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Joshua 1:

Chapter 1:18 Verses

06 Joshua

(Bishops 1568) .

06-1:1††††† After the death of Moyses the seruaunt of the Lord, it came to passe also that the Lorde spake vnto Iosuah ye sonne of Nun, Moyses minister, saying:

06-1:2††††† Moyses my seruaunt is dead: Nowe therefore arise, go ouer this Iordane, thou and all this people, vnto the lande the whiche I to them the chyldren of Israel do geue.

06-1:3††††† All the places that the soles of your feete shall treade vpon, haue I geuen you, as I sayde vnto Moyses.

06-1:4††††† From the wyldernesse and this Libanon, vnto the great riuer Euphrates, all the lande of the Hethites, euen vnto the great sea towarde the goyng downe of the sunne, shalbe your coast.

06-1:5††††† There shal not a man be able to withstande thee all the dayes of thy life: For as I was with Moyses, so wyll I be with thee, and wyll not fayle thee, nor forsake thee.

06-1:6††††† Be strong therfore and bolde: for vnto this people shalt thou deuide ye lande for inheritaunce, whiche I sware vnto their fathers to geue them.

06-1:7††††† Only be thou strong, and of a stoute courage, that thou maiest obserue and do according to all the law which Moses my seruaunt commaunded thee: Turne from the same neither to the right hande, nor to the lefte, that thou maiest do wisely in al that thou takest in hande.

06-1:8††††† Let not the booke of this lawe departe out of thy mouth , but occupie thy minde therein day & night, that thou maiest obserue and doe according to all yt is written therein: For then shalt thou make thy way prosperous, and then thou shalt do wisely.

06-1:9††††† Haue not I comaunded thee, that thou shouldest be strong & hardie, and not feare nor be faint hearted? For I the Lorde thy God am with thee, whyther soeuer thou goest.

06-1:10†††† Then Iosuah commaunded the officers of the people, saying:

06-1:11†††† Go thorowe the middes of the hoaste, and comaunde the people, saying, Prepare you vitailes: for after three daies ye shal passe ouer this Iordane, to go in and enioye the lande, which the Lorde your God geueth you, to possesse it.

06-1:12†††† And vnto the Rubenites, Gadites, and halfe the tribe of Manasses spake Iosuah saying:

06-1:13†††† Remember the worde whiche Moyses the seruaunt of the Lorde commauded you, saying: The Lorde your God hath geuen you rest, & hath geuen you this lande.

06-1:14†††† Your wyues, your children, and your catell shall remaine in the lande which Moyses gaue you on this syde Iordane: but ye shal go before your brethren armed, all that be men of warre, and helpe them:

06-1:15†††† Untill the Lorde haue geuen your brethren rest as he hath you, and vntill they also haue obtained the lande whiche the Lorde your God geueth them: And then shal ye returne vnto the lande of your possession, and enioye it: which lande Moyses the Lordes seruaut gaue you on this side Iordane towarde the sunne rysyng.

06-1:16†††† And they aunswered Iosuah, sayinge: Al that thou hast commaunded vs we will do, and whyther soeuer thou sendest vs, we will go.

06-1:17†††† According as we obeyed Moyses in al thinges, so will we obey thee: only the Lorde thy God be with thee, as he was with Moyses.

06-1:18†††† And whosoeuer he be that doth disobey thy mouth, and wil not hearken vnto thy wordes in all that thou commaudest him, let him dye: Only be strong, and of good courage.

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Joshua 2:

Chapter 2:24 Verses

06 Joshua

(Bishops 1568) .

06-2:1††††† And Iosuah ye sonne of Nun sent out of Sittim two men to spye secretely, saying: Go, and viewe the land, and also Iericho. And they went, and came into a harlotes house, named Rahab, and lodged there.

06-2:2††††† And it was tolde the king of Iericho, saying: Beholde, ther came men in hyther to night, of the children of Israel, to spye out the countrey.

06-2:3††††† And the king of Iericho sent vnto Rahab, saying: Bring foorth the men that are come to thee, and which are entred into thyne house: for they be come to searche out all the lande.

06-2:4††††† And the woman toke the two men and hyd them, and sayd thus: In deede there came men vnto me, but I wiste not whence they were.

06-2:5††††† And about the time of the shutting of the gate when it was darke, the men went out, whyther the men went I wote not: folowe ye after them quickly, for ye shall ouertake them.

06-2:6††††† But she had brought them vp to the rooffe of the house, & hyd them with the stalkes of flare which she had lying abrode vpon the rooffe.

06-2:7††††† And the men pursued after them the way to Iordane vnto the fourdes: and assoone as they whiche pursued after them were gone out, they shut the gate.

06-2:8††††† And or euer they were asleepe, she came vp vnto them vpon the rooffe,

06-2:9††††† And sayd vnto the men: I knowe that the Lorde hath geuen you the land, for the feare of you is fallen vpo vs, and the inhabitantes of the lande faint at the presence of you:

06-2:10†††† For we haue hearde howe the Lorde dried vp the water of the red sea before you when you came out of Egypt, and what you dyd vnto the two kynges of the Amorites that were on the other syde Iordane, Sehon and Og, whom ye vtterly destroyed.

06-2:11†††† And assoone as we had hearde these thynges, our heartes dyd faynt, and there remained no more courage in any man at the presence of you: For the Lorde your God he is the God in heauen aboue, and in earth beneath.

06-2:12†††† Nowe therfore, I pray you sweare vnto me by the Lorde, that as I haue shewed you mercie, ye shall also shewe mercie vnto my fathers house, and geue me a true token:

06-2:13†††† And that ye shall saue alyue both my father and my mother, my brethren and my sisters, and all that they haue: and that ye shall delyuer our soules from death.

06-2:14†††† And the men aunswered her: Our lyues for you to dye, yf ye vtter not this our busynesse. And when the Lorde hath geuen vs the lande, we wyll deale mercyfully and truely with thee.

06-2:15†††† And then she let them downe by a corde through a wyndow: for her house was vpon the towne wall, & she dwelt vpon the towne wall.

06-2:16†††† And she sayde vnto them: Get you into the mountaine leste the pursuers meete you, and hyde your selues there three dayes vntyl the pursuers be returned, & then shall ye go your owne way.

06-2:17†††† And the men sayde vnto her: We wyl be blamelesse of this thy oth which thou hast made vs sweare:

06-2:18†††† Behold, when we come into the lande, thou shalt bynde this corde of red threde in the wyndowe whiche thou dydst let vs downe by: and thou shalt bryng thy father and thy mother, thy brethren, & all thy fathers housholde [euen] into thy house.

06-2:19†††† And then whosoeuer doeth go out at the doores of thy house into the streate, his blood shalbe vpon his owne head, and we wyll be gyltlesse: And who soeuer shalbe with thee in the house, his blood shalbe on our head yf any mans hande touche hym.

06-2:20†††† And if thou vtter these our wordes, we wilbe quite of thy oth which thou hast made vs sweare.

06-2:21†††† And she saide: According vnto your wordes, so be it. And she sent the away, and they departed. And she bounde the red corde in the windowe.

06-2:22†††† And they departed, and came into the mountaine, & there abode three dayes, vntyl the pursuers were returned: And the pursuers sought them throughout all the way, but founde them not.

06-2:23†††† And the two men returned, and descended from the mountaine, and passed ouer, and came to Iosuah the sonne of Nun, and tolde him all that came vnto them.

06-2:24†††† And they saide vnto Iosuah: Truely the Lorde hath delyuered into our handes all the lande, and all the inhabitauntes of the countrey faint at the presence of vs.

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Joshua 3:

Chapter 3:17 Verses

06 Joshua

(Bishops 1568) .

06-3:1††††† And Iosuah rose early and they remoued fro Sittim, and came to Iordane, he and all the chyldren of Israel: and lodged there before they went ouer.

06-3:2††††† And after three dayes, the officers went throughout the hoaste,

06-3:3††††† And commaunded the people, saying: When ye see the arke of the testament of the Lorde your God, and the priestes that are Leuites bearing it, ye shall depart from your place, and go after it.

06-3:4††††† So yet that there shalbe a space betweene you and it, about two thousand cubites by measure: And ye shall not come nye vnto it, that ye may know the way by whiche ye must go: for ye haue not gone this way in times past.

06-3:5††††† And Iosuah sayde vnto the people: Sanctifie your selues, for to morowe the Lord shal do wonders among you.

06-3:6††††† And Iosuah spake vnto the priestes, saying: Take vp the arke of the couenaunt, and go ouer before the people. And they toke vp the arke of the testament, and went before the people.

06-3:7††††† And ye Lord sayd vnto Iosuah: This day will I beginne to magnifie thee in the sight of all Israel, that they may knowe howe that as I was with Moyses, so will I be with thee.

06-3:8††††† And thou shalt comaunde ye priestes that beare the arke of the couenaunt, saying: when ye are come to the edge of the waters of Iordane, ye shall stande still in Iordane.

06-3:9††††† And Iosuah saide vnto the children of Israel: Come hyther, and heare the wordes of the Lorde your God.

06-3:10†††† And Iosuah sayde: Hereby ye shall knowe that the liuing God is among you, and that he will without fayle cast out before you the Chanaanites, and the Hethithes, the Heuites, the Pherezites, the Gergesites, the Amorites, and the Iebusites.

06-3:11†††† Beholde, the arke of the couenaunt of the Lorde of all the world, goeth before you into Iordane.

06-3:12†††† Nowe therfore take from among you twelue men out of the tribes of Israel, out of euery tribe a man.

06-3:13†††† And assoone as the soles of the feete of the priestes that beare the arke of the Lorde the gouernour of all the worlde, treade in the waters of Iordane, the waters of Iordane shalbe deuided: and the waters that come from aboue shall stande still vpon an heape.

06-3:14†††† And so, when the people were departed fro their tentes to go ouer Iordane, the priestes bearing the arke of the couenaunt, went before the people.

06-3:15†††† And assoone as they that bare ye arke came vnto Iordane, and the feete of the priestes that bare the arke were dypped in the brym of the water (For Iordane vseth to fyll all his banckes all the time of haruest)

06-3:16†††† The waters also that came downe fro aboue, did rise vp vpon an heape and departed farre from ye citie of Ada, that was beside Zarthan: And the waters that were beneath towarde ye sea of the wildernes, euen the salt sea, fayled and were cut of: and the people went right ouer against Iericho.

06-3:17†††† And the priestes that bare the arke of the couenaunt of the Lorde, stoode drie within Iordane, redy prepared, and all the Israelites went ouer thorowe the drie, vntill all the people were gone cleane ouer thorowe Iordane.

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Joshua 4:

Chapter 4:24 Verses

06 Joshua

(Bishops 1568) .

06-4:1††††† And so when the people were al gone ouer Iordane (after ye Lord had spoken vnto Iosuah, saying:

06-4:2††††† Take you twelue men out of the people, out of euery tribe a man,

06-4:3††††† And commaunde you them, saying: Take you hence out of the middes of Iordane [euen] out of the place where the priestes stoode in a redinesse, twelue stones, which ye shall take away with you, and leaue them in the lodgyng where you shall lodge this nyght)

06-4:4††††† Then Iosuah called the twelue men, which he had prepared of the chyldren of Israel, out of euery tribe a man.

06-4:5††††† And Iosuah sayde vnto them: Get you before the arke of the Lorde your God, euen through the middes of Iordane, and take vp euery man of you a stone vpon his shoulder, accordyng vnto the number of the tribes of the chyldren of Israel,

06-4:6††††† That this may be a signe among you: That when your chyldren aske their fathers in tyme to come, saying, What [meane] these stones with you?

06-4:7††††† Ye maye aunswere them: howe that the waters of Iordane deuided at the presence of the arke of the couenaunt of the Lorde, (For when it went ouer Iordane, the waters of Iordane deuided) And these stones are become a memoriall vnto the chyldren of Israel for euer.

06-4:8††††† And the chyldren of Israel dyd euen so as Iosuah commaunded, and toke vp twelue stones out of the middes of Iordane as the Lorde sayde vnto Iosuah, accordyng to the number of the tribes of the chyldren of Israel, and caryed them away with them vnto the place where they lodged, & layde them downe there.

06-4:9††††† And Iosuah set vp twelue stones in the middes of Iordane, in the place where the feete of the priestes whiche bare the arke of the testament stoode: and there haue they continued vnto this day.

06-4:10†††† For the priestes whiche bare the arke stoode in the middes of Iordane, vntyll all was finished that the Lorde commaunded Iosuah to saye vnto the people, accordyng to all that Moyses charged Iosuah: And the people hasted, & went ouer.

06-4:11†††† And when all the people were cleane passed ouer, the arke of the Lord went ouer also, and the priestes before the people.

06-4:12†††† And the chyldren of Ruben, and the chyldren of Gad, and halfe the tribe of Manasse, went before the chyldren of Israel armed, as Moyses charged the.

06-4:13†††† Euen fourtie thousande prepared for warre, went before the Lorde vnto battayl, through the plaine of Iericho.

06-4:14†††† That day the Lorde magnified Iosuah in the syght of all Israel: and they feared hym, as they feared Moyses all dayes of his lyfe.

06-4:15†††† And the Lorde spake vnto Iosuah, saying:

06-4:16†††† Commaunde the priestes that beare the arke of the testimonie to come vp out of Iordane.

06-4:17†††† Iosuah therefore commaunded the priestes, saying: Come ye vp out of Iordane.

06-4:18†††† And when the priestes that bare the arke of the couenaunt of the Lorde, were come vp out of the middes of Iordane, and assoone as the soles of the priestes feete were set on ye drie land, the waters of Iordane returned vnto their place, and went ouer all their bankes as they dyd before.

06-4:19†††† And the people came vp out of Iordane the tenth [day] of the first moneth, and pitched in Gilgal, euen in the east border of the citie Iericho.

06-4:20†††† And the twelue stones whiche they toke out of Iordane, dyd Iosuah pitch in Gilgal.

06-4:21†††† And he spake vnto the chyldren of Israel, saying: If your chyldren aske their fathers in tyme to come, and saye: What [meane] these stones?

06-4:22†††† Ye shall shewe your chyldren, and say: Israel came ouer this Iordane on drye lande.

06-4:23†††† For the Lorde your God dried vp the water of Iordane before you, vntill ye were gone ouer, as ye Lorde your God dyd the red sea, which he dried vp before vs, tyll we were gone ouer.

06-4:24†††† That all the people of ye world may knowe the hande of the Lorde howe mightie it is, and that ye might feare the Lorde your God for euer.

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Joshua 5:

Chapter 5:15 Verses

06 Joshua

(Bishops 1568) .

06-5:1††††† And whe al the kinges of ye Amorites which are beyonde Iordane westwarde, and al the kynges of the Chanaanites which were by the sea, heard howe ye Lorde had dried vp the waters of Iordane before the chyldren of Israel vntill they were gone ouer, their heartes faynted for feare, and there was no spirite in them any more for the presence of the children of Israel.

06-5:2††††† That same time the Lorde saide vnto Iosuah: Make thee sharp kniues, and go to agayne and circumcise the children of Israel the seconde time.

06-5:3††††† And Iosuah made him sharpe kniues, and circumcised the children of Israel in the hill of the foreskinnes.

06-5:4††††† And this is the cause why Iosuah circumcised all the people, euen the males that came out of Egypt: because that al the men of warre died in the wildernes by ye way, after they came out of Egypt.

06-5:5††††† For all the people that came out, were circumcised: but al the people that were borne in the wildernes by the way after they came out of Egypt were not circumcised.

06-5:6††††† For the chyldren of Israel walked fourtie yeres in the wildernesse, till al ye people of ye men of warre that came out of Egypt were consumed, because they hearkened not vnto the voyce of the Lorde: Unto whom the Lorde sware, that he woulde not shewe them ye lande which the Lorde sware vnto their fathers that he woulde geue vs, euen a lande that floweth with mylke & hony.

06-5:7††††† And their children whom he set vp in their steede, them Iosuah circumcised, for they were vncircumcised: because they circumcised them not by the way.

06-5:8††††† And when they had circumcised al the people, they abode in their places in the campe tyll they were whole.

06-5:9††††† And the Lorde sayde vnto Iosuah: This day haue I taken away the shame of Egypt from you: wherefore the name of the same place is called Gilgal, vnto this day.

06-5:10†††† And the children of Israel abode in Gilgal, and helde the feast of Passouer the fourteenth day of the moneth at euen, in the playne of Iericho.

06-5:11†††† And they did eate of the corne of the lande on the morowe after the Passouer sweete cakes and parched corne, in the selfe same day.

06-5:12†††† For the Manna ceassed on the morowe after they had begun to eate of the corne of the lande, neither had the chyldren of Israel Manna any more, but did eate of the fruite of the lande of Chanaan that yere.

06-5:13†††† And when Iosuah was nye to Iericho, he lift vp his eyes and loked: and behold, there stoode a man against him, hauing a sworde drawen in his hande: And Iosuah went vnto him, and sayde vnto him, Art thou on our syde, or on our aduersaries?

06-5:14†††† And he sayde, Naie: but as a captaine of the hoast of the Lord am I nowe come. And Iosuah fell on his face to ye earth, and did worship, and sayde vnto him: What saith my Lord vnto his seruaunt?

06-5:15†††† And the captaine of the Lordes hoast sayde vnto Iosuah: Do thy shoe of thy foote, for the place wheron thou standest, is holy. And Iosuah did so.

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Joshua 6:

Chapter 6:27 Verses

06 Joshua

(Bishops 1568) .

06-6:1††††† And Iericho was shut vp and closed, because of the childre of Israel, neither myght any man go out, or in.

06-6:2††††† And the Lorde sayde vnto Iosuah: Behold, I haue geuen into thyne hande Iericho, and the kyng therof, and the strong men of warre.

06-6:3††††† And ye shall compasse all the citie, all ye that be men of warre, and go rounde about it once: & so shal you do sixe dayes.

06-6:4††††† And seuen priestes shall beare before the arke seuen trumpettes of rammes hornes: And the seuenth day ye shall compasse the citie seuen tymes, and the priestes shal blowe with the trumpets.

06-6:5††††† And when they make a long blast with the rammes horne, and ye heare the sounde of the horne, all the people shall shout with a great shout: And then shall the wall of the citie fall downe, and the people shall assende vp, euery man strayght before hym.

06-6:6††††† And Iosuah the sonne of Nun, called the priestes, and sayde vnto them: Take vp the arke of the couenaunt, and let seuen priestes beare seuen trumpets of rammes hornes before the arke of the Lorde.

06-6:7††††† And he sayde vnto the people: Go, and compasse the citie, & let hym that is harnessed go before ye arke of the Lord.

06-6:8††††† And when Iosuah had spoken vnto ye people, the seuen priestes bare the seuen trumpets of rammes hornes, and went foorth before the arke of the Lorde, and blewe with the trumpets: and the arke of the couenaunt of the Lorde folowed them.

06-6:9††††† And the men of armes went before the priestes that blewe with the trumpets: & the gatheryng hoast came after the arke as they went, and blewe with trumpets.

06-6:10†††† And Iosuah had commaunded the people, saying: Ye shall not shout, nor make any noyse with your voyce, neither shall any worde proceede out of your mouth vntyll the day I byd you shout, then shall ye shout.

06-6:11†††† And so the arke of the Lorde compassed the citie, and went about it once: and they returned into the hoast, and lodged there.

06-6:12†††† And Iosuah rose early in the mornyng, and the priestes toke vp the arke of the Lorde.

06-6:13†††† And seuen priestes bare seuen trumpettes of rammes hornes, and went before the arke of the Lorde: and goyng, blewe with the trumpettes. And the men of armes went before them: but the gatheryng hoast came after the arke of the Lorde, whiche went before with the blowyng of the trumpettes.

06-6:14†††† And the seconde daye they passed the citie once, and returned againe into the hoast: and so they dyd sixe dayes.

06-6:15†††† And when the seuenth day came, they rose early [euen] with the dawnyng of the day, & compassed the citie after the same maner seuen tymes: only that day they compassed the citie seue times.

06-6:16†††† And at the seuenth tyme when the priestes blew with the trumpettes, Iosuah sayde vnto the people: Showt, for the Lorde hath geuen you the citie.

06-6:17†††† And the citie shalbe accursed and al that are therin, vnto the Lorde: onlye Rahab the harlot shal liue, and all that are with her in the house, because she hyd the messengers that we sent.

06-6:18†††† And in any wyse be ye ware of the accursed thinges, lest ye make your selues accursed, & take of the accursed thynges, and make the hoast of Israel accursed, and trouble it.

06-6:19†††† But all the syluer, golde, vesselles of brasse and iron, shalbe consecrate vnto the Lorde, and all shall come into his treasurie.

06-6:20†††† And the people showted, and blewe with trumpettes: And when the people heard the sound of the trumpe, they showted with a great showt, and the wall fell downe flat, so that the people went vp into ye citie, euery man straight before hym, and toke the citie:

06-6:21†††† And they vtterly destroyed all that was in the citie, both man and woman, young and olde, oxe, sheepe, and asse, with the edge of the sworde.

06-6:22†††† But Iosuah had sayde vnto the two men that had spyed out the countrey: Go into the harlottes house, and bryng out thence the woman and all that she hath, as ye sware vnto her.

06-6:23†††† And the young men that were spyes, went in, and brought out Rahab, and her father and mother, & her brethren, and all that she had: and they brought out all her kynred, & put them without the hoast of Israel.

06-6:24†††† And they burnt the citie with fire, and all that was therin: only the syluer and the golde, the vesselles of brasse & iron, they put vnto ye treasure of the house of the Lorde.

06-6:25†††† And Iosuah saued Rahab the harlot, and her fathers household, and all that she had: and she dwelt in Israel euen vnto this day, because she hyd the messengers which Iosuah sent to spye out Iericho.

06-6:26†††† And Iosuah sware at that tyme, saying: Cursed be the man before the Lord that ryseth vp, and buyldeth this citie Iericho: He shall lay the foundation thereof in his eldest sonne, and in his youngest sonne shall he set vp the gates of it.

06-6:27†††† And so the Lorde was with Iosuah, and his fame was noysed throughout all landes.

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Joshua 7:

Chapter 7:26 Verses

06 Joshua

(Bishops 1568) .

06-7:1††††† But yet the chyldren of Israel trespassed in ye forbydden thyng: for Achan ye sonne of Charmi, the sonne of Zabdi, ye sonne of Zareth, of the tribe of Iuda, toke of the forbydden thyng: And the wrath of the Lorde waxed hot against the chyldren of Israel.

06-7:2††††† And Iosuah sent men from Iericho to Ai, which is besyde Bethauen, on the east syde of Bethel, and spake vnto them, saying: Get you vp, and viewe the countrey. And the men went vp, & viewed Ai,

06-7:3††††† And returned to Iosuah, and sayde vnto him, Let not all the people go vp: but let as it were two or three thousande men go vp, and smyte Ai: and make not all the people to labour thyther, for they are but fewe.

06-7:4††††† And so there went vp thyther of the people about a three thousande men, and they fled before the men of Ai.

06-7:5††††† And the men of Ai smote of them vpon a thirtie and sixe men: for they chased them from before the gate euen vnto Sebarim, and smote them in the goyng downe: Wherfore the heartes of the people for feare melted away lyke water.

06-7:6††††† And Iosuah rent his clothes, & fell to the earth vpo his face before the arke of the Lorde vntill the euentide, he and the elders of Israel, and put earth vpon their heades.

06-7:7††††† And Iosuah sayde: Alas, O Lorde God, wherfore hast thou brought this people ouer Iordane, to deliuer vs into the hande of the Amorites, & to destroye vs? Would to God we had ben content, and dwelt on the other side Iordane.

06-7:8††††† Oh Lorde what shall I say, when Israel turneth their backes before their enemies?

06-7:9††††† Surely the Chanaanites, and all the inhabitauntes of the lande shal heare of it, and shall conspire against vs, and destroy the name of vs out of the worlde: And what wilt thou do vnto thy mightie name?

06-7:10†††† And the Lorde sayde vnto Iosuah: Get thee vp, wherfore liest thou thus vpon thy face?

06-7:11†††† Israel hath sinned, and they haue transgressed myne appointment which I commaunded them: for they haue taken of the excommunicate thinges, and haue also stolen, and dissembled also, & put them vnto their owne stuffe.

06-7:12†††† And therfore is it that the children of Israel can not stande before their enemies, but shal turne their backes before their enemies, because they be excommunicate: Neither will I be with you any more, except ye destroy the excommunicate from among you.

06-7:13†††† Up [therfore] and sanctifie the people, and say: Sanctifie your selues against to morowe, for so sayde the Lorde God of Israel, there is a dampned thyng among you, O Israel: and therfore ye cannot stande against your enemies, vntyll ye haue put the dampned thing from among you.

06-7:14†††† To morowe morning therfore ye shalbe brought according to your tribes: And the tribe which the Lorde taketh, shal come according to the kinredes therof: And the kinred which the Lorde shall finde giltie, shall come by housholdes: And the housholde which the Lorde shal finde faultie, shall come ma by man.

06-7:15†††† And he that is founde with the accursed thing, shalbe burnt with fire, he, and all that he hath, because he hath transgressed the couenaunt of the Lord, and wrought follie in Israel.

06-7:16†††† And so Iosuah rose vp early in the morning, and brought Israel by their tribes, & the tribe of Iuda was caught.

06-7:17†††† And he brought the kinredes of Iuda, and toke the kinred of the Zarehites: And he brought the kinred of the Zarehites man by ma, & Zabdi was caught.

06-7:18†††† And he brought his housholde man by man, & Achan the sonne of Charmi, the sone of Zabdi, ye sonne of Zared of the tribe of Iuda, was caught.

06-7:19†††† And Iosuah sayde vnto Achan: My sonne, I beseche thee geue glorie to the Lorde God of Israel, and make confession vnto him, and shewe me what thou hast done, hyde it not from me.

06-7:20†††† And Achan auswered Iosuah, & sayd: Of a trueth I haue sinned against the Lorde God of Israel, and thus & thus haue I done.

06-7:21†††† I sawe among the spoyles a goodly babilonishe garment, and two hundred sicles of siluer, and a tonge of golde of fiftie sicles wayghte, and I coueted them, and toke them: and beholde they lye hyd in the earth in the middest of my tent, and the siluer is ther vnder.

06-7:22†††† And so Iosuah sent messegers: which whe they ranne vnto his tent, beholde they were hyd in his tent, and the siluer ther vnder.

06-7:23†††† Therfore they toke them out of the middest of his tent, and brought them vnto Iosuah, and vnto all the children of Israel, and layed them out before the Lorde.

06-7:24†††† And Iosuah toke Achan the sonne of Zareth, and the siluer, and the garmet, and the tonge of gold, and his sonnes, and his daughters, & his oxen, and his asses, his sheepe, his tent, and al that he had: and al Israel with him brought them vnto the valley of Achor.

06-7:25†††† And Iosuah sayde: In as much as thou hast troubled vs, the Lorde shall trouble thee this day. And all Israel stoned hym with stones, and burned them with fire, and ouerwhelmed them with stones.

06-7:26†††† And they cast vpon hym a great heape of stones vnto this day: And so the Lord turned from the wrath of his indignation. And the name of the place is called the valley of Achor vnto this day.

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Joshua 8:

Chapter 8:35 Verses

06 Joshua

(Bishops 1568) .

06-8:1††††† And the Lorde sayde vnto Iosuah: Feare not, neither be thou faint hearted: Take all the men of warre with thee, and vp, & get thee to Ai. Beholde, I haue geuen into thy hande the kyng of Ai, and his people, his citie, and his lande:

06-8:2††††† And thou shalt do to Ai and her kyng, as thou dyddest vnto Iericho and her king. Neuerthelesse, the spoyle & cattell thereof, shall ye take vnto your selues: Thou shalt lye in wayte agaynst the citie, on the backside thereof.

06-8:3††††† And so Iosuah arose, and all the men of warre, to go vp agaynst Ai: And Iosuah chose out thirtie thousande strong men and valiaunt, and sent them away by nyght:

06-8:4††††† And he commaunded them, saying: Beholde, ye shall lye in wayte agaynst the towne on the backside thereof: Go not verie farre from the citie, but be all redie:

06-8:5††††† And I, and al the people that are with me, wyll approche vnto the citie: And when they come out against vs, as they dyd at the first tyme, then wyll we flee before them:

06-8:6††††† For they wyll come out after vs tyll we haue brought them out of the citie. For they wyll say, They flee before vs, as at the first tyme: and we will flee before them.

06-8:7††††† In the meane tyme shall ye ryse vp from lying in wayte, and destroy the citie: for the Lorde your God wyll delyuer it into your hande.

06-8:8††††† And when ye haue taken the citie, ye shall set it on fire: Accordyng to the commaundement of the Lorde shall ye do. Behold, I haue charged you.

06-8:9††††† Iosuah therfore sent them foorth, and they went to lye in wayte, and abode betweene Bethel & Ai, on the westsyde of the citie of Ai: But Iosuah lodged that nyght among the people.

06-8:10†††† And Iosuah rose vp early in the mornyng, and numbred the people, & went vp, he and the elders of Israel before the people, against Ai.

06-8:11†††† And all the men of warre that were with him, went vp, & drue nye, and came agaynst the citie, and pitched on the northsyde of Ai: and there was a valley betweene them and Ai.

06-8:12†††† And he toke vpon a fiue thousande men, and set them to lye in wayte betweene Bethel and Ai, on the westsyde of the citie.

06-8:13†††† And the people set all the hoast that was on the northsyde agaynst the citie, & the lyers in wayte on the west, against the citie: And Iosuah walked the same nyght in the myddes of the valley.

06-8:14†††† And when the kyng of Ai sawe it, they hasted and rose vp early, and the men of the citie went out agaynst Israel to battayle, he and all his people at a tyme appoynted, euen before the playne: and wyst not that there were lyers in wayte agaynst him on the backsyde of the citie.

06-8:15†††† And Iosuah & all Israel as beaten before them, fledde by the way of the wildernesse.

06-8:16†††† And all the people of the towne were called together, to folowe after them: And they folowed after Iosuah, and were drawen away from the citie.

06-8:17†††† And there was not a man left in Ai and in Bethel, that went not out after Israel: And they left the citie open, and folowed after Israel.

06-8:18†††† And the Lorde sayde vnto Iosuah: Stretch out ye speare that is in thine hand towarde Ai, for I will geue it into thy hand. And Iosuah stretched out the speare that he had in his hand, towarde the citie.

06-8:19†††† And the lyers in waite arose quickly out of their place, and ran assoone as Iosuah had stretched out his hande: and they entred into the citie, and toke it, and hasted, and set the citie on fyre.

06-8:20†††† And when the men of Ai loked backe after them, they sawe the smoke of the citie ascend vp to heauen, and they had no place to flee either this way or that: and the people that fled to the wildernes, turned backe againe vpon the folowers.

06-8:21†††† And when Iosuah & all Israel sawe that the lyers in waite had taken the citie, and that the smoke of it ascended, they turned againe and slue the men of Ai.

06-8:22†††† And the other issued out of the citie against them, and so were they in the middest of Israel: for these were on the one side of them, and the rest on the other side. And they laide vpon them, so that they let none of them escape, nor remaine:

06-8:23†††† And the kyng of Ai they toke aliue, and brought him to Iosuah.

06-8:24†††† And when Israel had made an ende of slayeng all the inhabitantes of Ai in the fielde of the wildernesse where they chased them, and when they were all fallen on the edge of the sworde, vntill they were wasted, all the Israelites returned vnto Ai, and smote it with the edge of the sworde.

06-8:25†††† And al that fell that day, both of men and women, were twelue thousande, euen all the men of Ai.

06-8:26†††† For Iosuah plucked not his hande backe againe which he stretched out vpo the speare vntil, he had vtterly destroyed al the enhabitours of Ai.

06-8:27†††† Onely the cattell and the spoile of the citie, Israel toke vnto them selues, according vnto the word of the Lorde, whiche he commaunded Iosuah.

06-8:28†††† And Iosuah set Ai on fire, and made it an heape for euer, & a wildernesse, [euen] vnto this day.

06-8:29†††† And the king of Ai he hanged on a tree, vntill euen: And assoone as the sunne was downe, Iosuah commaunded that they should take ye carkasse downe of the tree, and cast it at the entring of the gate of the citie, and laye theron a great heape of stones, [that remaineth] vnto this day.

06-8:30†††† Then Iosuah buylt an aulter vnto the Lorde God of Israel in mount Ebal,

06-8:31†††† As Moyses the seruaunt of the Lord commaunded the chyldren of Israel, and as it is written in the booke of the lawe of Moyses, an aulter of whole stones, ouer which no man hath lyft an iron: And they sacrificed theron burnt sacrifices vnto the Lorde, and offered peace offerynges.

06-8:32†††† And he wrote there vpon the stones a rehearsal of the lawe of Moyses, and wrote it in the presence of the chyldren of Israel.

06-8:33†††† And all Israel and the elders therof, and their officers & iudges, stoode part on this syde the arke, and part on that syde, before the priestes that were Leuites whiche bare the arke of the couenaunt of the Lorde, aswell the straunger, as they that were borne among them: halfe of the ouer against mount Garizim, & halfe of them ouer against mount Ebal, as Moyses the seruaunt of the Lorde had commaunded before, that they shoulde blesse the people of Israel.

06-8:34†††† Afterwarde he read all the wordes of the lawe, the blessinges, and cursinges, accordyng to all that is written in the booke of the lawe.

06-8:35†††† And there was not one worde of all that Moyses commaunded, which Iosuah read not before all the congregation of Israel, aswel the women and chyldren, as the straungers that were conuersaunt among them.

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