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Matthew 1:

Chapter 1:25 Verses

40 Matthew

(Bishops 1568) .

40-1:1††††† This is the booke of the generation of Iesus Christ, the sonne of Dauid, the sonne of Abraham.

40-1:2††††† Abraham begat Isaac, Isaac begat Iacob, Iacob begat Iudas, and his brethren.

40-1:3††††† Iudas begat Phares, and Zara of Thamar, Phares begat Esrom, Esrom begat Aram.

40-1:4††††† Aram begat Aminadab, Aminadab begat Naasson, Naasson begat Salmon.

40-1:5††††† Salmon begat Boos, of Rachab, Boos begat Obed of Ruth, Obed begat Iesse.

40-1:6††††† Iesse begat Dauid the kyng, Dauid the kyng begat Solomon, of her that was the wyfe of Urie.

40-1:7††††† Solomon begat Roboam, Roboam begat Abia, Abia begat Asa.

40-1:8††††† Asa begat Iosaphat, Iosaphat begat Ioram, Ioram begat Ozias.

40-1:9††††† Ozias begat Ioatham, Ioatham begat Achas, Achas begat Ezekias.

40-1:10†††† Ezekias begat Manasses, Manasses begat Amon, Amon begat Iosias.

40-1:11†††† Iosias begat Iacim, Iacim begat Iechonias and his brethren, about the tyme they were caryed away to Babylon.

40-1:12†††† And, after they were brought to Babylon, Iechonias begat Salathiel, Salathiel begat Zorobabel.

40-1:13†††† Zorobabel begat Abiud, Abiud begat Eliakim, Eliakim begat Azor.

40-1:14†††† Azor begat Sadoc, Sadoc begat Achen, Achen begat Eliud.

40-1:15†††† Eliud begat Eleazar, Eleazar begat Matthan, Matthan begat Iacob.

40-1:16†††† Iacob begat Ioseph, the husband of Marie, of who was borne Iesus, that is called Christe.

40-1:17†††† And so, all the generations from Abraham to Dauid, are fourteene generations: and from Dauid vntyll the carying away into Babylo, are fourteene generations: and fro the carying away into Babylon vnto Christe, are fourteene generations.

40-1:18†††† The birth of Iesus Christe was on this wise. When as his mother Marie was betrouthed to Ioseph (before they came together) she was founde with chylde of the holy ghost.

40-1:19†††† Then Ioseph her husbande, beyng a ryghteous man, and not wyllyng to make her a publique example, was mynded priuily to put her away.

40-1:20†††† But whyle he thought these thinges, beholde, the Angell of the Lord appeared vnto hym in a dreame, saying: Ioseph, thou sonne of Dauid, feare not to take [vnto thee] Marie thy wife, for that which is conceaued in her, is of the holy ghost.

40-1:21†††† She shall bryng foorth a sonne, and thou shalt call his name Iesus: for he shall saue his people from their sinnes.

40-1:22†††† (All this was done, that it myght be fulfilled, which was spoken of the lorde by the prophete, saying:

40-1:23†††† Behold, a virgin shalbe with childe, and shall bryng foorth a sonne, and they shall call his name Emmanuel, whiche is by interpretation, God with vs.)

40-1:24†††† Then Ioseph, being raysed fro slepe, dyd as the Angel of the Lorde had bidden hym, and he toke his wyfe:

40-1:25†††† And knewe her not, tyll she hadde brought foorth her first borne sonne, & called his name Iesus.

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Matthew 2:

Chapter 2:23 Verses

40 Matthew

(Bishops 1568) .

40-2:1††††† When Iesus was borne in Bethlehem, a citie of Iurie, in the dayes of Herode the kyng: beholde, there came wise men from the east to Hierusalem,

40-2:2††††† Saying: Where is he that is borne kyng of Iewes? For we haue seene his starre in the east, and are come to worship hym.

40-2:3††††† When Herode the kyng had hearde these thynges, he was troubled, and all [the citie of] Hierusalem with hym.

40-2:4††††† And when he hadde gathered all the chiefe Priestes and Scribes of the people together, he demaunded of them where Christe shoulde be borne.

40-2:5††††† And they saide vnto him: At Bethlehem in Iurie. For thus it is written by the prophete.

40-2:6††††† And thou Bethlehem [in] the lande of Iuda, art not the least among the princes of Iuda. For out of thee shall there come a capitain, that shal gouerne my people Israel.

40-2:7††††† Then Herode, when he had priuilye called the wyse men, inquired of the diligently, what tyme the starre appeared.

40-2:8††††† And he sent them to Bethlehem, and sayde: Go, and search diligently for the young childe, and when ye haue founde hym, bryng me worde agayne, that I may come, and worship hym also.

40-2:9††††† When they had hearde the kyng, they departed, and loe, the starre which they sawe in the east, went before them, tyl it came & stoode ouer [the place] wherin the young chylde was.

40-2:10†††† When they sawe the starre, they reioyced excedyngly with great ioy.

40-2:11†††† And went into the house, and founde the young chylde with Marie his mother, and fell downe, and worshypped hym, and opened their treasures, and presented vnto hym gyftes, golde, and frankensence, and mirre.

40-2:12†††† And after they were warned of God in a dreame, that they shoulde not go agayne to Herode, they returned into their owne countrey another way.

40-2:13†††† When they were departed, beholde, the Angel of the Lord appeared to Ioseph in a dreame, saying: Aryse, & take the young chylde and his mother, and flee into Egipte, and be thou there, tyll I bryng thee worde. For it wyll come to passe, that Herode shall seke ye young chylde, to destroy hym.

40-2:14†††† When he arose, he toke the young chylde and his mother, by nyght, and departed into Egipt.

40-2:15†††† And was there, vnto the death of Herode, that it myght be fulfylled whiche was spoken of the Lorde, by the prophete, saying: Out of Egipte haue I called my sonne.

40-2:16†††† Then Herode, when he sawe that he was mocked of the wyse men, was excedyng wroth, and sent foorth, and slew all the chyldren that were in Bethlehe, and in all the coastes, as many as were two yere olde, or vnder, according to the tyme, which he had diligently searched out, of the wyse men.

40-2:17†††† Then was fulfylled that, which was spoken by Ieremie the prophete, saying.

40-2:18†††† In Rama was there a voyce hearde, lamentation, wepyng, & great mournyng, Rachel weping [for] her children, and woulde not be comforted, because they were not.

40-2:19†††† But when Herode was dead, beholde, an Angel of the Lorde appeared to Ioseph in a dreame, in Egipt, saying.

40-2:20†††† Aryse, and take the young chylde and his mother, and go into the lande of Israel. For they are dead, whiche sought the young chyldes lyfe.

40-2:21†††† And he arose, & toke the young chylde and his mother, & came into the lande of Israel.

40-2:22†††† But when he hearde, that Archelaus dyd reigne in Iurie in the rowme of his father Herode, he was afrayde to go thyther. Notwithstandyng, after he was warned of God in a dreame, he turned aside, into the parties of Galilee,

40-2:23†††† And [went and] dwelt in a citie, which is called Nazareth, that it myght be fulfylled, which was spoken by the prophetes: He shalbe called a Nazarite.

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Matthew 3:

Chapter 3:17 Verses

40 Matthew

(Bishops 1568) .

40-3:1††††† In those dayes, came Iohn the Baptist, preachyng in the wyldernesse of Iurie, and saying.

40-3:2††††† Repent, for the kingdome of heauen is at hande.

40-3:3††††† For this is he, of whom it is spoken by the prophete Esayas, saying. The voyce of one crying in the wyldernesse: prepare ye the way of the Lorde, make his pathes strayght.

40-3:4††††† This Iohn had his rayment of Camels heere, and a girdle of a skynne about his loynes, his meate was locustes, and wylde hony.

40-3:5††††† Then went out to hym Hierusalem, and all Iurie, and all the region rounde about Iordane,

40-3:6††††† And were baptized of hym in Iordane, confessyng their sinnes.

40-3:7††††† But when he sawe many of the Pharisees, and Saducees come to his baptisme, he sayde vnto them. O generation of vipers, who hath warned you to flee from the anger to come?

40-3:8††††† Bryng foorth therefore fruites meete for repentaunce.

40-3:9††††† And be not of suche mynde, that ye woulde say within your selues, we haue Abraham to [our] father. For I say vnto you, that God is able, of these stones to rayse vp chyldren vnto Abraham.

40-3:10†††† Euen now is the axe also put vnto the roote of the trees: therefore, euery tree which bryngeth not foorth good fruite, is hewen downe, and cast into the fire.

40-3:11†††† I baptize you in water vnto repentaunce: But he that shall come after me, is mightier then I, whose shoes I am not worthy to beare, he shall baptize you with the holy ghost, and with fire.

40-3:12†††† Whose fanne is in his hande, and he wyll purge his floore, and gather his wheate into [his] garner: but wyl burne vp the chaffe with vnquencheable fire.

40-3:13†††† Then commeth Iesus from Galilee to Iordane, vnto Iohn, to be baptized of hym.

40-3:14†††† But Iohn forbad hym, saying. I haue nede to be baptized of thee, and commest thou to me?

40-3:15†††† Iesus aunsweryng, sayde vnto hym: Suffer it to be so nowe. For thus it becommeth vs, to fulfyll all righteousnes. Then he suffred hym.

40-3:16†††† And Iesus, when he was baptized, came strayghtwaye out of the water, and loe the heauens was open vnto hym, and (Iohn) sawe the spirite of God descendyng lyke a doue, and lyghtyng vpon hym.

40-3:17†††† And loe, there (came) a voyce from the heauens, saying: This is my beloued sonne, in whom I am well pleased.

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Matthew 4:

Chapter 4:25 Verses

40 Matthew

(Bishops 1568) .

40-4:1††††† Then was Iesus ledde away of the spirite into wyldernesse, to be tempted of the deuyll.

40-4:2††††† And when he had fasted fourtie dayes, and fourtie nightes, he was afterwarde an hungred.

40-4:3††††† And when the tempter came to hym, he sayde: If thou be the sonne of God, commaunde that these stones be made breade.

40-4:4††††† But he aunswered, and sayde, it is written: Man shall not lyue by breade only, but by euery worde that proceadeth out of the mouth of God.

40-4:5††††† Then the deuyll taketh hym vp into the holy citie, and setteth hym on a pinacle of the temple,

40-4:6††††† And saith vnto hym: If thou be the sonne of God, cast thy selfe downe. For it is written: He shall geue his Angels charge ouer thee, & with their handes they shall lyft thee vp, lest at any tyme thou dashe thy foote agaynst a stone.

40-4:7††††† And Iesus sayde to hym. It is written agayne: Thou shalt not tempt the Lorde thy God.

40-4:8††††† Agayne, the deuyll taketh hym vp, into an exceadyng hye mountayne, and sheweth hym all the kyngdomes of the worlde, and the glorie of them,

40-4:9††††† And sayth vnto hym: All these wyll I geue thee, yf thou wylt fall downe, and worshyp me.

40-4:10†††† The sayth Iesus vnto hym: Auoyde Sathan. For it is written: Thou shalt worshyp the Lorde thy God, and hym only shalt thou serue.

40-4:11†††† Then the deuyll leaueth him, and beholde, the Angels came, and ministred vnto hym.

40-4:12†††† When Iesus had hearde that Iohn was delyuered vp, he departed into Galilee,

40-4:13†††† And left Nazareth, and went & dwelt in Capernaum, whiche is (a citie) vpon the sea coast, in the borders of Zabulon and Nephthalim.

40-4:14†††† That it myght be fulfylled, whiche was spoken by Esayas the prophete, saying:

40-4:15†††† The lande of Zabulon, & Nephthalim, (by) the way of the sea beyonde Iordane, Galilee of the Gentiles.

40-4:16†††† The people, which sate in darknesse, sawe great lyght: And to them whiche sate in the region and shadowe of death, lyght is sprong vp.

40-4:17†††† From that tyme, Iesus began to preache, and to saye: Repent, for the kyngdome of heauen is at hande.

40-4:18†††† And Iesus, walkyng by the sea of Galilee, sawe two brethren, Simon (which was) called Peter, and Andrewe his brother, castyng a nette into the sea, (for they were fysshers.)

40-4:19†††† And he saith vnto them: Folowe me, and I wyl make you fysshers of men.

40-4:20†††† And they strayghtwaye lefte their nettes, and folowed hym.

40-4:21†††† And when he was gone foorth from thence, he sawe other two brethren, Iames, the sonne of Zebedee, & Iohn his brother, in the shippe with Zebedee their father, mendyng their nettes, and he called them.

40-4:22†††† And they immediatly, left the shippe and their father, and folowed hym.

40-4:23†††† And Iesus went about all Galilee, teaching in their synagogues, and preachyng the Gospell of the kingdome, and healyng all maner of sicknesse, and all maner of disease among the people.

40-4:24†††† And his fame spread abrode, throughout all Syria: and they brought vnto hym all sicke people, that were taken with diuers diseases, and grypynges, and them that were possessed with deuyls, and those which were lunaticke, and those that had the paulsie, and he healed them.

40-4:25†††† And there folowed him great multitudes of people, from Galilee, and from the ten cities, and from Hierusalem, and from Iurie, and from the regions (that lye) beyonde Iordane.

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Matthew 5:

Chapter 5:48 Verses

40 Matthew

(Bishops 1568) .

40-5:1††††† When he saw the multitude, he went vp into a mountayne: & when he was set, his disciples came to hym.

40-5:2††††† And he opened his mouth, & taught them, saying.

40-5:3††††† Blessed (are) the poore in spirite: for theirs is the kyngdome of heauen.

40-5:4††††† Blessed (are) they that mourne: for they shalbe comforted.

40-5:5††††† Blessed (are) the meke: for they shall inherite the earth.

40-5:6††††† Blessed (are) they, which do hunger and thirste (after) righteousnes: for they shalbe satisfied.

40-5:7††††† Blessed (are) the mercyfull: for they shall obteyne mercy.

40-5:8††††† Blessed (are) the pure in heart: for they shall see God.

40-5:9††††† Blessed (are) the peace makers: for they shalbe called the chyldren of God.

40-5:10†††† Blessed (are) they which suffer persecution for righteousnes sake: for theirs is the kyngdome of heauen.

40-5:11†††† Blessed are ye, whe (men) reuyle you, and persecute (you) and, lying, shall say all maner of euyll saying agaynst you, for my sake.

40-5:12†††† Reioyce, and be glad: for great is your rewarde in heauen. For so persecuted they the prophetes, whiche were before you.

40-5:13†††† Ye are the salt of the earth. But yf the salt become vnsauery, where in shall it be salted? It is thencefoorth good for nothing, but to be caste out, and to be troden vnder foote of men.

40-5:14†††† Ye are the lyght of the worlde. A citie that is set on an hyll, can not be hyd.

40-5:15†††† Neyther do men lyght a candell, and put it vnder a busshell: but on a candelsticke, and it geueth lyght vnto all that are in the house.

40-5:16†††† Let your lyght so shyne before men, that they may see your good workes, and glorifie your father, whiche is in heauen.

40-5:17†††† Thynke not that I am come to destroy the lawe, or the prophetes. I am not come to destroy, but to fulfyll.

40-5:18†††† For truely I say vnto you, tyll heauen and earth passe, one iotte, or one title of the lawe shall not scape, tyll all be fulfylled.

40-5:19†††† Whosoeuer therfore breaketh one of these least commaundementes, and teacheth men so, he shalbe called the leaste in the kyngdome of heauen. But who so euer doeth, and teacheth (so) the same shalbe called great in the kyngdome of heauen.

40-5:20†††† For I say vnto you: except your righteousnes, excede the righteousnes of the Scribes and Pharisees, ye shall not enter into the kyngdome of heauen.

40-5:21†††† Ye haue hearde, that it was sayde to them of the olde tyme, thou shalt not kyll: who so euer kylleth, shalbe in daunger of iudgement.

40-5:22†††† But I say vnto you, that who so euer is angry with his brother, vnaduisedly, shalbe in daunger of iudgement. And who so euer shall say vnto his brother, racha, shalbe in daunger of a councell: But, whosoeuer shall saye (thou) foole, shalbe in daunger of hell fire.

40-5:23†††† Therfore, if thou bring thy gyft to the aulter, and there remembrest, that thy brother hath ought agaynst thee:

40-5:24†††† Leaue there thy gyft, before the aulter, and go thy way, first and be reconciled to thy brother: and then, come and offer thy gyft.

40-5:25†††† Agree with thyne aduersarie quicklye, whyles thou art in the waye with him: lest at any tyme the aduersarie deliuer thee to the iudge, and the iudge deliuer thee to the minister, and then thou be cast into pryson.

40-5:26†††† Ueryly I say vnto thee, thou shalt not come out thence, tyll thou hast payde the vtmost farthyng.

40-5:27†††† Ye haue hearde, that it was sayde vnto them of olde tyme: Thou shalt not commit adultry.

40-5:28†††† But I say vnto you, that whosoeuer loketh on a woman, to luste after her, hath committed adultry with her alredy, in his heart.

40-5:29†††† If thy ryght eye offende thee, plucke it out, and cast it from thee. For better it is vnto thee, that one of thy members perishe, the that thy whole body should be cast into hell.

40-5:30†††† And yf thy ryght hande offende thee, cut it of, and cast it from thee. For better it is vnto thee, that one of thy members perishe, then that all thy body shoulde be cast into hell.

40-5:31†††† It is saide: whosoeuer putteth away his wyfe, let hym geue her a wrytyng of diuorcement.

40-5:32†††† But I say vnto you, that whosoeuer doeth put awaye his wyfe, except it be for fornication, causeth her to commit adultry. And whosoeuer maryeth her that is diuorced, committeth adultry.

40-5:33†††† Agayne, ye haue hearde that it was sayde vnto them of olde tyme: Thou shalt not forsweare thy selfe, but shalt perfourme vnto the Lorde thine othes.

40-5:34†††† But, I say vnto you: Sweare not at all, neither by heauen, for it is gods seate,

40-5:35†††† Nor by the earth, for it is his footestoole, neither by Hierusalem, for it is the citie of the great kyng.

40-5:36†††† Neither shalt thou sweare by thy head, because thou canst not make one heere whyte or blacke.

40-5:37†††† But let your communication be yea, yea, nay nay. For whatsoeuer is more then these, commeth of euyll.

40-5:38†††† Ye haue hearde, that it is sayde, an eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth.

40-5:39†††† But, I say vnto you, that ye resist not euyll. But, whosoeuer geueth thee a blowe on thy right cheeke, turne to him the other also.

40-5:40†††† And yf any man wyll sue thee at the lawe, and take away thy coate, let him haue thy cloke also.

40-5:41†††† And whosoeuer wyll compell thee to go a myle, go with hym twayne.

40-5:42†††† Geue to hym that asketh thee: & from hym that woulde borowe of thee, turne not thou away.

40-5:43†††† Ye haue heard, that it is saide: Thou shalt loue thy neyghbour, & hate thyne enemie.

40-5:44†††† But I saye vnto you, loue your enemies, blesse them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, pray for the which hurt you, and persecute you:

40-5:45†††† That ye may be the chyldren of your father, which is in heauen. For he maketh his sonne to aryse on the euyll, and on the good, and sendeth rayne on the iust, and on the vniust.

40-5:46†††† For yf ye loue them which loue you, what rewarde haue ye? Do not the publicans also euen the same?

40-5:47†††† And yf ye salute or greete your brethre only, what singuler thyng do ye? Do not also the publicans lykewyse?

40-5:48†††† Ye shall therfore be perfecte, euen as your father, which is in heauen, is perfecte.

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Matthew 6:

Chapter 6:34 Verses

40 Matthew

(Bishops 1568) .

40-6:1††††† Take heede to your almes, that ye geue it not in the sight of men, to the intente that ye woulde be sene of the, or els ye haue no rewarde of your father, which is in heauen.

40-6:2††††† Therefore, when thou geuest thyne almes, thou shalt not make a trumpet to be blowen before thee, as hypocrites do, in the synagogues, & in the streates, yt they might be esteemed of me. Uerily I say vnto you, they haue their reward.

40-6:3††††† But when thou doest [thyne] almes, let not thy left hande knowe, what thy ryght hande doeth,

40-6:4††††† That thyne almes may be in secrete: And thy father, which seeth in secrete, shall rewarde thee openly.

40-6:5††††† And when thou prayest, thou shalt not be as the hypocrites are. For they loue to stande, praying in the synagogues, and in the corners of the streates, that they may be sene of men. Ueryly I say vnto you, they haue theyr rewarde.

40-6:6††††† But when thou prayest, enter into thy chaumber, and when thou hast shut thy dore, pray to thy father, which is in secrete, and thy father which seeth in secrete, shall rewarde thee openly.

40-6:7††††† But when ye pray, babble not much, as the heathen do. For they thynke [it wyl come to passe,] that they shalbe heard, for theyr much bablinges sake.

40-6:8††††† Be not ye therfore lyke vnto them. For your father knoweth, what thynges ye haue nede of, before ye aske of hym.

40-6:9††††† After this maner therfore pray ye. O our father, which art in heauen, halowed be thy name.

40-6:10†††† Let thy kyngdome come. Thy wyll be done, as well in earth, as it is in heauen.

40-6:11†††† Geue vs this day our dayly breade.

40-6:12†††† And forgeue vs our dettes, as we forgeue our detters.

40-6:13†††† And leade vs not into temptation, but delyuer vs from euyll. For thyne is the kyngdome, and the power, and the glory, for euer. Amen.

40-6:14†††† For, yf ye forgeue men theyr trespasses, your heauenly father shall also forgeue you.

40-6:15†††† But, yf ye forgeue not men theyr trespasses: no more shall your father, forgeue [you] your trespasses.

40-6:16†††† Moreouer, when ye fast, be not of an heauy countenaunce, as hypocrites are. For they disfigure theyr faces, that they myght appeare vnto men, to fast. Ueryly I say vnto you, they haue theyr rewarde.

40-6:17†††† But thou, when thou fastest, annoynt thyne head, and washe thy face:

40-6:18†††† That thou appeare not vnto men, to fast: but vnto thy father, which is in secrete, and thy father, which seeth in secrete, shall rewarde thee openly.

40-6:19†††† Hoorde not vp for your selues, treasures vpon earth, where the moth and rust doth corrupt, and where theeues breake through, and steale.

40-6:20†††† But laye vp for you, treasures in heauen, where neyther moth nor rust doth corrupt, and where theeues do not breake through, nor steale.

40-6:21†††† For, where your treasure is, there wyll your heart be also.

40-6:22†††† The lyght of the body, is the eye. Wherfore, yf thyne eye be single, all thy body shalbe full of lyght.

40-6:23†††† But and yf thyne eye be wicked, all thy body shalbe ful of darknesse. Wherfore, yf the lyght that is in thee, be darknesse, howe great is that darknesse?

40-6:24†††† No man can serue two maisters. For either he shall hate the one, & loue the other: or els leane to the one, and dispise the other. Ye can not serue God, and mammon.

40-6:25†††† Therfore I say vnto you, be not carefull for your lyfe, what ye shall eate, or drynke: nor yet for your body, what ye shall put on. Is not the lyfe more worth then meate? & the body then rayment?

40-6:26†††† Beholde the fowles of the ayre: For they sowe not, neither do they reape, nor cary into the barnes: yet your heauenly father feedeth them. Are ye not much better then they?

40-6:27†††† Which of you, by takyng of carefull thought, can adde one cubite vnto his stature?

40-6:28†††† And why care ye for rayment? Learne of the Lylies of the fielde, howe they growe. They weery not [them selues] with labour, neither [do they] spinne:

40-6:29†††† And yet I say vnto you, that euen Solomon in all his royaltie, was not arayed lyke one of these.

40-6:30†††† Wherfore, yf God so clothe the grasse of the fielde, which though it stande to day, is to morowe cast into the ouen: shall he not much more [do] the same for you, O ye of litle fayth?

40-6:31†††† Therefore take no thought, saying: What shall we eate? or, what shall we drynke? or, wherewith shall we be clothed?

40-6:32†††† (For after all these thynges, do the Gentiles seke:) for your heauenly father knoweth, that ye haue nede of all these thynges.

40-6:33†††† But rather, seke ye first the kyngdome of God, and his ryghteousnesse, and all these thynges shalbe ministred vnto you.

40-6:34†††† Care not then for the morowe: for the morowe shall care for it selfe. Sufficient vnto the day, is the euyll therof.

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Matthew 7:

Chapter 7:29 Verses

40 Matthew

(Bishops 1568) .

40-7:1††††† Iudge not, that ye be not iudged.

40-7:2††††† For with what iudgement ye iudge, ye shalbe iudged: And with what measure ye meate, it shalbe measured to you agayne.

40-7:3††††† Why seest thou a mote in thy brothers eye, but perceiuest not the beame that is in thyne owne eye?

40-7:4††††† Or, howe sayest thou to thy brother: suffer me, I wyll plucke out a mote out of thyne eye: and beholde, a beame is in thyne owne eye?

40-7:5††††† Thou hypocrite, first caste out the beame out of thine owne eye: and then shalt thou see clearely, to plucke out the mote out of thy brothers eye.

40-7:6††††† Geue not that which is holy, vnto dogges, neyther caste ye your pearles before swyne, lest they treade them vnder their feete, and turning agayne, all to rent you.

40-7:7††††† Aske, and it shalbe geuen you: seke, and ye shall fynde: knocke, and it shalbe opened vnto you.

40-7:8††††† For he that asketh, receaueth: and he that seketh, fyndeth: and to hym that knocketh, it shalbe opened.

40-7:9††††† Is there any among you, which, yf his sonne aske hym bread, wyll geue hym a stone?

40-7:10†††† Or yf he aske fyshe, wyll he geue hym a serpent?

40-7:11†††† If ye then, beyng euyll, knowe to geue your chyldren good gyftes: howe much more shall your father, which is in heauen, geue good thynges, to them that aske hym?

40-7:12†††† Therfore all thynges, whatsoeuer ye woulde that men shoulde do to you, do ye euen so to them: For this is the lawe, and the prophetes.

40-7:13†††† Enter in at the strayte gate. For wyde is the gate, and brode is the way, that leadeth to destruction, and many there be which go in therat.

40-7:14†††† Because, strayte is the gate, and narowe is the way, which leadeth vnto lyfe, and fewe there be that fynde it.

40-7:15†††† Beware of false prophetes, which come to you in sheepes clothyng: but inwardly they are rauenyng woolfes.

40-7:16†††† Ye shall knowe them by theyr fruites, Do men gather grapes of thornes? or fygges of thystles?

40-7:17†††† Euen so, euery good tree, bryngeth foorth good fruite: But a corrupt tree, bryngeth foorth euyll fruite.

40-7:18†††† A good tree, can not bryng foorth bad fruite: neither can a bad tree, bryng foorth good fruite.

40-7:19†††† Euery tree that bryngeth not foorth good fruite, is hewen downe, and cast into the fyre.

40-7:20†††† Wherfore, by theyr fruites, ye shall knowe them.

40-7:21†††† Not euery one, that sayeth vnto me Lorde, Lorde, shall enter into the kyngdome of heauen: but he that doeth the wyll of my father, which is in heauen.

40-7:22†††† Many wyll say to me in that day, Lorde Lorde, haue we not prophesied thorowe thy name? and thorowe thy name haue cast out deuyls? & done many great workes thorowe thy name?

40-7:23†††† And then wyll I confesse vnto them, I neuer knewe you: Depart from me, ye that worke iniquitie.

40-7:24†††† Therfore, whosoeuer heareth of me these sayinges, and doeth the same, I wyll lyken hym vnto a wyse man, which buylt his house vpon a rocke:

40-7:25†††† And the rayne descended, and the fluddes came, and the wyndes blewe, and beat vpon that house, and it fell not, because it was grounded on a rocke.

40-7:26†††† And euery one that heareth of me these sayinges, and doeth them not, shalbe lykened vnto a foolyshe man, which buylt his house vpon the sande:

40-7:27†††† And the rayne descended, and the fluddes came, and the wyndes blewe, and beat vpon that house, and it fell, and great was the fall of it.

40-7:28†††† And it came to passe, that when Iesus had ended these sayinges, the people were astonied at his doctrine.

40-7:29†††† For he taught them, as one hauyng power, and not as the Scribes.

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Matthew 8:

Chapter 8:34 Verses

40 Matthew

(Bishops 1568) .

40-8:1††††† When he was come downe fro the mountayne, great multitudes folowed hym.

40-8:2††††† And beholde, there came a leper, and worshipped hym, saying: Lorde, yf thou wylt, thou canst make me cleane.

40-8:3††††† And Iesus put foorth his hande, and touched hym, saying: I wyll, be thou cleane. And immediatlye his leprosie was clensed.

40-8:4††††† And Iesus sayth vnto hym: See thou tell no man, but go, [and] shewe thy selfe to the priest, and offer the gift that Moyses commaunded, for a witnes vnto them.

40-8:5††††† And when Iesus was entred into Capernaum, there came vnto hym a Centurion, besechyng hym.

40-8:6††††† And saying: Lorde, my seruaunt lyeth at home sicke of the paulsie, greeuously payned.

40-8:7††††† And Iesus sayth. When I come, I wyll heale hym.

40-8:8††††† The Centurion aunswered, & sayde: Lorde, I am not worthy that thou shouldest come vnder my roofe: but speake the worde only, & my seruaunt shalbe healed.

40-8:9††††† For I also my selfe am vnder aucthoritie, and haue souldiers vnder me: and I say to this man go, and he goeth: and to another, come, and he commeth: and to my seruaunt, do this, and he doth it.

40-8:10†††† When Iesus hearde [him], he marueyled, & sayde to them that folowed [him]: Ueryly I say vnto you, I haue not founde so great fayth in Israel.

40-8:11†††† I say vnto you, that many shall come from the east and west, and shall rest with Abraham, and Isaac, & Iacob, in the kyngdome of heauen.

40-8:12†††† But the chyldren of the kyngdome shalbe caste out, into vtter darcknesse: there shalbe wepyng, and gnashyng of teeth.

40-8:13†††† And Iesus sayde vnto the Centurion: Go thy way, and as thou hast beleued, so be it vnto thee. And his seruaunt was healed, in the selfe same houre.

40-8:14†††† And when Iesus was come into Peters house, he sawe his wyues mother layed, and sicke of a feuer.

40-8:15†††† And he touched her hande, and the feuer left her, and she arose, and ministred vnto them.

40-8:16†††† When the euen was come, they brought vnto hym many, that were possessed with deuyls, and he cast out the spirites with a worde, and healed all that were sicke.

40-8:17†††† That it myght be fulfylled, which was spoken by Esayas the prophete, saying: He toke on hym our infirmities, and bare [our] sicknesses.

40-8:18†††† When Iesus sawe great multitudes about hym, he commaunded that they shoulde go ouer the water.

40-8:19†††† And a certayne Scribe came, & sayde vnto hym: Maister, I wyll folowe thee, whyther soeuer thou goest.

40-8:20†††† And Iesus sayth vnto hym. The foxes haue holes, and the birdes of the ayre haue nestes: but the sonne of man, hath not where to rest his head.

40-8:21†††† And another, of the number of his disciples, sayde vnto hym: Lorde, suffer me first to go and bury my father.

40-8:22†††† But Iesus sayde vnto hym: Folowe me, and let the dead bury theyr dead.

40-8:23†††† And when he entred into a shippe, his disciples folowed hym:

40-8:24†††† And beholde, there arose a great tempest in the sea, [in so much] that the shippe was couered with waues: but he was a slepe.

40-8:25†††† And his disciples came to hym, and awoke hym, saying: Lorde saue vs, we peryshe.

40-8:26†††† And he sayth vnto them: Why are ye fearefull, O ye of litle fayth? Then he arose, and rebuked the windes, and the sea: and there folowed a great calme.

40-8:27†††† But the men marueyled, saying: What maner of man is this, that both wyndes and sea obey hym?

40-8:28†††† And when he was come to the other syde, into the countrey of the Gergesenes, there met hym two, possessed with deuyls, which came out of the graues, and were very fierce, so that no man myght go by that way.

40-8:29†††† And beholde, they cryed out, saying: O Iesu, thou sonne of God, what haue we to do with thee? Art thou come hyther, to torment vs before the tyme?

40-8:30†††† And there was, a good way of from them, a hearde of many swyne, feedyng.

40-8:31†††† So, the deuyls besought hym, saying: Yf thou cast vs out, suffer vs to go away into the hearde of swyne.

40-8:32†††† And he sayde vnto them, go. Then went they out, and departed into the hearde of swyne: And beholde, ye whole hearde of swyne russhed headlong into the sea, and peryshed in the waters.

40-8:33†††† Then they that kept them, fledde, and went theyr wayes into the citie, and tolde euery thyng, and what was done of the possessed with the deuyls.

40-8:34†††† And beholde, the whole citie came out to meete Iesus: and when they sawe hym, they besought hym, that he woulde depart out of theyr coastes.

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Matthew 9:

Chapter 9:38 Verses

40 Matthew

(Bishops 1568) .

40-9:1††††† And he entred into a shippe, & passed ouer, & came into his owne citie.

40-9:2††††† And beholde, they brought to him a man, sicke of the paulsie, lying in a bedde. And when Iesus sawe the fayth of them, he sayde vnto the sicke of the paulsie: Sonne, be of good cheare, thy sinnes be forgeuen thee.

40-9:3††††† And beholde, certayne of the Scribes sayde, within them selues: This man blasphemeth.

40-9:4††††† And whe Iesus saw their thoughtes, he sayde: Wherefore thynke ye euyll in your heartes?

40-9:5††††† Whether is easyer to say, thy sinnes be forgeuen thee? Or to say, aryse and walke?

40-9:6††††† But that ye may knowe, that the sonne of man hath power to forgeue sinnes in earth (then sayde he to the sicke of the paulsie) Aryse, take vp thy bedde, and go vnto thyne house.

40-9:7††††† And he arose, and departed to his house.

40-9:8††††† But when the multitudes sawe it, they marueyled, & glorified God, which had geuen such power vnto men.

40-9:9††††† And as Iesus passed foorth from thence, he sawe a man, named Matthewe, syttyng at the receipte of custome: & he sayth vnto hym, folowe me. And he arose, and folowed hym.

40-9:10†††† And it came to passe, as Iesus sate at meate in his house, beholde, many publicans also and sinners came, and sate downe with Iesus and his disciples.

40-9:11†††† And when the Pharisees sawe it, they sayde vnto his disciples: Why eateth your maister with publicans and sinners?

40-9:12†††† But when Iesus hearde that, he sayde vnto them: They that be whole, nede not the phisition, but they that are sicke.

40-9:13†††† Go ye, and learne what that meaneth, I wyll [haue] mercie, and not sacrifice: for I am not come, to call the righteous, but sinners to repentaunce.

40-9:14†††† Then came the disciples of Iohn vnto hym, saying: Why do we and the Pharisees fast oft, but thy disciples fast not?

40-9:15†††† And Iesus sayde vnto them: Can the chyldren of the bryde chaumber mourne, as long as the brydegrome is with them? But the dayes wyll come, when the brydegrome shall be taken from them, and then shall they fast.

40-9:16†††† No man putteth a peece of newe cloth in an olde garment: for then, the peece taketh away [somethyng] from the garment, and the rent is made worse.

40-9:17†††† Neither do men put newe wine into olde vessels: els, the vessels breake, and the wyne runneth out, and the vessels peryshe: But they put newe wyne, into newe vessels, and both are preserued together.

40-9:18†††† Whyle he spake these thynges vnto them, beholde, there came a certayne ruler, and worshypped hym, saying: My daughter is euen nowe dead, but come and lay thy hande vpon her, and she shall lyue.

40-9:19†††† And Iesus arose, and folowed hym, and [so dyd] his disciples.

40-9:20†††† ( And beholde, a woman which was diseased with an issue of blood twelue yeres, came behynde hym, and touched the hemme of his vesture.

40-9:21†††† For she sayde