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King James Bible Concordance


There are 433 words that begin with the letter L,
in the King James Version of the Bible.

Color Code:

Words in Blue are only in theOld Testament, (Hebrew)

Words in Green are only in theNew Testament, (Greek)

Words in Blackare in both the Old Testament and New Testament.

Numbers in Pink are Proper Names, of People or Places.

L,l..†††††† 433 Words

††† L,1.††††† Laadah

††† L,2.††††† Laadan

††† L,3.††††† Laban

††† L,4.††††† Labanís

††† L,5.††††† labour

††† L,6.††††† laboured

††† L,7.††††† labourer

†† L,8.††††† labourers

††† L,9.††††† laboureth

L,10.††††† labouring

L,11.††††† labours

L,12.††††† lace

L,13.††††† Lachish

L,14.††††† lack

L,15.††††† lacked

L,16.††††† lackest

L,17.††††† lacketh

L,18.††††† lacking

L,19.††††† lad

L,20.††††† ladís

L,21.††††† ladder

L,22.††††† lade

L,23.††††† laded

L,24.††††† laden

L,25.††††† ladeth

L,26.††††† ladies

L,27.††††† lading

L,28.††††† lads

L,29.††††† lady

L,30.††††† Lael

L,31.††††† Lahad

L,32.††††† Lahairoi

L,33.††††† Lahmam

L,34.††††† Lahmi

L,35.††††† laid

L,36.††††† laidst

L,37.††††† lain

L,38.††††† Laish

L,39.††††† lake

L,40.††††† Lakum

L,41.††††† lama

L,42.††††† lamb

L,43.††††† lambís

L,44.††††† lambs

L,45.††††† lame

L,46.††††† Lamech

L,47.††††† Lamed

L,48.††††† lament

L,49.††††† lamentable

L,50.††††† lamentation

L,51.††††† lamentations

L,52.††††† lamented

L,53.††††† lamp

L,54.††††† lamps

L,55.††††† lance

L,56.††††† lancets

L,57.††††† land

L,58.††††† landed

L,59.††††† landing

L,60.††††† landmark

L,61.††††† landmarks

L,62.††††† lands

L,63.††††† lanes

L,64.††††† language

L,65.††††† languages

L,66.††††† languish

L,67.††††† languished

L,68.††††† languisheth

L,69.††††† languishing

L,70.††††† lanterns

L,71.††††† Laodicea

L,72.††††† Laodiceans

L,73.††††† lap

L,74.††††† Lapidoth

L,75.††††† lapped

L,76.††††† lappeth

L,77.††††† lapwing

L,78.††††† large

L,79.††††† largeness

L,80.††††† lasciviousness

L,81.††††† Lasea

L,82.††††† Lasha

L,83.††††† Lasharon

L,84.††††† last

L,85.††††† lasted

L,86.††††† lasting

L,87.††††† latchet

L,88.††††† late

L,89.††††† lately

L,90.††††† Latin

L,91.††††† latter

L,92.††††† lattice

L,93.††††† laud

L,94.††††† laugh

L,95.††††† laughed

L,96.††††† laugheth

L,97.††††† laughing

L,98.††††† laughter

L,99.††††† launch

L,100.††††† launched

L,101.††††† laver

L,102.††††† lavers

L,103.††††† lavish

L,104.††††† law

L,105.††††† lawful

L,106.††††† lawfully

L,107.††††† lawgiver

L,108.††††† lawless

L,109.††††† laws

L,110.††††† lawyer

L,111.††††† lawyers

L,112.††††† lay

L,113.††††† layedst

L,114.††††† layest

L,115.††††† layeth

L,116.††††† laying

L,117.††††† Lazarus

L,118.††††† lead

L,119.††††† leader

L,120.††††† leaders

L,121.††††† leadest

L,122.††††† leadeth

L,123.††††† leaf

L,124.††††† league

L,125.††††† Leah

L,126.††††† Leahís

L,127.††††† lean

L,128.††††† leaned

L,129.††††† leaneth

L,130.††††† leanfleshed

L,131.††††† leaning

L,132.††††† leanness

L,133.††††† Leannoth

L,134.††††† leap

L,135.††††† leaped

L,136.††††† leaping

L,137.††††† learn

L,138.††††† learned

L,139.††††† learning

L,140.††††† leasing

L,141.††††† least

L,142.††††† leather

L,143.††††† leathern

L,144.††††† leave

L,145.††††† leaved

L,146.††††† leaven

L,147.††††† leavened

L,148.††††† leaveneth

L,149.††††† leaves

L,150.††††† leaveth

L,151.††††† leaving

L,152.††††† Lebana

L,153.††††† Lebanah

L,154.††††† Lebanon

L,155.††††† Lebaoth

L,156.††††† Lebbaeus

L,157.††††† Lebonah

L,158.††††† Lecah

L,159.††††† led

L,160.††††† leddest

L,161.††††† ledges

L,162.††††† leeks

L,163.††††† lees

L,164.††††† left

L,165.††††† leftest

L,166.††††† lefthanded

L,167.††††† leg

L,168.††††† legion

L,169.††††† legions

L,170.††††† legs

L,171.††††† Lehabim

L,172.††††† Lehi

L,173.††††† leisure

L,174.††††† Lemuel

L,175.††††† lend

L,176.††††† lender

L,177.††††† lendeth

L,178.††††† length

L,179.††††† lengthen

L,180.††††† lengthened

L,181.††††† lengthening

L,182.††††† lent

L,183.††††† lentiles

L,184.††††† leopard

L,185.††††† leopards

L,186.††††† leper

L,187.††††† lepers

L,188.††††† leprosy

L,189.††††† leprous

L,190.††††† Leshem

L,191.††††† less

L,192.††††† lesser

L,193.††††† lest

L,194.††††† let

L,195.††††† letter

L,196.††††† letters

L,197.††††† lettest

L,198.††††† letteth

L,199.††††† letting

L,200.††††† Letushim

L,201.††††† Leummim

L,202.††††† Levi

L,203.††††† Leviathan

L,204.††††† Levite

L,205.††††† Levites

L,206.††††† Levitical

L,207.††††† levy

L,208.††††† lewd

L,209.††††† lewdly

L,210.††††† lewdness

L,211.††††† liar

L,212.††††† liars

L,213.††††† liberal

L,214.††††† liberality

L,215.††††† liberally

L,216.††††† Libertines

L,217.††††† liberty

L,218.††††† Libnah

L,219.††††† Libni

L,220.††††† Libnites

L,221.††††† Libya

L,222.††††† Libyans

L,223.††††† lice

L,224.††††† licence

L,225.††††† lick

L,226.††††† licked

L,227.††††† licketh

L,228.††††† lid

L,229.††††† lie

L,230.††††† lied

L,231.††††† lien

L,232.††††† liers

L,233.††††† lies

L,234.††††† liest

L,235.††††† lieth

L,236.††††† lieutenants

L,237.††††† life

L,238.††††† lifetime

L,239.††††† lift

L,240.††††† lifted

L,241.††††† lifter

L,242.††††† liftest

L,243.††††† lifteth

L,244.††††† lifting

L,245.††††† light

L,246.††††† lighted

L,247.††††† lighten

L,248.††††† lightened

L,249.††††† lighteneth

L,250.††††† lighter

L,251.††††† lightest

L,252.††††† lighteth

L,253.††††† lighting

L,254.††††† lightly

L,255.††††† lightness

L,256.††††† lightning

L,257.††††† lightnings

L,258.††††† lights

L,259.††††† lign

L,260.††††† ligure

L,261.††††† like

L,262.††††† liked

L,263.††††† likeminded

L,264.††††† liken

L,265.††††† likened

L,266.††††† likeness

L,267.††††† liketh

L,268.††††† likewise

L,269.††††† Likhi

L,270.††††† liking

L,271.††††† lilies

L,272.††††† lily

L,273.††††† lime

L,274.††††† limit

L,275.††††† limited

L,276.††††† limiteth

L,277.††††† line

L,278.††††† lineage

L,279.††††† linen

L,280.††††† lines

L,281.††††† lingered

L,282.††††† lingereth

L,283.††††† lintel

L,284.††††† lintels

L,285.††††† Linus

L,286.††††† lion

L,287.††††† lionís

L,288.††††† lioness

L,289.††††† lionesses

L,290.††††† lionlike

L,291.††††† lions

L,292.††††† lionsí

L,293.††††† lip

L,294.††††† lips

L,295.††††† liquor

L,296.††††† liquors

L,297.††††† listed

L,298.††††† listen

L,299.††††† listeth

L,300.††††† litters

L,301.††††† little

L,302.††††† live

L,303.††††† lived

L,304.††††† lively

L,305.††††† liver

L,306.††††† lives

L,307.††††† livest

L,308.††††† liveth

L,309.††††† living

L,310.††††† lizard

L,311.††††† lo

L,312.††††† loaden

L,313.††††† loadeth

L,314.††††† loaf

L,315.††††† Loammi

L,316.††††† loan

L,317.††††† loathe

L,318.††††† loathed

L,319.††††† loatheth

L,320.††††† loathing

L,321.††††† loathsome

L,322.††††† loaves

L,323.††††† lock

L,324.††††† locked

L,325.††††† locks

L,326.††††† locust

L,327.††††† locusts

L,328.††††† Lod

L,329.††††† Lodebar

L,330.††††† lodge

L,331.††††† lodged

L,332.††††† lodgest

L,333.††††† lodgeth

L,334.††††† lodging

L,335.††††† lodgings

L,336.††††† loft

L,337.††††† loftily

L,338.††††† loftiness

L,339.††††† lofty

L,340.††††† log

L,341.††††† loins

L,342.††††† Lois

L,343.††††† long

L,344.††††† longed

L,345.††††† longedst

L,346.††††† longer

L,347.††††† longeth

L,348.††††† longing

L,349.††††† longsuffering

L,350.††††† longwinged

L,351.††††† look

L,352.††††† looked

L,353.††††† lookest

L,354.††††† looketh

L,355.††††† looking

L,356.††††† lookingglasses

L,357.††††† looks

L,358.††††† loops

L,359.††††† loose

L,360.††††† loosed

L,361.††††† looseth

L,362.††††† loosing

L,363.††††† lop

L,364.††††† Lord

.†††††††††††††† lord

.†††††††††††††† Lord God

.†††††††††††††† Lord Jesus

.†††††††††††††† Lord Jesus Christ

L,365.††††† lordís

L,366.††††† lordly

L,367.††††† lords

L,368.††††† lordship

L,369.††††† Loruhamah

L,370.††††† lose

L,371.††††† loseth

L,372.††††† loss

L,373.††††† lost

L,374.††††† lot

.†††††††††††††† Lot

L,375.††††† Lotís

L,376.††††† Lotan

L,377.††††† Lotanís

L,378.††††† lots

L,379.††††† loud

L,380.††††† louder

L,381.††††† love

L,382.††††† loveís

L,383.††††† loved

L,384.††††† lovedst

L,385.††††† lovely

L,386.††††† lover

L,387.††††† lovers

L,388.††††† loves

L,389.††††† lovest

L,390.††††† loveth

L,391.††††† loving

L,392.††††† lovingkindness

L,393.††††† lovingkindnesses

L,394.††††† low

L,395.††††† lower

L,396.††††† lowest

L,397.††††† loweth

L,398.††††† lowing

L,399.††††† lowliness

L,400.††††† lowly

L,401.††††† lowring

L,402.††††† Lubim

L,403.††††† Lubims

L,404.††††† Lucas

L,405.††††† Lucifer

L,406.††††† Lucius

L,407.††††† lucre

L,408.††††† lucreís

L,409.††††† Lud

L,410.††††† Ludim

L,411.††††† Luhith

L,412.††††† Luke

L,413.††††† lukewarm

L,414.††††† lump

L,415.††††† lunatick

L,416.††††† lurk

L,417.††††† lurking

L,418.††††† lust

L,419.††††† lusted

L,420.††††† lusteth

L,421.††††† lusting

L,422.††††† lusts

L,423.††††† lusty

L,424.††††† Luz

L,425.††††† Lycaonia

L,426.††††† Lycia

L,427.††††† Lydda

L,428.††††† Lydia

L,429.††††† Lydians

L,430.††††† lying

L,431.††††† Lysanias

L,432.††††† Lysias

L,433.††††† Lystra

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