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King James Bible Concordance


There are 663 words that begin with the letter D,
in the King James Version of the Bible.


Color Code:

Words in Blue are only in the  Old Testament, (Hebrew)

Words in Green are only in the  New Testament, (Greek)

Words in Black  are in both the Old Testament and New Testament.

Numbers in Pink are Proper Names, of People or Places.


D,d..      663 Words


    D,1.      Dabareh

    D,2.      Dabbasheth

    D,3.      Daberath

    D,4.      dagger

    D,5.      Dagon

    D,6.      Dagon’s

    D,7.      daily

    D,8.      dainties

    D,9.      dainty

  D,10.      Dalaiah

  D,11.      dale

  D,12.      Daleth

  D,13.      Dalmanutha

  D,14.      Dalmatia

  D,15.      Dalphon

  D,16.      dam

  D,17.      damage

  D,18.      Damaris

  D,19.      Damascenes

  D,20.      Damascus

  D,21.      damnable

  D,22.      damnation

  D,23.      damned

  D,24.      damsel

  D,25.      damsel’s

  D,26.      damsels

  D,27.      Dan

  D,28.      dance

  D,29.      danced

  D,30.      dances

  D,31.      dancing

  D,32.      dandled

  D,33.      danger

  D,34.      dangerous

  D,35.      Daniel

  D,36.      Danites

  D,37.      Danjaan

  D,38.      Dannah

  D,39.      Dara

  D,40.      Darda

  D,41.      dare

  D,42.      Darius

  D,43.      dark

  D,44.      darken

  D,45.      darkened

  D,46.      darkeneth

  D,47.      darkish

  D,48.      darkly

  D,49.      darkness

  D,50.      Darkon

  D,51.      darling

  D,52.      dart

  D,53.      darts

  D,54.      dash

  D,55.      dashed

  D,56.      dasheth

  D,57.      Dathan

  D,58.      daub

  D,59.      daubed

  D,60.      daubing

  D,61.      daughter

  D,62.      daughter’s

  D,63.      daughters

  D,64.      David

  D,65.      David’s

  D,66.      dawn

  D,67.      dawning

  D,68.      day

.               to day

  D,69.      day’s

  D,70.      days

  D,71.      days’

  D,72.      daysman

  D,73.      dayspring

  D,74.      daytime

  D,75.      deacon

  D,76.      deacons

  D,77.      dead

  D,78.      deadly

  D,79.      deadness

  D,80.      deaf

  D,81.      deal

  D,82.      dealer

  D,83.      dealers

  D,84.      dealest

  D,85.      dealeth

  D,86.      dealing

  D,87.      dealings

  D,88.      deals

  D,89.      dealt

  D,90.      dear

  D,91.      dearly

  D,92.      dearth

  D,93.      death

  D,94.      deaths

  D,95.      debase

  D,96.      debate

  D,97.      debates

  D,98.      Debir

  D,99.      Deborah

D,100.      debt

D,101.      debtor

D,102.      debtors

D,103.      debts

D,104.      Decapolis

D,105.      decay

D,106.      decayed

D,107.      decayeth

D,108.      decease

D,109.      deceased

D,110.      deceit

D,111.      deceitful

D,112.      deceitfully

D,113.      deceitfulness

D,114.      deceits

D,115.      deceivableness

D,116.      deceive

D,117.      deceived

D,118.      deceiver

D,119.      deceivers

D,120.      deceiveth

D,121.      deceiving

D,122.      deceivings

D,123.      decently

D,124.      decided

D,125.      decision

D,126.      deck

D,127.      decked

D,128.      deckedst

D,129.      deckest

D,130.      decketh

D,131.      declaration

D,132.      declare

D,133.      declared

D,134.      declareth

D,135.      declaring

D,136.      decline

D,137.      declined

D,138.      declineth

D,139.      decrease

D,140.      decreased

D,141.      decree

D,142.      decreed

D,143.      decrees

D,144.      Dedan

D,145.      Dedanim

D,146.      dedicate

D,147.      dedicated

D,148.      dedicating

D,149.      dedication

D,150.      deed

D,151.      deeds

D,152.      deemed

D,153.      deep

D,154.      deeper

D,155.      deeply

D,156.      deepness

D,157.      deeps

D,158.      deer

D,159.      defamed

D,160.      defaming

D,161.      defeat

D,162.      defence

D,163.      defenced

D,164.      defend

D,165.      defended

D,166.      defendest

D,167.      defending

D,168.      defer

D,169.      deferred

D,170.      deferreth

D,171.      defied

D,172.      defile

D,173.      defiled

D,174.      defiledst

D,175.      defileth

D,176.      defraud

D,177.      defrauded

D,178.      defy

D,179.      degenerate

D,180.      degree

D,181.      degrees

D,182.      Dehavites

D,183.      Dekar

D,184.      Delaiah

D,185.      delay

D,186.      delayed

D,187.      delayeth

D,188.      delectable

D,189.      delicacies

D,190.      delicate

D,191.      delicately

D,192.      delicateness

D,193.      delicates

D,194.      deliciously

D,195.      delight

D,196.      delighted

D,197.      delightest

D,198.      delighteth

D,199.      delights

D,200.      delightsome

D,201.      Delilah

D,202.      deliver

D,203.      deliverance

D,204.      deliverances

D,205.      delivered

D,206.      deliveredst

D,207.      deliverer

D,208.      deliverest

D,209.      delivereth

D,210.      delivering

D,211.      delivery

D,212.      delusion

D,213.      delusions

D,214.      demand

D,215.      demanded

D,216.      Demas

D,217.      Demetrius

D,218.      demonstration

D,219.      den

D,220.      denied

D,221.      denieth

D,222.      denounce

D,223.      dens

D,224.      deny

D,225.      denying

D,226.      depart

D,227.      departed

D,228.      departeth

D,229.      departing

D,230.      departure

D,231.      deposed

D,232.      deprived

D,233.      depth

D,234.      depths

D,235.      deputed

D,236.      deputies

D,237.      deputy

D,238.      Derbe

D,239.      deride

D,240.      derided

D,241.      derision

D,242.      descend

D,243.      descended

D,244.      descendeth

D,245.      descending

D,246.      descent

D,247.      describe

D,248.      described

D,249.      describeth

D,250.      description

D,251.      descry

D,252.      desert

D,253.      deserts

D,254.      deserve

D,255.      deserveth

D,256.      deserving

D,257.      desirable

D,258.      desire

D,259.      desired

D,260.      desiredst

D,261.      desires

D,262.      desirest

D,263.      desireth

D,264.      desiring

D,265.      desirous

D,266.      desolate

D,267.      desolation

D,268.      desolations

D,269.      despair

D,270.      despaired

D,271.      desperate

D,272.      desperately

D,273.      despise

D,274.      despised

D,275.      despisers

D,276.      despisest

D,277.      despiseth

D,278.      despising

D,279.      despite

D,280.      despiteful

D,281.      despitefully

D,282.      destitute

D,283.      destroy

D,284.      destroyed

D,285.      destroyer

D,286.      destroyers

D,287.      destroyest

D,288.      destroyeth

D,289.      destroying

D,290.      destruction

D,291.      destructions

D,292.      detain

D,293.      detained

D,294.      determinate

D,295.      determination

D,296.      determine

D,297.      determined

D,298.      detest

D,299.      detestable

D,300.      Deuel

D,301.      device

D,302.      devices

D,303.      devil

D,304.      devilish

D,305.      devils

D,306.      devise

D,307.      devised

D,308.      deviseth

D,309.      devote

D,310.      devoted

D,311.      devotions

D,312.      devour

D,313.      devoured

D,314.      devourer

D,315.      devourest

D,316.      devoureth

D,317.      devouring

D,318.      devout

D,319.      dew

D,320.      diadem

D,321.      dial

D,322.      diamond

D,323.      Diana

D,324.      Diblaim

D,325.      Diblath

D,326.      Dibon

D,327.      Dibongad

D,328.      Dibri

D,329.      did

D,330.      diddest

D,331.      didst

D,332.      Didymus

D,333.      die

D,334.      died

D,335.      diest

D,336.      diet

D,337.      dieth

D,338.      differ

D,339.      difference

D,340.      differences

D,341.      differeth

D,342.      differing

D,343.      dig

D,344.      digged

D,345.      diggedst

D,346.      diggeth

D,347.      dignities

D,348.      dignity

D,349.      Diklah

D,350.      Dilean

D,351.      diligence

D,352.      diligent

D,353.      diligently

D,354.      dim

D,355.      diminish

D,356.      diminished

D,357.      diminishing

D,358.      Dimnah

D,359.      dimness

D,360.      Dimon

D,361.      Dimonah

D,362.      Dinah

D,363.      Dinah’s

D,364.      Dinaites

D,365.      dine

D,366.      dined

D,367.      Dinhabah

D,368.      dinner

D,369.      Dionysius

D,370.      Diotrephes

D,371.      dip

D,372.      dipped

D,373.      dippeth

D,374.      direct

D,375.      directed

D,376.      directeth

D,377.      direction

D,378.      directly

D,379.      dirt

D,380.      disallow

D,381.      disallowed

D,382.      disannul

D,383.      disannulled

D,384.      disannulleth

D,385.      disannulling

D,386.      disappoint

D,387.      disappointed

D,388.      disappointeth

D,389.      discern

D,390.      discerned

D,391.      discerner

D,392.      discerneth

D,393.      discerning

D,394.      discharge

D,395.      discharged

D,396.      disciple

D,397.      disciples

D,398.      disciples’

D,399.      discipline

D,400.      disclose

D,401.      discomfited

D,402.      discomfiture

D,403.      discontented

D,404.      discontinue

D,405.      discord

D,406.      discourage

D,407.      discouraged

D,408.      discover

D,409.      discovered

D,410.      discovereth

D,411.      discovering

D,412.      discreet

D,413.      discreetly

D,414.      discretion

D,415.      disdained

D,416.      disease

D,417.      diseased

D,418.      diseases

D,419.      disfigure

D,420.      disgrace

D,421.      disguise

D,422.      disguised

D,423.      disguiseth

D,424.      dish

D,425.      Dishan

D,426.      dishes

D,427.      Dishon

D,428.      dishonest

D,429.      dishonesty

D,430.      dishonour

D,431.      dishonourest

D,432.      dishonoureth

D,433.      disinherit

D,434.      dismayed

D,435.      dismaying

D,436.      dismissed

D,437.      disobedience

D,438.      disobedient

D,439.      disobeyed

D,440.      disorderly

D,441.      dispatch

D,442.      dispensation

D,443.      disperse

D,444.      dispersed

D,445.      dispersions

D,446.      displayed

D,447.      displease

D,448.      displeased

D,449.      displeasure

D,450.      disposed

D,451.      disposing

D,452.      disposition

D,453.      dispossess

D,454.      dispossessed

D,455.      disputation

D,456.      disputations

D,457.      dispute

D,458.      disputed

D,459.      disputer

D,460.      disputing

D,461.      disputings

D,462.      disquiet

D,463.      disquieted

D,464.      disquietness

D,465.      dissembled

D,466.      dissemblers

D,467.      dissembleth

D,468.      dissension

D,469.      dissimulation

D,470.      dissolve

D,471.      dissolved

D,472.      dissolvest

D,473.      dissolving

D,474.      distaff

D,475.      distant

D,476.      distil

D,477.      distinction

D,478.      distinctly

D,479.      distracted

D,480.      distraction

D,481.      distress

D,482.      distressed

D,483.      distresses

D,484.      distribute

D,485.      distributed

D,486.      distributeth

D,487.      distributing

D,488.      distribution

D,489.      ditch

D,490.      ditches

D,491.      divers

D,492.      diverse

D,493.      diversities

D,494.      divide

D,495.      divided

D,496.      divider

D,497.      divideth

D,498.      dividing

D,499.      divination

D,500.      divinations

D,501.      divine

D,502.      diviners

D,503.      divineth

D,504.      divining

D,505.      division

D,506.      divisions

D,507.      divorce

D,508.      divorced

D,509.      divorcement

D,510.      Dizahab

D,511.      do

D,512.      doctor

D,513.      doctors

D,514.      doctrine

D,515.      doctrines

D,516.      Dodai

D,517.      Dodanim

D,518.      Dodavah

D,519.      Dodo

D,520.      Doeg

D,521.      doer

D,522.      doers

D,523.      doest

D,524.      doeth

D,525.      dog

D,526.      dog’s

D,527.      dogs

D,528.      doing

D,529.      doings

D,530.      doleful

D,531.      dominion

D,532.      dominions

D,533.      done

D,534.      door

D,535.      doorkeeper

D,536.      doorkeepers

D,537.      doors

D,538.      Dophkah

D,539.      Dor

D,540.      Dorcas

D,541.      dost

D,542.      dote

D,543.      doted

D,544.      doth

D,545.      Dothan

D,546.      doting

D,547.      double

D,548.      doubled

D,549.      doubletongued

D,550.      doubt

D,551.      doubted

D,552.      doubteth

D,553.      doubtful

D,554.      doubting

D,555.      doubtless

D,556.      doubts

D,557.      dough

D,558.      dove

D,559.      dove’s

D,560.      doves

D,561.      doves’

D,562.      down

D,563.      downsitting

D,564.      downward

D,565.      dowry

D,566.      drag

D,567.      dragging

D,568.      dragon

D,569.      dragons

D,570.      drams

D,571.      drank

D,572.      draught

D,573.      drave

D,574.      draw

D,575.      drawer

D,576.      drawers

D,577.      draweth

D,578.      drawing

D,579.      drawn

D,580.      dread

D,581.      dreadful

D,582.      dream

D,583.      dreamed

D,584.      dreamer

D,585.      dreamers

D,586.      dreameth

D,587.      dreams

D,588.      dregs

D,589.      dress

D,590.      dressed

D,591.      dresser

D,592.      dressers

D,593.      dresseth

D,594.      drew

D,595.      drewest

D,596.      dried

D,597.      driedst

D,598.      drieth

D,599.      drink

D,600.      drinkers

D,601.      drinketh

D,602.      drinking

D,603.      drinks

D,604.      drive

D,605.      driven

D,606.      driver

D,607.      driveth

D,608.      driving

D,609.      dromedaries

D,610.      dromedary

D,611.      drop

D,612.      dropped

D,613.      droppeth

D,614.      dropping

D,615.      drops

D,616.      dropsy

D,617.      dross

D,618.      drought

D,619.      drove

D,620.      droves

D,621.      drown

D,622.      drowned

D,623.      drowsiness

D,624.      drunk

D,625.      drunkard

D,626.      drunkards

D,627.      drunken

D,628.      drunkenness

D,629.      Drusilla

D,630.      dry

D,631.      dryshod

D,632.      due

D,633.      dues

D,634.      duke

D,635.      dukes

D,636.      dulcimer

D,637.      dull

D,638.      Dumah

D,639.      dumb

D,640.      dung

D,641.      dungeon

D,642.      dunghill

D,643.      dunghills

D,644.      Dura

D,645.      durable

D,646.      dureth

D,647.      durst

D,648.      dust

D,649.      duties

D,650.      duty

D,651.      dwarf

D,652.      dwell

D,653.      dwelled

D,654.      dwellers

D,655.      dwellest

D,656.      dwelleth

D,657.      dwelling

D,658.      dwellingplace

D,659.      dwellingplaces

D,660.      dwellings

D,661.      dwelt

D,662.      dyed

D,663.      dying




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