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There are 311 words that begin with the letter R,
in the King James Version of the Bible.

Color Code:

Words in Blue are only in theOld Testament, (Hebrew)

Numbers in Pink are Proper Names, of People or Places.

R,r.†††††† 311 Words

††† R,1.††††† Raamah

††† R,2.††††† Raamiah

††† R,3.††††† Raamses

††† R,4.††††† Rabbah

††† R,5.††††† Rabbath

††R,7.††††† Rabbith

††† R,9.††††† Rabmag

R,10.††††† Rabsaris

R,11.††††† Rabshakeh

R,15.††††† Rachal

R,17.††††† Rachelís

R,18.††††† Raddai

R,19.††††† rafters

R,22.††††† raged

R,23.††††† rageth

R,24.††††† ragged

R,26.††††† rags

R,27.††††† Raguel

R,29.††††† Raham

R,30.††††† Rahel

R,31.††††† rail

R,40.††††† rainy

R,43.††††† raiser

R,46.††††† raisins

R,47.††††† Rakem

R,48.††††† Rakkath

R,49.††††† Rakkon

R,50.††††† ram

.†††††††††††††† Ram

R,51.††††† ramís

R,53.††††† Ramah

R,54.††††† Ramath

R,55.††††† Ramathaimzophim

R,56.††††† Ramathite

R,57.††††† Ramathlehi

R,58.††††† Ramathmizpeh

R,59.††††† Rameses

R,60.††††† Ramiah

R,61.††††† Ramoth

R,62.††††† Ramothgilead

R,63.††††† rampart

R,64.††††† rams

R,65.††††† ramsí

R,67.††††† rang

R,68.††††† range

R,69.††††† ranges

R,70.††††† ranging

R,71.††††† rank

R,74.††††† ransomed

R,75.††††† Rapha

R,76.††††† Raphu

R,77.††††† rare

R,78.††††† rase

R,79.††††† rash

R,81.††††† rate

R,83.††††† rattleth

R,84.††††† rattling

R,85.††††† raven

R,87.††††† ravenous

R,89.††††† ravin

R,90.††††† ravished

R,91.††††† raw

R,92.††††† razor

R,95.††††† reacheth

R,103.††††† Reaia

R,104.††††† Reaiah

R,105.††††† realm

R,108.††††† reaper

R,114.††††† reared

R,119.††††† reasons

R,120.††††† Reba

R,122.††††† Rebekah

R,123.††††† Rebekahís

R,124.††††† rebel

R,125.††††† rebelled

R,126.††††† rebellest

R,127.††††† rebellion

R,128.††††† rebellious

R,129.††††† rebels

R,132.††††† rebuker

R,133.††††† rebukes

R,134.††††† rebuketh

R,136.††††† recall

R,141.††††† receiver

R,144.††††† Rechab

R,145.††††† Rechabites

R,146.††††† Rechah

R,150.††††† reckoning

R,153.††††† recompences

R,156.††††† recompensest

R,157.††††† recompensing

R,163.††††† recorded

R,164.††††† recorder

R,165.††††† records

R,166.††††† recount

R,168.††††† recovered

R,171.††††† reddish

R,174.††††† redeemedst

R,175.††††† redeemer

R,176.††††† redeemeth

R,179.††††† redness

R,182.††††† reeds

R,183.††††† reel

R,184.††††† Reelaiah

R,185.††††† refine

R,186.††††† refined

R,187.††††† refiner

R,188.††††† refinerís

R,190.††††† reformed

R,192.††††† refrained

R,193.††††† refraineth

R,196.††††† refresheth

R,201.††††† refusedst

R,202.††††† refuseth

R,208.††††† Regem

R,209.††††† Regemmelech

R,213.††††† register

R,214.††††† Rehabiah

R,215.††††† rehearse

R,217.††††† Rehob

R,218.††††† Rehoboam

R,219.††††† Rehoboth

R,220.††††† Rehum

R,221.††††† Rei

R,224.††††† reignest

R,226.††††† reigning

R,236.††††† Rekem

R,239.††††† relied

R,243.††††† relieveth

R,246.††††† rely

R,248.††††† remainder

R,253.††††† Remaliah

R,254.††††† Remaliahís

R,255.††††† remedy

R,262.††††† remembrances

R,263.††††† Remeth

R,267.††††† Remmon

R,268.††††† Remmonmethoar

R,272.††††† removeth

R,277.††††† rendered

R,278.††††† renderest

R,279.††††† rendereth

R,281.††††† rending

R,284.††††† renewest

R,287.††††† renown

R,288.††††† renowned

R,290.††††† rentest

R,291.††††† repair

R,292.††††† repaired

R,293.††††† repairer

R,294.††††† repairing

R,296.††††† repayed

R,297.††††† repayeth

R,298.††††† repeateth

R,302.††††† repentest

R,304.††††† repenting

R,305.††††† repentings

R,307.††††† Rephael

R,308.††††† Rephah

R,309.††††† Rephaiah

R,310.††††† Rephaim

R,311.††††† Rephaims

R,312.††††† Rephidim

R,313.††††† replenish

R,314.††††† replenished

R,322.††††† reproacheth

R,327.††††† reproofs

R,330.††††† reprover

R,331.††††† reproveth

R,333.††††† reputed

R,335.††††† requested

R,339.††††† requirest

R,340.††††† requireth

R,343.††††† requited

R,344.††††† requiting

R,345.††††† rereward

R,346.††††† rescue

R,348.††††† rescueth

R,349.††††† resemblance

R,351.††††† resembled

R,352.††††† Resen

R,355.††††† reserveth

R,356.††††† Resh

R,357.††††† Resheph

R,366.††††† respected

R,368.††††† respecteth

R,369.††††† respite

R,374.††††† resting

R,375.††††† restingplace

R,379.††††† restorer

R,381.††††† restrain

R,383.††††† restrainest

R,384.††††† restraint

R,385.††††† rests

R,389.††††† retaineth

R,390.††††† retire

R,391.††††† retired

R,394.††††† returneth

R,396.††††† Reu

R,398.††††† Reubenite

R,399.††††† Reubenites

R,400.††††† Reuel

R,401.††††† Reumah

R,404.††††† revealer

R,405.††††† revealeth

R,410.††††† revenged

R,412.††††† revengers

R,413.††††† revenges

R,414.††††† revengeth

R,415.††††† revenging

R,416.††††† revenue

R,417.††††† revenues

R,419.††††† reverenced

R,420.††††† reverend

R,421.††††† reverse

R,426.††††† revilings

R,427.††††† revive

R,429.††††† reviving

R,430.††††† revolt

R,431.††††† revolted

R,432.††††† revolters

R,433.††††† revolting

R,437.††††† rewardeth

R,438.††††† rewards

R,439.††††† Rezeph

R,440.††††† Rezia

R,441.††††† Rezin

R,442.††††† Rezon

R,447.††††† rib

R,448.††††† Ribai

R,449.††††† ribband

R,450.††††† Riblah

R,451.††††† ribs

R,453.††††† richer

R,456.††††† rid

R,457.††††† riddance

R,458.††††† ridden

R,459.††††† riddle

R,460.††††† ride

R,461.††††† rider

R,462.††††† riders

R,463.††††† rideth

R,464.††††† ridges

R,465.††††† riding

R,466.††††† rie

R,467.††††† rifled

R,473.††††† righteousnesses

R,475.††††† rigour

R,476.††††† Rimmon

R,477.††††† Rimmonparez

R,480.††††† rings

R,481.††††† ringstraked

R,482.††††† Rinnah

R,483.††††† rinsed

R,487.††††† rip

R,489.††††† ripening

R,490.††††† Riphath

R,491.††††† ripped

R,494.††††† risest

R,497.††††† Rissah

R,498.††††† rites

R,499.††††† Rithmah

R,501.††††† riverís

R,503.††††† Rizpah

R,504.††††† road

R,505.††††† roar

R,506.††††† roared

R,509.††††† roarings

R,510.††††† roast

R,511.††††† roasted

R,512.††††† roasteth

R,513.††††† rob

R,518.††††† robbeth

R,525.††††† rode

R,527.††††† roe

R,528.††††† roebuck

R,529.††††† roebucks

R,530.††††† roes

R,531.††††† Rogelim

R,532.††††† Rohgah

R,535.††††† roller

R,536.††††† rolleth

R,537.††††† rolling

R,538.††††† rolls

R,539.††††† Romamtiezer

R,544.††††† roofs

R,550.††††† rope

R,553.††††† Rosh

R,554.††††† rot

R,555.††††† rotten

R,556.††††† rottenness

R,558.††††† roughly

R,560.††††† rouse

R,561.††††† rovers

R,562.††††† row

R,564.††††† rowers

R,566.††††† rows

R,569.††††† rubbish

R,570.††††† rubies

R,572.††††† ruddy

R,577.††††† Ruhamah

R,579.††††† ruined

R,580.††††† ruinous

R,583.††††† ruled

R,587.††††† rulest

R,590.††††† Rumah

R,591.††††† rumbling

R,594.††††† rump

R,596.††††† runnest

R,599.††††† rush

R,601.††††† rushes

R,602.††††† rusheth

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