizraim

A,25†††††† Abelshittim

A,26†††††† Abez

A,32†††††† Abi

A,33†††††† Abia

A,34†††††† Abiah

A,35†††††† Abialbon

A,36†††††† Abiasaph

A,37†††††† Abiathar

A,38†††††† Abiatharís

A,39†††††† Abib

A,40†††††† Abida

A,41†††††† Abidah

A,42†††††† Abidan

A,46†††††† Abiel

A,47†††††† Abiezer

A,48†††††† Abiezrite

A,49†††††† Abiezrites

A,50†††††† Abigail

A,51†††††† Abihail

A,52†††††† Abihu

A,53†††††† Abihud

A,54†††††† Abijah

A,55†††††† Abijam

A,56†††††† Abilene

A,58†††††† Abimael

A,59†††††† Abimelech

A,60†††††† Abimelechís

A,61†††††† Abinadab

A,62†††††† Abinoam

A,63†††††† Abiram

A,64†††††† Abishag

A,65†††††† Abishai

A,66†††††† Abishalom

A,67†††††† Abishua

A,68†††††† Abishur

A,69†††††† Abital

A,70†††††† Abitub

A,71†††††† Abiud

A,74†††††† Abner

A,75†††††† Abnerís

A,91†††††† Abraham

A,92†††††† Abrahamís

A,93†††††† Abram

A,94†††††† Abramís

A,96†††††† Absalom

A,97†††††† Absalomís

A,109†††††† Accad

A,120†††††† Accho

A,147†††††† Achan

A,148†††††† Achar

A,150†††††† Achbor

A,151†††††† Achim

A,153†††††† Achmetha

A,154†††††† Achor

A,155†††††† Achsa

A,156†††††† Achsah

A,157†††††† Achshaph

A,158†††††† Achzib

A,175†††††† Adadah

A,176†††††† Adah

A,177†††††† Adaiah

A,178†††††† Adalia

A,179†††††† Adam

A,181†††††† Adamah

A,183†††††† Adami

A,184†††††† Adar

A,185†††††† Adbeel

A,187†††††† Addan

A,188†††††† Addar

A,197†††††† Addon

A,198†††††† Ader

A,199†††††† Adiel

A,200†††††† Adin

A,201†††††† Adina

A,202†††††† Adino

A,203†††††† Adithaim

A,206†††††† Adlai

A,207†††††† Admah

A,208†††††† Admatha

A,218†††††† Adna

A,219†††††† Adnah

A,221†††††† Adonibezek

A,222†††††† Adonijah

A,223†††††† Adonikam

A,224†††††† Adoniram

A,225†††††† Adonizedec

A,227†††††† Adoraim

A,228†††††† Adoram

A,233†††††† Adrammelech

A,236†††††† Adriel

A,237†††††† Adullam

A,238†††††† Adullamite

A,246†††††† Adummim

A,296†††††† Agag

A,297†††††† Agagite

A,305†††††† Agee

A,317†††††† Agur

A,320†††††† Ahab

A,321†††††† Ahabís

A,322†††††† Aharah

A,323†††††† Aharhel

A,324†††††† Ahasai

A,325†††††† Ahasbai

A,326†††††† Ahasuerus

A,327†††††† Ahasuerusí

A,328†††††† Ahava

A,329†††††† Ahaz

A,330†††††† Ahaziah

A,331†††††† Ahban

A,332†††††† Aher

A,333†††††† Ahi

A,334†††††† Ahiah

A,335†††††† Ahiam

A,336†††††† Ahian

A,337†††††† Ahiezer

A,338†††††† Ahihud

A,339†††††† Ahijah

A,340†††††† Ahikam

A,341†††††† Ahilud

A,342†††††† Ahimaaz

A,343†††††† Ahiman

A,344†††††† Ahimelech

A,345†††††† Ahimelechís

A,346†††††† Ahimoth

A,347†††††† Ahinadab

A,348†††††† Ahinoam

A,349†††††† Ahio

A,350†††††† Ahira

A,351†††††† Ahiram

A,352†††††† Ahiramites

A,353†††††† Ahisamach

A,354†††††† Ahishahar

A,355†††††† Ahishar

A,356†††††† Ahithophel

A,357†††††† Ahitub

A,358†††††† Ahlab

A,359†††††† Ahlai

A,360†††††† Ahoah

A,361†††††† Ahohite

A,362†††††† Aholah

A,363†††††† Aholiab

A,364†††††† Aholibah

A,365†††††† Aholibamah

A,366†††††† Ahumai

A,367†††††† Ahuzam

A,368†††††† Ahuzzath

A,369†††††† Ai

A,370†††††† Aiah

A,371†††††† Aiath

A,373†††††† Aija

A,374†††††† Aijalon

A,375†††††† Aijeleth

A,378†††††† Ain

A,380†††††† Ajah

A,381†††††† Ajalon

A,382†††††† Akan

A,383†††††† Akkub

A,384†††††† Akrabbim

A,386†††††† Alameth

A,387†††††† Alammelech

A,388†††††† Alamoth

A,392†††††† Alemeth

A,393†††††† Aleph

A,398†††††† Aliah

A,399†††††† Alian

A,411†††††† Allon

A,412†††††† Allonbachuth

A,418†††††† Almighty

A,419†††††† Almodad

A,420†††††† Almon

A,422†††††† Almondiblathaim

A,432†††††† Aloth

A,440†††††† Altaschith

A,446†††††† Alush

A,447†††††† Alvah

A,448†††††† Alvan

A,452†††††† Amad

A,453†††††† Amal

A,454†††††† Amalek

A,455†††††† Amalekite

A,456†††††† Amalekites

A,457†††††† Amam

A,458†††††† Amana

A,459†††††† Amariah

A,460†††††† Amasa

A,461†††††† Amasai

A,462†††††† Amashai

A,463†††††† Amasiah

A,466†††††† Amaziah

A,475†††††† Amen

A,480†††††† Ami

A,484†††††† Amittai

A,485†††††† Ammah

A,486†††††† Ammi

A,487†††††† Ammiel

A,488†††††† Ammihud

A,489†††††† Amminadab

A,490†††††† Amminadib

A,491†††††† Ammishaddai

A,492†††††† Ammizabad

A,493†††††† Ammon

A,494†††††† Ammonite

A,495†††††† Ammonites

A,496†††††† Ammonitess

A,497†††††† Amnon

A,498†††††† Amnonís

A,499†††††† Amok

A,500†††††† Amon

A,503†††††† Amorite

A,504†††††† Amorites

A,505†††††† Amos

A,507†††††† Amoz

A,510†††††† Amram

A,511†††††† Amramís

A,512†††††† Amramites

A,513†††††† Amraphel

A,514†††††† Amzi

A,516†††††† Anab

A,517†††††† Anah

A,518†††††† Anaharath

A,519†††††† Anaiah

A,520†††††† Anak

A,521†††††† Anakims

A,522†††††† Anamim

A,523†††††† Anammelech

A,524†††††† Anan

A,525†††††† Anani

A,526†††††† Ananiah

A,528†††††† Anath

A,530†††††† Anathoth

A,541†††††† Anem

A,542†††††† Aner

A,543†††††† Anethothite

A,544†††††† Anetothite

A,545†††††† angel

A,547†††††† angels

A,548†††††† angelsí

A,554†††††† Aniam

A,555†††††† Anim

A,582†††††† Antothijah

A,583†††††† Antothite

A,585†††††† Anub

A,592†††††† Apharsachites

A,593†††††† Apharsathchites

A,594†††††† Apharsites

A,595†††††† Aphek

A,596†††††† Aphekah

A,597†††††† Aphiah

A,598†††††† Aphik

A,599†††††† Aphrah

A,600†††††† Aphses

A,612†††††† Appaim

A,655†††††† Ar

A,656†††††† Ara

A,657†††††† Arab

A,658†††††† Arabah

A,659†††††† Arabia

A,660†††††† Arabian

A,661†††††† Arabians

A,662†††††† Arad

A,663†††††† Arah

A,664†††††† Aram

A,665†††††† Aramitess

A,666†††††† Aramnaharaim

A,667†††††† Aramzobah

A,668†††††† Aran

A,669†††††† Ararat

A,670†††††† Araunah

A,671†††††† Arba

A,672†††††† Arbah

A,673†††††† Arbathite

A,674†††††† Arbite

A,676†††††† Archelaus

A,680†††††† Archevites

A,681†††††† Archi

A,683†††††† Archite

A,684†††††† Arcturus

A,685†††††† Ard

A,686†††††† Ardites

A,687†††††† Ardon

A,689†††††† Areli

A,690†††††† Arelites

A,694†††††† Argob

A,697†††††† Aridai

A,698†††††† Aridatha

A,699†††††† Arieh

A,700†††††† Ariel

A,703†††††† Arioch

A,704†††††† Arisai

A,711†††††† Arkite

A,715†††††† Armenia

A,718†††††† Armoni

A,724†††††† Arnan

A,725†††††† Arnon

A,726†††††† Arod

A,727†††††† Arodi

A,728†††††† Arodites

A,729†††††† Aroer

A,730†††††† Aroerite

A,732†††††† Arpad

A,733†††††† Arphad

A,734†††††† Arphaxad

A,742†††††† Artaxerxes

A,743†††††† Artaxerxesí

A,749†††††† Aruboth

A,750†††††† Arumah

A,751†††††† Arvad

A,752†††††† Arvadite

A,753†††††† Arza

A,755†††††† Asa

A,756†††††† Asaís

A,757†††††† Asahel

A,758†††††† Asahiah

A,759†††††† Asaiah

A,760†††††† Asaph

A,761†††††† Asaphís

A,762†††††† Asareel

A,763†††††† Asarelah

A,771†††††† Asenath

A,775†††††† Ashan

A,776†††††† Ashbea

A,777†††††† Ashbel

A,778†††††† Ashbelites

A,779†††††† Ashchenaz

A,780†††††† Ashdod

A,781†††††† Ashdodites

A,782†††††† Ashdothites

A,783†††††† Ashdothpisgah

A,784†††††† Asher

A,785†††††† Asherites

A,787†††††† Ashima

A,788†††††† Ashkelon

A,789†††††† Ashkenaz

A,790†††††† Ashnah

A,791†††††† Ashpenaz

A,792†††††† Ashriel

A,793†††††† Ashtaroth

A,794†††††† Ashterathite

A,795†††††† Ashteroth

A,796†††††† Ashtoreth

A,797†††††† Ashur

A,798†††††† Ashurites

A,799†††††† Ashvath

A,802†††††† Asiel

A,805†††††† Askelon

A,810†††††† Asnah

A,811†††††† Asnapper

A,813†††††† Aspatha

A,815†††††† Asriel

A,816†††††† Asrielites

A,832†††††† Asshur

A,833†††††† Asshurim

A,835†††††† Assir

A,839†††††† Assur

A,846†††††† Assyria

A,847†††††† Assyrian

A,848†††††† Assyrians

A,849†††††† Astaroth

A,857†††††† Asuppim

A,860†††††† Atad

A,861†††††† Atarah

A,862†††††† Ataroth

A,863†††††† Atarothadar

A,864†††††† Atarothaddar

A,866†††††† Ater

A,867†††††† Athach

A,868†††††† Athaiah

A,869†††††† Athaliah

A,873†††††† Athlai

A,876†††††† Atroth

A,877†††††† Attai

A,900†††††† Ava

A,902†††††† Aven

A,909†††††† Avim

A,910†††††† Avims

A,911†††††† Avites

A,912†††††† Avith

A,930†††††† Azal

A,931†††††† Azaliah

A,932†††††† Azaniah

A,933†††††† Azarael

A,934†††††† Azareel

A,935†††††† Azariah

A,936†††††† Azaz

A,937†††††† Azaziah

A,938†††††† Azbuk

A,939†††††† Azekah

A,940†††††† Azel

A,941†††††† Azem

A,942†††††† Azgad

A,943†††††† Aziel

A,944†††††† Aziza

A,945†††††† Azmaveth

A,946†††††† Azmon

A,947†††††† Aznothtabor

A,950†††††† Azriel

A,951†††††† Azrikam

A,952†††††† Azubah

A,953†††††† Azur

A,954†††††† Azzah

A,955†††††† Azzan

A,956†††††† Azzur





†† B,1†††††† Baal

††† B,2†††††† Baalís

††† B,3†††††† Baalah

††† B,4†††††† Baalath

††† B,5†††††† Baalathbeer

††† B,6†††††† Baalberith

††† B,7†††††† Baale

††† B,8†††††† Baalgad

††† B,9†††††† Baalhamon

B,10†††††† Baalhanan

B,11†††††† Baalhazor

B,12†††††† Baalhermon

B,13†††††† Baali

B,14†††††† Baalim

B,15†††††† Baalis

B,16†††††† Baalmeon

B,17†††††† Baalpeor

B,18†††††† Baalperazim

B,19†††††† Baalshalisha

B,20†††††† Baaltamar

B,21†††††† Baalzebub

B,22†††††† Baalzephon

B,23†††††† Baana

B,24†††††† Baanah

B,25†††††† Baara

B,26†††††† Baaseiah

B,27†††††† Baasha

B,32†††††† Babel

B,34†††††† Babylon

B,35†††††† Babylonís

B,36†††††† Babylonians

B,37†††††† Babylonish

B,38†††††† Baca

B,39†††††† Bachrites

B,59†††††† Baharumite

B,60†††††† Bahurim

B,61†††††† Bajith

B,62†††††† Bakbakkar

B,63†††††† Bakbuk

B,64†††††† Bakbukiah

B,73†††††† Balaam

B,74†††††† Balaamís

B,76†††††† Baladan

B,77†††††† Balah

B,78†††††† Balak

B,79†††††† Balakís

B,87†††††† Bamah

B,88†††††† Bamoth

B,89†††††† Bamothbaal

B,93†††††† Bani

B,114†††††† Barachel

B,116†††††† Barak

B,125†††††† Barhumite

B,126†††††† Bariah

B,131†††††† Barkos

B,145†††††† Baruch

B,146†††††† Barzillai

B,151†††††† Bashan

B,152†††††† Bashanhavothjair

B,153†††††† Bashemath

B,156†††††† Basmath

B,165†††††† Bathrabbim

B,167†††††† Bathsheba

B,168†††††† Bathshua

B,176†††††† Bavai

B,178†††††† Bazlith

B,179†††††† Bazluth

B,183†††††† Bealiah

B,184†††††† Bealoth

B,208†††††† Bebai

B,212†††††† Becher

B,213†††††† Bechorath

B,220†††††† Bedad

B,221†††††† Bedan

B,223†††††† Bedeiah

B,227†††††† Beeliada

B,230†††††† Beer

B,231†††††† Beera

B,232†††††† Beerah

B,233†††††† Beerelim

B,234†††††† Beeri

B,235†††††† Beerlahairoi

B,236†††††† Beeroth

B,237†††††† Beerothite

B,238†††††† Beerothites

B,239†††††† Beersheba

B,241†††††† Beeshterah

B,277†††††† Behemoth

B,286†††††† Bel

B,287†††††† Bela

B,288†††††† Belah

B,289†††††† Belaites

B,291†††††† Belial

B,313†††††† Belshazzar

B,314†††††† Belteshazzar

B,318†††††† Ben

B,319†††††† Benaiah

B,320†††††† Benammi

B,326†††††† Beneberak

B,330†††††† Benejaakan

B,332†††††† Benhadad

B,333†††††† Benhail

B,334†††††† Benhanan

B,335†††††† Beninu

B,336†††††† Benjamin

B,337†††††† Benjaminís

B,338†††††† Benjamite

B,339†††††† Benjamites

B,340†††††† Beno

B,341†††††† Benoni

B,343†††††† Benzoheth

B,344†††††† Beon

B,345†††††† Beor

B,346†††††† Bera

B,347†††††† Berachah

B,348†††††† Berachiah

B,349†††††† Beraiah

B,354†††††† Berechiah

B,355†††††† Bered

B,356†††††† Beri

B,357†††††† Beriah

B,358†††††† Beriites

B,359†††††† Berites

B,360†††††† Berith

B,362†††††† Berodachbaladan

B,363†††††† Berothah

B,364†††††† Berothai

B,365†††††† Berothite

B,368†††††† Besai

B,376†††††† Besodeiah

B,378†††††† Besor

B,385†††††† Betah

B,386†††††† Beten

B,387†††††† Beth

B,389†††††† Bethanath

B,390†††††† Bethanoth

B,392†††††† Betharabah

B,393†††††† Betharam

B,394†††††† Betharbel

B,395†††††† Bethaven

B,396†††††† Bethazmaveth

B,397†††††† Bethbaalmeon

B,398†††††† Bethbarah

B,399†††††† Bethbirei

B,400†††††† Bethcar

B,401†††††† Bethdagon

B,402†††††† Bethdiblathaim

B,403†††††† Bethel

B,404†††††† Bethelite

B,405†††††† Bethemek

B,406†††††† Bether

B,408†††††† Bethezel

B,409†††††† Bethgader

B,410†††††† Bethgamul

B,411†††††† Bethhaccerem

B,412†††††† Bethharan

B,413†††††† Bethhogla

B,414†††††† Bethhoglah

B,415†††††† Bethhoron

B,417†††††† Bethjeshimoth

B,418†††††† Bethjesimoth

B,419†††††† Bethlebaoth

B,420†††††† Bethlehem

B,421†††††† Bethlehemite

B,422†††††† Bethlehemjudah

B,423†††††† Bethmaachah

B,424†††††† Bethmarcaboth

B,425†††††† Bethmeon

B,426†††††† Bethnimrah

B,427†††††† Bethpalet

B,428†††††† Bethpazzez

B,429†††††† Bethpeor

B,431†††††† Bethphelet

B,432†††††† Bethrapha

B,433†††††† Bethrehob

B,435†††††† Bethshan

B,436†††††† Bethshean

B,437†††††† Bethshemesh

B,438†††††† Bethshemite

B,439†††††† Bethshittah

B,440†††††† Bethtappuah

B,441†††††† Bethuel

B,442†††††† Bethul

B,443†††††† Bethzur

B,445†††††† Betonim

B,457†††††† Beulah

B,466†††††† Bezai

B,467†††††† Bezaleel

B,468†††††† Bezek

B,469†††††† Bezer

B,470†††††† Bichri

B,475†††††† Bidkar

B,477†††††† Bigtha

B,478†††††† Bigthan

B,479†††††† Bigthana

B,480†††††† Bigvai

B,481†††††† Bildad

B,482†††††† Bileam

B,483†††††† Bilgah

B,484†††††† Bilgai

B,485†††††† Bilhah

B,486†††††† Bilhan

B,489†††††† Bilshan

B,490†††††† Bimhal

B,494†††††† Binea

B,495†††††† Binnui

B,500†††††† Birsha

B,504†††††† Birzavith

B,505†††††† Bishlam

B,512†††††† Bithiah

B,513†††††† Bithron

B,521†††††† Bizjothjah

B,522†††††† Biztha

B,598†††††† Boaz

B,599†††††† Bocheru

B,600†††††† Bochim

B,605†††††† Bohan

B,649†††††† Boscath

B,682†††††† Bozez

B,683†††††† Bozkath

B,684†††††† Bozrah

B,805†††††† Bukki

B,806†††††† Bukkiah

B,807†††††† Bul

B,816†††††† Bunah

B,821†††††† Bunni

B,860†††††† Buz

B,861†††††† Buzi

B,862†††††† Buzite






††† C,2†††††† Cabbon

††† C,4†††††† Cabul

C,10†††††† Cain

C,11†††††† Cainan

C,14†††††† Calah

C,18†††††† Calcol

C,21†††††† Caleb

C,22†††††† Calebís

C,23†††††† Calebephratah

C,34†††††† Calneh

C,35†††††† Calno

C,47†††††† Camon

C,54†††††† Canaan

C,55†††††† Canaanite

C,56†††††† Canaanites

C,57†††††† Canaanitess

C,58†††††† Canaanitish

C,68†††††† Canneh

C,72†††††† Caph

C,73†††††† Caphthorim

C,74†††††† Caphtor

C,75†††††† Caphtorim

C,76†††††† Caphtorims

C,77†††††† Cappadocia

C,85†††††† Carcas

C,88†††††† Carchemish

C,90†††††† Careah

C,101†††††† Carmel

C,102†††††† Carmelite

C,103†††††† Carmelitess

C,104†††††† Carmi

C,105†††††† Carmites

C,119†††††† Carshena

C,127†††††† Casiphia

C,128†††††† Casluhim

C,164†††††† Cedron

C,186†††††† Chalcol

C,188†††††† Chaldea

C,189†††††† Chaldean

C,190†††††† Chaldeans

C,191†††††† Chaldeansí

C,192†††††† Chaldees

C,193†††††† Chaldeesí

C,226†††††† Charashim

C,227†††††† Charchemish

C,261†††††† Chebar

C,264†††††† Chedorlaomer

C,274†††††† Chelal

C,275†††††† Chelluh

C,276†††††† Chelub

C,277†††††† Chelubai

C,278†††††† Chemarims

C,279†††††† Chemosh

C,280†††††† Chenaanah

C,281†††††† Chenani

C,282†††††† Chenaniah

C,283†††††† Chepharhaammonai

C,284†††††† Chephirah

C,285†††††† Cheran

C,286†††††† Cherethims

C,287†††††† Cherethites

C,291†††††† Cherith

C,292†††††† Cherub

C,293†††††† cherubims

C,294†††††† cherubimsí

C,295†††††† Chesalon

C,296†††††† Chesed

C,297†††††† Chesil

C,301†††††† Chesulloth

C,302†††††† Cheth

C,306†††††† Chezib

C,310†††††† Chidon

C,322†††††† Chileab

C,323†††††† Chilion

C,324†††††† Chilionís

C,325†††††† Chilmad

C,326†††††† Chimham

C,328†††††† Chinnereth

C,329†††††† Chinneroth

C,331†††††† Chisleu

C,332†††††† Chislon

C,333†††††† Chislothtabor

C,334†††††† Chittim

C,335†††††† Chiun

C,348†††††† Chorashan

C,352†††††† Chozeba

C,361†††††† Chub

C,362†††††† Chun

C,368†††††† Chushanrishathaim

C,374†††††† Cinneroth

C,472†††††† Colhozeh

C,573†††††† Conaniah

C,640†††††† Coniah

C,642†††††† Cononiah

C,851†††††† Coz

C,852†††††† Cozbi

C,956†††††† Cush

C,957†††††† Cushan

C,958†††††† Cushi

C,963†††††† Cuth

C,964†††††† Cuthah

C,977†††††† Cyrus






††† D,1†††††† Dabareh

††† D,2†††††† Dabbasheth

††† D,3†††††† Daberath

†† D,5†††††† Dagon

††† D,6†††††† Dagonís

D,10†††††† Dalaiah

D,12†††††† Daleth

D,15†††††† Dalphon

D,20†††††† Damascus

D,27†††††† Dan

D,35†††††† Daniel

D,36†††††† Danites

D,37†††††† Danjaan

D,38†††††† Dannah

D,39†††††† Dara

D,40†††††† Darda

D,42†††††† Darius

D,50†††††† Darkon

D,57†††††† Dathan

D,64†††††† David

D,65†††††† Davidís

D,98†††††† Debir

D,99†††††† Deborah

D,144†††††† Dedan

D,145†††††† Dedanim

D,182†††††† Dehavites

D,183†††††† Dekar

D,184†††††† Delaiah

D,201†††††† Delilah

D,300†††††† Deuel

D,305†††††† devils

D,324†††††† Diblaim

D,325†††††† Diblath

D,326†††††† Dibon

D,327†††††† Dibongad

D,328†††††† Dibri

D,349†††††† Diklah

D,350†††††† Dilean

D,358†††††† Dimnah

D,360†††††† Dimon

D,361†††††† Dimonah

D,362†††††† Dinah

D,363†††††† Dinahís

D,364†††††† Dinaites

D,367†††††† Dinhabah

D,425†††††† Dishan

D,427†††††† Dishon

D,510†††††† Dizahab

D,516†††††† Dodai

D,517†††††† Dodanim

D,518†††††† Dodavah

D,519†††††† Dodo

D,520†††††† Doeg

D,538†††††† Dophkah

D,539†††††† Dor

D,545†††††† Dothan

D,638†††††† Dumah

D,644†††††† Dura






E,16†††††† Earth

E,37†††††† Ebal

E,38†††††† Ebed

E,39†††††† Ebedmelech

E,40†††††† Ebenezer

E,41†††††† Eber

E,42†††††† Ebiasaph

E,44†††††† Ebronah

E,45†††††† Ed

E,46†††††† Edar

E,47†††††† Eden

E,48†††††† Eder

E,56†††††† Edom

E,57†††††† Edomite

E,58†††††† Edomites

E,59†††††† Edrei

E,67†††††† Eglah

E,68†††††† Eglaim

E,69†††††† Eglon

E,70†††††† Egypt

E,71†††††† Egyptian

E,72†††††† Egyptianís

E,73†††††† Egyptians

E,74†††††† Ehi

E,75†††††† Ehud

E,83†††††† Eker

E,84†††††† Ekron

E,85†††††† Ekronites

E,86†††††† Eladah

E,87†††††† Elah

E,88†††††† Elam

E,89†††††† Elamites

E,90†††††† Elasah

E,91†††††† Elath

E,92†††††† Elbethel

E,93†††††† Eldaah

E,94†††††† Eldad

E,98†††††† Elead

E,99†††††† Elealeh

E,100†††††† Eleasah

E,101†††††† Eleazar

E,106†††††† Elelohe-Isreal

E,108†††††† Eleph

E,111†††††† Elhanan

E,112†††††† Eli

E,113†††††† Eliís

E,114†††††† Eliab

E,115†††††† Eliabís

E,116†††††† Eliada

E,117†††††† Eliadah

E,118†††††† Eliah

E,119†††††† Eliahba

E,120†††††† Eliakim

E,121†††††† Eliam

E,123†††††† Eliasaph

E,124†††††† Eliashib

E,125†††††† Eliathah

E,126†††††† Elidad

E,127†††††† Eliel

E,128†††††† Elienai

E,129†††††† Eliezer

E,130†††††† Elihoenai

E,131†††††† Elihoreph

E,132†††††† Elihu

E,133†††††† Elijah

E,134†††††† Elika

E,135†††††† Elim

E,136†††††† Elimelech

E,137†††††† Elimelechís

E,138†††††† Elioenai

E,139†††††† Eliphal

E,140†††††† Eliphalet

E,141†††††† Eliphaz

E,142†††††† Elipheleh

E,143†††††† Eliphelet

E,146†††††† Eliseus

E,147†††††† Elisha

E,148†††††† Elishah

E,149†††††† Elishama

E,150†††††† Elishaphat

E,151†††††† Elisheba

E,152†††††† Elishua

E,154†††††† Elizaphan

E,155†††††† Elizur

E,156†††††† Elkanah

E,157†††††† Elkoshite

E,158†††††† Ellasar

E,161†††††† Elnaam

E,162†††††† Elnathan

E,164†††††† Elon

E,165†††††† Elonbethhanan

E,166†††††† Elonites

E,168†††††† Eloth

E,169†††††† Elpaal

E,170†††††† Elpalet

E,171†††††† Elparan

E,173†††††† Eltekeh

E,174†††††† Eltekon

E,175†††††† Eltolad

E,176†††††† Elul

E,177†††††† Eluzai

E,179†††††† Elzabad

E,180†††††† Elzaphan

E,193†††††† Emims

E,209†††††† Enam

E,210†††††† Enan

E,234†††††† Endor

E,242†††††† Eneglaim

E,249†††††† Engannim

E,250†††††† Engedi

E,257†††††† Enhaddah

E,258†††††† Enhakkore

E,259†††††† Enhazor

E,272†††††† Enmishpat

E,274†††††† Enoch

E,275†††††† Enos

E,276†††††† Enosh

E,285†††††† Enrimmon

E,286†††††† Enrogel

E,289†††††† Enshemesh

E,297†††††† Entappuah

E,329†††††† Ephah

E,330†††††† Ephai

E,331†††††† Epher

E,332†††††† Ephesdammim

E,336†††††† Ephlal

E,337†††††† Ephod

E,339†††††† Ephraim

E,340†††††† Ephraimís

E,341†††††† Ephraimite

E,342†††††† Ephraimites

E,343†††††† Ephrain

E,344†††††† Ephratah

E,345†††††† Ephrath

E,346†††††† Ephrathite

E,347†††††† Ephrathites

E,348†††††† Ephron

E,357†††††† Er

E,358†††††† Eran

E,359†††††† Eranites

E,362†††††† Erech

E,364†††††† Eri

E,365†††††† Erites

E,373†††††† Esarhaddon

E,374†††††† Esau

E,375†††††† Esauís

E,383†††††† Esek

E,384†††††† Eshbaal

E,385†††††† Eshban

E,386†††††† Eshcol

E,387†††††† Eshean

E,388†††††† Eshek

E,389†††††† Eshkalonites

E,390†††††† Eshtaol

E,391†††††† Eshtaulites

E,392†††††† Eshtemoa

E,393†††††† Eshtemoh

E,394†††††† Eshton

E,412†††††† Esther

E,413†††††† Estherís

E,418†††††† Etam

E,421†††††† Etham

E,422†††††† Ethan

E,423†††††† Ethanim

E,424†††††† Ethbaal

E,425†††††† Ether

E,426†††††† Ethiopia

E,427†††††† Ethiopian

E,428†††††† Ethiopians

E,429†††††† Ethnan

E,430†††††† Ethni

E,436†††††† Euphrates

E,441†††††† Eve

E,452†††††† Evi

E,461†††††† Evilmerodach

E,561†††††† Ezar

E,562†††††† Ezbai

E,563†††††† Ezbon

E,565†††††† Ezekiel

E,566†††††† Ezel

E,567†††††† Ezem

E,568†††††† Ezer

E,569†††††† Eziongaber

E,570†††††† Eziongeber

E,571†††††† Eznite

E,572†††††† Ezra

E,573†††††† Ezrahite

E,574†††††† Ezri






F,73†††††† father

††††††††††††††† Father

F,74†††††† fatherís

††††††††††††††† Fatherís






††† G,1†††††† Gaal

††† G,2†††††† Gaash

††† G,3†††††† Gaba

††† G,4†††††† Gabbai

††† G,6†††††† Gabriel

††† G,7†††††† Gad

G,10†††††† Gaddi

G,11†††††† Gaddiel

G,12†††††† Gadi

G,13†††††† Gadite

G,14†††††† Gadites

G,15†††††† Gaham

G,16†††††† Gahar

G,24†††††† Galal

G,28†††††† Galeed

G,31†††††† Galilee

G,37†††††† Gallim

G,40†††††† Gamaliel

G,41†††††† Gammadims

G,42†††††† Gamul

G,49†††††† Gareb

G,54†††††† Garmite

G,61†††††† Gashmu

G,63†††††† Gatam

G,66†††††† Gath

G,74†††††† Gathhepher

G,75†††††† Gathrimmon

G,79†††††† Gaza

G,80†††††† Gazathites

G,82†††††† Gazer

G,83†††††† Gazez

G,86†††††† Gazites

G,87†††††† Gazzam

G,88†††††† Geba

G,89†††††† Gebal

G,90†††††† Geber

G,91†††††† Gebim

G,92†††††† Gedaliah

G,94†††††† Geder

G,95†††††† Gederah

G,96†††††† Gederathite

G,97†††††† Gederite

G,98†††††† Gederoth

G,99†††††† Gederothaim

G,100†††††† Gedor

G,101†††††† Gehazi

G,102†††††† Geliloth

G,103†††††† Gemalli

G,104†††††† Gemariah

G,116†††††† Gentiles

G,120†††††† Genubath

G,121†††††† Gera

G,123†††††† Gerar

G,125†††††† Gerizim

G,126†††††† Gershom

G,127†††††† Gershon

G,128†††††† Gershonite

G,129†††††† Gershonites

G,130†††††† Gesham

G,131†††††† Geshem

G,132†††††† Geshur

G,133†††††† Geshuri

G,134†††††† Geshurites

G,136†††††† Gether

G,140†††††† Geuel

G,141†††††† Gezer

G,142†††††† Gezrites

G,143†††††† Ghost

††††††††††††††† ghost

G,144†††††† Giah

G,147†††††† Gibbar

G,148†††††† Gibbethon

G,149†††††† Gibea

G,150†††††† Gibeah

G,151†††††† Gibeath

G,152†††††† Gibeathite

G,153†††††† Gibeon

G,154†††††† Gibeonite

G,155†††††† Gibeonites

G,156†††††† Giblites

G,157†††††† Giddalti

G,158†††††† Giddel

G,159†††††† Gideon

G,160†††††† Gideoni

G,161†††††† Gidom

G,165†††††† Gihon

G,166†††††† Gilalai

G,167†††††† Gilboa

G,168†††††† Gilead

G,169†††††† Gileadís

G,170†††††† Gileadite

G,171†††††† Gileadites

G,172†††††† Gilgal

G,173†††††† Giloh

G,174†††††† Gilonite

G,175†††††† Gimel

G,176†††††† Gimzo

G,178†††††† Ginath

G,179†††††† Ginnetho

G,180†††††† Ginnethon

G,189†††††† Girgashite

G,190†††††† Girgashites

G,191†††††† Girgasite

G,195†††††† Gispa

G,196†††††† Gittahhepher

G,197†††††† Gittaim

G,198†††††† Gittite

G,199†††††† Gittites

G,200†††††† Gittith

G,207†††††† Gizonite

G,245†††††† Goath

G,249†††††† Gob

G,251†††††† God

††††††††††††††† god

††††††††††††††† Lord God

††††††††††††††† Son of God

G,252†††††† Godís

G,261†††††† Gog

G,264†††††† Golan

G,271†††††† Goliath

G,272†††††† Gomer

G,273†††††† Gomorrah

G,290†††††† Goshen

G,303†††††† Gozan

G,342†††††† Grecia

G,343†††††† Grecians

G,344†††††† Greece

G,396†††††† Gudgodah

G,410†††††† Guni

G,411†††††† Gunites

G,412†††††† Gur

G,413†††††† Gurbaal






††† H,2†††††† Haahashtari

††† H,3†††††† Habaiah

††† H,4††††††