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There are 403 words that begin with the letter M,
in the King James Version of the Bible.

Color Code:

Words in Blue are only in theOld Testament, (Hebrew)

Numbers in Pink are Proper Names, of People or Places.

M,m.†††† 403 Words

††† M,1.†††† Maacah

††† M,2.†††† Maachah

††† M,3.†††† Maachathi

††† M,4.†††† Maachathite

††† M,5.†††† Maachathites

††† M,6.†††† Maadai

††† M,7.†††† Maadiah

††† M,8.†††† Maai

††† M,9.†††† Maalehacrabbim

M,10.†††† Maarath

M,11.†††† Maaseiah

M,12.†††† Maasiai

M,14.†††† Maaz

M,15.†††† Maaziah

M,18.†††† Machbanai

M,19.†††† Machbenah

M,20.†††† Machi

M,21.†††† Machir

M,22.†††† Machirites

M,23.†††† Machnadebai

M,24.†††† Machpelah

M,26.†††† Madai

M,30.†††† Madmannah

M,31.†††† Madmen

M,32.†††† Madmenah

M,34.†††† Madon

M,35.†††† Magbish

M,38.†††† Magdiel

M,39.†††† magician

M,40.†††† magicians

M,43.†††† magnifical

M,48.†††† Magormissabib

M,49.†††† Magpiash

M,50.†††† Mahalah

M,51.†††† Mahalaleel

M,52.†††† Mahalath

M,53.†††† Mahali

M,54.†††† Mahanaim

M,55.†††† Mahanehdan

M,56.†††† Maharai

M,57.†††† Mahath

M,58.†††† Mahavite

M,59.†††† Mahazioth

M,60.†††† Mahershalalhashbaz

M,61.†††† Mahlah

M,62.†††† Mahli

M,63.†††† Mahlites

M,64.†††† Mahlon

M,65.†††† Mahlonís

M,66.†††† Mahol

M,68.†††† maidís

M,72.†††† maidservant

M,73.†††† maidservantís

M,74.†††† maidservants

M,75.†††† maidservantsí

M,76.†††† mail

M,80.†††† maintained

M,81.†††† maintainest

M,82.†††† maintenance

M,84.†††† Makaz

M,87.†††† makers

M,90.†††† Makheloth

M,92.†††† Makkedah

M,93.†††† Maktesh

M,94.†††† Malachi

M,95.†††† Malcham

M,96.†††† Malchiah

M,97.†††† Malchiel

M,98.†††† Malchielites

M,99.†††† Malchijah

M,100.†††† Malchiram

M,101.†††† Malchishua

M,107.†††† males

M,112.†††† Mallothi

M,113.†††† mallows

M,114.†††† Malluch

M,116.†††† Mamre

M,120.†††† Manahath

M,121.†††† Manahethites

M,122.†††† Manasseh

M,123.†††† Manassehís

M,125.†††† Manassites

M,126.†††† mandrakes

M,127.†††† maneh

M,138.†††† Manoah

M,139.†††† manservant

M,140.†††† manservantís

M,141.†††† manservants

M,143.†††† manslayer

M,145.†††† mantle

M,146.†††† mantles

M,148.†††† Maoch

M,149.†††† Maon

M,150.†††† Maonites

M,151.†††† mar

M,152.†††† Mara

M,153.†††† Marah

M,154.†††† Maralah

M,157.†††† march

M,158.†††† marched

M,159.†††† marchedst

M,161.†††† Mareshah

M,162.†††† mariners

M,163.†††† marishes

M,166.†††† markest

M,168.†††† marketh

M,173.†††† Maroth

M,176.†††† marriages

M,183.†††† Marsena

M,184.†††† mart

M,191.†††† marvellously

M,192.†††† marvels

M,194.†††† Maschil

M,195.†††† Mash

M,196.†††† Mashal

M,197.†††† masons

M,198.†††† Masrekah

M,199.†††† Massa

M,200.†††† Massah

M,201.†††† mast

M,209.†††† masts

M,210.†††† mate

M,212.†††† Matred

M,213.†††† Matri

M,214.†††† matrix

M,215.†††† Mattan

M,216.†††† Mattanah

M,217.†††† Mattaniah

M,219.†††† Mattathah

M,221.†††† Mattenai

M,228.†††† Mattithiah

M,229.†††† mattock

M,230.†††† mattocks

M,231.†††† maul

M,232.†††† maw

M,235.†††† Mazzaroth

M,237.†††† meadow

M,238.†††† meadows

M,239.†††† Meah

M,241.†††† mealtime

M,243.†††† meanest

M,248.†††† Mearah

M,255.†††† Mebunnai

M,256.†††† Mecherathite

M,257.†††† Medad

M,258.†††† Medan

M,259.†††† meddle

M,260.†††† meddled

M,261.†††† meddleth

M,262.†††† meddling

M,263.†††† Mede

M,264.†††† Medeba

M,266.†††† Media

M,267.†††† Median

M,269.†††† medicine

M,270.†††† medicines

M,272.†††† meditation

M,276.†††† meetest

M,277.†††† meeteth

M,278.†††† meeting

M,279.†††† Megiddo

M,280.†††† Megiddon

M,281.†††† Mehetabeel

M,282.†††† Mehetabel

M,283.†††† Mehida

M,284.†††† Mehir

M,285.†††† Meholathite

M,286.†††† Mehujael

M,287.†††† Mehuman

M,288.†††† Mehunim

M,289.†††† Mehunims

M,290.†††† Mejarkon

M,291.†††† Mekonah

M,292.†††† Melatiah

M,294.†††† Melchiah

M,296.†††† Melchishua

M,297.†††† Melchizedek

M,299.†††† Melech

M,300.†††† Melicu

M,303.†††† melons

M,305.†††† melted

M,306.†††† melteth

M,307.†††† melting

M,308.†††† Melzar

M,309.†††† Mem

M,314.†††† Memphis

M,315.†††† Memucan

M,318.†††† Menahem

M,320.†††† menchildren

M,321.†††† mend

M,323.†††† Mene

M,327.†††† menstruous

M,329.†††† mentioned

M,330.†††† Meonenim

M,331.†††† Meonothai

M,332.†††† Mephaath

M,333.†††† Mephibosheth

M,334.†††† Merab

M,335.†††† Meraiah

M,336.†††† Meraioth

M,337.†††† Merari

M,338.†††† Merarites

M,339.†††† Merathaim

M,342.†††† merchantmen

M,344.†††† merchantsí

M,346.†††† merciesí

M,351.†††† Mered

M,352.†††† Meremoth

M,353.†††† Meres

M,354.†††† Meribah

M,355.†††† Meribah-Kadesh

M,356.†††† Meribbaal

M,357.†††† Merodach

M,358.†††† Merodachbaladan

M,359.†††† Merom

M,360.†††† Meronothite

M,361.†††† Meroz

M,362.†††† merrily

M,364.†††† merryhearted

M,365.†††† Mesech

M,366.†††† Mesha

M,367.†††† Meshach

M,368.†††† Meshech

M,369.†††† Meshelemiah

M,370.†††† Meshezabeel

M,371.†††† Meshillemith

M,372.†††† Meshillemoth

M,373.†††† Meshobab

M,374.†††† Meshullam

M,375.†††† Meshullemeth

M,376.†††† Mesobaite

M,378.†††† mess

M,382.†††† messes

M,383.†††† Messiah

M,387.†††† meted

M,388.†††† meteyard

M,389.†††† Methegammah

M,390.†††† Methusael

M,391.†††† Methuselah

M,392.†††† Meunim

M,393.†††† Mezahab

M,394.†††† Miamin

M,395.†††† Mibhar

M,396.†††† Mibsam

M,397.†††† Mibzar

M,398.†††† Micah

M,399.†††† Micahís

M,400.†††† Micaiah

M,401.†††† mice

M,402.†††† Micha

M,404.†††† Michah

M,405.†††† Michaiah

M,406.†††† Michal

M,407.†††† Michmas

M,408.†††† Michmash

M,409.†††† Michmethah

M,410.†††† Michri

M,411.†††† Michtam

M,413.†††† Middin

M,415.†††† middlemost

M,416.†††† Midian

M,417.†††† Midianite

M,418.†††† Midianites

M,419.†††† Midianitish

M,422.†††† midwife

M,423.†††† midwives

M,424.†††† Migdalel

M,425.†††† Migdalgad

M,426.†††† Migdol

M,430.†††† mighties

M,431.†††† mightiest

M,434.†††† Migron

M,435.†††† Mijamin

M,436.†††† Mikloth

M,437.†††† Mikneiah

M,438.†††† Milalai

M,439.†††† Milcah

M,440.†††† milch

M,441.†††† Milcom

M,442.†††† mildew

M,448.†††† millet

M,449.†††† millions

M,450.†††† Millo

M,451.†††† mills

M,453.†††† millstones

M,454.†††† mincing

M,461.†††† mingle

M,463.†††† Miniamin

M,464.†††† minish

M,465.†††† minished

M,473.†††† Minni

M,474.†††† Minnith

M,475.†††† minstrel

M,478.†††† Miphkad

M,482.†††† Miriam

M,483.†††† Mirma

M,484.†††† mirth

M,485.†††† miry

M,486.†††† miscarrying

M,488.†††† mischiefs

M,489.†††† mischievous

M,494.†††† Misgab

M,495.†††† Mishael

M,496.†††† Mishal

M,497.†††† Misham

M,498.†††† Misheal

M,499.†††† Mishma

M,500.†††† Mishmannah

M,501.†††† Mishraites

M,502.†††† Mispereth

M,503.†††† Misrephothmaim

M,504.†††† miss

M,505.†††† missed

M,506.†††† missing

M,508.†††† mistress

M,509.†††† misused

M,512.†††† Mithcah

M,513.†††† Mithnite

M,514.†††† Mithredath

M,515.†††† mitre

M,518.†††† mixt

M,520.†††† Mizar

M,521.†††† Mizpah

M,522.†††† Mizpar

M,523.†††† Mizpeh

M,524.†††† Mizraim

M,525.†††† Mizzah

M,527.†††† Moab

M,528.†††† Moabite

M,529.†††† Moabites

M,530.†††† Moabitess

M,531.†††† Moabitish

M,532.†††† Moadiah

M,535.†††† mocker

M,537.†††† mockest

M,538.†††† mocketh

M,541.†††† moderately

M,544.†††† moist

M,545.†††† moistened

M,547.†††† Moladah

M,548.†††† mole

M,549.†††† Molech

M,550.†††† moles

M,551.†††† Molid

M,552.†††† mollified

M,554.†††† molten

M,558.†††† monsters

M,560.†††† monthly

M,562.†††† monuments

M,564.†††† moons

M,565.†††† Morasthite

M,566.†††† Mordecai

M,567.†††† Mordecaiís

M,569.†††† Moreh

M,571.†††† Moreshethgath

M,572.†††† Moriah

M,576.†††† morsels

M,579.†††† mortally

M,580.†††† mortar

M,581.†††† morter

M,582.†††† mortgaged

M,584.†††† Mosera

M,585.†††† Moseroth

M,595.†††† mothersí

M,597.†††† mouldy

M,601.†††† mounted

M,602.†††† mounting

M,603.†††† mounts

M,606.†††† mourner

M,607.†††† mourners

M,608.†††† mourneth

M,609.†††† mournfully

M,611.†††† mouse

M,615.†††† moveable

M,617.†††† movedst

M,619.†††† moveth

M,621.†††† mower

M,622.†††† mowings

M,623.†††† mown

M,624.†††† Moza

M,625.†††† Mozah

M,628.†††† mulberry

M,629.†††† mule

M,630.†††† mules

M,631.†††† mulesí

M,633.†††† multipliedst

M,634.†††† multiplieth

M,639.†††† munition

M,640.†††† munitions

M,641.†††† Muppim

M,651.†††† murrain

M,652.†††† muse

M,654.†††† Mushi

M,655.†††† Mushites

M,656.†††† musical

M,657.†††† musician

M,660.†††† musing

M,663.†††† mustered

M,664.†††† mustereth

M,665.†††† Muthlabben

M,666.†††† mutter

M,667.†††† muttered

M,673.†††† myrtle

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