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2 Samuel 1:

Chapter 1:27 Verses

10 2 Samuel

(Bishops 1568) .

10-1:1††††† After the death of Saul, when Dauid was returned from the slaughter of the Amalekites, and had ben two daies in Ziklag:

10-1:2††††† Beholde, there came a man the thirde day out of the hoast from Saul, with his clothes rent, & earth vpon his head: And when he came to Dauid, he fell to the earth, and did obeysaunce.

10-1:3††††† Dauid sayde vnto him: whence comest thou? He sayde vnto him: Out of the hoast of Israel I am escaped.

10-1:4††††† And Dauid sayde vnto him: And what is done I pray thee? tell me. He sayde: The people is fled from the battell, and many of the people are ouerthrowen and dead, and Saul and Ionathan his sonne are dead also.

10-1:5††††† And Dauid sayd vnto the young man that tolde it him: Howe knowest thou that Saul and Ionathan his sonne be dead?

10-1:6††††† The young man that tolde him, aunswered: As I came vnaduisedly to mount Gilboa, beholde Saul leaned vpon his speare: and lo, the charettes and horsemen folowed hard after him.

10-1:7††††† And when he loked backe, he sawe me, and called me. And I aunswered: here am I.

10-1:8††††† And he sayde vnto me: Who art thou? I aunswered him: I am an Amalekite.

10-1:9††††† He sayde vnto me agayne: I pray thee come vpon me, and slea me: For anguyshe is come vpon me, because my life is yet whole in me.

10-1:10†††† And so I stoode vpon him, and slue him, and because I was sure that he coulde not liue after that he had fallen, I toke the crowne that was vpon his head, and the braselet that was on his arme, and haue brought them hyther vnto my lorde.

10-1:11†††† Then Dauid toke holde on his clothes, and rent them, and so did all the men that were with him.

10-1:12†††† And they mourned, and wept, and fasted vntil euen for Saul and Ionathan his sonne, & for the people of the Lorde, and for the house of Israel, because they were ouerthrowen with the sworde.

10-1:13†††† And Dauid sayd vnto the young man that brought him these tidings: Whence art thou? He aunswered: I am the sonne of an aliaunt, an Amakelite.

10-1:14†††† And Dauid sayde vnto him: Howe is it that thou wast not afrayde to lay thyne hande on the lordes annoynted, to destroy him?

10-1:15†††† And Dauid called one of his young me, and sayd: Go to, and fall vpon him. And he smote him, that he died.

10-1:16†††† Then said Dauid vnto him, Thy blood be vpon thyne owne head: For thyne owne mouth hath testified against thee, saying, I haue slayne the lordes annoynted.

10-1:17†††† And Dauid mourned with this lamentation ouer Saul and ouer Ionathan his sonne,

10-1:18†††† (Also he bad them teache the children of Iuda the vse of the bowe: And beholde, it is written in the booke of the righteous:)

10-1:19†††† O noble Israel, he is slaine vpon thy hie places: howe are the mightie ouerthrowen?

10-1:20†††† Tell it not in Gath, nor publishe it in the streates of Askalon: lest the daughters of the Philistines reioyce, and lest the daughters of the vncircumcised triumph.

10-1:21†††† Ye mountaynes of Gilboa, vpon you be neither deawe nor raine, nor fieldes of offeringes: For there the shield of the mightie is cast downe, the shielde of Saul, as though he had not ben annoynted with oyle.

10-1:22†††† The bowe of Ionathan neuer turned backe, neither did the sword of Saul returne emptie fro the blood of the slayne, and from the fat of the mightie.

10-1:23†††† Saul and Ionathan were louely and pleasaunt in their lyues, and in their deathes they were not deuided: They were swyfter then Egles, and stronger then Lions.

10-1:24†††† Ye daughters of Israel weepe ouer Saul, which clothed you in scarlet with pleasures, and hanged ornamentes of golde vpon your apparell.

10-1:25†††† Howe were the mightie slayne in the middest of the battel? O Ionathan thou wast slayne in thyne hye places.

10-1:26†††† Wo is me for thee my brother Ionathan, very kinde hast thou ben vnto me: Thy loue to me was wonderful, passing the loue of women.

10-1:27†††† O how are the mightie ouerthrowen, and the weapons of warre destroyed?

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2 Samuel 2:

Chapter 2:32 Verses

10 2 Samuel

(Bishops 1568) .

10-2:1††††† After this, Dauid asked counsel at the lord, saying: Shall I go vp into any of the cities of Iuda? And the Lorde sayd vnto him: Go vp. And Dauid said: Whyther shall I go? He aunswered: Unto Hebron.

10-2:2††††† And so Dauid went thyther with his two wyues, Ahinoam the Iezraelite, & Abigail Nabals wyfe the Carmelite.

10-2:3††††† And the men that were with him did Dauid cary vp also, euery man with his housholde: And they dwelt in the townes of Hebron.

10-2:4††††† And the men of Iuda came, and there they annoynted Dauid kyng ouer the house of Iuda: And they tolde Dauid, saying, It is the men of Iabes Gilead that buried Saul.

10-2:5††††† And Dauid sent messengers vnto the men of Iabes Gilead, and sayde vnto them: Blessed are ye vnto the lord, that ye haue shewed suche kindnesse vnto your lord Saul, and haue buried him.

10-2:6††††† And nowe the Lorde shewe mercy and trueth vnto you: And I will do you also suche kindnes, as ye haue done in this thing:

10-2:7††††† Therfore nowe let your handes be strong, and play ye the men: For your maister Saul is dead, and they that are of the house of Iuda haue annoynted me king ouer them.

10-2:8††††† But Abner the sonne of Ner that was captayne of Sauls hoaste, toke Isboseth the sonne of Saul, and brought him to Mahanaim,

10-2:9††††† And made him king ouer Gilead, and ouer the Assurites, and ouer Iezrael, Ephraim, Beniamin, & ouer all Israel.

10-2:10†††† And Isboseth Sauls sonne was fourtie yeres olde when he began to raigne ouer Israel, and raigned two yeres: But the house of Iuda folowed Dauid.

10-2:11†††† (And the time whiche Dauid raigned in Hebron ouer the house of Iuda, was seuen yeres and sixe monethes.)

10-2:12†††† And Abner the sonne of Ner, and the seruauntes of Isboseth the sonne of Saul wet out of Mahanaim to Gibeon

10-2:13†††† And Ioab the sonne of Zaruia, and the seruauntes of Dauid, went out and met one another by the poole of Gibeon: And they sate downe, the one on the one side of the poole, and the other on the other side.

10-2:14†††† And Abner sayde to Ioab: Let the young men nowe aryse, and play before vs. And Ioab sayde: Let them aryse.

10-2:15†††† Then there arose & went ouer twelue of Beniamin by numbre, which pertayned to Isboseth the sonne of Saul, and twelue of the seruauntes of Dauid.

10-2:16†††† And euery one caught his felowe by ye head, & thrust his sword in his felowes side, and so they fell downe together: Wherefore the place was called Helkath hazzurim, which is in Gibeon.

10-2:17†††† And there was an exceeding cruell battel that same day: For Abner and the men of Israel fell before the seruauntes of Dauid.

10-2:18†††† And there were three sonnes of Zaruia there: Ioab, Abisai, and Asahel: And Asahel was as light of foote as a wilde Roe.

10-2:19†††† And Asahel folowed after Abner, and in goyng he turned neither to the right hande nor to the left, from Abner.

10-2:20†††† Then Abner loked behynd him, and sayde: Art thou Asahel? He aunswered: Yea.

10-2:21†††† Abner sayd: Turne thee either to the right hande or the left, and catche one of the young men, and take thee his weapons. But Asahel woulde not depart from him.

10-2:22†††† And Abner sayd agayne to Asahel, Depart fro me: Wherfore should I smite thee to the grounde, and not be able to holde vp my face to Ioab thy brother?

10-2:23†††† Howebeit, when he woulde in no wyse depart, Abner with the hynder ende of the speare smote him vnder the fyft ribbe, that the speare came out behinde him, that he fell downe in the same place, and died there: And as many as came to the place where Asahel fell downe and died, stoode still.

10-2:24†††† Ioab also and Abisai pursued after Abner: And the sunne went downe when they were come to the hil Amma, that lyeth before Giah, by the way of the wildernesse of Gibeon.

10-2:25†††† And the children of Beniamin gathered them selues together after Abner, & were on a heape, and stoode on the top of an hill.

10-2:26†††† Then Abner called to Ioab, and said: Shall the sword deuour for euer? Knowest thou not, that it wil be bitternesse in the latter ende? Howe long then shall it be yer thou bid the people returne from folowing their brethren?

10-2:27†††† And Ioab sayde: As God lyueth, if thou haddest not spoken, suerly euen in the morning the people had departed, euery one from persecuting his brother.

10-2:28†††† And so Ioab blewe a trumpet, and all the people stoode still, and pursued after Israel no more, neither fought they any more.

10-2:29†††† And Abner and his men walked all that night through the playne, & went ouer Iordane, & past through all Bethhoron, till they came to Mahanaim.

10-2:30†††† And Ioab returned from persecuting Abner, and when he had gathered all the people together, there lacked of Dauids seruautes nineteene men, & Asahel.

10-2:31†††† But the seruauntes of Dauid had smitten of Beniamin and of Abners men, [so that] three hundred and threescore men died.

10-2:32†††† And they toke vp Asahel, and buried him in the sepulchre of his father, which was in Bethlehem: And Ioab and his men went all night, and the day arose to them at Hebron.

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2 Samuel 3:

Chapter 3:39 Verses

10 2 Samuel

(Bishops 1568) .

10-3:1††††† There was then long warre betweene the house of Saul, and the house of Dauid: But Dauid waxed stroger and stronger, and the house of Saul waxed weaker and weaker.

10-3:2††††† And vnto Dauid were children borne in Hebron: his eldest sonne also was Amnon of Ahinoam the Iesraelite:

10-3:3††††† The seconde, Cheleab of Abigail the wyfe of Nabal the Carmelite: the third, Absalom the sonne of Maacha the daughter of Thalmai, the king of Gessur:

10-3:4††††† The fourth, Adonia the sonne of Haggith: the fyft, Sephatia the sonne of Abital:

10-3:5††††† And the sixt Iethream, by Egla Dauids wyfe: These were borne to Dauid in Hebron.

10-3:6††††† And whyle there was warre betweene the house of Saul and the house of Dauid, Abner held vp the house of Saul.

10-3:7††††† And Saul had a concubine named Rispha, the daughter of Ahia: And Isboseth sayd to Abner, Wherfore hast thou gone in vnto my fathers concubine?

10-3:8††††† Then was Abner very wroth for the wordes of Isboseth, and sayde: Am I a dogges head, whiche against Iuda do shew mercie this day vnto the house of Saul thy father, and to his brethren and frendes, & haue not deliuered thee into the hande of Dauid: and thou fyndest a fault in me this day for this woman?

10-3:9††††† So do God to Abner, and more also, except as the Lorde hath sworne to Dauid, euen so will I do to him,

10-3:10†††† To bring the kingdome fro the house of Saul, that the throne of Dauid may be stablisshed ouer Israel and ouer Iuda, euen from Dan to Beerseba.

10-3:11†††† And he coulde geue Abner neuer a worde to aunswere, because he feared him.

10-3:12†††† And Abner sent messengers to Dauid secretly, saying: Whose is the land? Who should [also] say, Make a bond with me, and beholde my hande is with thee, to bring all Israel vnto thee.

10-3:13†††† He sayde: Well, I will make a bonde with the: But one thing I require of thee, that is, that thou see not my face, except thou first bring Michol Sauls daughter, when thou comest to see me.

10-3:14†††† And Dauid sent messengers to Isboseth Sauls sonne, saying: Deliuer me my wife Michol, whiche I maried for an hundred foreskinnes of ye Philistines.

10-3:15†††† And Isboseth sent, and toke her from her husband Phalti the sonne of Lais.

10-3:16†††† And her husband went with her, and came weeping behinde her, til they came to Bahurim. Then sayde Abner vnto him, Go and returne. And he returned.

10-3:17†††† And Abner had communication with the elders of Israel, saying: Ye sought for Dauid in times past, that he might be your king:

10-3:18†††† Nowe then do it: for the Lorde hath spoken of Dauid, saying: By the hande of my seruaunt Dauid, I will saue my people Israel out of the handes of the Philistines, and out of the hande of all their enemies.

10-3:19†††† And Abner spake in the eares of Beniamin: and afterward Abner went to speake in the eares of Dauid in Hebron all that Israel was content with and the whole house of Beniamin.

10-3:20†††† And so Abner came to Dauid to Hebron, hauing twentie men with him: & Dauid made him & the men that were with him a feast.

10-3:21†††† And Abner sayde vnto Dauid: I will vp, & go gather all Israel vnto my lorde the king, that they may make an appoyntment with thee, and that thou mayest raigne ouer all that thyne heart desireth. And when Dauid had let Abner depart, he went in peace.

10-3:22†††† And behold, the seruauntes of Dauid and Ioab came from the campe, and brought a great pray with them: (But Abner was not with Dauid in Hebron, for he had sent him away to depart in peace.)

10-3:23†††† When Ioab and al the hoast that was with him were come, men tolde Ioab, saying: Abner the sonne of Ner came to the king, and he hath sent him away, that he is gone in peace.

10-3:24†††† Then Ioab came to the king, and said: What hast thou done? Behold, Abner came vnto thee, and why hast thou sent him away, and he is quyte gone?

10-3:25†††† Thou knowest Abner the sonne of Ner, for he came to deceaue thee, and to knowe thy outgoyng and ingoyng, and to knowe all that thou doest.

10-3:26†††† And when Ioab was come out from Dauid, he sent messengers after Abner, which brought him againe from the well of Sira, vnknowing to Dauid.

10-3:27†††† And when Abner was come againe to Hebron, Ioab toke him asyde in the gate to speake with him peaceably, and smote him vnder the fyft ribbe, that he died for the blood of Asahel his brother,

10-3:28†††† And when afterwarde it came to Dauids eare, he sayde: I and my kingdome are giltlesse before the Lord for euer concerning the blood of Abner the sonne of Ner.

10-3:29†††† Let the blood fall on the head of Ioab and on all his fathers house, that the house of Ioab be neuer without one or other that hath running issues or leper, or that leaneth on a staffe, or that doth fall on the sword, or that lacketh bread.

10-3:30†††† (So Ioab & Abisai his brother slue Abner, because he had slayne their brother Asahel at Gibeon in battell.)

10-3:31†††† And Dauid sayde to Ioab and to all the people that were with him: Rent your clothes, and put on sackcloth, and mourne before Abner. And king Dauid him selfe folowed the beere.

10-3:32†††† And when they buried Abner in Hebron, the king lift vp his voyce, & wept besyde the sepulchre of Abner, and al the people wept.

10-3:33†††† And the king lamented ouer Abner, and sayde: Died Abner as a foole dieth?

10-3:34†††† Thy handes were not bounde, nor thy feete brought into fetters of brasse: but as a man falleth before wicked children, so fellest thou. And all they that were of the people, wept yet more ouer him.

10-3:35†††† And when all the people came to cause Dauid eate meate whyle it was yet day, Dauid sware, saying: So do God to me and more also, if I taste bread or ought els tyll the sunne be downe.

10-3:36†††† And all the people wist it, and it pleased them: as whatsoeuer the king did, pleased all the people.

10-3:37†††† For all the people and all Israel vnderstoode that day, how that it was not the kinges deede that Abner the sonne of Ner was slayne.

10-3:38†††† And the king said vnto his seruauntes: Knowe ye not howe that there is a prince and a great man fallen this day in Israel?

10-3:39†††† And I am this day tender and newly annoynted king, and these men the sonnes of Zaruia be to hard for me: The Lorde rewarde the doer of euyll, according to his wickednesse.

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2 Samuel 4:

Chapter 4:12 Verses

10 2 Samuel

(Bishops 1568) .

10-4:1††††† And when Sauls sonne hearde that Abner was dead in Hebron, his handes were feeble, & al the Israelites were afrayde.

10-4:2††††† And Sauls sone had two me that were captaines of bandes, the one called Baanah, & the other Rechab, the sonnes of Rimmon a Berothite, of the children of Beniamin: (for Beroth was reckened to Beniamin,

10-4:3††††† And these Berothites fled to Githaim, and soiourned there vntill this day)

10-4:4††††† And Ionathan Sauls sonne had a sonne that was lame on his feete, and was fiue yeres olde when the tydinges came of Saul & Ionathan out of Iesrael: And his nurse toke hym vp, and fled away, and as she made haste to flee, the chylde fell, and began to halt, and his name was Miphiboseth.

10-4:5††††† And the sonnes of Rimmon the Berothite, Rechab and Baanah, went and came in the heate of the day to the house of Isboseth (whiche slept on a bed at noone.)

10-4:6††††† And behold, they came into the middes of the house, as though they woulde haue fetched wheate, and Rechab and Baanah his brother smote him vnder the fyft ribbe, and fled.

10-4:7††††† For when they came into the house, he slept on his bed in his bed chamber, and they smote him and slue him, & beheaded him, and toke his head, & gat them away through the plaine all the night.

10-4:8††††† And they brought the head of Isboseth vnto Dauid to Hebron, and sayde to the king: Behold, there is the head of Isboseth Sauls sonne thyne enemie whiche sought after thy lyfe, and the Lorde hath auenged my lorde the kyng this day of Saul and of his seede.

10-4:9††††† And Dauid aunswered Rechab and Baanah his brother ye sonnes of Rimmon the Berothite, and said vnto them: As the Lorde lyueth, whiche hath deliuered my soule out of all aduersites:

10-4:10†††† When one tolde me & sayde that Saul was dead (thynking to haue brought good tydinges) I caught him, and slue him in Ziklag: whiche thought that I woulde haue geuen him a rewarde for his tydinges bringing:

10-4:11†††† Howe much more when wicked men haue slayne a righteous person in his owne house and vpon his bed? Shal I not nowe therfore require his blood of your hande, & take you from the earth?

10-4:12†††† And Dauid commaunded his young men, and they slue them, and cut of their handes and feete, and hanged them vp ouer the poole in Hebron: But they toke the head of Isboseth, & buried it in the sepulchre of Abner in Hebron.

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2 Samuel 5:

Chapter 5:25 Verses

10 2 Samuel

(Bishops 1568) .

10-5:1††††† Then came all the tribes of Israel to Dauid vnto Hebron, and sayde thus: Beholde, we are thy bone, and thy fleshe.

10-5:2††††† And in time past whe Saul was our king, thou leddest Israel in and out: and the Lord hath sayd to thee, thou shalt feede my people Israel, & thou shalt be a captayne ouer Israel.

10-5:3††††† And so all the elders of Israel came to the king to Hebron, and king Dauid made a couenaunt with them in Hebron before the Lorde: and they annointed Dauid king ouer Israel.

10-5:4††††† Dauid was thirtie yeres olde when he began to raigne, and he raigned fourtie yeres.

10-5:5††††† In Hebron he raigned ouer Iuda seuen yeres and sixe monethes: and in Hierusalem he raigned thirtie and three yeres ouer all Israel and Iuda.

10-5:6††††† The king also and his men went to Hierusalem vnto the Iebusites the inhabitauntes of the lande, whiche spake vnto Dauid, saying: Except thou take away the blinde and the lame, thou shalt not come in hyther: For they said, Thou art not able to come in hyther.

10-5:7††††† Neuerthelesse, Dauid toke the strong hold of Sion: the same is the citie of Dauid.

10-5:8††††† And Dauid sayde the same day: Whosoeuer smyteth the Iebusites, and getteth vp to the gutters of the houses, and smyteth the lame and the blinde, hated of Dauid soule, [I will preferre him.] Wherfore they said: The blinde and the lame shal not come into that house.

10-5:9††††† And so Dauid dwelt in the towre, and called it the citie of Dauid, and buylt round about it, from Millo & inward.

10-5:10†††† And Dauid prospered and grewe, and ye Lord God of hoastes was with him.

10-5:11†††† And Hiram king of Tyre sent messengers to Dauid, and Cedar trees, & carpenters, and masons for walles: and they buylt Dauid an house.

10-5:12†††† And Dauid perceaued that the Lord had stablished him king ouer Israel, & that he had exalted his kingdome for his people Israels sake.

10-5:13†††† And Dauid toke him mo concubines and wyues out of Hierusalem, after he was come from Hebron, and mo sonnes & daughters were yet borne to Dauid.

10-5:14†††† And these be the names of the sonnes that were borne vnto him in Hierusalem: Samua, Sobab, Nathan, & Solomon,

10-5:15†††† Ibhar also and Elisua, Nepheg, and Iaphia,

10-5:16†††† Elisama, Eliada, and Eliphelet.

10-5:17†††† But when the Philistines hearde that they had annoynted Dauid king ouer Israel, they came all vp to seke Dauid: And assoone as Dauid hearde of it, he gat him to an holde.

10-5:18†††† And when the Philistines came, they spread them selues in the valley of Raphaim.

10-5:19†††† And Dauid asked counsel of the Lord, saying: Shall I go vp to the Philistines? Wilt thou deliuer them into my handes? And the Lorde aunswered vnto Dauid: Go vp, for I will doubtlesse deliuer the Philistines into thy handes.

10-5:20†††† And Dauid came to Baal Perazim, and smote them there, and sayde: The Lorde hath deuided myne enemies asunder before me, as waters be deuided asunder: And therefore he called the name of that place Baal Perazim.

10-5:21†††† And there they left their images, and Dauid and his men burnt them.

10-5:22†††† And the Philistines came yet againe, and layde them selues in the valley of Rephaim.

10-5:23†††† And when Dauid asked counsel of the Lorde, he aunswered, Thou shalt not go vp: but compasse them on the backsyde, and come vpon them ouer against the Mulbery trees.

10-5:24†††† And when thou hearest the noyse of a thing goyng in the toppe of the Mulbery trees, then remoue: for then shall the Lorde go out before thee, to smyte the hoast of the Philistines.

10-5:25†††† And Dauid did as the Lorde had commaunded him: and smote the Philistines from Geba, vntill thou come to Gazer.

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2 Samuel 6:

Chapter 6:23 Verses

10 2 Samuel

(Bishops 1568) .

10-6:1††††† Againe Dauid gathered together all the chosen men of Israel, euen thirtie thousand.

10-6:2††††† And arose, and went with all the folke that were with him, from Baala of Iuda, to fet away from thence the arke of God, whose name is called by the name of the lord of hoastes that dwelleth vpon it betweene the cherubims.

10-6:3††††† And they put the arke of God vpon a newe cart, & brought it out of the house of Abinadab that was in Gibea: And Uzza and Ahio the sonnes of Abinadab draue the newe carte.

10-6:4††††† And when they brought the arke of God out of the house of Abinadab that was at Gibea, Ahio went before the arke.

10-6:5††††† And Dauid and all the house of Israel played before the lord on sundry instrumentes made of Cedar wood, with harpes, psalteries, timbrelles, hornettes, and simbals.

10-6:6††††† And when they came to Nachons thresshing floore, Uzza put his hand to the arke of God, & helde it, for the oxen did shake it.

10-6:7††††† And the Lord was wroth with Uzza, and God smote him in the same place for his fault, and there he died before the arke of God.

10-6:8††††† And Dauid was displeased, because the Lorde had smitten Uzza: And he called the name of the place Perez Uzza, vntill this day.

10-6:9††††† And Dauid was then afraide of the Lorde, and sayd: Howe shall the arke of the Lord come to me?

10-6:10†††† And so Dauid woulde not bring the arke of the Lorde vnto him into the citie of Dauid: but Dauid caried it into the house of Obed Edom, a Gethite.

10-6:11†††† And the arke of the Lorde continued in the house of Obed Edom the Gethite three monethes: and the Lorde blessed Obed Edom, and all his housholde.

10-6:12†††† And one tolde king Dauid howe that the Lorde had blessed the house of Obed Edom, and all that parteyned vnto him, because of the arke of God. And Dauid went, and brought the arke of God from the house of Obed Edom, into the citie of Dauid with gladnes.

10-6:13†††† And when they that bare the arke of the Lorde, had gone sixe paces, he offered an oxe and a fat beast.

10-6:14†††† And Dauid daunced before the Lorde with all his might, & was girded with a linnen Ephod.

10-6:15†††† So Dauid and all the house of Israel brought the arke of the Lorde with showting and trumpet blowing.

10-6:16†††† And as ye arke of the Lord came into the citie of Dauid, Michol Sauls daughter loked through a windowe, and sawe king Dauid spring and daunce before the Lord, and she despysed him in her heart.

10-6:17†††† And when they brought in the arke of the Lord, they set it in his place, euen in the middes of the tabernacle that Dauid had pitched for it: and Dauid offered burnt offeringes & peace offeringes before the Lorde.

10-6:18†††† And assoone as Dauid had made an ende of offering burnt offeringes and peace offeringes, he blessed the people in the name of the Lorde of hoastes,

10-6:19†††† And gaue among all the folke, euen among the whole multitude of Israel, aswel to the women as men, to euery one a cake of bread, & a peece of flesshe, and a flacked of wine: And so al the people departed euery one to his house.

10-6:20†††† Then Dauid returned to blesse his housholde, and Michol the daughter of Saul came out to meete Dauid, & sayd: O howe glorious was the king of Israel this day, whiche was vncouered to day in the eyes of the maydens of his seruauntes, as a foole vncouereth him selfe?

10-6:21†††† And Dauid sayd vnto Michol: It was before the Lorde, whiche chose me rather then thy father and all his house, and commaunded me to be ruler ouer all the people of the Lorde, euen ouer Israel, and therefore will I play before the Lorde:

10-6:22†††† And will yet be more vyle then so, and will be meeke in myne owne sight: and of the very same mayde seruauntes which thou hast spoken of, shall I be had in honour.

10-6:23†††† Therfore Michol the daughter of Saul had no childe vnto the day of her death.

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2 Samuel 7:

Chapter 7:29 Verses

10 2 Samuel

(Bishops 1568) .

10-7:1††††† Afterward when the king sate in his house, & the Lord had geuen him rest round about from all his enemies,

10-7:2††††† The king sayde vnto Nathan the prophete: Beholde, I dwell nowe in an house of Cedar trees, but the arke of God dwelleth within the curtaynes.

10-7:3††††† And Nathan sayde to the king: Go, and do all that is in thyne heart, for the Lord is with thee.

10-7:4††††† And the same night the worde of the Lorde came vnto Nathan, saying:

10-7:5††††† Go, and tell my seruaunt Dauid, thus sayeth the Lorde: shalt thou buylde me an house to dwell in?

10-7:6††††† For I haue not dwelt in any house, sence the time that I brought the children of Israel out of Egypt, vnto this day: but haue walked in a tent and tabernacle.

10-7:7††††† In al the places wherin I haue walked with all the childre of Israel, spake I one worde with any of ye tribes of Israel, when I commaunded [the iudges] to feede my people Israel, saying, Why build ye not me an house of Cedar trees?

10-7:8††††† Now therfore, so say vnto my seruaunt Dauid: thus sayeth the lord of hoastes, I toke thee from the sheepe coate as thou wast folowing sheepe, that thou mightest be ruler ouer my people ouer Israel.

10-7:9††††† And I was with thee in all that thou wentest to, and haue destroyed all thyne enemies out of thy sight, & haue made thee a great name, lyke vnto the name of the great men that are in the earth.

10-7:10†††† (Also I will appoynt a place for my people Israel, and will plant it, that they may dwell in a place of their owne, & moue no more: neither shall wicked people trouble them any more, as before time,

10-7:11†††† And sence the time that I set iudges ouer my people of Israel) And I will geue thee rest from all thyne enemies: And the Lorde telleth thee, that he will make thee an house.

10-7:12†††† And when thy dayes be fulfilled, thou shalt sleepe with thy fathers, and I will set vp thy seede after thee, whiche shall proceede out of thy body, and will stablyshe his kingdome.

10-7:13†††† He shall buyld house an for my name, & I wil stablyshe the throne of his kingdome for euer.

10-7:14†††† I will be his father, and he shalbe my sonne: If he sinne, I will chasten him with the rodde of men, and with the plagues of the children of men.

10-7:15†††† But my mercy shall not depart away from him, as I toke it from Saul, who I put away before thee.

10-7:16†††† And thyne house, and thy kingdome shall be stablished for euer before thee, [euen] thy throne shalbe stablished for euer.

10-7:17†††† According to all these wordes and according to all this vision, so dyd Nathan speake vnto Dauid.

10-7:18†††† Then went king Dauid in, and set him downe before the Lord, and sayde: Who am I, O Lorde God? and what is my house that thou hast brought me hyther to?

10-7:19†††† And this was yet a small thing in thy sight O Lorde God: but thou hast spoken also of thy seruauntes house for a great whyle: but doth this appertayne to man, O Lorde God?

10-7:20†††† And what can Dauid say more vnto thee? for thou Lorde God knowest thy seruaunt.

10-7:21†††† Euen for thy wordes sake, & according to thyne owne heart, hast thou done al these great thinges, to make them knowen vnto thy seruaunt.

10-7:22†††† Wherfore thou art great, O Lorde God: for there is none like thee, neither is there any God besides thee, according to al that we haue heard with our eares.

10-7:23†††† And what one people in the earth is lyke thy people, lyke Israel, whose God went and redeemed them to hym selfe, that they myght be his people, and that he myght make hym a name, and do for you great thynges and terrible for thy lande, O Lorde [euen] for thy people which thou redeemedst to thee out of Egypt [euen] from the nations and their gods.

10-7:24†††† For thou hast ordeyned thy people Israel to be thy people for euer, and thou Lorde art become their God.

10-7:25†††† And nowe Lorde God, the worde that thou hast spoken concernyng thy seruaunt and his house, make it good for euer, and do as thou hast saide:

10-7:26†††† And let thy name be magnified for euer of men that shall say, The Lorde of hoastes is the God ouer Israel: and let the house of thy seruaunt Dauid be stablished before thee.

10-7:27†††† For thou, O Lorde of hoastes, God of Israel, hast tolde in the eare of thy seruaunt, saying, I wyll buylde thee an house: And therefore hath thy seruaunt founde in his heart to pray this prayer vnto thee.

10-7:28†††† Therefore nowe Lorde God (thou art God, and thy wordes be true, thou that hast tolde this goodnes vnto thy seruaunt)

10-7:29†††† Therefore nowe let it please thee to blesse the house of thy seruaunt, that it may continue for euer before thee: for thou Lorde God hast spoken it, and with thy blessyng let the house of thy seruaunt be blessed for euer.

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2 Samuel 8:

Chapter 8:18 Verses

10 2 Samuel

(Bishops 1568) .

10-8:1††††† After this, now Dauid smote the Philistines, and subdued them: and Dauid toke the bridel of bondage out of the hand of the Philistines.

10-8:2††††† And he smote the Moabites, and measured them with a lyne, and cast them downe to the grounde, euen with two lynes measured he them, to put them to death, and with one full corde to kepe them alyue: And so became the Moabites Dauids seruauntes, and brought giftes.

10-8:3††††† Dauid smote also Hadarezer ye sonne of Rehob king of Zoba, as he went to recouer his border at the ryuer Pherath.

10-8:4††††† And Dauid toke of his, a thousand and seuen hundred horsemen, and destroyed all the charets, and twentie thousand footemen: but reserued an hundred charets of them.

10-8:5††††† And when the Syrians of Damascon came to succour Hadarezer king of Zoba, Dauid slue of the Syrians two and twentie thousand men.

10-8:6††††† And put souldiers in Syria Damascon: And the Syrians became seruautes to Dauid, and brought giftes, and the Lorde saued Dauid, in all that he went vnto.

10-8:7††††† And Dauid toke the shieldes of golde that belonged to the seruauntes of Hadarezer, & brought them to Hierusalem.

10-8:8††††† And out of Beta and Berothai, cities of Hadarezer, did Dauid bryng exceeding much brasse.

10-8:9††††† When Thoi king of Hamath heard how Dauid had smitten all the hoast of Hadarezer,

10-8:10†††† Thoi sent Ioram his sonne vnto king Dauid, to salute him, and to blesse him, because he had fought against Hadarezer, and beaten him (for Thoi had great warre with Hadarezer) And [Ioram] brought with him vessels of siluer, vessels of golde, and vessels of brasse.

10-8:11†††† Which brasse king Dauid did dedicate vnto the Lorde, with the siluer & golde that he had deditate of al nations which he subdued.

10-8:12†††† Of Syria, of the Moabites, & of the children of Ammon, of the Philistines, and of Hamalek, and of the spoyle of Hadarezer sonne of Rehob king of Zoba.

10-8:13†††† And Dauid gat him a name after that he returned & had smitten of the Syrians in the valley of salt 18 thousand men.

10-8:14†††† And he put a garison in Edom, euen throughout all Edom put he souldiers, and all they of Edom became Dauids seruauntes: And the Lorde kept Dauid whatsoeuer he toke in hand.

10-8:15†††† And Dauid raigned ouer all Israel, and executed iudgement and iustice vnto all his people.

10-8:16†††† And Ioab the sonne of Zaruia was ouer the hoast, & Iehosaphat the sonne of Ahilud was recorder.

10-8:17†††† And Sadoc the sonne of Ahitob, and Ahimelech the sonne of Abiathar were the priestes, & Saraiah was the scribe.

10-8:18†††† And Banaiahu the sonne of Iehoida and the Cherethites, and the Phelethites, and Dauids sonnes, were chiefe rulers.

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2 Samuel 9:

Chapter 9:13 Verses

10 2 Samuel

(Bishops 1568) .

10-9:1††††† And Dauid sayde: Is there yet any man left of ye house of Saul? For I wil shewe him mercie for Ionathans sake.

10-9:2††††† And there was of the householde of Saul, a seruaunt whose name was Ziba, and when they had called him vnto Dauid, the king saide vnto him: Art thou Ziba? He said: Thy seruaunt is he.

10-9:3††††† And the king saide: Remaineth there yet any man of the house of Saul, who I may shewe the mercie of God vpon? Ziba aunswered the king: Ionathan hath yet a sonne, which is lame on his feete.

10-9:4††††† The king said vnto him: where is he? Ziba saide vnto the king: Behold, he is in the house of Machir the sonne of Amiel of Lodeber.

10-9:5††††† Then king Dauid sent, & fet him out of the house of Machir the sonne of Amiel of Lodeber.

10-9:6††††† Now when Miphiboseth the sonne of Ionathan ye sonne of Saul was come vnto Dauid, he fell on his face, and dyd reuerence: And Dauid saide, Miphiboseth? He aunswered: Beholde thy seruaunt.

10-9:7††††† Dauid saide vnto him: Feare not, for I will surelie shewe thee kindnesse for Ionathan thy fathers sake, and will restore thee all the fieldes of Saul thy father, & thou shalt eate bread on myne owne