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There are 448 words that begin with the letter C,
in the King James Version of the Bible.


Color Code:

Words in Blue are only in the  Old Testament, (Hebrew)

Numbers in Pink are Proper Names, of People or Places.


C,c.       448 Words


    C,1.      cab

    C,2.      Cabbon

    C,3.      cabins

    C,4.      Cabul

  C,12.      cake

  C,13.      cakes

  C,14.      Calah

  C,15.      calamities

  C,16.      calamity

  C,17.      calamus

  C,18.      Calcol

  C,19.      caldron

  C,20.      caldrons

  C,21.      Caleb

  C,22.      Caleb’s

  C,23.      Calebephratah

  C,25.      calf’s

  C,26.      calkers

  C,29.      calledst

  C,34.      Calneh

  C,35.      Calno

  C,37.      calve

  C,38.      calved

  C,40.      calveth

  C,44.      camels

  C,45.      camels’

  C,47.      Camon

  C,49.      camped

  C,50.      camphire

  C,51.      camps

  C,56.      Canaanites

  C,57.      Canaanitess

  C,58.      Canaanitish

  C,61.      candles

  C,64.      cane

  C,67.      cankerworm

  C,68.      Canneh

  C,72.      Caph

  C,73.      Caphthorim

  C,74.      Caphtor

  C,75.      Caphtorim

  C,76.      Caphtorims

  C,83.      carbuncle

  C,84.      carbuncles

  C,85.      Carcas

  C,88.      Carchemish

  C,90.      Careah

  C,95.      careless

  C,96.      carelessly

C,100.      caring

C,101.      Carmel

C,102.      Carmelite

C,103.      Carmelitess

C,104.      Carmi

C,105.      Carmites

C,110.      carpenters

C,112.      carriage

C,115.      carriest

C,119.      Carshena

C,120.      cart

C,121.      carved

C,122.      carving

C,123.      carvings

C,125.      casement

C,127.      Casiphia

C,128.      Casluhim

C,129.      cassia

C,132.      castedst

C,133.      castest

C,137.      castles

C,141.      caterpiller

C,142.      caterpillers

C,145.      caul

C,146.      cauls

C,149.      causeless

C,151.      causest

C,153.      causeway

C,154.      causing

C,156.      cave’s

C,162.      cedar

C,163.      cedars

C,165.      celebrate

C,167.      cellars

C,170.      censers

C,175.      ceremonies

C,179.      certified

C,181.      chafed

C,186.      Chalcol

C,188.      Chaldea

C,189.      Chaldean

C,190.      Chaldeans

C,191.      Chaldeans’

C,192.      Chaldees

C,193.      Chaldees’

C,194.      chalkstones

C,195.      challengeth

C,199.      chamberlains

C,201.      chameleon

C,202.      chamois

C,203.      champaign

C,204.      champion

C,207.      chancellor

C,208.      chanceth

C,210.      changeable

C,214.      changes

C,215.      changest

C,216.      changeth

C,217.      changing

C,218.      channel

C,219.      channels

C,220.      chant

C,221.      chapel

C,222.      chapiter

C,223.      chapiters

C,224.      chapmen

C,225.      chapt

C,226.      Charashim

C,227.      Charchemish

C,231.      chargedst

C,233.      chargers

C,235.      chargest

C,241.      charmed

C,242.      charmer

C,243.      charmers

C,244.      charming

C,246.      chase

C,247.      chased

C,248.      chaseth

C,249.      chasing

C,253.      chastenest

C,257.      chastised

C,259.      chastiseth

C,260.      chatter

C,261.      Chebar

C,262.      check

C,263.      checker

C,264.      Chedorlaomer

C,266.      cheeks

C,268.      cheereth

C,272.      cheese

C,273.      cheeses

C,274.      Chelal

C,275.      Chelluh

C,276.      Chelub

C,277.      Chelubai

C,278.      Chemarims

C,279.      Chemosh

C,280.      Chenaanah

C,281.      Chenani

C,282.      Chenaniah

C,283.      Chepharhaammonai

C,284.      Chephirah

C,285.      Cheran

C,286.      Cherethims

C,287.      Cherethites

C,288.      cherish

C,289.      cherished

C,291.      Cherith

C,292.      cherub


C,294.      cherubims’

C,295.      Chesalon

C,296.      Chesed

C,297.      Chesil

C,298.      chesnut

C,299.      chest

C,300.      chests

C,301.      Chesulloth

C,302.      Cheth

C,303.      chew

C,304.      chewed

C,305.      cheweth

C,306.      Chezib

C,308.      chide

C,309.      chiding

C,310.      Chidon

C,317.      childhood

C,322.      Chileab

C,323.      Chilion

C,324.      Chilion’s

C,325.      Chilmad

C,326.      Chimham

C,327.      chimmey

C,328.      Chinnereth

C,329.      Chinneroth

C,331.      Chisleu

C,332.      Chislon

C,333.      Chislothtabor

C,334.      Chittim

C,335.      Chiun

C,337.      chode

C,339.      choicest

C,342.      choler

C,344.      choosest

C,345.      chooseth

C,347.      chop

C,348.      Chorashan

C,352.      Chozeba

C,358.      chronicles

C,361.      Chub

C,362.      Chun

C,365.      churl

C,366.      churlish

C,367.      churning

C,368.      Chushanrishathaim

C,370.      cieled

C,371.      cieling

C,374.      Cinneroth

C,375.      circle

C,376.      circuit

C,377.      circuits

C,382.      circumspect

C,385.      cistern

C,386.      cisterns

C,391.      clad

C,392.      clamorous

C,394.      clap

C,395.      clapped

C,396.      clappeth

C,401.      claws

C,404.      cleanness

C,410.      clearer

C,413.      clearness

C,415.      cleaved

C,417.      cleft

C,418.      clefts

C,423.      cliff

C,424.      cliffs

C,425.      clift

C,426.      clifts

C,427.      climb

C,430.      clipped

C,431.      clods

C,435.      closer

C,436.      closest

C,443.      clothest

C,445.      cloths

C,448.      cloudy

C,449.      clouted

C,450.      clouts

C,452.      clovenfooted

C,453.      cluster

C,456.      coal

C,463.      cockatrice

C,464.      cockatrice’

C,465.      cockatrices

C,467.      cockle

C,468.      coffer

C,469.      coffin

C,470.      cogitations

C,472.      Colhozeh

C,473.      collar

C,474.      collars

C,476.      college

C,477.      collops

C,482.      colours

C,484.      colts

C,492.      comfortable

C,493.      comfortably

C,495.      comfortedst

C,497.      comforters

C,500.      comforts

C,502.      comings

C,505.      commandedst

C,506.      commander

C,518.      commissions

C,521.      committest

C,523.      committing

C,528.      commotion

C,530.      commune

C,536.      communing

C,538.      compact

C,544.      companions’

C,546.      comparable

C,553.      compassest

C,554.      compasseth

C,555.      compassing

C,557.      compassions

C,561.      complain

C,562.      complained

C,564.      complaining

C,565.      complaint

C,568.      composition

C,569.      compound

C,570.      compoundeth

C,573.      Conaniah

C,574.      conceal

C,575.      concealed

C,576.      concealeth

C,577.      conceit

C,581.      conceiving

C,582.      conception

C,584.      concerneth

C,589.      conclusion

C,592.      concubine

C,593.      concubines

C,602.      condition

C,606.      conduit

C,607.      coney

C,608.      confection

C,609.      confectionaries

C,610.      confederacy

C,611.      confederate

C,620.      confidences

C,626.      confirmeth

C,628.      confiscation

C,636.      congealed

C,637.      congratulate

C,639.      congregations

C,640.      Coniah

C,641.      conies

C,642.      Cononiah

C,648.      consecrate

C,650.      consecration

C,651.      consecrations

C,654.      consentedst

C,659.      considereth

C,664.      consolations

C,667.      conspirators

C,668.      conspired

C,669.      constant

C,671.      constellations

C,676.      consult

C,679.      consulter

C,683.      consumeth

C,685.      consummation

C,686.      consumption

C,689.      containeth

C,691.      contemn

C,692.      contemned

C,693.      contemneth

C,694.      contempt

C,696.      contemptuously

C,699.      contendest

C,700.      contendeth

C,719.      contrite

C,720.      controversies

C,724.      conversant

C,730.      converting

C,731.      converts

C,732.      convey

C,738.      convocation

C,739.      convocations

C,740.      cook

C,741.      cooks

C,744.      copied

C,745.      coping

C,746.      copper

C,748.      copulation

C,749.      copy

C,750.      cor

C,751.      coral

C,753.      cord

C,756.      coriander

C,759.      cormorant

C,764.      cornet

C,765.      cornets

C,766.      cornfloor

C,768.      corpses

C,769.      correct

C,771.      correcteth

C,775.      corrupters

C,778.      corrupting

C,780.      corruptly

C,785.      cotes

C,786.      cottage

C,787.      cottages

C,789.      couched

C,791.      coucheth

C,792.      couching

C,793.      couchingplace

C,796.      coulter

C,797.      coulters

C,801.      counselled

C,803.      counsellors

C,808.      countenances

C,809.      countervail

C,811.      counting

C,815.      couple

C,817.      coupleth

C,818.      coupling

C,819.      couplings

C,821.      courageous

C,822.      courageously

C,824.      courses

C,837.      coveredst

C,838.      coverest

C,841.      coverings

C,842.      covers

C,843.      covert

C,846.      coveteth

C,849.      cow

C,850.      cow’s

C,851.      Coz

C,852.      Cozbi

C,853.      crackling

C,854.      cracknels

C,860.      crag

C,861.      crane

C,862.      crashing

C,864.      craveth

C,865.      create

C,867.      createth

C,873.      creditors

C,876.      creepeth

C,884.      crib

C,887.      criest

C,891.      crimson

C,893.      crisping

C,895.      crookbackt

C,897.      crop

C,898.      cropped

C,900.      crossway

C,901.      crouch

C,902.      croucheth

C,907.      crownest

C,908.      crowneth

C,909.      crowning

C,914.      cruelly

C,915.      cruelty

C,917.      cruse

C,918.      crush

C,919.      crushed

C,925.      cuckow

C,926.      cucumbers

C,927.      cud

C,930.      cumbrance

C,936.      cupbearer

C,937.      cupbearers

C,939.      curdled

C,944.      curiously

C,945.      current

C,949.      curses

C,950.      cursest

C,953.      cursings

C,954.      curtain

C,955.      curtains

C,956.      Cush

C,957.      Cushan

C,958.      Cushi

C,959.      custody

C,963.      Cuth

C,964.      Cuthah

C,965.      cuttest

C,966.      cutteth

C,968.      cuttings

C,970.      cymbals

C,971.      cypress

C,977.      Cyrus





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