Old Testament.††††††††††††††††††††† New Testament.




King James Bible Concordance


There are 865 words that begin with the letter B,
in the King James Version of the Bible.

Color Code:

Words in Blue are only in theOld Testament, (Hebrew)

Words in Green are only in theNew Testament, (Greek)

Words in Blackare in both the Old Testament and New Testament.

Numbers in Pink are Proper Names, of People or Places.

B,b..††††† 865 Words

††† B,1.††††† Baal

††† B,2.††††† Baalís

††† B,3.††††† Baalah

††† B,4.††††† Baalath

††† B,5.††††† Baalathbeer

††† B,6.††††† Baalberith

††† B,7.††††† Baale

††† B,8.††††† Baalgad

††† B,9.††††† Baalhamon

B,10.††††† Baalhanan

B,11.††††† Baalhazor

B,12.††††† Baalhermon

B,13.††††† Baali

B,14.††††† Baalim

B,15.††††† Baalis

B,16.††††† Baalmeon

B,17.††††† Baalpeor

B,18.††††† Baalperazim

B,19.††††† Baalshalisha

B,20.††††† Baaltamar

B,21.††††† Baalzebub

B,22.††††† Baalzephon

B,23.††††† Baana

B,24.††††† Baanah

B,25.††††† Baara

B,26.††††† Baaseiah

B,27.††††† Baasha

B,28.††††† babbler

B,29.††††† babbling

B,30.††††† babblings

B,31.††††† babe

B,32.††††† Babel

B,33.††††† babes

B,34.††††† Babylon

B,35.††††† Babylonís

B,36.††††† Babylonians

B,37.††††† Babylonish

B,38.††††† Baca

B,39.††††† Bachrites

B,40.††††† back

B,41.††††† backbiters

B,42.††††† backbiteth

B,43.††††† backbiting

B,44.††††† backbitings

B,45.††††† backbone

B,46.††††† backs

B,47.††††† backside

B,48.††††† backslider

B,49.††††† backsliding

B,50.††††† backslidings

B,51.††††† backward

B,52.††††† bad

B,53.††††† bade

B,54.††††† badest

B,55.††††† badgersí

B,56.††††† badness

B,57.††††† bag

B,58.††††† bags

B,59.††††† Baharumite

B,60.††††† Bahurim

B,61.††††† Bajith

B,62.††††† Bakbakkar

B,63.††††† Bakbuk

B,64.††††† Bakbukiah

B,65.††††† bake

B,66.††††† baked

B,67.††††† bakemeats

B,68.††††† baken

B,69.††††† baker

B,70.††††† bakers

B,71.††††† bakersí

B,72.††††† baketh

B,73.††††† Balaam

B,74.††††† Balaamís

B,75.††††† Balac

B,76.††††† Baladan

B,77.††††† Balah

B,78.††††† Balak

B,79.††††† Balakís

B,80.††††† balance

B,81.††††† balances

B,82.††††† balancings

B,83.††††† bald

B,84.††††† baldness

B,85.††††† ball

B,86.††††† balm

B,87.††††† Bamah

B,88.††††† Bamoth

B,89.††††† Bamothbaal

B,90.††††† band

B,91.††††† banded

B,92.††††† bands

B,93.††††† Bani

B,94.††††† banished

B,95.††††† banishment

B,96.††††† bank

B,97.††††† banks

B,98.††††† banner

B,99.††††† banners

B,100.††††† banquet

B,101.††††† banqueting

B,102.††††† banquetings

B,103.††††† baptism

B,104.††††† baptisms

B,105.††††† Baptist

B,106.††††† Baptistís

B,107.††††† baptize

B,108.††††† baptized

B,109.††††† baptizest

B,110.††††† baptizeth

B,111.††††† baptizing

B,112.††††† bar

B,113.††††† Barabbas

B,114.††††† Barachel

B,115.††††† Barachias

B,116.††††† Barak

B,117.††††† barbarian

B,118.††††† barbarians

B,119.††††† barbarous

B,120.††††† barbed

B,121.††††† barberís

B,122.††††† bare

B,123.††††† barefoot

B,124.††††† barest

B,125.††††† Barhumite

B,126.††††† Bariah

B,127.††††† Barjesus

B,128.††††† Barjona

B,129.††††† bark

B,130.††††† barked

B,131.††††† Barkos

B,132.††††† barley

B,133.††††† barn

B,134.††††† Barnabas

B,135.††††† barnfloor

B,136.††††† barns

B,137.††††† barrel

B,138.††††† barrels

B,139.††††† barren

B,140.††††† barrenness

B,141.††††† bars

B,142.††††† Barsabas

B,143.††††† Bartholomew

B,144.††††† Bartimaeus

B,145.††††† Baruch

B,146.††††† Barzillai

B,147.††††† base

B,148.††††† baser

B,149.††††† bases

B,150.††††† basest

B,151.††††† Bashan

B,152.††††† Bashanhavothjair

B,153.††††† Bashemath

B,154.††††† basket

B,155.††††† baskets

B,156.††††† Basmath

B,157.††††† bason

B,158.††††† basons

B,159.††††† bastard

B,160.††††† bastards

B,161.††††† bat

B,162.††††† bath

B,163.††††† bathe

B,164.††††† bathed

B,165.††††† Bathrabbim

B,166.††††† baths

B,167.††††† Bathsheba

B,168.††††† Bathshua

B,169.††††† bats

B,170.††††† battered

B,171.††††† battering

B,172.††††† battle

B,173.††††† battlement

B,174.††††† battlements

B,175.††††† battles

B,176.††††† Bavai

B,177.††††† bay

B,178.††††† Bazlith

B,179.††††† Bazluth

B,180.††††† bdellium

B,181.††††† be

B,182.††††† beacon

B,183.††††† Bealiah

B,184.††††† Bealoth

B,185.††††† beam

B,186.††††† beams

B,187.††††† beans

B,188.††††† bear

.†††††††††††††† bear.††††††† .†††††† He was unto me as a bear lying in wait, and as a lion in secret places.

B,189.††††† beard

B,190.††††† beards

B,191.††††† bearers

B,192.††††† bearest

B,193.††††† beareth

B,194.††††† bearing

B,195.††††† bears

B,196.††††† beast

B,197.††††† beastís

B,198.††††† beasts

B,199.††††† beat

B,200.††††† beaten

B,201.††††† beatest

B,202.††††† beateth

B,203.††††† beating

B,204.††††† beauties

B,205.††††† beautiful

B,206.††††† beautify

B,207.††††† beauty

B,208.††††† Bebai

B,209.††††† became

B,210.††††† becamest

B,211.††††† because

B,212.††††† Becher

B,213.††††† Bechorath

B,214.††††† beckoned

B,215.††††† beckoning

B,216.††††† become

B,217.††††† becometh

B,218.††††† bed

B,219.††††† bedís

B,220.††††† Bedad

B,221.††††† Bedan

B,222.††††† bedchamber

B,223.††††† Bedeiah

B,224.††††† beds

B,225.††††† bedstead

B,226.††††† bee

B,227.††††† Beeliada

B,228.††††† Beelzebub

B,229.††††† been

B,230.††††† Beer

B,231.††††† Beera

B,232.††††† Beerah

B,233.††††† Beerelim

B,234.††††† Beeri

B,235.††††† Beerlahairoi

B,236.††††† Beeroth

B,237.††††† Beerothite

B,238.††††† Beerothites

B,239.††††† Beersheba

B,240.††††† bees

B,241.††††† Beeshterah

B,242.††††† beetle

B,243.††††† beeves

B,244.††††† befall

B,245.††††† befallen

B,246.††††† befalleth

B,247.††††† befell

B,248.††††† before

B,249.††††† beforehand

B,250.††††† beforetime

B,251.††††† beg

B,252.††††† began

B,253.††††† begat

B,254.††††† beget

B,255.††††† begettest

B,256.††††† begetteth

B,257.††††† beggar

B,258.††††† beggarly

B,259.††††† begged

B,260.††††† begging

B,261.††††† begin

B,262.††††† beginnest

B,263.††††† beginning

B,264.††††† beginnings

B,265.††††† begotten

B,266.††††† beguile

B,267.††††† beguiled

B,268.††††† beguiling

B,269.††††† begun

B,270.††††† behalf

B,271.††††† behave

B,272.††††† behaved

B,273.††††† behaveth

B,274.††††† behaviour

B,275.††††† beheaded

B,276.††††† beheld

B,277.††††† Behemoth

B,278.††††† behind

B,279.††††† behold

B,280.††††† beholdest

B,281.††††† beholdeth

B,282.††††† beholding

B,283.††††† behoved

B,284.††††† being

B,285.††††† bekah

B,286.††††† Bel

B,287.††††† Bela

B,288.††††† Belah

B,289.††††† Belaites

B,290.††††† belch

B,291.††††† Belial

B,292.††††† belied

B,293.††††† belief

B,294.††††† believe

B,295.††††† believed

B,296.††††† believers

B,297.††††† believest

B,298.††††† believeth

B,299.††††† believing

B,300.††††† bell

B,301.††††† bellies

B,302.††††† bellow

B,303.††††† bellows

B,304.††††† bells

B,305.††††† belly

B,306.††††† belong

B,307.††††† belonged

B,308.††††† belongest

B,309.††††† belongeth

B,310.††††† belonging

B,311.††††† beloved

B,312.††††† belovedís

B,313.††††† Belshazzar

B,314.††††† Belteshazzar

B,315.††††† bemoan

B,316.††††† bemoaned

B,317.††††† bemoaning

B,318.††††† Ben

B,319.††††† Benaiah

B,320.††††† Benammi

B,321.††††† benches

B,322.††††† bend

B,323.††††† bendeth

B,324.††††† bending

B,325.††††† beneath

B,326.††††† Beneberak

B,327.††††† benefactors

B,328.††††† benefit

B,329.††††† benefits

B,330.††††† Benejaakan

B,331.††††† benvolence

B,332.††††† Benhadad

B,333.††††† Benhail

B,334.††††† Benhanan

B,335.††††† Beninu

B,336.††††† Benjamin

B,337.††††† Benjaminís

B,338.††††† Benjamite

B,339.††††† Benjamites

B,340.††††† Beno

B,341.††††† Benoni

B,342.††††† bent

B,343.††††† Benzoheth

B,344.††††† Beon

B,345.††††† Beor

B,346.††††† Bera

B,347.††††† Berachah

B,348.††††† Berachiah

B,349.††††† Beraiah

B,350.††††† Berea

B,351.††††† bereave

B,352.††††† bereaved

B,353.††††† bereaveth

B,354.††††† Berechiah

B,355.††††† Bered

B,356.††††† Beri

B,357.††††† Beriah

B,358.††††† Beriites

B,359.††††† Berites

B,360.††††† Berith

B,361.††††† Bernice

B,362.††††† Berodachbaladan

B,363.††††† Berothah

B,364.††††† Berothai

B,365.††††† Berothite

B,366.††††† berries

B,367.††††† beryl

B,368.††††† Besai

B,369.††††† beseech

B,370.††††† beseeching

B,371.††††† beset

B,372.††††† beside

B,373.††††† besides

B,374.††††† besiege

B,375.††††† besieged

B,376.††††† Besodeiah

B,377.††††† besom

B,378.††††† Besor

B,379.††††† besought

B,380.††††† best

B,381.††††† bestead

B,382.††††† bestir

B,383.††††† bestow

B,384.††††† bestowed

B,385.††††† Betah

B,386.††††† Beten

B,387.††††† Beth

B,388.††††† Bethabara

B,389.††††† Bethanath

B,390.††††† Bethanoth

B,391.††††† Bethany

B,392.††††† Betharabah

B,393.††††† Betharam

B,394.††††† Betharbel

B,395.††††† Bethaven

B,396.††††† Bethazmaveth

B,397.††††† Bethbaalmeon

B,398.††††† Bethbarah

B,399.††††† Bethbirei

B,400.††††† Bethcar

B,401.††††† Bethdagon

B,402.††††† Bethdiblathaim

B,403.††††† Bethel

B,404.††††† Bethelite

B,405.††††† Bethemek

B,406.††††† Bether

B,407.††††† Bethesda

B,408.††††† Bethezel

B,409.††††† Bethgader

B,410.††††† Bethgamul

B,411.††††† Bethhaccerem

B,412.††††† Bethharan

B,413.††††† Bethhogla

B,414.††††† Bethhoglah

B,415.††††† Bethhoron

B,416.††††† bethink

B,417.††††† Bethjeshimoth

B,418.††††† Bethjesimoth

B,419.††††† Bethlebaoth

B,420.††††† Bethlehem

B,421.††††† Bethlehemite

B,422.††††† Bethlehemjudah

B,423.††††† Bethmaachah

B,424.††††† Bethmarcaboth

B,425.††††† Bethmeon

B,426.††††† Bethnimrah

B,427.††††† Bethpalet

B,428.††††† Bethpazzez

B,429.††††† Bethpeor

B,430.††††† Bethphage

B,431.††††† Bethphelet

B,432.††††† Bethrapha

B,433.††††† Bethrehob

B,434.††††† Bethsaida

B,435.††††† Bethshan

B,436.††††† Bethshean

B,437.††††† Bethshemesh

B,438.††††† Bethshemite

B,439.††††† Bethshittah

B,440.††††† Bethtappuah

B,441.††††† Bethuel

B,442.††††† Bethul

B,443.††††† Bethzur

B,444.††††† betimes

B,445.††††† Betonim

B,446.††††† betray

B,447.††††† betrayed

B,448.††††† betrayers

B,449.††††† betrayest

B,450.††††† betrayeth

B,451.††††† betroth

B,452.††††† betrothed

B,453.††††† better

B,454.††††† bettered

B,455.††††† between

B,456.††††† betwixt

B,457.††††† Beulah

B,458.††††† bewail

B,459.††††† bewailed

B,460.††††† bewaileth

B,461.††††† beware

B,462.††††† bewitched

B,463.††††† bewray

B,464.††††† bewrayeth

B,465.††††† beyond

B,466.††††† Bezai

B,467.††††† Bezaleel

B,468.††††† Bezek

B,469.††††† Bezer

B,470.††††† Bichri

B,471.††††† bid

B,472.††††† bidden

B,473.††††† biddeth

B,474.††††† bidding

B,475.††††† Bidkar

B,476.††††† bier

B,477.††††† Bigtha

B,478.††††† Bigthan

B,479.††††† Bigthana

B,480.††††† Bigvai

B,481.††††† Bildad

B,482.††††† Bileam

B,483.††††† Bilgah

B,484.††††† Bilgai

B,485.††††† Bilhah

B,486.††††† Bilhan

B,487.††††† bill

B,488.††††† billows

B,489.††††† Bilshan

B,490.††††† Bimhal

B,491.††††† bind

B,492.††††† bindeth

B,493.††††† binding

B,494.††††† Binea

B,495.††††† Binnui

B,496.††††† bird

B,497.††††† birdís

B,498.††††† birds

B,499.††††† birdsí

B,500.††††† Birsha

B,501.††††† birth

B,502.††††† birthday

B,503.††††† birthright

B,504.††††† Birzavith

B,505.††††† Bishlam

B,506.††††† bishop

B,507.††††† bishoprick

B,508.††††† bishops

B,509.††††† bit

B,510.††††† bite

B,511.††††† biteth

B,512.††††† Bithiah

B,513.††††† Bithron

B,514.††††† Bithynia

B,515.††††† bits

B,516.††††† bitten

B,517.††††† bitter

B,518.††††† bitterly

B,519.††††† bittern

B,520.††††† bitterness

B,521.††††† Bizjothjah

B,522.††††† Biztha

B,523.††††† black

B,524.††††† blacker

B,525.††††† blackish

B,526.††††† blackness

B,527.††††† blade

B,528.††††† blains

B,529.††††† blame

B,530.††††† blamed

B,531.††††† blameless

B,532.††††† blaspheme

B,533.††††† blasphemed

B,534.††††† blasphemer

B,535.††††† blasphemers

B,536.††††† blasphemest

B,537.††††† blasphemeth

B,538.††††† blasphemies

B,539.††††† blaspheming

B,540.††††† blasphemous

B,541.††††† blasphemously

B,542.††††† blasphemy

B,543.††††† blast

B,544.††††† blasted

B,545.††††† blasting

B,546.††††† Blastus

B,547.††††† blaze

B,548.††††† bleating

B,549.††††† bleatings

B,550.††††† blemish

B,551.††††† blemishes

B,552.††††† bless

B,553.††††† blessed

B,554.††††† blessedness

B,555.††††† blessest

B,556.††††† blesseth

B,557.††††† blessing

B,558.††††† blessings

B,559.††††† blew

B,560.††††† blind

B,561.††††† blinded

B,562.††††† blindeth

B,563.††††† blindfolded

B,564.††††† blindness

B,565.††††† blood

B,566.††††† bloodguiltiness

B,567.††††† bloodthirsty

B,568.††††† bloody

B,569.††††† bloomed

B,570.††††† blossom

B,571.††††† blossomed

B,572.††††† blossoms

B,573.††††† blot

B,574.††††† blotted

B,575.††††† blotteth

B,576.††††† blotting

B,577.††††† blow

B,578.††††† bloweth

B,579.††††† blowing

B,580.††††† blown

B,581.††††† blue

B,582.††††† blueness

B,583.††††† blunt

B,584.††††† blush

B,585.††††† Boanerges

B,586.††††† boar

B,587.††††† board

B,588.††††† boards

B,589.††††† boast

B,590.††††† boasted

B,591.††††† boasters

B,592.††††† boastest

B,593.††††† boasteth

B,594.††††† boasting

B,595.††††† boastings

B,596.††††† boat

B,597.††††† boats

B,598.††††† Boaz

B,599.††††† Bocheru

B,600.††††† Bochim

B,601.††††† bodies

B,602.††††† bodily

B,603.††††† body

B,604.††††† bodyís

B,605.††††† Bohan

B,606.††††† boil

B,607.††††† boiled

B,608.††††† boiling

B,609.††††† boils

B,610.††††† boisterous

B,611.††††† bold

B,612.††††† boldly

B,613.††††† boldness

B,614.††††† bolled

B,615.††††† bolster

B,616.††††† bolt

B,617.††††† bolted

B,618.††††† bond

B,619.††††† bondage

B,620.††††† bondmaid

B,621.††††† bondmaids

B,622.††††† bondman

B,623.††††† bondmen

B,624.††††† bonds

B,625.††††† bondservant

B,626.††††† bondservice

B,627.††††† bondwoman

B,628.††††† bondwomen

B,629.††††† bone

B,630.††††† bones

B,631.††††† bonnets

B,632.††††† book

B,633.††††† books

B,634.††††† booth

B,635.††††† booths

B,636.††††† booties

B,637.††††† booty

B,638.††††† Booz

B,639.††††† border

B,640.††††† borders

B,641.††††† bore

B,642.††††† bored

B,643.††††† born

B,644.††††† borne

B,645.††††† borrow

B,646.††††† borrowed

B,647.††††† borrower

B,648.††††† borroweth

B,649.††††† Boscath

B,650.††††† bosom

B,651.††††† Bosor

B,652.††††† bosses

B,653.††††† botch

B,654.††††† both

B,655.††††† bottle

B,656.††††† bottles

B,657.††††† bottom

B,658.††††† bottomless

B,659.††††† bottoms

B,660.††††† bough

B,661.††††† boughs

B,662.††††† bought

B,663.††††† bound

B,664.††††† bounds

B,665.††††† bountiful

B,666.††††† bountifully

B,667.††††† bountifulness

B,668.††††† bounty

B,669.††††† bow

B,670.††††† bowed

B,671.††††† bowels

B,672.††††† boweth

B,673.††††† bowing

B,674.††††† bowl

B,675.††††† bowls

B,676.††††† bowmen

B,677.††††† bows

B,678.††††† bowshot

B,679.††††† box

B,680.††††† boy

B,681.††††† boys

B,682.††††† Bozez

B,683.††††† Bozkath

B,684.††††† Bozrah

B,685.††††† bracelet

B,686.††††† bracelets

B,687.††††† brake

B,688.††††† brakest

B,689.††††† bramble

B,690.††††† brambles

B,691.††††† branch

B,692.††††† branches

B,693.††††† brand

B,694.††††† brandish

B,695.††††† brands

B,696.††††† brasen

B,697.††††† brass

B,698.††††† bravery

B,699.††††† brawler

B,700.††††† brawlers

B,701.††††† brawling

B,702.††††† bray

B,703.††††† brayed

B,704.††††† breach

B,705.††††† breaches

B,706.††††† bread

B,707.††††† breadth

B,708.††††† break

B,709.††††† breaker

B,710.††††† breakest

B,711.††††† breaketh

B,712.††††† breaking

B,713.††††† breakings

B,714.††††† breast

B,715.††††† breastplate

B,716.††††† breastplates

B,717.††††† breasts

B,718.††††† breath

B,719.††††† breathe

B,720.††††† breathed

B,721.††††† breatheth

B,722.††††† breathing

B,723.††††† bred

B,724.††††† breeches

B,725.††††† breed

B,726.††††† breeding

B,727.††††† brethren

B,728.††††† brethrenís

B,729.††††† bribe

B,730.††††† bribery

B,731.††††† bribes

B,732.††††† brick

B,733.††††† brickkiln

B,734.††††† bricks

B,735.††††† bride

B,736.††††† bridechamber

B,737.††††† bridegroom

B,738.††††† bridegroomís

B,739.††††† bridle

B,740.††††† bridles

B,741.††††† bridleth

B,742.††††† briefly

B,743.††††† brier

B,744.††††† briers

B,745.††††† brigandine

B,746.††††† brigandines

B,747.††††† bright

B,748.††††† brightness

B,749.††††† brim

B,750.††††† brimstone

B,751.††††† bring

B,752.††††† bringers

B,753.††††† bringest

B,754.††††† bringeth

B,755.††††† bringing

B,756.††††† brink

B,757.††††† broad

B,758.††††† broader

B,759.††††† broided

B,760.††††† broidered

B,761.††††† broiled

B,762.††††† broken

B,763.††††† brokenfooted

B,764.††††† brokenhanded

B,765.††††† brokenhearted

B,766.††††† brood

B,767.††††† brook

B,768.††††† brooks

B,769.††††† broth

B,770.††††† brother

B,771.††††† brotherís

B,772.††††† brotherhood

B,773.††††† brotherly

B,774.††††† brothersí

B,775.††††† brought

B,776.††††† broughtest

B,777.††††† brow

B,778.††††† brown

B,779.††††† bruise

B,780.††††† bruised

B,781.††††† bruises

B,782.††††† bruising

B,783.††††† bruit

B,784.††††† brute

B,785.††††† brutish

B,786.††††† bucket

B,787.††††† buckets

B,788.††††† buckler

B,789.††††† bucklers

B,790.††††† bud

B,791.††††† budded

B,792.††††† buds

B,793.††††† buffet

B,794.††††† buffeted

B,795.††††† build

B,796.††††† builded

B,797.††††† buildedst

B,798.††††† builder

B,799.††††† builders

B,800.††††† buildest

B,801.††††† buildeth

B,802.††††† building

B,803.††††† buildings

B,804.††††† built

B,805.††††† Bukki

B,806.††††† Bukkiah

B,807.††††† Bul

B,808.††††† bull

B,809.††††† bullock

B,810.††††† bullockís

B,811.††††† bullocks

B,812.††††† bulls

B,813.††††† bulrush

B,814.††††† bulrushes

B,815.††††† bulwarks

B,816.††††† Bunah

B,817.††††† bunch

B,818.††††† bunches

B,819.††††† bundle

B,820.††††† bundles

B,821.††††† Bunni

B,822.††††† burden

B,823.††††† burdened

B,824.††††† burdens

B,825.††††† burdensome

B,826.††††† burial

B,827.††††† buried

B,828.††††† buriers

B,829.††††† burn

B,830.††††† burned

B,831.††††† burneth

B,832.††††† burning

B,833.††††† burnings

B,834.††††† burnished

B,835.††††† burnt

B,836.††††† burst

B,837.††††† bursting

B,838.††††† bury

B,839.††††† burying

B,840.††††† buryingplace

B,841.††††† bush

B,842.††††† bushel

B,843.††††† bushes

B,844.††††† bushy

B,845.††††† busied

B,846.††††† business

B,847.††††† busy

B,848.††††† busybodies

B,849.††††† busybody

B,850.††††† but

B,851.††††† butler

B,852.††††† butlers

B,853.††††† butlership

B,854.††††† butter

B,855.††††† buttocks

B,856.††††† buy

B,857.††††† buyer

B,858.††††† buyest

B,859.††††† buyeth

B,860.††††† Buz

B,861.††††† Buzi

B,862.††††† Buzite

B,863.††††† by

B,864.††††† byways

B,865.††††† byword

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