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King James Bible Concordance


There are 472 words that begin with the letter W,
in the King James Version of the Bible.


Color Code:

Words in Blue    are only in the  Old Testament, (Hebrew)

Words in Green are only in the  New Testament, (Greek)

Words in Black  are in both the Old Testament and New Testament.

Numbers in Pink are Proper Names, of People or Places.


W,w..    472 Words


    W,1.     wafer

    W,2.     wafers

    W,3.     wag

    W,4.     wages

    W,5.     wagging

    W,6.     wagon

    W,7.     wagons

    W,8.     wail

    W,9.     wailed

  W,10.     wailing

  W,11.     wait

  W,12.     waited

  W,13.     waiteth

  W,14.     waiting

  W,15.     wake

  W,16.     waked

  W,17.     wakened

  W,18.     wakeneth

  W,19.     waketh

  W,20.     waking

  W,21.     walk

  W,22.     walked

  W,23.     walkedst

  W,24.     walkest

  W,25.     walketh

  W,26.     walking

  W,27.     wall

  W,28.     walled

  W,29.     wallow

  W,30.     wallowed

  W,31.     wallowing

  W,32.     walls

  W,33.     wander

  W,34.     wandered

  W,35.     wanderers

  W,36.     wanderest

  W,37.     wandereth

  W,38.     wandering

  W,39.     wanderings

  W,40.     want

  W,41.     wanted

  W,42.     wanteth

  W,43.     wanting

  W,44.     wanton

  W,45.     wantonness

  W,46.     wants

  W,47.     war

  W,48.     ward

  W,49.     wardrobe

  W,50.     wards

  W,51.     ware

  W,52.     wares

  W,53.     warfare

  W,54.     warm

  W,55.     warmed

  W,56.     warmeth

  W,57.     warming

  W,58.     warn

  W,59.     warned

  W,60.     warning

  W,61.     warp

  W,62.     warred

  W,63.     warreth

  W,64.     warring

  W,65.     warrior

  W,66.     warriors

  W,67.     wars

  W,68.     was

  W,69.     wash

  W,70.     washed

  W,71.     washest

  W,72.     washing

  W,73.     washings

  W,74.     washpot

  W,75.     wast

  W,76.     waste

  W,77.     wasted

  W,78.     wasteness

  W,79.     waster

  W,80.     wastes

  W,81.     wasteth

  W,82.     wasting

  W,83.     watch

  W,84.     watched

  W,85.     watcher

  W,86.     watchers

  W,87.     watches

  W,88.     watcheth

  W,89.     watchful

  W,90.     watching

  W,91.     watchings

  W,92.     watchman

  W,93.     watchman’s

  W,94.     watchmen

  W,95.     watchtower

  W,96.     water

  W,97.     watercourse

  W,98.     watered

  W,99.     wateredst

W,100.     waterest

W,101.     watereth

W,102.     waterflood

W,103.     watering

W,104.     waterpot

W,105.     waterpots

W,106.     waters

W,107.     waterspouts

W,108.     watersprings

W,109.     wave

W,110.     waved

W,111.     wavereth

W,112.     wavering

W,113.     waves

W,114.     wax

W,115.     waxed

W,116.     waxen

W,117.     waxeth

W,118.     waxing

W,119.     way

W,120.     wayfaring

W,121.     waymarks

W,122.     ways

W,123.     wayside

W,124.     we

W,125.     weak

W,126.     weaken

W,127.     weakened

W,128.     weakeneth

W,129.     weaker

W,130.     weakness

W,131.     wealth

W,132.     wealthy

W,133.     weaned

W,134.     weapon

W,135.     weapons

W,136.     wear

W,137.     weareth

W,138.     wearied

W,139.     wearieth

W,140.     weariness

W,141.     wearing

W,142.     wearisome

W,143.     weary

W,144.     weasel

W,145.     weather

W,146.     weave

W,147.     weaver

W,148.     weaver’s

W,149.     weavest

W,150.     web

W,151.     webs

W,152.     wedding

W,153.     wedge

W,154.     wedlock

W,155.     weeds

W,156.     week

W,157.     weeks

W,158.     weep

W,159.     weepest

W,160.     weepeth

W,161.     weeping

W,162.     weigh

W,163.     weighed

W,164.     weigheth

W,165.     weighing

W,166.     weight

W,167.     weightier

W,168.     weights

W,169.     weighty

W,170.     welfare

W,171.     well

.               well. .       A fountain of gardens, a well of living waters, and streams from Lebanon.

W,172.     well’s

W,173.     wellbeloved

W,174.     wellfavoured

W,175.     wellpleasing

W,176.     wells

W,177.     wellspring

W,178.     wen

W,179.     wench

W,180.     went

W,181.     wentest

W,182.     wept

W,183.     were

W,184.     wert

W,185.     west

W,186.     western

W,187.     westward

W,188.     wet

W,189.     whale

W,190.     whale’s

W,191.     whales

W,192.     what

W,193.     whatsoever

W,194.     wheat

W,195.     wheaten

W,196.     wheel

W,197.     wheels

W,198.     whelp

W,199.     whelps

W,200.     when

W,201.     whence

W,202.     whensoever

W,203.     where

W,204.     whereabout

W,205.     whereas

W,206.     whereby

W,207.     wherefore

W,208.     wherein

W,209.     whereinsoever

W,210.     whereinto

W,211.     whereof

W,212.     whereon

W,213.     wheresoever

W,214.     whereto

W,215.     whereunto

W,216.     whereupon

W,217.     wherewith

W,218.     wherewithal

W,219.     whet

W,220.     whether

W,221.     which

W,222.     while

W,223.     whiles

W,224.     whilst

W,225.     whip

W,226.     whips

W,227.     whirleth

W,228.     whirlwind

W,229.     whirlwinds

W,230.     whisper

W,231.     whispered

W,232.     whisperer

W,233.     whisperers

W,234.     whisperings

W,235.     whit

W,236.     white

W,237.     whited

W,238.     whiter

W,239.     whither

W,240.     whithersoever

W,241.     who

W,242.     whole

W,243.     wholesome

W,244.     wholly

W,245.     whom

W,246.     whomsoever

W,247.     whore

W,248.     whore’s

W,249.     whoredom

W,250.     whoredoms

W,251.     whoremonger

W,252.     whoremongers

W,253.     whores

W,254.     whoring

W,255.     whorish

W,256.     whose

W,257.     whoso

W,258.     whosoever

W,259.     why

W,260.     wicked

W,261.     wickedly

W,262.     wickedness

W,263.     wide

W,264.     wideness

W,265.     widow

W,266.     widow’s

W,267.     widowhood

W,268.     widows

W,269.     widows’

W,270.     wife

W,271.     wife’s

W,272.     wild

W,273.     wilderness

W,274.     wiles

W,275.     wilfully

W,276.     wilily

W,277.     will

W,278.     willeth

W,279.     willing

W,280.     willingly

W,281.     willow

W,282.     willows

W,283.     wilt

W,284.     wimples

W,285.     win

W,286.     wind

W,287.     winding

W,288.     window

W,289.     windows

W,290.     winds

W,291.     windy

W,292.     wine

W,293.     winebibber

W,294.     winebibbers

W,295.     winefat

W,296.     winepress

W,297.     winepresses

W,298.     wines

W,299.     wing

W,300.     winged

W,301.     wings

W,302.     wink

W,303.     winked

W,304.     winketh

W,305.     winneth

W,306.     winnowed

W,307.     winnoweth

W,308.     winter

W,309.     wintered

W,310.     winterhouse

W,311.     wipe

W,312.     wiped

W,313.     wipeth

W,314.     wiping

W,315.     wires

W,316.     wisdom

W,317.     wise

W,318.     wisely

W,319.     wiser

W,320.     wish

W,321.     wished

W,322.     wishing

W,323.     wist

W,324.     wit

W,325.     wit’s

W,326.     witch

W,327.     witchcraft

W,328.     witchcrafts

W,329.     with

W,330.     withal

W,331.     withdraw

W,332.     withdrawest

W,333.     withdraweth

W,334.     withdrawn

W,335.     withdrew

W,336.     wither

W,337.     withered

W,338.     withereth

W,339.     withheld

W,340.     withheldest

W,341.     withhold

W,342.     withholden

W,343.     withholdeth

W,344.     within

W,345.     without

W,346.     withs

W,347.     withstand

W,348.     withstood

W,349.     witness

W,350.     witnessed

W,351.     witnesses

W,352.     witnesseth

W,353.     witnessing

W,354.     wittingly

W,355.     witty

W,356.     wives

W,357.     wives’

W,358.     wizard

W,359.     wizards

W,360.     woe

W,361.     woeful

W,362.     woes

W,363.     wolf

W,364.     wolves

W,365.     woman

W,366.     woman’s

W,367.     womankind

W,368.     womb

W,369.     wombs

W,370.     women

W,371.     women’s

W,372.     womenservants

W,373.     won

W,374.     wonder

W,375.     wondered

W,376.     wonderful

W,377.     wonderfully

W,378.     wondering

W,379.     wonderously

W,380.     wonders

W,381.     wondrous

W,382.     wondrously

W,383.     wont

W,384.     wood

W,385.     woods

W,386.     woof

W,387.     wool

W,388.     woollen

W,389.     word

W,390.     word’s

W,391.     words

W,392.     work

W,393.     work’s

W,394.     worker

W,395.     workers

W,396.     worketh

W,397.     workfellow

W,398.     working

W,399.     workman

W,400.     workmanship

W,401.     workmen

W,402.     workmen’s

W,403.     works

W,404.     works’

W,405.     world

W,406.     world’s

W,407.     worldly

W,408.     worlds

W,409.     worm

W,410.     worms

W,411.     wormwood

W,412.     worse

W,413.     worship

W,414.     worshipped

W,415.     worshipper

W,416.     worshippers

W,417.     worshippeth

W,418.     worshipping

W,419.     worst

W,420.     worth

W,421.     worthies

W,422.     worthily

W,423.     worthy

W,424.     wot

W,425.     wotteth

W,426.     would

W,427.     wouldest

W,428.     wound

W,429.     wounded

W,430.     woundedst

W,431.     woundeth

W,432.     wounding

W,433.     wounds

W,434.     wove

W,435.     woven

W,436.     wrap

W,437.     wrapped

W,438.     wrath

W,439.     wrathful

W,440.     wraths

W,441.     wreath

W,442.     wreathed

W,443.     wreathen

W,444.     wreaths

W,445.     wrest

W,446.     wrestle

W,447.     wrestled

W,448.     wrestlings

W,449.     wretched

W,450.     wretchedness

W,451.     wring

W,452.     wringed

W,453.     wringing

W,454.     wrinkle

W,455.     wrinkles

W,456.     write

W,457.     writer

W,458.     writer’s

W,459.     writest

W,460.     writeth

W,461.     writing

W,462.     writings

W,463.     written

W,464.     wrong

W,465.     wronged

W,466.     wrongeth

W,467.     wrongfully

W,468.     wrote

W,469.     wroth

W,470.     wrought

W,471.     wroughtest

W,472.     wrung





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