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:1,070 Verses

Job 1:

Chapter 1:22 Verses

18 Job

(Bishops 1568) .

18-1:1††††† In the lande of Hus there was a man whose name was Iob, & the same was a perfect and iust man, one that feared God and eschued euill.

18-1:2††††† And he had seuen sonnes and three daughters.

18-1:3††††† His substaunce also was seuen thousand sheepe, and three thousand camels, fiue hundred yoke of oxen, and fiue hundred shee asses, and a very great householde: so that he was one of the most principall men among all them of the east [countrey.]

18-1:4††††† And his sonnes went and banquetted in their houses euery one his day, and sent for their three sisters to eate and drinke with them.

18-1:5††††† And when the dayes of their banquetting were gone about, Iob sent and sanctified them, and gat vp early and offered for euery one a burnt offring: For Iob saide, It may be that my sonnes haue done some offence, & haue ben vnthankfull to God in their heartes. Thus did Iob euery day.

18-1:6††††† And vpon a day when the children of God came and stoode before the lord, Satan came also among them.

18-1:7††††† And the Lorde saide vnto Satan Whence comest thou? Satan aunswered the Lorde and saide: From compassing the earth to and fro, & from walking through it.

18-1:8††††† And the Lorde saide vnto Satan: Hast thou not considered my seruaunt Iob, how there is none lyke him in the earth? a perfect and a iust man, one that feareth God, and eschueth euill?

18-1:9††††† Satan aunswered, and saide vnto the Lorde: Doth Iob feare God for naught?

18-1:10†††† Hast thou not preserued him and his house, and al that he hath on euery side? Thou hast blessed the worke of his handes, and his possession is encreased in the lande.

18-1:11†††† But laye thyne hand now vpon him, and touche all that he hath, and he shall curse thee to thy face.

18-1:12†††† And the Lorde saide vnto Satan: Lo, all that he hath be in thy power, only vpon him selfe see that thou lay not thine hand. And Satan went foorth from the presence of the Lorde.

18-1:13†††† And vpon a certayne day, when his sonnes and daughters were eating and drinking wine in their eldest brothers house,

18-1:14†††† There came a messenger vnto Iob, and sayde: The oxen were plowing and the asses feeding beside them:

18-1:15†††† And the Sabees came violently, and toke them away, yea they haue slayne thy seruauntes with the edge of the sword: and I only am escaped alone to tell thee.

18-1:16†††† While he was yet speaking, there came another, and sayde: The fire of God is fallen from heauen, and hath brent vp thy sheepe and seruauntes, and consumed them: and I only am escaped alone to tell thee.

18-1:17†††† And whyle he was yet speaking there came another, and sayde: The Caldees made out their bandes, and fel vpon the camels, and haue caried them away, yea and slayne thy seruauntes with the sworde: and I only am gotten away alone to tell thee.

18-1:18†††† And whyle he was yet speaking there came an other, and sayde: Thy sonnes and thy daughters were eating and drincking wine in their eldest brothers house,

18-1:19†††† And behold there came a mightie great wind from beyond the wildernesse, and smote the foure corners of the house, whiche fell vpon thy children, and they are dead: and I am gotten away alone to tell thee.

18-1:20†††† Then Iob stoode vp, and rent his clothes, & shaued his head, fell downe vpon the ground, worshipped,

18-1:21†††† And sayde: Naked came I out of my mothers wombe, & naked shall I turne thyther againe: The Lorde gaue & the Lord hath taken away, blessed be the name of the Lorde.

18-1:22†††† In all these thinges dyd Iob not offende, nor charged God foolishly.

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Job 2:

Chapter 2:13 Verses

18 Job

(Bishops 1568) .

18-2:1††††† And on a day the children of God came and stoode before the Lorde, and Satan came also among the, and stoode before the Lorde.

18-2:2††††† And the Lorde sayde vnto Satan: From whence commest thou? Satan aunswered the Lorde, and sayd: I haue gone about the lande, walked thorow it.

18-2:3††††† And the Lorde sayde vnto Satan: Hast thou not considered my seruaunt Iob? howe there is none like vnto hym in the earth, a perfect and a iust man? one that feareth God, and eschueth euil, & continueth still in his vprightnesse, although thou mouedst me against hym, to destroy him without cause.

18-2:4††††† And Satan aunswered the Lord, and sayd, Skinne for skinne, yea a man wil geue al that euer he hath for his life.

18-2:5††††† But lay thyne hande nowe vpon hym, and touch [once] his bone and his fleshe, and he shall curse thee to thy face.

18-2:6††††† And the Lord sayde vnto Satan: Lo, he is in thyne hand, but saue his lyfe.

18-2:7††††† So went Satan foorth from the presence of the Lorde, and smote Iob with sore byles, from the sole of his foote vnto his crowne.

18-2:8††††† And he toke a potsharde to scrape hym: and he sat downe among the asshes.

18-2:9††††† Then sayd his wyfe vnto him: Doest thou continue yet in thy perfectnesse? curse God, and dye.

18-2:10†††† But he sayde vnto her, Thou speakest like a foolish woman: shal we receaue good at the hande of God, and not receaue euyll? In all these thinges did not Iob sinne with his lippes.

18-2:11†††† Nowe when Iobs three friendes heard of all the trouble that came vpon him, they came euery one fro his owne place [namely] Eliphas the Themanite, Bildad the Suhite, and Zophad the Naamathite: for they were agreed together to come to shewe their compassion vpon him, and to comfort hym.

18-2:12†††† So when they lift vp their eyes a farre of, they knew him not: then they cryed and wept, and euery one of them rent his clothes, and sprinckled dust vpon their heades in the ayre.

18-2:13†††† They sate them downe by him also vpon the grounde seuen dayes & seuen nightes, and none spake a worde vnto him: for they sawe that his greefe was very great.

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Job 3:

Chapter 3:26 Verses

18 Job

(Bishops 1568) .

18-3:1††††† After this opened Iob his mouth, and cursed his day,

18-3:2††††† And Iob aunswered, and sayde:

18-3:3††††† Let the day perishe wherin I was borne, and the night in the whiche it was sayd, There is a man childe conceaued.

18-3:4††††† The same day be [turned to] darknesse, and not regarded of God from aboue, neither let the light shyne vpon it:

18-3:5††††† But let it be stayned with darknesse and the shadowe of death, let the [dimme] cloude fall vpon it, whiche may make it terrible as a most bitter day.

18-3:6††††† Let the darke storme ouercome that night, and let it not be ioyned vnto the dayes of the yere, nor counted in the number of the monethes.

18-3:7††††† Desolate be that night, and without gladnesse.

18-3:8††††† Let them that curse the day, and that be redy to rayse vp mourning, geue it also their curse.

18-3:9††††† Let the starres of that night be dimme thorowe darkenesse of it, let it loke for light, but haue none, neither let it see the dawning of the day:

18-3:10†††† Because it shut not vp the doores of my mothers wombe, nor hyd sorowe from myne eyes.

18-3:11†††† [Alas] why died I not in the birth? why dyd not I perishe assoone as I came out of [my mothers] wombe?

18-3:12†††† Why set they me vpon their knees? why gaue they me sucke with their brestes?

18-3:13†††† Then should I nowe haue lyen stil, I shoulde haue slept, and ben at rest,

18-3:14†††† Lyke as the kinges and lordes of the earth, which haue buylded them selues speciall places,

18-3:15†††† Or as the princes that haue had golde, and their houses full of siluer:

18-3:16†††† Or [why] was not I hyd, as a thing borne out of tune, [either] as young children which neuer sawe the light?

18-3:17†††† There must the wicked ceasse from their tyrannie, and there such as laboured valiauntly be at rest:

18-3:18†††† There the prisoners rest together, they heare no more the voyce of the oppressour:

18-3:19†††† There are small and great, and the seruaunt [is] free from his maister.

18-3:20†††† Wherefore is the light geuen to hym that is in miserie? & lyfe vnto them that haue heauy heartes?

18-3:21†††† Whiche long for death and finde it not, though they search more for it than for treasures:

18-3:22†††† Which reioyce exceedingly, and be glad when they can finde the graue,

18-3:23†††† From whom their endes are hyd, and consealed by God?

18-3:24†††† For my sighes come before I eate, and my roringes are powred out like the water:

18-3:25†††† For the thing that I feared is come vpon me, and the thing that I was afrayde of is happened vnto me,

18-3:26†††† Was I not happy? Had I not quietnesse? Was I not in rest? And nowe commeth such miserie vpon me.

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Job 4:

Chapter 4:21 Verses

18 Job

(Bishops 1568) .

18-4:1††††† And Eliphas the Themanite aunswered, & sayde:

18-4:2††††† If we assay to come with thee, wilt thou be discontent? But who can withhold him selfe from speaking?

18-4:3††††† Beholde, thou hast ben an instructer of many, & hast strenghtned the weery handes:

18-4:4††††† Thy wordes haue set vp him that was falling, thou hast refreshed the weake knees.

18-4:5††††† But nowe it is come vpon thee, and thou art greeued: it toucheth thee, and thou art troubled.

18-4:6††††† Was not thy feare according to thy hope? and the perfectnesse of thy wayes according to thy expectation?

18-4:7††††† Consider I pray thee who euer perished beyng an innocent? or when were the godly destroyed?

18-4:8††††† For as I haue proued by experience, they that plow iniquitie & sow wretchednesse, reape the same.

18-4:9††††† With the blast of God they perishe, with the breath of his nostrels are they consumed away.

18-4:10†††† The roring of the lion, and the voyce of the lion, and the teeth of the lions whelpes are pulled out.

18-4:11†††† The lion perisheth for lake of pray, & the lions whelpes are scattered abrode.

18-4:12†††† But wheras a thing was hyd from me, yet myne care hath receaued a litle therof.

18-4:13†††† In the thoughtes and visions of the night when sleepe commeth on men,

18-4:14†††† Feare came vpon me & dread, which made all my bones to shake.

18-4:15†††† The winde passed by before my presence, and made the heeres of my fleshe to stande vp.

18-4:16†††† He stoode thereon and I knewe not his face, an image there was before myne eyes, and in the stilnesse hearde I a voyce.

18-4:17†††† Shall man be more iust then God? or shall a man be purer then his maker?

18-4:18†††† Beholde, he founde not trueth in his seruauntes, and in his angels there was folly:

18-4:19†††† Howe much more in them that dwel in houses of clay, and whose foundation is but dust, which shall be consumed as it were with a moth?

18-4:20†††† They shalbe smitten from the morning vnto the euening: yea they shall perishe for euer, when no man regardeth them.

18-4:21†††† Is not their royaltie gone away with them? they shall dye truely, and not in wysdome.

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Job 5:

Chapter 5:27 Verses

18 Job

(Bishops 1568) .

18-5:1††††† Crye I pray thee, if there be any that will aunswere thee, & loke thou vpon any of the holy.

18-5:2††††† As for the foolish ma, wrathfulnesse killeth him, and enuie slayeth the ignorant.

18-5:3††††† I haue seene my selfe when the foolish was deepe rooted, and sodenly I cursed his habitation.

18-5:4††††† His children were without prosperitie, and they were slayne in the gate, and there was no man to deliuer them.

18-5:5††††† His haruest was eaten of the hungrie, & taken from among the thornes, and the thurstie drunke vp their labour: It is not the earth that bringeth foorth iniquitie,

18-5:6††††† Neither commeth sorowe out of the ground:

18-5:7††††† But man is borne vnto labour, like as the sparkes flee vp [out of the hot coles,]

18-5:8††††† But I woulde aske counsell at the Lorde, and talke with God?

18-5:9††††† Whiche doth great thinges and vnsearcheable, [and] maruels without number.

18-5:10†††† He geueth rayne vpon the earth, and powreth water vpon the streetes,

18-5:11†††† To set vp them that be of lowe degree, and that those which are in heauinesse may be exalted to saluation.

18-5:12†††† He destroyeth the deuices of the subtyll, so that their handes are not able to perfourme that which they do enterprise.

18-5:13†††† He compasseth the wise in their owne craftinesse, & maketh foolishe the counsell of the wicked.

18-5:14†††† They runne into darknesse by fayre day, and grope at the noone day as in the night.

18-5:15†††† But he deliuereth the poore from the sworde, from their threatninges, and from the violence of the mightie.

18-5:16†††† He is the hope of the poore, & the mouth of the wicked shalbe stopped.

18-5:17†††† Behold, blessed is the man whom God correcteth, therefore refuse not thou the chastening of the almightie:

18-5:18†††† For be maketh a wounde and he healeth: he smiteth, and his hande maketh whole againe.

18-5:19†††† He shall deliuer thee in sixe troubles, & in the seuenth there shall no euil come to thee.

18-5:20†††† In hunger he shall saue thee from death, and when it is warre, from the power of the sworde.

18-5:21†††† Thou shalt be hyd from the scourge of the tongue, & when destruction commeth thou shalt not neede to feare.

18-5:22†††† In destruction and dearth thou shalt be mery, and shalt not be afrayde of the beastes of the earth.

18-5:23†††† For the stones of the land shalbe confederate with thee, and the beastes of the fielde shalbe at peace with thee.

18-5:24†††† And thou shalt knowe that thy dwelling place shalbe in rest, and thou shalt visite thy habitation, & shalt not sinne.

18-5:25†††† Thou shalt see also that thy seede shall be great, and thy posteritie as the grasse vpon the earth.

18-5:26†††† Thou shalt come also to thy graue in a full age, like a corne sheafe cut downe in due season.

18-5:27†††† Lo, this we our selues haue proued by experience, and euen thus it is: Hearken thou to it also, that thou mayest take heede to thy selfe.

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Job 6:

Chapter 6:30 Verses

18 Job

(Bishops 1568) .

18-6:1††††† But Iob aunswered, and sayde:

18-6:2††††† O that my complaynt were truely wayed, and my punishment layde in the balaunces together:

18-6:3††††† For nowe it woulde be heauier then the sande of the sea: and this is the cause, that my wordes fayle me.

18-6:4††††† For the arrowes of the almightie are vpon me, the poyson therof hath drunke vp my spirite, and the terrible feares of God are set against me.

18-6:5††††† Doth the wild asse rore when he hath grasse? or loweth the oxe when he hath fodder [inough]

18-6:6††††† That which is vnsauerie, shall it be eaten without salt? or is there any taste in the whyte of an egge?

18-6:7††††† The thinges that sometime I might not away withel, are nowe my meate for very sorowe.

18-6:8††††† O that I might haue my desire, and that God woulde graunt me the thing that I long for:

18-6:9††††† O that God would begin and smite me, that he would let his hand go and take me cleane away:

18-6:10†††† Then shoulde I haue some comfort, yea I woulde desire him in my payne that he would not spare, for I wil not be against the wordes of the holy one.

18-6:11†††† For what powre haue I to endure? And what is myne end, that my soule might be patient?

18-6:12†††† Is my strength the strength of stones? or is my fleshe of brasse?

18-6:13†††† Is it not so that there is in me no helpe? & that my substaunce is taken from me?

18-6:14†††† He that is in tribulation, ought to be comforted of his neyghbour: but the feare of the almightie is cleane away.

18-6:15†††† Myne owne brethren passe ouer by me as the water brooke, & as the ouerflowing of waters, whiche do hastly go away,

18-6:16†††† Whiche are blackish be reason of the ice, and wherin the snowe is hyd.

18-6:17†††† Which when they haue passed by do vanishe, and when the heate commeth they fayle out of their place.

18-6:18†††† They depart from the course of their wonted chanell to other places, they runne in vayne and perishe.

18-6:19†††† They that went to The man considered them, and they that went to Saba wayted for them.

18-6:20†††† But they were confounded in their hope, they came thyther and were ashamed.

18-6:21†††† Euen such truely are ye, nowe that ye see my miserie ye are afrayde.

18-6:22†††† Did I desire you to bring vnto me, or to geue me any of your substaunce?

18-6:23†††† To deliuer me from the enemies hand, or to saue me from the hande of the tyrauntes?

18-6:24†††† Teache me, and I will hold my tong: and wherin I haue erred; cause me to vnderstande.

18-6:25†††† How strong are the wordes of trueth? and which of you can rebuke or reproue them?

18-6:26†††† Do ye imagine to reproue wordes, that the talke of the afflicted shoulde be as the winde?

18-6:27†††† Ye fall vpon the fatherlesse, and digge a pit to ouerthrowe your owne frende.

18-6:28†††† And therfore be content, & loke now vpon me, and I will not lye before your face.

18-6:29†††† Turne I pray you, be indifferent iudges: turne agayne, and ye shall see myne vngiltinesse,

18-6:30†††† whether there be any vnrighteousnes in my tongue, or vayne wordes in my mouth.

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Job 7:

Chapter 7:21 Verses

18 Job

(Bishops 1568) .

18-7:1††††† Is ther not an appoynted time to man vpon earth? Are not his dayes also like the dayes of an hired seruaunt?

18-7:2††††† For like as a bonde seruaunt desireth the shadowe, and as an hyreling woulde fayne haue the rewarde of his worke:

18-7:3††††† Euen so haue I laboured whole monethes long in vayne, and many a carefull night haue I tolde.

18-7:4††††† When I layde me downe to sleepe, I sayde, O when shall I arise? and measuring the euening, I am euen full with tossing to and fro vnto the dawning of the day.

18-7:5††††† My fleshe is clothed with wormes and dust of the earth: my skinne is withered and become horrible.

18-7:6††††† My dayes passe ouer more spedyly then a weauers shuttle, and are spent without hope.

18-7:7††††† O remember that my lyfe is but a winde, and that myne eye shall no more see pleasures:

18-7:8††††† Yea and the eye that hath seene me, shal see me no more: for yer thou fasten thyne eye vpon me, I come to naught.

18-7:9††††† The cloude is consumed and vanished away: so he that goeth downe to the graue shall come no more vp,

18-7:10†††† Nor turne againe into his house, neither shall his place knowe him any more.

18-7:11†††† Therfore I wil not spare my mouth, but I will speake in the trouble of my spirite, and muse in the bitternesse of my mynde.

18-7:12†††† Am I a sea or a whale fish, that thou kepest me [so] in prison?

18-7:13†††† When I say, My bed shal comfort me, I shall haue some refreshing by talking to my selfe vpon my couch:

18-7:14†††† Then fearest thou me with dreames, & makest me so afrayde through visions,

18-7:15†††† That my soule wisheth rather to perishe and die, then my bones to remayne.

18-7:16†††† I can see no remedy, I shall liue no more: O spare me then, for my dayes are but vanitie.

18-7:17†††† What is man that thou doest magnifie him? and that thou settest thy heart vpon him?

18-7:18†††† Thou visitest him early and euery day, euery moment doest thou trie him.

18-7:19†††† Why goest thou not fro me, nor lettest me alone, so long till I may swalowe downe my spyttle?

18-7:20†††† I haue offended, what shall I do vnto the, O thou preseruer of men? Why hast thou set me [as a marke] against thee, so that I am a burden to my selfe?

18-7:21†††† Why doest thou not pardon my trespasses, and take away myne iniquitie? Behold, nowe must I sleepe in the dust, and if thou sekest me to morowe in the morning, I shal not be.

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Job 8:

Chapter 8:22 Verses

18 Job

(Bishops 1568) .

18-8:1††††† Then aunswered Bildad the Suhite, & said:

18-8:2††††† Howe long wilt thou talke of such thinges? howe long shall the wordes of thy mouth be as a mightie wind?

18-8:3††††† Doth God paruert the thing that is lawfull? or doth the almightie destroy the thing that is right?

18-8:4††††† For seyng that thy sonnes sinned against him, did not he send them into the place of their iniquitie?

18-8:5††††† If thou wouldest nowe resorte vnto God be times, and make thy prayer to the almightie,

18-8:6††††† If thou wouldest liue a pure and godly life: shoulde he not awake vp vnto thee immediatly, and make the habitation of thy righteousnesse prosperous?

18-8:7††††† In so much that wherin so euer thou haddest litle afore, thou shouldest haue nowe great aboundaunce.

18-8:8††††† Enquire I pray thee of the former age, and search diligently among their fathers:

18-8:9††††† (For we are but of yesterday, and consider not that our dayes vpon earth are but a shadowe.)

18-8:10†††† Shall not they shew thee, and tel thee, yea and gladly confesse the same, and vtter the wordes of their heart?

18-8:11†††† May a rushe be greene without moystnesse? or may the grasse growe without water?

18-8:12†††† No, but whilste it is nowe in his greennesse, though it be not cut downe, yet withereth it before any other hearbe:

18-8:13†††† So are the pathes of al that forget God, and the hypocrites hope shall come to naught.

18-8:14†††† His confidence shalbe destroyed, and his trust shalbe a spiders webbe.

18-8:15†††† He shal leane vpon his house, but it shal not stande: he shall holde him fast by it, yet shall it not endure.

18-8:16†††† It is a greene [tree] before the sunne, & shooteth foorth the braunches ouer his garden.

18-8:17†††† The rootes thereof are wrapped about the fountayne, and are folden about the house of stones.

18-8:18†††† If any plucke it from his place, and it denie, saying, I haue not seene thee:

18-8:19†††† Behold it will reioyce by this meanes, if it may growe in another mould.

18-8:20†††† Beholde, God will not cast away a vertuous man, neither wil he helpe the vngodly.

18-8:21†††† Thy mouth shall he fill with laughing, and thy lippes with gladnesse.

18-8:22†††† They also that hate thee shalbe clothed with shame, & the dwelling of the vngodly shall come to naught.

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Job 9:

Chapter 9:35 Verses

18 Job

(Bishops 1568) .

18-9:1††††† Iob aunswered, and sayde,

18-9:2††††† I knowe it is so of a trueth: For how may a man [compared] vnto God be iustified?

18-9:3††††† If he wil argue with hym, he can not aunswere hym one thing of a thousande.

18-9:4††††† He is wyse in heart and mightie in strength: who hath ben fearce against hym, and hath prospered?

18-9:5††††† He translateth the mountaynes, or euer they be aware it is he that ouerthroweth them in his wrath.

18-9:6††††† He remoueth the earth out of her place, that the pillers therof shake withall.

18-9:7††††† He commaundeth the sunne, and it ryseth not: he closeth vp the starres as vnder a signet.

18-9:8††††† He hym selfe alone spreadeth out the heauens, and goeth vpon the waues of the sea.

18-9:9††††† He maketh the Waynes of heauen, the Orion, the seuen starres, and the secret places of the south.

18-9:10†††† He doth great thinges & vnsearcheable, yea and wonders without number.

18-9:11†††† Lo, when he goeth by me, I shal not see hym, and when he passeth, I shall not perceaue hym.

18-9:12†††† If he be hastie to take away, who wil make him restore it? or who will say vnto hym, what doest thou?

18-9:13†††† God will not withdraw his anger, and the most mightie helpes do stowpe vnder hym:

18-9:14†††† Howe much lesse shall I aunswere him? or howe shoulde I finde out my wordes with him?

18-9:15†††† For though I were righteous, yet might I not geue him one word againe, but mekely submit my selfe to hym as my iudge.

18-9:16†††† If I had called vpon hym, and he had aunswered me, yet woulde I not beleue that he hearde my voyce:

18-9:17†††† He troubleth me so with the tempest, and woundeth me out of measure without a cause,

18-9:18†††† He will not suffer me to take my breath, but filleth me with bitternesse.

18-9:19†††† If [men will speake] of strength, lo he is strong: if [men will speake] of iudgement, who shall bring me in to pleade?

18-9:20†††† If I will iustifie my selfe, myne owne mouth shall condempne me: if I will [put foorth my selfe for] a perfect man, he shall proue me a wicked doer.

18-9:21†††† For though I be an innocent and my conscience cleare, yet am I weery of my lyfe.

18-9:22†††† This is one poynt, and therefore I sayd, He destroyeth both the perfect and vngodly.

18-9:23†††† And though he slay sodaynly with the scourge, yet will he laugh at the punishment of the innocent.

18-9:24†††† As for the worlde it is geuen ouer into the hande of the wicked, and he shall couer the faces of the iudges therof: if not, where is he, or who is he [that can shewe the contrarie?]

18-9:25†††† My dayes are more swyft then a runner, they are gone & haue seene no good thing.

18-9:26†††† They are passed away as the shippes that be good vnder sayle, & as the eagle that fleeth to the pray.

18-9:27†††† If I say, I will forget my complayning, I will ceasse from my wrath, and comfort my selfe:

18-9:28†††† Then am I afrayde of all my sorowes, for I knowe that thou wilt not iudge me innocent.

18-9:29†††† If I be wicked, why then labour I in vayne?

18-9:30†††† If I washe my selfe with snowe water, and make myne handes neuer so cleane at the well:

18-9:31†††† Yet shalt thou dippe me in the myre, and mine owne clothes shal defile me.

18-9:32†††† For he that I must geue aunswere vnto, and with whom I go to the lawe, is not a man as I am:

18-9:33†††† Neither is there any dayesman to lay his hande betweene vs.

18-9:34†††† Let hym take his rodde away from me, yea let hym make me no more afrayde of him,

18-9:35†††† And then shall I aunswere hym without any feare: but because I am not so, I holde me still.

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Job 10:

Chapter 10:22 Verses

18 Job

(Bishops 1568) .

18-10:1†††† My soule is cut of though I lyue, I wil powre out my coplaynte against my selfe, and will speake out of the very heauinesse of my soule.

18-10:2†††† I will say vnto God: O do not condempne me, but shewe me wherefore thou contendest so with me?

18-10:3†††† Thinkest thou it welldone to oppresse me? to cast me of beyng the workes of thy handes? and to mayntayne the counsell of the vngodly?

18-10:4†††† Hast thou fleshy eyes? or doest thou loke as a man loketh?

18-10:5†††† Or are thy dayes as the dayes of man? and thy yeres as mans yeres?

18-10:6†††† That thou makest such inquisition for my wickednes, and searchest out my sinne?

18-10:7†††† Whereas thou knowest whether I shall do wickedly or no, and that none can deliuer me out of thyne hande.

18-10:8†††† Thy handes haue made me, & fashioned me altogether rounde about, wilt thou then destroy me?

18-10:9†††† Remember I besech thee that thou madest me as the moulde of the earth, and shalt bring me into dust againe.

18-10:10††† Hast thou not powred me as it were milke, & turned me to cruddes like cheese?

18-10:11††† Thou hast couered me with skinne and fleshe, and ioyned me together with bones and sinnowes.

18-10:12††† Thou hast graunted me life, and done me good: and thy visitation hath preserued my spirite.

18-10:13††† Thou hast hyd these thinges in thyne heart [yet] I am sure that thou remembrest this thing.

18-10:14††† If I dyd sinne, thou haddest an eye vnto me, and shalt not pronounce me innocent from myne offence.

18-10:15††† If I haue done wickedly, wo is me therefore: If I haue done righteously, yet dare I not lift vp my head, so full am I of confusion, and see myne owne miserie.

18-10:16††† And let it increase, hunte me as a lion, & returne and shew thy selfe maruaylous vpon me.

18-10:17††† Thou bringest freshe witnesse against me, and thy wrath increasest thou vpon me: diuers and many are the plagues that I am in.

18-10:18††† Wherfore hast thou brought me out of the wombe? O that I had perished, and that no eye had seene me,

18-10:19††† And that I were as though I had not ben, but brought from the wombe to the graue.

18-10:20††† Are not my dayes fewe? Let him then leaue of fro me, and let me a lone, that I may comfort my selfe a litle,

18-10:21††† Afore I go [thyther from whence] I shall not turne againe, euen to the lande of darknesse and shadowe of death:

18-10:22††† Yea a lande as darke as darknesse it selfe, and into the shadowe of death where is none order, but the light is there as darknesse.

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Job 11:

Chapter 11:20 Verses

18 Job

(Bishops 1568) .

18-11:1†††† Then aunswered Sophar the Naamathite, and sayde;

18-11:2†††† Shoulde not [he that maketh] many wordes be aunswered? Shoulde he that bableth much be commended therin?

18-11:3†††† Shoulde thy lies make men holde their peace, and when thou mockest [others] shall no man make thee ashamed?

18-11:4†††† For thou hast sayde, my doctrine is pure, and I am cleane in thyne eyes.

18-11:5†††† But O that God woulde speake, and open his lippes against thee:

18-11:6†††† That he might shewe thee the secretes of wysdome, howe thou hast deserued double according to right: Know therfore that God hath forgotten thee for thyne iniquitie.

18-11:7†††† Art thou able to finde out [the secretes of] God? Or wilt thou attayne to the perfectnesse of the almightie?

18-11:8†††† It is hier then heauen, what art thou able to do? deeper then the hel, how wilt thou then knowe it?

18-11:9†††† The measure of it is longer then the earth, and broder then the sea.

18-11:10††† Though he turne all thinges vpsyde downe, close them in, gather them together, who will turne hym from his purpose?

18-11:11††† For it is he that knoweth vayne men, he seeth their wickednesse also, shoulde he not then consider it?

18-11:12††† Yet vayne man would be wyse, though man [newe] borne is lyke a wilde asses coulte.

18-11:13††† If thou preparedst thyne heart, and liftedst vp thyne handes towarde hym:

18-11:14††† If thou wouldest put away the wickednes whiche thou hast in hande, so that no vngodlinesse dwell in thy house:

18-11:15††† Then mightest thou lift vp thy face without shame, & then shouldest thou be sure and haue no neede to feare.

18-11:16††† Then shouldest thou forget thy miserie, and thinke no more vpon it, then vpon the waters that runne by.

18-11:17††† Then should thy lyfe be as cleare as the noone day, thou shouldest shine forth, and be as the morning.

18-11:18††† Then mightest thou be bolde because there is hope, and take thy rest quietly, as compassed with a trenche.

18-11:19††† Then mightest thou lye downe and none to make thee afrayde, yea many one should make suite vnto thee.

18-11:20††† As for the eyes of the vngodly they shall faile, and they shal not escape: and their hope shalbe sorowe of minde.

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Job 12:

Chapter 12:25 Verses

18 Job

(Bishops 1568) .

18-12:1†††† So Iob aunswered, & saide:

18-12:2†††† Then no doubt ye are the men alone, and wysdome shall perishe with you.

18-12:3†††† But I haue vnderstanding aswell as ye, and am not inferior to you: Yea who knoweth not these thinges?

18-12:4†††† I am as one mocked of his neighbour, who calleth vpon God, & he heareth him: The iust & the vpright is laughed to scorne.

18-12:5†††† Being as alight despised in the heartes of the riche, and as one redy to fall.

18-12:6†††† The houses of robbers are in wealth and prosperitie, and they that maliciouslie meddle against God dwell without care, in those thinges that God hath geuen richely with his hande.

18-12:7†††† Aske the cattaile, and they shall enfourme thee: the foules of the ayre, and they shall tell thee.

18-12:8†††† Or the encrease of the earth, and it shall shew thee: or the fishes of the sea, and they shall certifie thee.

18-12:9†††† What is he but he knoweth that the hande of the Lorde made all these?

18-12:10††† In whose hande is the soule of euery liuing thing, and the breath of all mankinde.

18-12:11††† Haue not the eares pleasure in hearing? and the mouth in tasting the thing that it eateth?

18-12:12††† Among olde persons there is wysedome, and in age is vnderstanding.

18-12:13††† Yea, with [God] is wysdome and strength, it is he that hath counsell and foreknowledge.

18-12:14††† Beholde if he breake downe a thing, who can set it vp againe? yf he shut a thing, who wyll open it?

18-12:15††† Beholde, if he withholde the waters, they drye vp: yf he let them go, they destroy the earth.

18-12:16††† With him is strength and wysdome: both the deceauer and he that is deceaued are his.

18-12:17††† He carieth away the wyse men as it were a spoyle, and bringeth the iudges out of their wittes.

18-12:18††† He taketh away the subiection of the people from their kinges, and girdeth their loynes with a bonde.

18-12:19††† He leadeth away the great men into captiuitie, and turneth the mightie vpside downe.

18-12:20††† He stoppeth the mouth of them that speake trueth, & disapoynteth the aged of their reason.

18-12:21††† He powreth contempt vpon princes, and maketh the strength of the mightie weake.

18-12:22††† Loke what lyeth hid in darkenesse he declareth it openly, and the very shadowe of death bringeth he to light.

18-12:23††† He [both] increaseth the people and destroyeth them, he maketh them to multiplie, and diminisheth them.

18-12:24††† He taketh away the hearte of them that be heades of ye people of the earth, and causeth them to wander in the wildernesse out of the way.

18-12:25††† They grope in the darke without light, and he maketh them to stacker like a drunken man.

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Job 13:

Chapter 13:28 Verses

18 Job

(Bishops 1568) .

18-13:1†††† Lo, all [this] haue I seene with mine eye, heard with mine eare, and vnderstande it.

18-13:2†††† What ye knowe, that same do I know also, neither am I inferior vnto you.