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48:††† Chapters

:1,273 Verses

Ezekiel 1:

Chapter 1:28 Verses

26 Ezekiel

(Bishops 1568) .

26-1:1††††† It came to passe in the thirtith yere in the fourth [moneth] in the fifth day of the moneth, that (I beyng in the middes of the captiuitie, by the riuer Chebar) the heauens were opened, and I sawe visions of God:

26-1:2††††† In the fifth [day] of the moneth, which was the fifth yere of kyng Ioakins captiuitie,

26-1:3††††† The worde of the Lorde came to Ezechiel the priest the sonne of Buzi, in the lande of the Chaldeans by the riuer Chebar, where the hand of the Lord was vpon hym.

26-1:4††††† And I looked, and beholde a stormie wind came out of the north, a great cloude, and a fire folding it selfe [in the cloude] and a brightnes rounde about it, and foorth of the middes therof as the colour of amber out of the middes of the fire.

26-1:5††††† And out of the middes therof, the likenesse of foure beastes [appeared] and this was their fourme, they had the likenesse of a man.

26-1:6††††† And euery one had foure faces, and euery one of them had foure wynges.

26-1:7††††† Their feete were straight feete, and the sole of their feete lyke the sole of calues feete, and they glistered as the appearaunce of brasse burnished.

26-1:8††††† From vnder their wynges vpon all the foure corners they had mens handes: and they foure had their faces and their wynges.

26-1:9††††† Their wynges were ioyned one to another: when they went they looked not backe, but eche one went straight forwarde.

26-1:10†††† But [touching] the similitude of their faces, they foure had the face of a man and the face of a lion on the right side, and they foure had the face of an oxe on the left side, the foure also had the face of an Egle.

26-1:11†††† Thus were their faces, and their winges were spread out aboue, so that two wynges of euery one were ioyned one to another, and two wynges couered euery one of their bodyes.

26-1:12†††† Euery one went straight forward: whyther as the spirite led them, thither thei went, & returned not in their going.

26-1:13†††† And the fashion of the beastes, their appearaunce was lyke coales of fire, burning like the appearaunce of cressets, it ran among the beastes, and the fire gaue a glister, and out of the fire there went lightening.

26-1:14†††† And the beastes ranne, and returned like lightening.

26-1:15†††† When I had considered the beastes, beholde a wheele vpon the earth nye to the beastes, to euery of the foure before his face.

26-1:16†††† The fashion & worke of the wheeles was lyke the colour of Tharsis, and they foure had one fashion, and their fashion & their worke [was] as though it were a wheele in ye middle of a wheele.

26-1:17†††† When they went, they went vpon their foure sides: they returned not backe when they went.

26-1:18†††† They had ringes, and heyght, and were feareful to beholde: & their ringes were full of eyes rounde about them foure.

26-1:19†††† When the beastes went, the wheeles went also by them: and when the beastes were lift vp from the earth, the wheeles were lyft vp.

26-1:20†††† Whyther soeuer the spirite [was] to go, they went, and thyther [was] the spirite to go, and the wheeles were lyft vp before them: for the spirite of the beastes were in the wheeles.

26-1:21†††† When the beastes went, they went, & when thei stoode, they stoode, and when they were lifted vp from the earth, the wheeles were lifted vp before the, for ye spirite of ye beastes was in the wheeles.

26-1:22†††† And the similitude of the firmament vpon the heades of the beastes, was like the colour of christall wonderfull, spread ouer their heades aboue.

26-1:23†††† And vnder the firmament their winges were stretcht foorth one towardes another, euery one had two couering them, and euery one had two couering them, [euen] their bodyes.

26-1:24†††† And when they went, I hearde the noyse of their wynges, lyke the noyse of great waters, as it had ben the voyce of the almightie, the voyce of speache, as the noyse of an hoast: when they stoode, they let downe their winges.

26-1:25†††† And there was a noyse from aboue the firmament that was ouer their heades: when they stoode, they let downe their wynges.

26-1:26†††† And aboue the firmament that was ouer their heades, there was the fashion of a throne lyke a Saphir stone: and vpon the similitude of the throne by appearaunce, as the similitude of a man aboue vpon it.

26-1:27†††† And I sawe as the appearaunce of amber [and] as the similitude of fire rounde about within, from the appearaunce of his loynes vpward: and from the appearaunce of his loynes downewarde I sawe as the lykenesse of fire, and brightnesse rounde about it.

26-1:28†††† As the likenesse of a bowe that is in a cloude in a raynie day, so was the appearaunce of the brightnesse rounde about: this was the appearaunce of the similitude of the glory of God, & when I sawe it, I fell vpon my face and hearkened vnto the voyce of one that spake.

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Ezekiel 2:

Chapter 2:10 Verses

26 Ezekiel

(Bishops 1568) .

26-2:1††††† And then said he vnto me, Stande vp vpon thy fete (O thou sonne of man) and I wyll talke with thee.

26-2:2††††† And the spirite entred into me when he had spoken vnto me, & set me vpon my feete, so that I heard him that spake vnto me.

26-2:3††††† And he sayde vnto me, Thou sonne of man, I sende thee to the children of Israel, to a rebellious people which haue rebelled against me, both they and their forefathers haue wickedly behaued them selues against me, euen vnto this very day.

26-2:4††††† For they are children of a harde face and stiffe heart, I do sende thee vnto them, and thou shalt say vnto them, Thus saith the Lorde God.

26-2:5††††† And whether they wyll heare or refuse (for they are a rebellious house) yet they may knowe that there hath ben a prophete among them.

26-2:6††††† And thou sonne of man feare them not, neither be afraide of their wordes, for bryers and thornes are with thee, and thou doest dwell among scorpions: feare not their wordes, nor be abashed at their lookes, for they are a rebellious house.

26-2:7††††† And thou shalt speake my wordes vnto them, whether they wyll heare or refuse, for they are rebellious.

26-2:8††††† Therefore thou sonne of man, obay thou all thinges that I say vnto thee, and be not thou rebellious lyke the rebellious house: open thy mouth, and eate that I geue thee.

26-2:9††††† And when I looked, beholde a hand was sent vnto me, and lo, in it was a roule of a booke.

26-2:10†††† And he opened it before me, and it was written within and without, and there was written therein, lamentations, and mourning, and wo.

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Ezekiel 3:

Chapter 3:27 Verses

26 Ezekiel

(Bishops 1568) .

26-3:1††††† After this said he vnto me: Thou sonne of man, eate whatsoeuer thou findest, eate this roule, and go thy way and speake vnto the house of Israel.

26-3:2††††† So I opened my mouth, and he fed me with this roule.

26-3:3††††† And he saide vnto me, Thou sonne of man, thy belly shall eate, and thy bowels shalt thou fill with this roule that I geue thee: Then dyd I eate, and it was in my mouth sweeter then honie.

26-3:4††††† And he saide vnto me, Thou sonne of man, go, get thee vnto the house of Israel, and declare my wordes vnto them.

26-3:5††††† For not to a people of profounde lippes and harde language art thou sent, but vnto the house of Israel:

26-3:6††††† Not to many nations whiche haue profounde lippes and harde languages, whose wordes thou vnderstandest not: otherwise if I had sent thee vnto them, they would haue hearkened vnto thee.

26-3:7††††† But the house of Israel will not hearken vnto thee, for they will not hearken vnto me: for al the house of Israel haue stiffe foreheades, & stubburne heartes.

26-3:8††††† Beholde therefore, I haue made thy face strong against their faces, & thy forehead strong against their foreheades.

26-3:9††††† As an Adamant, harder then the flint stone haue I made thy forehead: thou shalt not feare them, nor be abashed at their lookes: for they are a rebellious house.

26-3:10†††† He sayde moreouer vnto me, Thou sonne of man, all my wordes that I shall speake vnto thee, receaue in thyne heart, and hearken with thyne eares.

26-3:11†††† And go, get thee to the captiuitie, to the chyldren of thy people, and thou shalt speake vnto them, and shalt say vnto them, Thus saith the Lord God, whether they will heare, or leaue.

26-3:12†††† With that the spirite tooke me vp, and I hearde behinde me a voyce of a great rushing [to wit] Blessed be the glory of Iehouah from his place.

26-3:13†††† [I hearde] also the noyse of the winges of the beastes ioyning one with another, and the ratling of the wheeles that were before them, euen a noyse of great rushing.

26-3:14†††† Nowe when the spirite lift me vp and tooke me away, I went in bitternesse and furie of my spirite: but the hande of the Lorde vpon me was strong.

26-3:15†††† Then I came to the captiues in Thelabib that dwelt by the riuer Chebar, and I sate where they sate, and I remayned there seuen dayes, astonished among them.

26-3:16†††† And when the seuen dayes were expired, the Lorde saide vnto me,

26-3:17†††† Thou sonne of man, I haue made thee a watchman vnto the house of Israel: therefore thou shalt heare the worde at my mouth, and geue them warning from me.

26-3:18†††† When I shall say vnto the wicked, Thou shalt surely dye, and thou geuest not him warning, nor speakest to admonishe the wicked of his euill way, and so to liue: then shal the same vngodly man dye in his owne vnrighteousnesse, but his blood wyl I require of thyne hand.

26-3:19†††† Neuerthelesse, if thou geue warning vnto the wicked, and he yet turne not from his vngodlynesse and from his wicked way: he shall dye in his owne wickednesse, but thou hast deliuered thy soule.

26-3:20†††† Nowe if a righteous man go from his righteousnesse and do the thing that is euyll I wyll lay a stumbling blocke before him: and he shall dye, because thou hast not geuen him warning, dye shall he in his owne sinne, so that his righteousnesse whiche he hath done, shall not be thought vpon: but his blood will I require at thyne hande.

26-3:21†††† Neuerthelesse, if thou exhortest that righteous that he sinne not, and so the righteous do not sinne: then shall he liue, because he hath receaued thy warning, and thou hast deliuered thy soule.

26-3:22†††† And there came the hand of the Lord vpon me, and he sayd vnto me: Stande vp, and go into the fielde, that I may there talke with thee.

26-3:23†††† So when I had risen vp, and gone foorth into the fielde: beholde, the glorie of the Lord stoode there, like the glorie which I sawe by the riuer Chebar: then fell I downe vpon my face.

26-3:24†††† And the spirite came into me, whiche set me vp vpon my feete, and spake vnto me, and said vnto me: Go thy way, and shut thy selfe in thyne house.

26-3:25†††† Beholde O thou sonne of man, they haue prepared bandes against thee, and they wyll binde thee with them, and thou shalt not go out among them.

26-3:26†††† And I will make thy tongue cleaue to the roofe of thy mouth, that thou shalt be dumbe, and not be as a reprouer vnto them: for they are a rebellious house.

26-3:27†††† But when I speake vnto thee, I wyl open my mouth, and thou shalt say vnto them, Thus saith the Lorde God: Whoso heareth, let hym heare, whoso leaueth of, let him leaue: for they are a rebellious house.

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Ezekiel 4:

Chapter 4:17 Verses

26 Ezekiel

(Bishops 1568) .

26-4:1††††† Thou sonne of man, take thee a tyle stone and lay it before thee, and purtray vpon it the citie Hierusalem,

26-4:2††††† And lay siege against it, and builde a fort against it, and cast a mount against it: set the campe also against it, and lay engins of warre against it rounde about.

26-4:3††††† Moreouer, take an iron panne, and set it betwixt thee and the citie in steede of an iron wall, then set thy face towarde it to besiege it, and make an assault against it: this shalbe a token vnto the house of Israel.

26-4:4††††† But thou shalt sleepe vpon thy left side, and lay the sinne of the house of Israel vpon it [according] to the number of the dayes that thou shalt sleepe vpon it, thou shalt beare their iniquitie.

26-4:5††††† For I haue layde vpon thee the yeres of their iniquitie according to the number of the dayes [euen] three hundred and ninetie dayes, so shalt thou beare the iniquitie of the house of Israel.

26-4:6††††† When thou hast fulfilled these dayes, lye downe agayne and sleepe vpon thy right side, and beare the sinnes of the house of Iuda: fourtie dayes haue I appointed thee, a day for a yere [euen] a day for a yere.

26-4:7††††† Therfore set nowe thy face towarde the siege of Hierusalem, and discouer thine arme, that thou mayest prophecie against it.

26-4:8††††† Behold, I will lay chaines vpon thee, that thou shalt not turne thee from one side to another, till thou hast ended the dayes of thy besieging.

26-4:9††††† Wherfore take vnto thee wheate, barlye, beanes, lintils, millot, and fetches, and put these together in a vessell, and make thee loaues of bread thereof, according to the number of the dayes that thou must lye vpon thy side, that thou mayest haue bread to eate for three hundred and ninetie dayes.

26-4:10†††† And thy meate that thou eatest shall haue a certaine wayght appointed, [namely] twentie sicles euery day: & from time to time shalt thou eate therof.

26-4:11†††† Thou shalt drinke also a certaine measure of water [namely] the sixt [part] of an Hin from tyme to tyme shalt thou drinke.

26-4:12†††† Barly cakes shalt thou eate, and them shalt thou bake in mans doung before their eyes.

26-4:13†††† And with that sayde the Lord, Euen thus shall the chyldren of Israel eate their defiled bread among the gentiles whyther I wyll cast them.

26-4:14†††† Then sayde I, Oh Lorde God: beholde, my soule was yet neuer stayned, for fro my youth vp vnto this houre, I did neuer eate of a dead carkase, or of that whiche was slayne of wylde beastes, neither came there euer any vncleane fleshe in my mouth.

26-4:15†††† Whervnto he aunswered me: Lo, I wyll graunt thee cowcasins in steede of mans doung, and thou shalt make thy bread with them.

26-4:16†††† And he saide vnto me, Beholde thou sonne of man, I wyll breake the staffe of bread in Hierusalem, and they shall eate their bread with waight and with care, and their water in measure and astonishment shall they drinke,

26-4:17†††† That they may cause a lacke of bread and water, and be astonied one at another, and be consumed in their iniquitie.

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Ezekiel 5:

Chapter 5:17 Verses

26 Ezekiel

(Bishops 1568) .

26-5:1††††† O thou sonne of man, take thee then a sharpe knife [namely] a barbers rasour, take that to thee, and cause it to passe vpon thy head and vpon thy beard: then take thee waight scales and deuide [the heere.]

26-5:2††††† Thou shalt burne with fire the thirde part in the middest of the citie when the dayes of the siege are fulfylled, and thou shalt take the other thirde part and smite about it with a knife, and the last thirde part thou shalt scatter in the wynde, and I wyll drawe out a sworde after them.

26-5:3††††† Thou shalt also take therof a fewe in number, and bynde them in thy lappe.

26-5:4††††† Of them yet shalt thou take, and cast them into the middest of the fire, & burne them in the fire: therof shall a fire come foorth into all the house of Israel.

26-5:5††††† Moreouer, thus saith the Lorde God: This same is Hierusalem, which I set in the middest of nations, and countreis rounde about her.

26-5:6††††† But she hath chaunged my iudgementes into wickednesse more then the nations, and my statutes more then the countreis that are rounde about her: for they haue refused my iudgementes and my statutes, and not walked in them.

26-5:7††††† Therfore thus saith the Lorde God: For your multiplying more then the gentiles that dwell rounde about you, and because ye haue not walked in my lawes, neither haue ye kept my ordinaunces, no ye haue not done accordyng to the iudgementes of the nations that are rounde about you:

26-5:8††††† Therfore thus saith the Lorde God, Beholde I will also come agaynst thee, I my selfe I say: for in the middest of thee wyll I execute iudgement in the sight of the heathen.

26-5:9††††† And I wyll handle thee of such a fashion as I neuer did before, & as I will neuer do from that tyme foorth, and that because of all thine abhominations.

26-5:10†††† For in thee the fathers shalbe fayne to eate their owne sonnes, and the sonnes their owne fathers, I wyll execute iudgement in thee, and the whole remnaunt of thee wyll I scatter into all the wyndes.

26-5:11†††† Wherfore, as truly as I lyue saith the Lorde God, seyng thou hast defiled my sanctuarie with all maner of abhominations, and with all shamefull offences: For this cause will I also destroy thee, mine eye shall not spare thee, neither wyll I haue any pitie.

26-5:12†††† One thirde part within thee shall dye of the pestilence and be consumed of hunger, another thirde part shalbe slayne downe rounde about thee with the sworde, the other thirde part that remayneth, wyll I scatter abrode towarde all the wyndes, and drawe out a sworde after them.

26-5:13†††† Thus wyll I perfourme mine indignation, & make my wrath to settle vpon them, and I will be comforted: so that when I haue fulfylled myne anger agaynst them, they shall knowe that I am the Lorde, which with a seruent gelousie haue spoken it.

26-5:14†††† Moreouer, I wyll make thee waste and reuiled among all the heathen that dwell about thee, in the sight of all them that go by thee.

26-5:15†††† So thou shalt be a reproche and shame, a chastisement and a wondryng vnto the nations that are rounde about thee, when I shall execute iudgementes in thee, in anger & in wrath, and in sharpe rebukes, I the Lorde haue spoken it:

26-5:16†††† When I shoote among them the perilous dartes of hunger, which shalbe for their destruction, yea therfore shall I shoote them because I wyll destroy you, I wyll encrease hunger vpon you, and wyll breake your staffe of bread.

26-5:17†††† Plagues wyll I sende vpon you, yea and wicked beastes also to spoyle thee, pestilence and bloodsheddyng shal come vpon thee, and the sworde wyll I bring ouer thee: I the Lorde haue spoken it.

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Ezekiel 6:

Chapter 6:14 Verses

26 Ezekiel

(Bishops 1568) .

26-6:1††††† And the worde of the Lorde came vnto me, saying:

26-6:2††††† Thou sonne of man set thy face to the mountaynes of Israel, that thou mayest prophecie agaynst them,

26-6:3††††† And say, Heare the worde of the Lord God: O ye mountaynes of Israel Thus hath the Lord God spoken to the mountaynes, hylles, riuers, & dales, Beholde I [euen] will bryng a sworde vpon you, and destroy your hye places.

26-6:4††††† Your aulters shalbe destroyed, & your images of the sunne broken downe, your slayne men wyll I cast downe before your idols.

26-6:5††††† And the dead carkases of the children of Israel wyll I cast before their idols, your bones will I scatter rounde about your aulters.

26-6:6††††† In all your dwellyng places your cities shalbe desolate, and the hye places laide waste, so that your aulters shalbe made waste and desolate, your idols shalbe broken and abolished, and your images of the sunne shalbe cut downe, and your workes quite taken away.

26-6:7††††† Your slayne men shall fall among you: and ye shal knowe that I am the Lord.

26-6:8††††† Yet wyll I leaue a remnaunt, that you may haue [some] that shall escape the sworde among the nations, when as ye shalbe scattered through the countreis.

26-6:9††††† And they that escape of you shal thinke vpon me among the heathen where they shalbe in captiuitie, because I haue ben broken with their whorishe heart which hath departed from me, & with their eyes that haue gone a whoryng after their idols: and they shalbe abhorred before their owne eyes for the euils which they haue commited in all their abhominations.

26-6:10†††† And they shall knowe that I am the Lorde, and that I haue not sayde in vayne, that I woulde do this euill vnto them.

26-6:11†††† Thus saith the Lorde God, Smite thine handes together, and stampe with thy feete, and say, Wo worth all the abhominations and wickednesses of the house of Israel: for they shall fall with the sworde, with hunger, and with pestilence.

26-6:12†††† Who so is farre of shall dye of the pestilence, he that is nye at hande shall perishe with the sworde, and the other that are besieged shall dye of hunger: Thus wyll I satisfie my wrathfull displeasure vpon them.

26-6:13†††† And so shall ye knowe that I am the Lorde, when their slayne men shalbe among their idols rounde about their aulters, vpon euery hye hyll, and toppes of mountaynes, and vnder euery greene tree, and vnder euery thicke oke, [euen] in the places where they dyd offer sweete sauour to all their idols.

26-6:14†††† I wyll stretche mine hande out vpon them, and wyll make the lande waste, and desolate from the wildernesse vnto Deblathah through all their habitations: and they shall knowe that I am the Lorde.

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Ezekiel 7:

Chapter 7:27 Verses

26 Ezekiel

(Bishops 1568) .

26-7:1††††† The worde of the Lorde came vnto me, saying:

26-7:2††††† And thou sonne of man, thus saith the Lorde God, an ende is come vnto the lande of Israel: yea veryly the ende commeth vpon the foure corners of the lande.

26-7:3††††† Nowe shall the ende come vpon thee: for I wyll sende my wrath vpon thee, and wyll punishe thee accordyng to thy wayes, and rewarde thee after all thine abhominations.

26-7:4††††† Mine eye shall not spare thee, neither wyll I haue pitie, but rewarde thee accordyng to thy wayes, & declare thine abhominations: then shall ye knowe that I am the Lorde.

26-7:5††††† Thus saith the Lorde God, Beholde, one euyll shall come after another:

26-7:6††††† The ende is here, the ende [I say] is come, it watched for thee: beholde it is come alredy.

26-7:7††††† The mornyng is come vnto thee that dwellest in the lande, the tyme is at hande, the day of trouble is harde by, and not the foundyng agayne of the mountaynes.

26-7:8††††† Nowe I wyll shortly poure out my sore displeasure ouer thee, and fulfyll my wrath vpon thee: I wyll iudge thee after thy wayes, and recompence thee all thine abhominations.

26-7:9††††† Mine eye shall not spare, neither wyll I haue pitie, but rewarde thee after thy wayes, & thine abhominations shalbe in the middest of thee: and ye shal knowe that I am the Lorde that smiteth.

26-7:10†††† Beholde the day, beholde it is come, the mornyng is gone foorth, the rodde florisheth, pride hath budded.

26-7:11†††† Crueltie is waxen to a rodde of wickednesse, none of them shall remayne, none of their riches, not one of their seede, & no lamentation shalbe made for them.

26-7:12†††† The tyme commeth, the day draweth nye: who so byeth let hym not reioyce, he that selleth let hym not be sory: for why? wrath is vpon all the multitude therof.

26-7:13†††† So that the seller not come againe to the thyng that he solde, although their life be yet with the lyuyng: for when the prophecie was preached vnto all the people, none returned, no man shal strengthen hym selfe in the iniquitie of his life.

26-7:14†††† They haue blowen the trumpet, and made all redy, but none goeth to the battayle: for my wrath is vpon the whole multitude.

26-7:15†††† The sworde shalbe without, pestilence and hunger within: so that who so is in the fielde shalbe slayne with the sworde, and he that is in the citie shalbe deuoured with hunger and pestilence.

26-7:16†††† But they that flee away from them shall escape, and shalbe in the mountaynes lyke the doues of the valleys, all they shall mourne, euery one for his iniquitie.

26-7:17†††† All handes shalbe let downe, and all knees shalbe weake as the water.

26-7:18†††† They shall girde them selues with sackcloth, feare shall couer them, shame shalbe vpon all faces, and baldnesse vpon their heades.

26-7:19†††† Their siluer shall they cast foorth in the streetes, and their golde shalbe dispised: yea their siluer and golde shall not be able to deliuer them in the day of the wrath of the Lorde, they shall not satisfie their soules, neither fyll their bellyes therwith, because it was a stumblyng blocke of their iniquitie.

26-7:20†††† He had also set the beautie of his ornament in maiestie: but they made images of their abhominations and fylthinesses in it, therfore haue I set it farre from them.

26-7:21†††† Moreouer, I wyll geue it into the handes of straungers to be spoyled, & to the wicked of the earth for to be robbed, and they shall pollute it.

26-7:22†††† My face wyll I turne from them, my secrete place shalbe defiled: for burglers shall go into it and pollute it.

26-7:23†††† Make a chayne: for the lande is full of the iudgement of blood, and the citie is full of extortion.

26-7:24†††† Wherfore I wyll bryng the most wicked of the heathen to take their houses in possession, I wyll make the pompe of the mightie to ceasse, and their sanctuaries shalbe defyled.

26-7:25†††† When destruction is come, they shall seeke peace, but they shall haue none.

26-7:26†††† One mischiefe shall folowe another, and one rumour shall come after another: then shall they seeke a vision in vayne at their prophete, the lawe shall perishe from the priest, and counsayle from the auncientes.

26-7:27†††† The kyng shall mourne, the prince shalbe clothed with desolation, and the handes of the people in the lande shalbe troubled: I wyll do vnto them after their owne wayes, accordyng to their owne iudgementes wyll I iudge them: and they shall knowe that I am the Lorde.

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Ezekiel 8:

Chapter 8:18 Verses

26 Ezekiel

(Bishops 1568) .

26-8:1††††† And it was in the sixt yere, in the sixt [moneth] in the fift [day] of the moneth, I sate in my house, and the elders of Iuda sate before me, and the hande of the Lorde God fell there vpon me.

26-8:2††††† Then I behelde, and lo, there was a likenesse as the appearaunce of fire: from the appearaunce of his loynes downewarde, fire: and from his loynes vpwarde as the appearaunce of brightnesse, lyke the colour of amber.

26-8:3††††† And he stretched out the likenesse of an hande, and toke me by an heery locke of my head, and the spirite lift me vp betwixt earth and heauen, and brought me in a diuine vision to Hierusalem, into the entry of the inner gate that lyeth towarde the north, where remayned the image of emulation [and] of gayne.

26-8:4††††† And beholde, the glorie of the Lorde God of Israel was in the same place, [euen] as I had seene it afore in the fielde.

26-8:5††††† And he sayde vnto me, Thou sonne of man, lift vp thine eyes nowe towarde the north: then lift I vp mine eyes towarde the north, and beholde northwarde, at the gate of the aulter this image of emulation [was] in the entry.

26-8:6††††† And he sayde furthermore vnto me, Thou sonne of man, seest thou what these do? seest thou the great abhominations that the house of Israel commit in this place, to driue me from my sanctuarie? but turne thee about, and thou shalt see yet greater abhominations.

26-8:7††††† And with that brought he me to the court gate, and when I loked, beholde there was a hole in the wall.

26-8:8††††† Then sayde he vnto me, Thou sonne of man, digge nowe in the wall: and when I digged in the wall, beholde there was a doore.

26-8:9††††† And he sayde vnto me, Go thy way in, and loke what wicked abhominations they do here.

26-8:10†††† So I went in and sawe, and beholde there were al maner of creeping beastes, and abhominable beastes, and all the idols of the house of Israel paynted vpon the wall rounde about.

26-8:11†††† There stoode also before the images threescore and ten men of the auncientes of the house of Israel, and in the middest of the stoode Iaazaniah the sonne of Shaphan, with euery man his censor in his hande, and the smoke of the insence ascended as a cloude.

26-8:12†††† Then sayde he vnto me, Thou sonne of man, hast thou seene what the auncientes of the house of Israel do secretly, euery one in the chaumber of his imagerie? for they say, The Lorde seeth vs not, the Lorde hath forsaken the earth.

26-8:13†††† And he sayde vnto me, Turne thee yet agayne, and thou shalt see greater abhominations that they do.

26-8:14†††† And with that he brought me to the doore of the gate of the Lordes house towarde the north, and beholde there sate wome mourning for Thammuz.

26-8:15†††† Then sayd he vnto me, Hast thou seene this thou sonne of man? turne thee yet about, and thou shalt see greater abhominations then these are.

26-8:16†††† And so he brought me into the inward court of the Lordes house, and beholde at the doore of the Lordes house, betwixt the porche and the aulter, there were about twentie and fiue men that turned their backes vpon the temple of the Lorde, and their faces towarde the east, and these worshipped the sunne eastwarde.

26-8:17†††† And he sayde vnto me, Hast thou seene this thou sonne of man? Thinketh the house of Iuda that it is but a trifle to do these abhominations which they do here? for they haue fylled the lande full of wickednesse, and haue returned to prouoke me to anger, and lo they are puttyng the braunches to their noses.

26-8:18†††† Therfore wyll I also do somethyng in my wrathful displeasure, so that mine eye shall not spare them, neither wyll I haue pitie: yea and though they crye in mine eares with a loude voyce, yet wyll I not heare them.

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Ezekiel 9:

Chapter 9:11 Verses

26 Ezekiel

(Bishops 1568) .

26-9:1††††† He cryed also with a loude voyce in mine eares, saying: Drawe neare ye visitations of the citie, euery man with a destroying weapon in his hande.

26-9:2††††† And beholde, then came there sixe men out of the streete of the vpper gate towarde the north, and euery man a slaughter weapon in his hande: There was one amongest them that had on hym lynnen rayment, and a writers inckhorne by his syde: these went in and stoode besyde the brasen aulter.

26-9:3††††† And the glorie of the Lorde of Israel was gone from the Cherub whervpon it was, to the doore of the house: and he called to the man that had the lynnen rayment vpon hym, and the writers inckhorne by his syde,

26-9:4††††† And the Lorde sayde vnto hym, Go through the citie, euen through Hierusalem, & set a marke vpon the foreheades of them that mourne, and are sory for all the abhominations that be done therin.

26-9:5††††† And to the other he sayd, that I might here, Go ye after hym through the citie, and sinite, let your eye spare none, neither haue ye any pitie:

26-9:6††††† Kyll and destroy both olde men and young, maydens, children, and women: but as for all those that haue the marke vpon them, see that ye touche them not, and begyn at my sanctuarie. Then they began at the auncient men which were before the house.

26-9:7††††† And he sayde vnto them, Defyle ye the temple, fyll the courtes with the slayne, then go your way foorth. So they went out, and slue downe through the citie.

26-9:8††††† Nowe when they had done the slaughter, and I yet escaped, I fell downe vpon my face, and cryed, saying: Ah Lorde God, wylt thou then destroy all the residue of Israel, in powryng out thy wrath vpon Hierusalem?

26-9:9††††† Then sayde he vnto me, The wickednesse of the house of Israel and Iuda is exceedyng great: so that the lande is full of blood, & the citie full of reuoltyng [from God] for they say, The Lorde hath forsaken the earth, and the Lorde seeth it not.

26-9:10†††† As touchyng me also, mine eye shall not spare them, neither wyll I haue pitie: but wyll recompence their wayes vpon their heades.

26-9:11†††† And beholde, the man that had the lynnen rayment vpon hym and the writers inckhorne by his syde, reported the matter, and sayde: As thou hast commaunded me, so haue I done.

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Ezekiel 10:

Chapter 10:22 Verses

26 Ezekiel

(Bishops 1568) .

26-10:1†††† And as I loked, beholde in the firmament that was aboue the head of the Cherubims, as it were a Saphir stone [made] lyke the similitude of a throne, was seene ouer them.

26-10:2†††† Then spake he to hym that had the lynnen rayment vpon hym, and sayde: Crepe in betwene the wheeles that are vnder the Cherub, and take thine hand full of hotte coales out from betwene the Cherubims, and scatter them ouer the citie. And he crept in, that I myght see.

26-10:3†††† (Nowe the Cherubims stoode vpon the ryght syde of the house when the man went in, and the cloude fylled the inner court.

26-10:4†††† And the glorie of the Lorde remoued from the Cherubims, and came vpon the doore of the house: so that the temple was full of cloudes, and the court was full of the shine of the Lordes glorie.

26-10:5†††† Yea and the sounde of the Cherubims winges was hearde into the fore court, lyke as it had ben the voyce of the almightie God when he speaketh.)

26-10:6†††† Nowe when he had bidden the man that was clothed in lynnen, saying, Take fire from the middest of the wheeles which were vnder the Cherubims: he went, and stoode besyde the wheeles.

26-10:7†††† Then one Cherub reached foorth his hande from betwene the Cherubims vnto the fire that was betwene the Cherubims, and toke therof, and gaue it into the handes of hym that had on the lynnen rayment: which toke it, and went out.

26-10:8†††† And vnder the wynges of the Cherubims there appeared the likenesse of a mans hande.

26-10:9†††† I loked also, and behold foure wheeles beside the Cherubims, one wheele by one Cherub, and another by another Cherub, and the wheeles were to loke vpon after the fashion of the precious stone Tharsis.

26-10:10††† As touchyng their appearaunce (they were all foure of one fashion) as yf one wheele had ben in another.

26-10:11††† When they went foorth, they went vpon their foure sides, not turnyng backe in their goyng: for which way the [head of the] first loked, after it they went, so that they turned not backe in their goyng.

26-10:12††† And their whole bodyes, their backes, their handes, and wynges, yea and the wheeles also were full of eyes rounde about the foure wheeles.

26-10:13††† And to the wheeles, he cryed to them in my hearyng, O wheele,

26-10:14††† Euery one of them had foure faces, so that the face of the first was the face of a Cherub, and the face of the seconde the face of a man, and of the thirde the face of a lion, and of the fourth the face of an egle.

26-10:15††† And the Cherubims were lyfted vp: This is the beast that I sawe at the water of Chebar.