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There are 332 words that begin with the letter C,
in the King James Version of the Bible.


Color Code:

Words in Black  are in both the Old Testament and New Testament.

Numbers in Pink are Proper Names, of People or Places.


C,c..      332 Words


    C,8.      cage

  C,10.      Cain

  C,11.      Cainan

  C,24.      calf

  C,27.      call

  C,28.      called

  C,31.      calleth

  C,32.      calling

  C,33.      calm

  C,39.      calves

  C,41.      came

  C,42.      camel

  C,43.      camel’s

  C,46.      camest

  C,48.      camp

  C,52.      can

  C,54.      Canaan

  C,55.      Canaanite

  C,60.      candle

  C,62.      candlestick

  C,63.      candlesticks

  C,69.      cannot

  C,70.      canst

  C,78.      captain

  C,79.      captains

  C,80.      captive

  C,81.      captives

  C,82.      captivity

  C,86.      carcase

  C,87.      carcases

  C,89.      care

  C,91.      cared

  C,92.      careful

  C,93.      carefully

  C,94.      carefulness

  C,99.      careth

C,107.      carnally

C,108.      carpenter

C,113.      carriages

C,114.      carried

C,116.      carrieth

C,117.      carry

C,118.      carrying

C,124.      case

C,130.      cast

C,134.      casteth

C,135.      casting

C,136.      castle

C,139.      catch

C,140.      catcheth

C,143.      cattle

C,144.      caught

C,147.      cause

C,148.      caused

C,150.      causes

C,152.      causeth

C,155.      cave

C,157.      caves

C,158.      cease

C,159.      ceased

C,160.      ceaseth

C,161.      ceasing

C,169.      censer

C,176.      certain

C,177.      certainly

C,178.      certainty

C,180.      certify

C,182.      chaff

C,183.      chain

C,184.      chains

C,196.      chamber

C,198.      chamberlain

C,200.      chambers

C,206.      chance

C,209.      change

C,211.      changed

C,228.      charge

C,229.      chargeable

C,230.      charged

C,232.      charger

C,234.      charges

C,237.      chariot

C,238.      chariots

C,251.      chasten

C,252.      chastened

C,254.      chasteneth

C,255.      chastening

C,256.      chastise

C,258.      chastisement

C,265.      cheek

C,267.      cheer

C,269.      cheerful

C,293.      cherubims

C,311.      chief

C,312.      chiefest

C,314.      child

C,315.      child’s

C,319.      childless

C,320.      children

C,321.      children’s

C,338.      choice

C,343.      choose

C,350.      chose

C,351.      chosen

C,373.      cinnamon

C,378.      circumcise

C,379.      circumcised

C,380.      circumcising

C,381.      circumcision

C,387.      cities

C,390.      city

C,400.      clave

C,402.      clay

C,403.      clean

C,405.      cleanse

C,406.      cleansed

C,407.      cleanseth

C,408.      cleansing

C,409.      clear

C,411.      clearing

C,412.      clearly

C,414.      cleave

C,416.      cleaveth

C,428.      climbed

C,432.      cloke

C,433.      close

C,434.      closed

C,437.      closet

C,439.      cloth

C,440.      clothe

C,441.      clothed

C,442.      clothes

C,444.      clothing

C,446.      cloud

C,447.      clouds

C,451.      cloven

C,454.      clusters

C,457.      coals

C,458.      coast

C,459.      coasts

C,460.      coat

C,461.      coats

C,471.      cold

C,475.      collection

C,480.      colour

C,483.      colt

C,485.      come

C,486.      comeliness

C,487.      comely

C,489.      comest

C,490.      cometh

C,491.      comfort

C,494.      comforted

C,496.      comforter

C,498.      comforteth

C,501.      coming

C,503.      command

C,504.      commanded

C,507.      commandest

C,508.      commandeth

C,509.      commanding

C,510.      commandment

C,511.      commandments

C,514.      commended

C,519.      commit

C,520.      committed

C,522.      committeth

C,525.      common

C,531.      communed

C,534.      communication

C,541.      companies

C,542.      companion

C,543.      companions

C,545.      company

C,547.      compare

C,548.      compared

C,550.      comparison

C,551.      compass

C,552.      compassed

C,556.      compassion

C,558.      compel

C,559.      compelled

C,567.      complete

C,571.      comprehend

C,572.      comprehended

C,579.      conceive

C,580.      conceived

C,585.      concerning

C,591.      concourse

C,595.      condemn

C,597.      condemned

C,599.      condemneth

C,600.      condemning

C,604.      conduct

C,605.      conducted

C,613.      conferred

C,614.      confess

C,615.      confessed

C,616.      confesseth

C,617.      confessing

C,618.      confession

C,619.      confidence

C,621.      confident

C,623.      confirm

C,625.      confirmed

C,632.      confound

C,633.      confounded

C,634.      confused

C,635.      confusion

C,638.      congregation

C,649.      consecrated

C,652.      consent

C,653.      consented

C,656.      consider

C,657.      considered

C,658.      considerest

C,660.      considering

C,663.      consolation

C,666.      conspiracy

C,670.      constantly

C,673.      constrained

C,674.      constraineth

C,678.      consulted

C,681.      consume

C,682.      consumed

C,684.      consuming

C,687.      contain

C,688.      contained

C,695.      contemptible

C,697.      contend

C,698.      contended

C,702.      content

C,703.      contention

C,704.      contentions

C,705.      contentious

C,707.      continual

C,708.      continually

C,709.      continuance

C,710.      continue

C,711.      continued

C,712.      continueth

C,713.      continuing

C,717.      contrary

C,721.      controversy

C,722.      convenient

C,725.      conversation

C,727.      convert

C,728.      converted

C,736.      convinced

C,742.      cool

C,754.      cords

C,760.      corn

C,762.      corner

C,763.      corners

C,770.      corrected

C,772.      correction

C,773.      corrupt

C,774.      corrupted

C,779.      corruption

C,782.      cost

C,784.      costly

C,788.      couch

C,790.      couches

C,794.      could

C,795.      couldest

C,798.      council

C,800.      counsel

C,802.      counsellor

C,804.      counsels

C,805.      count

C,806.      counted

C,807.      countenance

C,810.      counteth

C,812.      countries

C,813.      country

C,816.      coupled

C,820.      courage

C,823.      course

C,825.      court

C,828.      courts

C,831.      covenant

C,833.      covenanted

C,835.      cover

C,836.      covered

C,839.      covereth

C,840.      covering

C,844.      covet

C,845.      coveted

C,847.      covetous

C,848.      covetousness

C,855.      craft

C,856.      craftiness

C,857.      craftsman

C,858.      craftsmen

C,859.      crafty

C,866.      created

C,869.      creator

C,870.      creature

C,871.      creatures

C,872.      creditor

C,875.      creep

C,877.      creeping

C,885.      cried

C,888.      crieth

C,889.      crime

C,890.      crimes

C,896.      crooked

C,904.      crown

C,905.      crowned

C,910.      crowns

C,913.      cruel

C,920.      cry

C,921.      crying

C,922.      crystal

C,923.      cubit

C,924.      cubits

C,932.      cummin

C,933.      cunning

C,935.      cup

C,938.      cups

C,940.      cure

C,941.      cured

C,943.      curious

C,946.      curse

C,947.      cursed

C,948.      cursedst

C,951.      curseth

C,952.      cursing

C,960.      custom

C,961.      customs

C,962.      cut

C,967.      cutting





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