Old Testament.††††††††††††††††††††† New Testament.




King James Bible Concordance


There are 699 words that begin with the letter H,
in the King James Version of the Bible.

Color Code:

Words in Blue are only in theOld Testament, (Hebrew)

Words in Green are only in theNew Testament, (Greek)

Words in Blackare in both the Old Testament and New Testament.

Numbers in Pink are Proper Names, of People or Places.

H,h..††††† 699 Words

††† H,1.††††† ha

††† H,2.††††† Haahashtari

††† H,3.††††† Habaiah

††† H,4.††††† Habakkuk

††† H,5.††††† Habaziniah

††† H,6.††††† habergeon

††† H,7.††††† habergeons

††† H,8.††††† habitable

††† H,9.††††† habitation

H,10.††††† habitations

H,11.††††† Habor

H,12.††††† Hachaliah

H,13.††††† Hachilah

H,14.††††† Hachmoni

H,15.††††† Hachmonite

H,16.††††† had

H,17.††††† Hadad

H,18.††††† Hadadezer

H,19.††††† Hadadrimmon

H,20.††††† Hadar

H,21.††††† Hadarezer

H,22.††††† Hadashah

H,23.††††† Hadassah

H,24.††††† Hadattah

H,25.††††† Hadid

H,26.††††† Hadlai

H,27.††††† Hadoram

H,28.††††† Hadrach

H,29.††††† hadst

H,30.††††† haft

H,31.††††† Hagab

H,32.††††† Hagaba

H,33.††††† Hagabah

H,34.††††† Hagar

H,35.††††† Hagarenes

H,36.††††† Hagarites

H,37.††††† Hagerite

H,38.††††† Haggai

H,39.††††† Haggeri

H,40.††††† Haggi

H,41.††††† Haggiah

H,42.††††† Haggites

H,43.††††† Haggith

H,44.††††† Hai

H,45.††††† hail

H,46.††††† hailstones

H,47.††††† hair

H,48.††††† hairs

H,49.††††† hairy

H,50.††††† Hakkatan

H,51.††††† Hakkoz

H,52.††††† Hakupha

H,53.††††† Halah

H,54.††††† Halak

H,55.††††† hale

H,56.††††† half

H,57.††††† Halhul

H,58.††††† Hali

H,59.††††† haling

H,60.††††† hall

H,61.††††† Hallohesh

H,62.††††† hallow

H,63.††††† hallowed

H,64.††††† Halohesh

H,65.††††† halt

H,66.††††† halted

H,67.††††† halteth

H,68.††††† halting

H,69.††††† Ham

H,70.††††† Haman

H,71.††††† Hamanís

H,72.††††† Hamath

H,73.††††† Hamathite

H,74.††††† Hamathzobah

H,75.††††† Hammath

H,76.††††† Hammedatha

H,77.††††† Hammelech

H,78.††††† hammer

H,79.††††† hammers

H,80.††††† Hammoleketh

H,81.††††† Hammon

H,82.††††† Hammothdor

H,83.††††† Hamonah

H,84.††††† Hamongog

H,85.††††† Hamor

H,86.††††† Hamorís

H,87.††††† Hamuel

H,88.††††† Hamul

H,89.††††† Hamulites

H,90.††††† Hamutal

H,91.††††† Hanameel

H,92.††††† Hanan

H,93.††††† Hananeel

H,94.††††† Hanani

H,95.††††† Hananiah

H,96.††††† hand

H,97.††††† handbreath

H,98.††††† handed

H,99.††††† handful

H,100.††††† handfuls

H,101.††††† handkerchiefs

H,102.††††† handle

H,103.††††† handled

H,104.††††† handles

H,105.††††† handleth

H,106.††††† handling

H,107.††††† handmaid

H,108.††††† handmaiden

H,109.††††† handmaidens

H,110.††††† handmaids

H,111.††††† hands

H,112.††††† handstaves

H,113.††††† handwriting

H,114.††††† handywork

H,115.††††† Hanes

H,116.††††† hang

H,117.††††† hanged

H,118.††††† hangeth

H,119.††††† hanging

H,120.††††† hangings

H,121.††††† Haniel

H,122.††††† Hannah

H,123.††††† Hannathon

H,124.††††† Hanniel

H,125.††††† Hanoch

H,126.††††† Hanochites

H,127.††††† Hanun

H,128.††††† hap

H,129.††††† Haphraim

H,130.††††† haply

H,131.††††† happen

H,132.††††† happened

H,133.††††† happeneth

H,134.††††† happier

H,135.††††† happy

H,136.††††† Hara

H,137.††††† Haradah

H,138.††††† Haran

H,139.††††† Hararite

H,140.††††† Harbona

H,141.††††† Harbonah

H,142.††††† hard

H,143.††††† harden

H,144.††††† hardened

H,145.††††† hardeneth

H,146.††††† harder

H,147.††††† hardhearted

H,148.††††† hardly

H,149.††††† hardness

H,150.††††† hare

H,151.††††† Hareph

H,152.††††† Hareth

H,153.††††† Harhaiah

H,154.††††† Harhas

H,155.††††† Harhur

H,156.††††† Harim

H,157.††††† Hariph

H,158.††††† harlot

H,159.††††† harlotís

H,160.††††† harlots

H,161.††††† harlotsí

H,162.††††† harm

H,163.††††† harmless

H,164.††††† Harnepher

H,165.††††† harness

H,166.††††† harnessed

H,167.††††† Harod

H,168.††††† Harodite

H,169.††††† Haroeh

H,170.††††† Harorite

H,171.††††† Harosheth

H,172.††††† harp

H,173.††††† harped

H,174.††††† harpers

H,175.††††† harping

H,176.††††† harps

H,177.††††† harrow

H,178.††††† harrows

H,179.††††† Harsha

H,180.††††† hart

H,181.††††† harts

H,182.††††† Harum

H,183.††††† Harumaph

H,184.††††† Haruphite

H,185.††††† Haruz

H,186.††††† harvest

H,187.††††† harvestman

H,188.††††† Hasadiah

H,189.††††† Hasenuah

H,190.††††† Hashabiah

H,191.††††† Hashabnah

H,192.††††† Hashabniah

H,193.††††† Hashbadana

H,194.††††† Hashem

H,195.††††† Hashmonah

H,196.††††† Hashub

H,197.††††† Hashubah

H,198.††††† Hashum

H,199.††††† Hashupha

H,200.††††† Hasrah

H,201.††††† Hassenaah

H,202.††††† Hasshub

H,203.††††† hast

H,204.††††† haste

H,205.††††† hasted

H,206.††††† hasten

H,207.††††† hastened

H,208.††††† hasteneth

H,209.††††† hasteth

H,210.††††† hastily

H,211.††††† hasting

H,212.††††† hasty

H,213.††††† Hasupha

H,214.††††† Hatach

H,215.††††† hatch

H,216.††††† hatcheth

H,217.††††† hate

H,218.††††† hated

H,219.††††† hateful

H,220.††††† hatefully

H,221.††††† haters

H,222.††††† hatest

H,223.††††† hateth

H,224.††††† hath

H,225.††††† Hathath

H,226.††††† hating

H,227.††††† Hatipha

H,228.††††† Hatita

H,229.††††† hatred

H,230.††††† hats

H,231.††††† Hattil

H,232.††††† Hattush

H,233.††††† haughtily

H,234.††††† haughtiness

H,235.††††† haughty

H,236.††††† haunt

H,237.††††† Hauran

H,238.††††† have

H,239.††††† haven

H,240.††††† havens

H,241.††††† Havilah

H,242.††††† having

H,243.††††† havock

H,244.††††† Havothjair

H,245.††††† hawk

H,246.††††† hay

H,247.††††† Hazael

H,248.††††† Hazaiah

H,249.††††† Hazaraddar

H,250.††††† hazarded

H,251.††††† Hazarenan

H,252.††††† Hazargaddah

H,253.††††† Hazarhatticon

H,254.††††† Hazarmaveth

H,255.††††† Hazarshual

H,256.††††† Hazarsusah

H,257.††††† Hazarsusim

H,258.††††† Hazazontamar

H,259.††††† hazel

H,260.††††† Hazelelponi

H,261.††††† Hazerim

H,262.††††† Hazeroth

H,263.††††† Hazezontamar

H,264.††††† Haziel

H,265.††††† Hazo

H,266.††††† Hazor

H,267.††††† he

.†††††††††††††† He

H,268.††††† head

H,269.††††† headbands

H,270.††††† headlong

H,271.††††† heads

H,272.††††† headstone

H,273.††††† heady

H,274.††††† heal

H,275.††††† healed

H,276.††††† healer

H,277.††††† healeth

H,278.††††† healing

H,279.††††† healings

H,280.††††† health

H,281.††††† heap

H,282.††††† heaped

H,283.††††† heapeth

H,284.††††† heaps

H,285.††††† hear

H,286.††††† heard

H,287.††††† heardest

H,288.††††† hearer

H,289.††††† hearers

H,290.††††† hearest

H,291.††††† heareth

H,292.††††† hearing

H,293.††††† hearken

H,294.††††† hearkened

H,295.††††† hearkenedst

H,296.††††† hearkeneth

H,297.††††† hearkening

H,298.††††† heart

H,299.††††† heartís

H,300.††††† hearted

H,301.††††† hearth

H,302.††††† heartily

H,303.††††† hearts

H,304.††††† heartsí

H,305.††††† hearty

H,306.††††† heat

H,307.††††† heated

H,308.††††† heath

H,309.††††† heathen

H,310.††††† heave

H,311.††††† heaved

H,312.††††† Heaven

H,313.††††† heavenís

H,314.††††† heavenly

H,315.††††† heavens

H,316.††††† heavier

H,317.††††† heavily

H,318.††††† heaviness

H,319.††††† heavy

H,320.††††† Heber

H,321.††††† Heberís

H,322.††††† Heberites

H,323.††††† Hebrew

H,324.††††† Hebrewess

H,325.††††† Hebrews

H,326.††††† Hebrewsí

H,327.††††† Hebron

H,328.††††† Hebronites

H,329.††††† hedge

H,330.††††† hedged

H,331.††††† hedges

H,332.††††† heed

H,333.††††† heel

H,334.††††† heels

H,335.††††† Hegai

H,336.††††† Hege

H,337.††††† heifer

H,338.††††† heiferís

H,339.††††† height

H,340.††††† heights

H,341.††††† heinous

H,342.††††† heir

H,343.††††† heirs

H,344.††††† Helah

H,345.††††† Helam

H,346.††††† Helbah

H,347.††††† Helbon

H,348.††††† held

H,349.††††† Heldai

H,350.††††† Heleb

H,351.††††† Heled

H,352.††††† Helek

H,353.††††† Helekites

H,354.††††† Helem

H,355.††††† Heleph

H,356.††††† Helez

H,357.††††† Heli

H,358.††††† Helkai

H,359.††††† Helkath

H,360.††††† Helkathhazzurim

H,361.††††† Hell

H,362.††††† helm

H,363.††††† helmet

H,364.††††† helmets

H,365.††††† Helon

H,366.††††† help

H,367.††††† helped

H,368.††††† helper

H,369.††††† helpers

H,370.††††† helpeth

H,371.††††† helping

H,372.††††† helps

H,373.††††† helve

H,374.††††† hem

H,375.††††† Hemam

H,376.††††† Heman

H,377.††††† Hemath

H,378.††††† Hemdan

H,379.††††† hemlock

H,380.††††† hems

H,381.††††† hen

.†††††††††††††† Hen

H,382.††††† Hena

H,383.††††† Henadad

H,384.††††† hence

H,385.††††† henceforth

H,386.††††† henceforward

H,387.††††† Henoch

H,388.††††† Hepher

H,389.††††† Hepherites

H,390.††††† Hephzibah

H,391.††††† her

H,392.††††† herald

H,393.††††† herb

H,394.††††† herbs

H,395.††††† herd

H,396.††††† herdman

H,397.††††† herdmen

H,398.††††† herds

H,399.††††† here

H,400.††††† hereafter

H,401.††††† hereby

H,402.††††† herein

H,403.††††† hereof

H,404.††††† Heres

H,405.††††† Heresh

H,406.††††† heresies

H,407.††††† heresy

H,408.††††† heretick

H,409.††††† heretofore

H,410.††††† hereunto

H,411.††††† herewith

H,412.††††† heritage

H,413.††††† heritages

H,414.††††† Hermas

H,415.††††† Hermes

H,416.††††† Hermogenes

H,417.††††† Hermon

H,418.††††† Hermonites

H,419.††††† Herod

H,420.††††† Herodís

H,421.††††† Herodians

H,422.††††† Herodias

H,423.††††† Herodiasí

H,424.††††† Herodion

H,425.††††† heron

H,426.††††† hers

H,427.††††† herself

H,428.††††† Hesed

H,429.††††† Heshbon

H,430.††††† Heshmon

H,431.††††† Heth

H,432.††††† Hethlon

H,433.††††† hew

H,434.††††† hewed

H,435.††††† hewer

H,436.††††† hewers

H,437.††††† heweth

H,438.††††† hewn

H,439.††††† Hezeki

H,440.††††† Hezekiah

H,441.††††† Hezion

H,442.††††† Hezir

H,443.††††† Hezrai

H,444.††††† Hezro

H,445.††††† Hezron

H,446.††††† Hezronís

H,447.††††† Hezronites

H,448.††††† hid

H,449.††††† Hiddai

H,450.††††† Hiddekel

H,451.††††† hidden

H,452.††††† hide

H,453.††††† hidest

H,454.††††† hideth

H,455.††††† hiding

H,456.††††† Hiel

H,457.††††† Hierapolis

H,458.††††† Higgaion

H,459.††††† high

H,460.††††† higher

H,461.††††† highest

H,462.††††† highly

H,463.††††† highminded

H,464.††††† highness

H,465.††††† highway

H,466.††††† highways

H,467.††††† Hilen

H,468.††††† Hilkiah

H,469.††††† Hilkiahís

H,470.††††† hill

H,471.††††† hillís

H,472.††††† Hillel

H,473.††††† hills

H,474.††††† him

H,475.††††† himself

H,476.††††† hin

H,477.††††† hind

H,478.††††† hinder

H,479.††††† hindered

H,480.††††† hindereth

H,481.††††† hindermost

H,482.††††† hindmost

H,483.††††† hinds

H,484.††††† hindsí

H,485.††††† hinges

H,486.††††† Hinnom

H,487.††††† hip

H,488.††††† Hirah

H,489.††††† Hiram

H,490.††††† Hiramís

H,491.††††† hire

H,492.††††† hired

H,493.††††† hireling

H,494.††††† hires

H,495.††††† hirest

H,496.††††† his

H,497.††††† hiss

H,498.††††† hissing

H,499.††††† hit

H,500.††††† hither

H,501.††††† hitherto

H,502.††††† Hittite

H,503.††††† Hittites

H,504.††††† Hivite

H,505.††††† Hivites

H,506.††††† Hizkiah

H,507.††††† Hizkijah

H,508.††††† ho

H,509.††††† hoar

H,510.††††† hoarfrost

H,511.††††† hoary

H,512.††††† Hobab

H,513.††††† Hobah

H,514.††††† Hod

H,515.††††† Hodaiah

H,516.††††† Hodaviah

H,517.††††† Hodesh

H,518.††††† Hodevah

H,519.††††† Hodiah

H,520.††††† Hodijah

H,521.††††† Hoglah

H,522.††††† Hoham

H,523.††††† hoisted

H,524.††††† hold

H,525.††††† holden

H,526.††††† holdest

H,527.††††† holdeth

H,528.††††† holding

H,529.††††† holds

H,530.††††† hole

H,531.††††† holeís

H,532.††††† holes

H,533.††††† holier

H,534.††††† holiest

H,535.††††† holily

H,536.††††† holiness

H,537.††††† hollow

H,538.††††† Holon

H,539.††††† holpen

H,540.††††† Holy

.†††††††††††††† Holy Ghost

.†††††††††††††† Holy Spirit

H,541.††††† holyday

H,542.††††† Homam

H,543.††††† home

H,544.††††† homeborn

H,545.††††† homer

H,546.††††† homers

H,547.††††† honest

H,548.††††† honestly

H,549.††††† honesty

H,550.††††† honey

H,551.††††† honeycomb

H,552.††††† honour

H,553.††††† honourable

H,554.††††† honoured

H,555.††††† honourest

H,556.††††† honoureth

H,557.††††† honours

H,558.††††† hoods

H,559.††††† hoof

H,560.††††† hoofs

H,561.††††† hook

H,562.††††† hooks

H,563.††††† hope

H,564.††††† hopeís

H,565.††††† hoped

H,566.††††† hopeth

H,567.††††† Hophni

H,568.††††† hoping

H,569.††††† Hor

H,570.††††† Horam

H,571.††††† Horeb

H,572.††††† Horem

H,573.††††† Horhagidgad

H,574.††††† Hori

H,575.††††† Horims

H,576.††††† Horite

H,577.††††† Horites

H,578.††††† Hormah

H,579.††††† horn

H,580.††††† hornet

H,581.††††† hornets

H,582.††††† horns

H,583.††††† Horonaim

H,584.††††† Horonite

H,585.††††† horrible

H,586.††††† horribly

H,587.††††† horror

H,588.††††† horse

H,589.††††† horseback

H,590.††††† horsehoofs

H,591.††††† horseleach

H,592.††††† horseman

H,593.††††† horsemen

H,594.††††† horses

H,595.††††† horsesí

H,596.††††† Hosah

H,597.††††† Hosanna

H,598.††††† Hosea

H,599.††††† hosen

H,600.††††† Hoshaiah

H,601.††††† Hoshama

H,602.††††† Hoshea

H,603.††††† hospitality

H,604.††††† host

H,605.††††† hostages

H,606.††††† hosts

H,607.††††† hot

H,608.††††† Hotham

H,609.††††† Hothan

H,610.††††† Hothir

H,611.††††† hotly

H,612.††††† hottest

H,613.††††† hough

H,614.††††† houghed

H,615.††††† hour

H,616.††††† hours

H,617.††††† house

H,618.††††† household

H,619.††††† householder

H,620.††††† households

H,621.††††† houses

H,622.††††† housetop

H,623.††††† housetops

H,624.††††† how

H,625.††††† howbeit

H,626.††††† howl

H,627.††††† howled

H,628.††††† howling

H,629.††††† howlings

H,630.††††† howsoever

H,631.††††† huge

H,632.††††† Hukkok

H,633.††††† Hukok

H,634.††††† Hul

H,635.††††† Huldah

H,636.††††† humble

H,637.††††† humbled

H,638.††††† humbledst

H,639.††††† humbleness

H,640.††††† humbleth

H,641.††††† humbly

H,642.††††† humiliation

H,643.††††† humility

H,644.††††† Humtah

H,645.††††† hundred

H,646.††††† hundredfold

H,647.††††† hundreds

H,648.††††† hundredth

H,649.††††† hunger

H,650.††††† hungerbitten

H,651.††††† hungered

H,652.††††† hungred

H,653.††††† hungry

H,654.††††† hunt

H,655.††††† hunted

H,656.††††† hunter

H,657.††††† hunters

H,658.††††† huntest

H,659.††††† hunteth

H,660.††††† hunting

H,661.††††† Hupham

H,662.††††† Huphamites

H,663.††††† Huppah

H,664.††††† Huppim

H,665.††††† Hur

H,666.††††† Hurai

H,667.††††† Huram

H,668.††††† Huri

H,669.††††† hurl

H,670.††††† hurleth

H,671.††††† hurling

H,672.††††† hurt

H,673.††††† hurtful

H,674.††††† hurting

H,675.††††† husband

H,676.††††† husbandís

H,677.††††† husbandman

H,678.††††† husbandmen

H,679.††††† husbandry

H,680.††††† husbands

H,681.††††† Hushah

H,682.††††† Hushai

H,683.††††† Husham

H,684.††††† Hushathite

H,685.††††† Hushim

H,686.††††† husk

H,687.††††† husks

H,688.††††† Huz

H,689.††††† Huzzab

H,690.††††† Hymenaeus

H,691.††††† hymn

H,692.††††† hymns

H,693.††††† hypocrisies

H,694.††††† hypocrisy

H,695.††††† hypocrite

H,696.††††† hypocriteís

H,697.††††† hypocrites

H,698.††††† hypocritical

H,699.††††† hyssop

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